Ghost Crossing

Chapter 39 Memories of Nomads (1)

Because the nomad's clothes were already wet and it was difficult to go with Xing Jun naked, Xing Jun went back and took the clothes and put them on the nomad. Only then did the two men leave Fu Xiaowan's house and went to Xing Jun's villa.

The next day, the nomad's clothes were already dry. He changed back to his quirky outfit, and then ran to find Fu Xiaowan, while Xing Jun naturally went to work. After all, he was skipped yesterday.

Fu Xiaoya and Fu Xiaowan had already woken up. Fu Xiaoya also prepared breakfast, which was porridge and fried poached eggs.The two of them were eating when the nomads arrived.

Seeing the nomad, Fu Xiaoya was immediately stunned. Some unbelievably widened her eyes and looked up and down the nomad, then she burst into laughter, and slapped the dining table with her little hands and said: "Oh, laugh, I'm so ridiculous that I was wearing it. To achieve this virtue, Jane, is ugly!"

The nomad's face turned black for an instant, and he silently lowered his head and glanced at his clothes, ugly?Well, it's really ugly, but it's comfortable to wear like this!

The corners of Fu Xiaowan's mouth grinned slightly, without a laugh, she thought to herself, Xiaoya and Nomad felt a little bit happy with their enemies.

Quickly swallowed the food in his mouth, and elegantly wiped the corners of his mouth. Fu Xiaowan smiled and said, "Nomad, what did you mean by cooperation yesterday?"

Fu Xiaoya had already laughed enough at this time, her little hands kept running along her chest, her laugh was divergent, she had to stroke her, but when she heard her cousin's question, she pricked her ears and listened curiously. What can this man do with her?

The nomad was surprised: "How do you know my name?" After thinking about it carefully, it seemed that he and this woman hadn't introduced themselves before they heard the old granny ghost shouting Xiaowan.

"Grandma told me. Actually, you don't need to say, I already know what you want to cooperate with." Fu Xiaowan blinked her eyes like black grapes and continued, "You can see ghosts, because your loved ones are killed by ghosts. Ghosts, so I made a weapon to kill ghosts, but only through yesterday’s events did you know that ghosts are divided into good ghosts, so you want to cooperate with me, good ghosts, I will come here, evil ghosts, you come to kill, yes ?"

Silent, the nomad showed pain on his face, and he fell into the dusty memories.

The memories have begun, the experience of nomadism

Like Fu Xiaowan, Nomad was born to see ghosts, but he was a little different because he could only see but could not hear.

When they are ignorant, the nomads will hide behind their parents when they see scary ghosts, shivering and saying that there are weird people, but the parents can't see them, thinking that something is wrong with the child.

Because of the abnormal reaction of the nomads, his parents had to take him to the treatment, but the results given by the hospital were very bad. It was not that there was a problem in the heart, or that he had autism or fantasy. Some doctors even said yes. fool.

In order to treat him, his parents spent a lot of money, and the last two of them couldn't bear this kind of life and began to make noise.

It is said that children do not understand the world of adults. The nomad is very sad when he sees his parents who are so noisy. He finally understands the "people" he sees. Only he sees them, but parents can't see them, not only parents. , No one can see.

It is also because he always said that when he sees strange people, his parents will become like this.

The sensible nomad began to stop saying those who saw weird people, he became silent, and he became scared when he saw those weird people, because he knew that those weird people were really weird and only he could see them.

The sudden improvement of the nomads has brought the parents’ lives back on track. They no longer quarrel, and their feelings have become more harmonious. They also treat the nomads better, for fear that he will get sick again, or even to avoid any psychological problems in the nomads. They didn't even plan to have a second child, for fear of irritating the child.

In this way, the nomad grew up, he started to go to school, he had friends in school, and he was happy every day.


The weather was very bad that day, with dark clouds, thunder and lightning, and the nomads only left school. His parents drove to the school to pick him up. Because it was about to rain, his father decided to take a shortcut, and that road had a lot of recent car accidents.

Originally, my mother opposed it, saying that the road was too dangerous and prone to accidents, but my father insisted again and again, saying that if you don’t take shortcuts, it will be more dangerous to drive when it rains. If you get to the road, you can drive slowly. .

Despite his father's decision, the last family of three gradually approached the road to death.

The black clouds seemed to be suppressed. The damn weather made chest tight and irritating. Finally, my father drove to the accident-prone section.

The father also slowly slowed down and drove the car cautiously. There were a wife and children in the car, so he had to be careful.

The nomad held the seat belt tightly with both hands, his eyes fell out of the car window, looking at the dark clouds in the sky, he thought, it was about to rain!


"Bang!" With a sound, the car window seemed to be smashed by something, making a noise.

