Ghost Crossing

Chapter 41: The Girl's Death Serial Case (1)

Xing Jun’s expression of absent-mindedness while sitting at his desk caused the other team members to look at him. They didn’t understand what was wrong with their criminal team. He looked out of mind. Could it be that he was broken in love? in love!

What did the nomad go to talk to Fu Xiaowan, did he move out of Fu Xiaowan’s villa, what is Fu Xiaowan doing now, is he looking for a ghost again?

Without noticing that his heart was completely occupied by a woman named Fu Xiaowan, Xing Jun squatted on the table with a tangled face, his chin was on the table, and the usual decisive Captain Xing was extremely melancholy at this moment.

"Xing team, your landline rang!"

Just when Xing Jun was stunned, a female police officer walked steadily to his desk and slammed the desk to remind her.

Still in a state of wandering God, the female police officer had no choice but to reach out and push him, and he was awakened, looking at the policewoman in a dazed manner.

The female police officer held her forehead helplessly, sighed and pointed to the landline and said, "Xing Team, the phone! It's been ringing for a long time!"

Xing Jun nodded awkwardly and answered the phone.

There was a roar on the phone, and Xing Jun kept his head nodding in response to a few words.

Five minutes later, the phone was hung up, Xing Jun stood up tightly, and said loudly, "Everyone, prepare information about the rape and rape case. A meeting will be held in 10 minutes!"

There was a rush in the office. Ten minutes later, Xing Jun's team members were all in place in the conference room.

"Xiao Wang, what news is there from the family!" Xing Jun stood at the front of the conference room and said with a serious face.

The police officer called Xiao Wang immediately stood up and replied: "The family members of the five rapes and rapes all described their daughters as good girls and went home on time after school. There was no sign of falling in love! There was no sign of falling in love every day. Abnormal performance. Oh, yes, two of the girls still have the habit of keeping a diary. Their parents also took out the diary, and they did not record any information related to the case."

"En! It's a hard work!" Xing Jun nodded slightly, then turned his eyes and landed on a policewoman and asked, "Where is the corpse?"

The policewoman stood up, and a flash of hatred flashed in her eyes and replied: "The five victims were all students. They raped first and then killed them. However, no semen, fluid or hair was extracted, and the victims were all students. I was fascinated by drugs and drugs, without any struggle, so I couldn't find any hair tissue and couldn't identify the murderer through DNA. The murderer was very cautious and left no clues. But~"

Listening to the policewoman’s report, Xing Jun’s heart sinks a little, and his brows are frowned. This murderer seems to have strong anti-reconnaissance capabilities, but the policewoman’s behavior immediately attracted his attention. Not only him, but all Everyone stared at the policewoman with scorching eyes. Any clues?

The policewoman paused and gritted her teeth: “Two of the five victims were virgins and women before their deaths. The situation of these two girls is a little different from the other three girls. If it is a virgin, the body will be intact and undamaged. If it is not a virgin, the reproductive organs will be cut off cruelly. It seems that the murderer has a virgin and feminine complex, and it should have been emotionally hurt! I suggest that the criminal suspect It is set on the boy who has been in love on campus." After she said that, she looked at Xing Jun straight, with a look of expectation in her eyes.

Xing Jun's eyes darkened, and he said solemnly: "There are a huge number of students in the school. If you want to find this way, the scope is too wide, and it is easy to cause a sensation. We will talk about this later, you sit down, Xiao Zhang!"

The policewoman bit her lip and sat down angrily. Although she was unwilling, she knew that the criminal squad was right. There were too many students in the school and it was too difficult to conduct interrogation. Besides, there was no rule. People who are in love must announce their affair, which is difficult to check!

Xiao Zhang stood up and quickly replied: "The crime scenes are all remote or abandoned warehouses, without surveillance, and no witnesses! The victims all go home after class and have accidents on their way home, but the details are There is no clue as to where it was robbed, I will continue to investigate!"

After speaking, he sat down guilty, because he had no clues at all, so ashamed.

Xing Jun leaned his hands on the table and half-bended to conclude: "There are already five victims. We must find the murderer as soon as possible. I don't want a sixth victim, Xiao Wang, you go find the victim again. Talk to the parents of the authors, it’s best to find out what they have in common, Xiao Meng (woman police), you continue to study the corpse, don’t miss any details, Xiao Zhang, you continue to the crime scene and expand the scope to search Clues, don't let go of any clues."

"Yes, sir!" The three named police officers immediately stood up and saluted.

The meeting was very short. After the meeting, all the staff went busy. Xing Jun put his right hand on the back of his head and rubbed it up and down twice, then walked to the morgue.

Xiao Meng, that is, the previous policewoman is continuing the autopsy in the morgue. A young girl who is a magnificent woman is a forensic doctor. It is really amazing. If it is an ordinary girl, she will scream at the corpse, let alone anatomy!

