Ghost Crossing

Chapter 38 Little Storm

"He!" Fu Xiaoya opened her mouth to complain, but her eyes grumbled, she didn't say anything, but thought to herself, how can this be said, saying that she had taken the man out of sight, well, that man's, it was quite majestic. Well!

Pooh, pooh, what are you thinking about, Fu Xiaoya blushed suddenly, wrinkled her nose and pursed her mouth and said, "Anyway, he is bullying me! Sister Wan, who is he? Why is he in our house?"

Feelings, Nizi directly took Fu Xiaowan's house as her own.

Fu Xiaowan also said with a dissatisfied expression: "I don't want him to live in either. Don't worry, just one night, and he will leave tomorrow. Also, if I kindly let him stay for one night, he even dared to bully you. I'm going to ask. , Why did he do this!" At the back, she showed a look of revenge for you, and struggled to sit up.

To ask?Fu Xiaoya was in a hurry, she rushed to Fu Xiaowan's side, held her down, and said dullly: "Sister Wan, you are not feeling well, so please don't get up. I'll do it myself when I settle the account. I won't suffer. People! You can rest well, I will solve it myself, yes, how uncomfortable you are lying on the sofa, or let your friend send you upstairs to rest, how comfortable the bed is! Nothing, I will go up and find him Afterwards, she went upstairs again eagerly.

Fu Xiaoya left, and only Fu Xiaowan and Xing Jun were left in the living room. The original awkward atmosphere returned again, because of what Fu Xiaoya said, sending Fu Xiaowan upstairs, didn't he have to hug him?

Thinking of this picture, both of them are a little bit shy. Xing Jun glanced awkwardly at Fu Xiaowan and asked, "Do you need me to send you upstairs?" The voice was actually lowered unconsciously and softened a lot. The players would be surprised to see him like this. Can the captain have such a gentle voice?

"No need!" Fu Xiaowan shook her head shyly, thinking, is it possible that her own spring is coming?This is the first time I have this special feeling, nervous, expecting, and shy.

"Oh!" Xing Jun nodded, and finally couldn't help but asked with curiosity: "He? Who is it?"

For a moment, Fu Xiaowan responded helplessly, "It's the man in the hospital. He wants me to cooperate, so I let him stay temporarily!"

"It's him, it's better not to invite strangers to stay at home, it's dangerous!" Xing Jun said boredly, not knowing why, when he heard a man living in Fu Xiaowan's house, he felt a little uncomfortable. Drive this man out.

"I understand, but I don't think he is that kind of person. Besides, I don't live alone." Fu Xiaowan doesn't want to defend the nomads, but this is her true heart. She really thinks so in her heart, the feeling the nomads give her. , Not a bad person, but a cold-blooded person at best.

Xing Jun was a little dissatisfied with Fu Xiaowan's words, not living alone, but two people, but not all girls, can he deal with a tall adult man, he opened his mouth to persuade, but was interrupted by a low growl.

"You crazy woman, how do you want to be satisfied?" This is a man's voice, full of grievance and helplessness, and the voice comes from the building.

what happened?Xing Jun and Fu Xiaowan looked up at the stairs at the same time. What are they making upstairs?

"Boom!" The sound of a heavy object landing.

"Bang!" The sound of something hitting the door.

"Oh~" the man wailed in pain.

"Ah!" the man screamed harshly.

"Squeak...squeak...squeak..." a harsh rubbing sound.

Upstairs, all kinds of sounds sounded like a symphony. Finally, there was the sound of footsteps. The sound was very heavy and anxious. I could hear someone running away in embarrassment.

The movement upstairs was too great, Fu Xiaowan and Xing Jun looked at each other, their eyes fiery falling on the stairs.

The man with his upper body naked and a white bath towel around his lower body appeared at the top of the stairs. His hair was messy, his nose was blue and his face was swollen, and there were countless scratches on his body.

The nomad rushed down the stairs with a bitter face, holding the bath towel tightly with both hands to prevent it from falling. When he saw Fu Xiaowan, he immediately shouted: "Woman, let your friend stop!"

"Puff!" Fu Xiaowan laughed at the cruel image of the nomad, and laughed happily: "You, how do you dress like this? But, you have a good body!"

The nomadic , the hands holding the bath towels used more energy, for fear that the bath towels would suddenly fall, and sternly asked: "You said you let me sleep in the room on the edge of the stairs, who knows that there are people inside! "

Fu Xiaowan touched her nose angrily. She didn't expect Xiaoya to hide in that room. In this case, she was the culprit who caused the scene before her!

Ahem, I don't admit it was my fault if I was killed!

Fu Xiaowan frowned and asked, "There are people inside. When you go in, pay attention and you won't see it. Also, what you have done to my cousin, she has suffered a lot!"