The three people in the car were shocked. They all looked out the window. Naturally, the nomadic parents didn’t see anything. His father said with a sigh of relief, “The wind is too strong. Got it!"

You mother looked at the sky outside the car window with a sad look, hesitated for a moment and said, "My husband, then you should drive faster!"

"Well, I just need to speed up a little bit. There are too many bends in this section, so be careful!" After Yufu said, he accelerated slightly.

After the car speeded up, You mother looked at her son. The car window made a sudden noise just now. The adults were frightened, let alone the child, so she wanted to comfort her son. Unexpectedly, when she turned around, she saw her son’s small face pale and his eyes popped out. He seemed to stare at the car window, as if there was something terrifying outside the window.

Seeing this, Youmu hurriedly asked nervously: "Mu Mu, what's the matter with you? Is something uncomfortable?"

Upon hearing this, Father You quickly glanced back at his son, and said worriedly: "Son, are you all right?"

The nomad at this time was already 15 years old, a high school student, and a little man. Hearing the question from his parents, he hurriedly put away the panic in his eyes, looked back at his parents, and said calmly: " I'm fine, just a little afraid of thunder and lightning."

Although the nomad's reaction was a little abnormal, he still spoke very clearly, so after you father and mother gave him a suspicious look, they felt relieved.

Of course, Youmu still added a sentence unreasonably: "Mu Mu, tell your parents if you feel uncomfortable, do you know?"

"Know!" The nomad nodded, then lowered his head and never dared to look up again.

His parents only thought he was afraid of seeing lightning, so he buried his head and didn't think much.

After the nomad lowered his head, the color of fear in his eyes instantly surged, and his eyes flickered violently, thinking of the ghost he had just seen.

In fact, he didn't see exactly what the ghost looked like, because when the glass window rang, he looked at the car window, and then a blue face was squeezed against the glass, and the big cowbell eyes stared at the car deadly. There are two palms on the side of the face, bloody sticking to the glass window.

He didn't pay attention to the others, and his attention was completely sucked away by these lifeless eyes and bloody palms.

With the idea of ​​seeing ghosts never saying it again, the nomad kept silent. He was no longer young, and realized that these things that others could not see but could see were ghosts.

However, just because the nomads were silent, You's father continued to drive, and You's mother spoke to You's father without a word.

"It's going to rain, I feel the temperature is getting colder, Mu Mu, put on a coat!" The wandering mother noticed that the temperature in the car was a bit low, and immediately asked her son to add clothes with concern.

The nomad screamed, raised his head and glanced at his parents, which made him frightened.

He saw a pair of black misty hands covering his father's eyes, those hands extending in from the front window of the car, and the owner of the hands was lying in front of the car at this time, seeming to perceive his sight, those lifeless and gloomy The big eyeball looked over.

The nomad saw clearly this time, it was not that the eyes were big at all, but that the eyeballs were outside the eye sockets.

The pupils dilated in an instant, a look of fear spread across his face, and the nomadic teeth began to tremble, and the upper teeth kept colliding with the lower teeth, making a clattering sound.

When encountering ghosts in the past, nomads used to make detours. This was the first time that ghosts approached actively and also covered his father's vision with his hands.

In order to understand why he saw ghosts, the nomads searched for a lot of information about ghosts and read a lot of stories about ghosts, so they knew what the ghost wanted to do without guessing.

What will happen if my eyes are covered while driving?As you can imagine!

This ghost, kill them!It hurts parents, it hurts yourself!

Don't want to die!Parents can't die either!The eyes of the nomad and the evil spirit were intertwined. The evil spirit stared at him for a long time, confirming that the nomad could see him, his out-of-the-hole eyes floated up and down twice, then the corners of his mouth grinned and he laughed.

Ghost, smile to yourself!The nomad's back chilled.

At this moment, a dazzling white light shot into the car, and the nomad subconsciously raised his arm to cover his eyes.

You mother was not covered by ghosts, and naturally saw the white light, and immediately reminded: "Husband, there is a car ahead! Be careful!"

You Fu also saw the white light and the car, but what he saw was different from the others. What he saw was that the oncoming car was driving in the opposite direction, and it ran straight into his car.

Seeing this scene, Father You frowned and muttered displeasedly: "This driver is too unreliable. He actually drove in the opposite direction! Forget it, he won't give way, then I will let it go!"

While talking, You's father hit the steering wheel and turned directly into reverse driving.

In the eyes of Youfu, he is giving way, but in the eyes of Youmu and the nomads, he is killing himself.

You mother was shocked, and hurriedly shouted at You father: "What are you doing!"

You's father was inexplicable, and quickly explained: "I'll let the car!"