Ghost Crossing

Chapter 45: The Girl's Death Serial Case (5)

"En!" Xing Jun was also checking the information carefully, but he gave a nasal benign.

Li Meng took a deep breath, raised his head and abdomen, pushing the door in the most perfect posture.

But as soon as she entered, she felt inexplicably angry, because none of the four people in the room even looked up at her, which made her feel embarrassed and embarrassed.

But immediately she was relieved, because everyone was looking at the information, it was a good thing to work hard, it was helpful to solve the case, she shouldn't be angry, and calm her emotions, Li Meng fixed her eyes on the two girls first.

The first one to look at is Fu Xiaowan, because her appearance is more noticeable.

Because I was sitting and reading the information, I couldn't see the front and the figure clearly. I only saw a big wavy hair and a side face, but the side face also surprised Li Meng.

He has a straight nose, plump and rosy lips, and fair and delicate skin.

Li Meng's eyes dazzled, Hu Mei's embryo, the light side is so perfect, I don't know what the front is, but it's definitely not bad.

Looking at the other girl again, her straight black hair was docilely attached to her scalp. Qi Liuhai drooped slightly because she lowered her head, covering her eyes. His delicate nose was slightly wrinkled and looked very cute, pink. The little mouth was pouting, causing crime.

Two extreme types of women!One charming, charming, one pure!

Li Meng took a breath. When did Brother Xing meet such a woman?

She pursed her lips a little uneasy. Li Meng stepped forward to hand out tea. The first one she gave was Xing Jun. She quickly put down the tea, and Xing Jun continued to read the information without raising her head; then she gave it to the nomad, nomad indifferent. He looked up at Li Meng and nodded to express his gratitude, and immediately continued to bow his head to be busy; the next one was the pure-looking woman.

Xu is because of Fu Xiaoya's innocence and pleasantness, and Li Meng is less hostile to her. She chose to put Fu Xiaowan, who is the most threatening, at the end and take a closer look.

When he got to Fu Xiaoya's side, Li Meng quickly looked at Fu Xiaoya. She was a little small, her chest was not big enough, but there was room for development; the legs were slender and even, making them a pair of beautiful legs.

While looking around, Li Meng placed the tea next to Fu Xiaoya. Upon seeing this, Fu Xiaoya immediately raised her head and smiled sweetly at Li Meng: "Thank you sister!"

The sweet smile made Li Meng's mood a little better, really a naive girl.

After staring at Fu Xiaowan, he quickly stepped forward, looking at it as he walked.

Body, full score, round and full chest, waist, thin waist like a water snake, white thighs with long sleeves, curvy calf, all exuding seductive and confusing atmosphere.

Li Meng's heart puffed up and accelerated, and he could see the front face immediately, not knowing what the front face was.

I really hope that it fits the sentence: I want to commit a crime behind the scenes and I want to defend myself in the front.

Putting down the tea, Li Meng deliberately stayed for a while, and she almost stopped breathing when she saw the woman raised her head.

When Fu Xiaowan found the tea at hand, she immediately raised her head to look at Li Meng and thanked him politely: "Thank you!" The voice was very magnetic and very pleasant.

With this look, she also saw Li Meng's appearance clearly.

I have to say that this woman has a good appearance, but she is still beautiful without makeup. A tight police uniform vividly highlights her bumpy figure. The willow eyebrows, the phoenix, the Qiong nose, the small mouth, and the delicate features are very delicate.

Fu Xiaowan couldn't help thinking that this woman could be called a police flower.

But after sighing inwardly, Fu Xiaowan lowered his head and continued to work. No matter how good the policewoman is, it doesn't matter to him!

In the same way, Li Meng also saw Fu Xiaowan's appearance clearly, and was shocked to be stunned by the heavens. In her heart, she couldn't help but repeat a sentence, is this woman a fox?Why are they so enchanting, especially those eyes, they look very lazy and very seductive.

Brother Xing should have nothing to do with this woman, right?Li Meng thought to herself, the tea was over and she had nothing to do with her. Of course, she was ashamed to interrupt their work and left unhappy.

On this day, Li Meng failed to work properly, and his mind was completely disrupted by Fu Xiaowan.

In the conference room, it took longer to see the data of the four victims this time. Two hours later, the four people put down the data to move their muscles and bones.

Sitting for too long, the body is tired.

After that, the four of them started a debate. There was a lot of noise, oh no, the discussion was very intense.

After half an hour, the four of them ended the discussion, but there were obvious beads of sweat on each of their foreheads, and everyone's faces were tired but excited.

Through intense discussions, they finally reached a final conclusion, and the search for the soul is about to begin.

There are still two groups, Nomad and Fu Xiaoya, Xing Jun and Fu Xiaowan.

Although exhausted, in order to catch the murderer faster, the four of them set off again without rest.

Each group is responsible for finding the souls of the two victims, but this time the task is larger. Each group has to find a full set, one by one at 6 o'clock.

Fu Xiaowan and Xing Jun were in charge of the first victim and the fourth victim. The two victims lived close to each other and the scene of the crime was close.