He was speechless, and the Nomad looked sad, his lips squirmed twice and he was not embarrassed to say it. Can he say that he was naked after taking a shower and was seen by Fu Xiaowan's cousin?Can he say that he was beaten to the ground by the fierce woman just wearing a bath towel!

Can't!What a shame!

Seeing that the nomad was silent and dare not say anything, Fu Xiaowan sighed in relief.

Xing Jun frowned when he looked at the nomad who was embarrassed but only surrounded by a bath towel, and then quickly walked to Fu Xiaowan, blocked her sight, and then raised his eyebrows at the nomad and said, "Pay attention to your image!"

Looking at Xing Jun's tall figure, Fu Xiaowan was a little depressed, but immediately understood his intentions, and suddenly felt a sweet feeling like eating honey.

And the nomad, after hearing Xing Jun’s words, rolled his eyes angrily and said, "I don’t mind showing you my figure. Besides, girls don’t mind, it’s your turn to say, it’s not you here. Home!"

"You!" Xing Jun was angry, this man was really annoying.

"Huh, smelly man, you dare to run!" When Xing Jun was frustrated and the nomad screamed, Fu Xiaoya made her grand debut, panting slowly down the stairs, staring at the nomad with a hostile expression.

Nomad Laise's face froze instantly, and immediately turned into a bitter melon face. She walked to Fu Xiaowan in two steps with a weeping face, and whispered: "It's all you killed, you can save me!"

When he finished talking, he looked like I was deciding on you, pulling a bath towel and hiding next to Fu Xiaowan, stubbing his neck and glaring at Fu Xiaoya. This woman has a weak, weak look and a quiet face, but when she started, she was too cruel. Up!

His face and back are hurt everywhere, and he can't afford to hurt him!

Fu Xiaowan smiled and looked at Xiaoya who was angry: "It's alright, it's alright, it's a fight, and it's out of breath, so don't bother with him anymore!"

Fu Xiaoya snorted coldly at the nomad, then leaped to Xiao Wan's side, and said coquettishly: "Sister Wan, he is not a good person, please hurry up and get him out!"

The nomad gave Fu Xiaoya angrily, is he bad?Where is he broken?He was the one who was seen, and he was the one who was beaten. It was him who was obviously the loser. This woman was still swearing to give up. It was too much.

Xing Jun nodded approvingly from the side, and it's better to get out, but it seems that his worries are also a worry. Fu Xiaowan's little sister is really very sturdy!

Fu Xiaowan cast a dubious glance at the serious nomad, and said perfunctorily: "Well, it will be very fast. I will drive him away tomorrow, okay?"

Seeing that Sister Wan was still going to stay with the bad man, Fu Xiaoya glared at the nomad, and then asked gloomily and in a low voice, "Exhibitionist, don't you want to change your clothes!"

The nomad explained, crying without tears: "It's washed!"

"Pauper!" Fu Xiaoya frowned, unable to accept such a reason, but after thinking about it, she did not see any luggage or parcels in the room, and she was a little surprised. This man was so poor that she had no clothes!

The nomad shrugged. He is indeed poor. He is now penniless, otherwise he would not spend the night at Fu Xiaowan's house. As for the coldness or something, compared with hungry and sleeping on the street, let's leave it early!

Fu Xiaowan was speechless. This man didn't even wear a suit. Wait, she seemed to understand something.

Looking up and down the grazing, he was naked, except for a bath towel surrounding the privacy, which shows that he has taken a bath, and the only clothes on his body have been washed, and there is no clothes to wear.

The clothes picture spontaneously appeared in my mind.

The nomad had just taken a shower, the beautiful man came out of the bath, and then lay on the bed naked, and then pressed on Xiaoya's body. Xiaoya was woken up, and then shocked to find that there was a man pressing on him, and then ran away Come downstairs to complain.

After complaining, I found that I was too disadvantaged, so I went upstairs to fight the nomads again.

The nomad was beaten so helpless to fight back, grabbed a bath towel and covered it somewhere and ran down to ask for help.

Pouch, Fu Xiaowan snickered, unable to suppress her laughter, and then laughed louder and louder, seeing Xing Jun inexplicably, while Nomad and Fu Xiaoya were a little guilty. Could it be that Fu Xiaowan guessed something and was laughing at them!

Fu Xiaowan's thoughts were almost different from the actual bath towel, but there was still a gap, but the bath towel didn't matter.

After laughing for a while, Fu Xiaowan said with tears in the corners of her eyes: "There is no man's change of clothes at home. If you don't mind, I will let Xiaoya go out and buy it for you."

Nomads are embarrassed, buy, and ask women to pay for it. His pride can't stand him, but he pays for himself, he has no money!

Fu Xiaoya widened her eyes and said dissatisfied: "I don't want to buy him clothes!"

At this time, Xing Jun said: "Otherwise, it is not convenient for you a big man to live in a girl's house. It's better to live in my house, which is nearby, and you should be able to wear my clothes without buying them. Just wear it!"