Ghost Crossing

Chapter 37: Family Disturbance

Because Fu Xiaowan was still weak and Ji Mei was also an outsider, Fu Xiaowan asked the nomad to go upstairs by herself and told him to let him live in the first room by the stairs, which was a guest room.

The nomadic head nodded to Fu Xiaowan with gratitude and went upstairs.

Ji Mei sat down on the sofa again anxiously, and asked curiously: "Xiao Wan, who is he?"

Killer!Fu Xiaowan complained secretly, but didn't dare to tell Ji Mei this directly, but said dullly, "He, a vagrant!"

"Oh~" Ji Mei was still worried, and continued to ask: "How long have you known each other?"

"Just met!" Fu Xiaowan answered truthfully. This answer almost suffocated Ji Mei. What, let him live in the house as soon as he met?

Could it be said that this Fu Xiaowan pretended to be too good, but in fact he was still a profuse woman?Ji Mei thought in her heart.

"Ding Dong!" The doorbell rang again, and it was Ji Mei who went to open the door. This time it was her son Xing Jun.

Xing Jun came back empty-handed because it takes time to cook the porridge. He just went back and ordered the porridge to be cooked. Because he was worried that his mother would be embarrassed by Fu Xiaowan, he rushed back as soon as he finished the order.

Ji Mei, who opened the door, did not immediately let Xing Jun enter the house, but took Xing Jun to ask outside the door: "A Jun, what is your relationship with Fu Xiaowan? Do you mean that?"

"Mom!" Xing Jun shouted helplessly, "We are just ordinary friends."

Ji Mei blinked, don't know how to react, happy?If Fu Xiaowan is really a watery woman, it would be better for her son to have nothing to do with her, but if Fu Xiaowan is a good girl, wouldn't it be a pity that her son missed it?

The tangled Ji Mei finally sighed helplessly. Forget it, let's go with the flow. Isn't fate all predestined?

If Fu Xiaowan is destined to be her daughter-in-law, she will still be with her son sooner or later.

Ji Mei, who had figured it out, patted her son on the chest and said, "Son, my mother supports you, follow your heart, and my mother will go back first. Please accompany Xiaowan!"

After talking about Ji Mei, she left.

Xing Jun watched his mother leave, his eyes flickered. Fu Xiaowan was a special girl. She could see ghosts. Is such a girl suitable to get married and have children?

After pondering for a moment, Xing Jun couldn't help but laughed at himself. What is he thinking about? Fu Xiaowan and himself only met, they didn't understand, let the flow go!

After changing his shoes, Xing Jun entered the villa, while Fu Xiaowan was still lying on the sofa.

Because of Ji Mei's relationship, the two people had an unexplainable embarrassment when they met at this time, and the two people looked at each other in silence.

The second floor at this time.

Fu Xiaoya obeyed Fu Xiaowan's words and hid in the room upstairs. Because of fear, she used the principle of proximity and directly chose the room next to the stairs.

Hidden in the guest room, Xiao Ya kept listening to the door upstairs and downstairs with fear, but the distance was far away, and the sound insulation of the door was so good that she didn't hear anything.

After a long time, Xiaoya became bored. She wandered around in the room, wandering back and forth, and finally couldn't stand it anymore, so she took a cold shower and went to bed.

The villa is equipped with central air conditioning, so the rooms are also cool.

Xiaoya fell asleep and felt a little cold, so she pulled her slender hand and wrapped herself in a quilt.

Fu Xiaoya had a bad habit of sleeping. When it was hot, she would roll and toss on the bed, but when it was cold, even her head would be covered in the quilt.

In addition, her figure is slim, the bed is too soft, and people are hiding under the blanket as if there is no one on the bed.

So when the nomad found the guest room Fu Xiaowan said, he entered the room but he didn't find anyone else on the bed.

The nomad who entered the room looked at the room casually. He liked the simple and generous style.

After taking a look at the room, the nomad raised his arm and smelled it. A sweat came out. He couldn't help but curl his mouth in disgust, glanced his eyes, and went straight to the bathroom.

Rich people are good, every room has a bathroom.

The nomad stripped himself completely, took a shower fiercely, cleansed all the dirt on his body, and then looked at the clothes he took off with a look of disgust.

Smell, hey, there is a stinking odor, and I just wash it off myself, my body smells fragrant, I really don't want to put on this clothes.

But there is no change of clothes, how can this be good?

The nomad thought for a while, and finally figured out a way to wash the clothes, dry them, and then wear them. Anyway, he is in the room, shirtless, and no one is watching.

Since then, the nomads began to wash clothes. As an independent male, it is difficult for him to wash clothes. He quickly washed the clothes. He took the bath towel from the shelf, walked around, and then ran with the wet clothes. Go to the balcony and hang the wet clothes on the balcony.

The weather is so hot now, and the sun is basking on the balcony. It should dry out soon, and you can put on your clothes at night.