Xiao Meng is a girl who dared to love and hate. She grew up with Xing Jun when she was a child. She worshipped Xing Jun as her elder brother when she was young. Later, she gradually developed into love. Yes, she fell in love with Xing Jun. After learning that Xing Jun applied to the police, she decided to become a forensic doctor despite the opposition of her parents.

And now she has become a forensic doctor as she wishes and can work with Xing Jun, but after becoming a forensic doctor, her focus has gradually shifted. She still loves Xing Jun, but she wants to catch the murderer more in her heart. The deceased seek justice.

In this case, the girl was raped first and then killed. Li Meng hated such a murderer the most!It's too hateful. The man who bullies a woman is not a man, and the man who beats a woman is not a human. The man who rapes and rapes a woman is a beast, and he who rapes and kills a woman is not as good as a beast.

When Xing Jun walked to the morgue, he saw Li Meng concentrating on examining the corpse. He walked in, walked to the side of Li Meng and didn't speak, but his eyes fell on the corpse.

Li Meng naturally heard his footsteps and asked without raising his head when people approached, "Xing Team, why are you here?"

"Let's see what progress you have made!" Xing Jun said in a dull voice. This case is too tricky. As the saying goes, the corpse can talk, and autopsy is the most important level. Generally, some clues can be obtained.

Wait, the corpse can talk. After death, there are not only corpses, but also ghosts!

The light bulb in Xing Jun's head turned on instantly, he suddenly raised his head, his eyes filled with excitement, there is a way, there is a way, since there are no clues everywhere, you can ask the victim himself!

Fu Xiaowan!Go to Fu Xiaowan, she can communicate with ghosts!

"Huh, there is no progress yet, but I will continue to work hard!" Li Meng raised his head to look at Xiang Xing Jun and said seriously, but what he saw was Xing Jun's face full of excitement. The fox couldn't help asking: "Brother Xing, what's the matter with you? Did you find something!"

"Xiao Meng, you go on, I'll go find someone! She will definitely be able to help!" Xing Jun turned around and left quickly, only to leave a sentence before disappearing into Li Meng's sight.

Li Meng was startled, and she had a bad feeling in her heart. How could she inexplicably feel that she must be a woman when Big Brother Xing said of her!Stuck!I hope I think too much. How can Brother Xing have time to make friends with any women? Some people only met because of the case.

Xing Jun rushed to the door in excitement, and patted his forehead in annoyance. He was really stupid. Didn't he have a cell phone? Just call Fu Xiaowan and quickly took out his cell phone to make a call.

At this time, Fu Xiaowan was in a shopping mall, and the nomads were dressed too ugly. It is really shameful to carry such a bodyguard. As a boss, it is necessary to change the outfit of the bodyguard, just treat it as work clothes!

In addition to the nomads and Fu Xiaoya who came with her, she joined the ranks when she heard she wanted to shop.

The nomad was trying on the clothes in the fitting room, and he walked out after a while, and then touched the clothes on his body with an awkward look. He felt uncomfortable wearing such clothes.

A black suit, plus the size of the nomad, it feels like the protagonist in the movie Man in Black, but it's too serious.

Fu Xiaoya looked at the completely changed nomad, and said with disdain, "It looks like a dog when she changes her clothes!"

The nomad has a black line on his face. Isn't he ugly? Anyway, he's a handsome guy!

Fu Xiaowan nodded, yes, the nomad is of a clothes rack-like figure, wearing a suit is very temperament, but then she shook her head again, the nomad look is too cold, he wears it like this, an obvious sense of sight that I am the underworld Appeared, with such a bodyguard, it is too noticeable, not good, not too high-profile.

A quick finger refers to a set of casual clothes. Since you are a bodyguard, it is better to wear casual clothes for exercise!Fu Xiaowan thought so.

Seeing casual clothes, the nomad immediately brightened his eyes, which is great, he likes this, he just picked up the clothes and went to the fitting room.

The nomadic expression that came out again was much more natural, how comfortable to wear loose clothes.

The nomad in gray casual sportswear looks more youthful. Hey, no, he is very young at first, but he is sloppy in his usual clothes, and he always looks mature with a cold face.

Fu Xiaoya's eyes lit up and she was shocked, and she couldn't help but nod her head in praise, oh, this outfit is much more handsome.

Fu Xiaowan also nodded with a satisfied look. Just as he wanted to ask the nomad to try another set, the phone in his bag rang.

Who will call?Suspiciously, he took out the phone and took a look, and was stunned, it was Xing Jun!

He should be at work right now, why would he think of calling her?

Answering the phone with a puzzled attitude, after listening, she beckoned to the waiter with a serious face, then pointed to the clothes on the nomad and said: "This style, give me two sets, one gray and one black. Swipe the card!" After she finished speaking, she had a gold card in her finger.

Then she looked at Nomad and Xiaoya and said solemnly: "In an emergency, follow me to the police station!"