Fu Xiaoya and Nomad are in charge of the second and third places, and these two home addresses are relatively close.

It was a very busy day. Four people ran around for a day, and they stopped moving until 8 o'clock at night.

Although the action is stopped, we still have to gather together to do the summary work, but fortunately, the four people live together, so there is no need to specifically find a place to gather.

In Fu Xiaowan's villa.

"Ahhhhh! My calf is about to cramp!" After taking a bath, Fu Xiaoya wore a white long nightdress and came to the living room with a broken expression. After a few wailing, she fell directly on the sofa, not wanting to move.

Today, she was either driving or walking all day, and her feet hurt so much.

Fu Xiaowan also put on a light and comfortable big red nightdress, wiped her hair leisurely and smiled, "How about taking you to a full-body spa tomorrow?"

"Okay! It's a deal!" Fu Xiaoya's closed eyes suddenly opened, and her eyes were full of excitement and nodded.

"Ding Dong!" The door bell rang, and Nomad and Xing Jun came over after a change.

Fu Xiaoya immediately closed her eyes pretending to be dead, and said weakly, "I'm going to die, Sister Wan, you go open the door!"

Fu Xiaowan shook his head helplessly and opened the door.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw two handsome men with different styles. Fu Xiaowan raised her eyebrows with a slightly interesting smile and said, "Come in!"

Because he wanted to report on the progress of his work, Xing Jun naturally invited the Nomad to go to his house for a change. He didn't know that the Nomad had become Fu Xiaowan's bodyguard.

Xing Jun and Nomad are coming from Xing Jun's house. Of course, it is impossible for them to come in pajamas. The two are still in formal suits, but Fu Xiaowan who opened the door wore red night skirts, which surprised them both.

Big red is a color that is difficult to control. Most people will look tacky and have poor skin color when wearing it, but Fu Xiaowan does the opposite. The big red makes her more charming and ruddy complexion, plus the wetness that has not been dried after bathing. Her hair slack off her shoulders, sexy and charming.

Xing Jun's eyes darkened, his heart speeding up unconvincingly, his throat couldn't help rolling up and down twice.

The nomads were okay, but a stunning color flashed in his eyes, and then he entered the house indifferently.

Entering the room, the nomad saw Fu Xiaoya in a white nightdress lying on the sofa like a corpse. Her dark hair was scattered on the ground to form a beautiful pattern, her eyes closed tightly and her long eyelashes trembling slightly. Hearing the movement of the nomad and others entering the house, she slowly opened her eyes and looked towards the entrance. The first thing she saw was the nomad, blinked, got up from the sofa and sat down.

At that moment, the nomad's heartbeat seemed to stop, and he seemed to see an angel, pure and beautiful.

But Fu Xiaoya's words revived the nomad's heartbeat.

Fu Xiaoya sat down and rolled her eyes at the nomad. Seeing him staring at her unblinkingly, she frowned, "What are you looking at! I haven't seen a beautiful woman!"

As soon as he opened his mouth, the angel's image completely collapsed, and the angel turned directly into a demon.

The nomad can't wait to give himself a mouthful, how could he treat this little witch as an angel? Really stunned, he coldly snorted and said, "You are still a beautiful woman, really narcissistic!"

After speaking, he went straight to the sofa opposite Fu Xiaoya and sat down.

Fu Xiaoya, who was stimulated by the nomad’s words, immediately jumped up unconvinced, stood on the sofa and looked down at the nomad, chin raised slightly and shouted: "Why am I not a beautiful woman? Look, I have a perfect body and a perfect face , Family conditions, and academic qualifications!” She said that she felt wrong, why should she care about how nomads ridicule herself? He was just looking for fault on purpose!

With a cold snort, Fu Xiaoya sat down again, muttering to herself in a low voice, "Some people really hate it!"

The nomad ignored her as if he hadn't heard.

Xing Jun and Fu Xiaowan were a little bit happy watching the two of them quarrel. The two of them really liked the feeling of being enemies. They kept quarreling, but now that business matters, let's talk about business first!

After the two sat down, the four of them looked at each other and nodded and began to report.

The group of nomads was naturally nomads who spoke. After all, it was his task to find ghosts, and Fu Xiaoya could not see it.

After brewing for a while, he spoke slowly.

"We were looking for the second victim today and did not find her ghost. However, we learned something from her parents. Their daughter seems to have a crush on a certain boy, but who doesn’t know, tomorrow we will Go to her good friend to find out and find out the boy!"

Xing Jun was a little disappointed after listening, but he was still able to accept it. After all, his side was not very good.

Fu Xiaowan rubbed her temples tiredly and said, "We didn't find any ghosts here either. The first victim was a very introverted student and had the habit of keeping a diary. We borrowed from the diary and found nothing unusual. Her parents also It shows that her daughter had autism when she was a child, did not like to make friends, and was ignorant of love. There should be no boys who have a crush

"It seems that we haven't made much progress today. You are tired. Let's rest and continue tomorrow!" Xing Jun is a policeman after all, and he can adapt to running around like this, but other people can't stand it. Two girls.