The nomad finished everything, went back to the room, then looked at the bed, it looked soft, and it should be comfortable to sleep on, and then looked down at the bath towel, thinking that it should be uncomfortable to sleep in the bath towel. Go to sleep!

Just like that, the nomad tore off the bath towel, Chi Guoguo walked towards the bed, and then opened his arms and fell into the bed with a happy expression.

"Yeah~" Fu Xiaoya, who was sleeping on the bed, was having a good dream. She was smashed by the nomad and immediately became sober and in pain. After she let out an exclamation, she struggled to get up from the bed, but she just woke up When he was smashed, he lowered his head to practice and felt his head sore, and did not look up at the nomad.

"Oh, damn, who are you?" The nomad was also shocked, so he fell down, ready to sleep comfortably, but suddenly hit him, can he not be surprised?

And what's going on?Why is a woman sleeping in Fu Xiaowan's guest room?

Does Fu Xiaowan know someone is in the room?How could it be possible, this is her home.

Is Fu Xiaowan playing with him?No, she didn't know that she would come to her house suddenly to find her.

Accident, coincidence!It can only be so.

Hearing this, Fu Xiaoya became angry. How could a man rush to Sister Wan's house and smash herself, so arrogantly asking who she is?

Raise your eyes, glare!


"Ah~Look, wolf! You exhibitionist, get out and stay away from me!"

Fu Xiaoya was so angry that she could not have imagined that she would see a fruit man when she was awakened from a smash.

And because she was sitting on the bed, she could just see it right there!

Oh my God, she is going to have a needle eye!

Fu Xiaoya, who was stimulated by the nomad Chiguo's body, could only throw it at the nomad when she saw it.


A pillow flew out and hit the nomad who was also panicked.

The soft pillow did not cause any harm to the nomad. He covered his lower body with his embarrassed hands, and kept moving back, trying to retreat to the bathroom.


The TV remote control was smashed out.

"Ouch!" The nomad screamed because he was holding his lower body and couldn't resist the hidden weapon.

"Deserve it!" Fu Xiaoya immediately sneered when it hit.

With that, she jumped up from the bed and fled the room directly.

The nomad wailed and clutched his head with an inexplicable expression, what is it!Was beaten as soon as he came.

"Sister Wan! Color, wolf~" Fu Xiaoya rushed out of the room and ran downstairs, shouting loudly.

The awkward atmosphere between Fu Xiaowan and Xing Jun was instantly broken by these words. The two looked up and saw Fu Xiaoya running down the stairs with a panic expression.

As soon as Fu Xiaoya passed the corner of the corridor, she saw a man standing in the living room, and Sister Wan was lying limply on the sofa. She was stunned, and she couldn't help slowing down, forgetting the scene just now, and she hesitated to say: "Sister Wan , There are guests? And, what's the matter with you? Looks not so good!"

Xing Jun was surprised that there were still people in Fu Xiaowan's family, but when I thought about it, it was not a big deal to have a family. There was nothing to be surprised.

Fu Xiaowan was still digesting what Xiaoya said before, what color, wolf?

It must be a nomad. Could it be that he entered the wrong room? It doesn't make sense. There is a room next to the corridor entrance. It can't be wrong. Could it be that Xiaoya just hid in that room.

It happened that the nomad was again arranged by her to enter that guest room, and the two met.

But, what happened, Xiaoya will yell at color, wolf?

Ouch, my health is not good, I can't see any good shows.Fu Xiaowan felt sorry.

"It's okay, it's just a little uncomfortable. What's wrong? What did you yell at?" Fu Xiaowan raised an eyebrow and asked, curious about what happened to Nomad and Xiaoya.

Suddenly, Fu Xiaoya immediately complained with an expression of righteous indignation: "Sister Wan, a man ran upstairs just now, and also took advantage of me!" She was still waving her slender arm as she spoke, as if at this moment. The same as beating nomads.

Fu Xiaowan's eyes widened in surprise, imagining a ruthless nomad hippie smiling face walking in front of Xiao Ya, a big fan-like hand held up Xiao Ya's chin, and said tortuously: "Little girl, come and laugh! "

Thinking of this picture, Fu Xiaowan couldn't help but fought a cold war with a bitter cold, and shook his head vigorously. It was too terrifying, no way. Although he only knew the nomad, he could see that he was very cold and indifferent. Is this kind of thing?

Fu Xiaowan asked with a different color on her face and asked unsurely: "Xiaoya, how did he bully you? Tell me, I'll find him to settle the account!"

Although I don't think that nomads will take advantage of Xiaoya, but looking at Xiaoya's expression, it should have been a disadvantage and aggrieved. As a cousin, of course, she has to stand up for Xiaoya!

If the nomad really dared to bully Xiaoya, then she would never be polite to the nomad!

Xing Jun frowned slightly and his thoughts turned sharply. This girl should be Fu Xiaowan's relatives, but who did she say about him?