Ghost Crossing

Chapter 48 The Girl's Death Serial Case (8)

Fu Xiaowan looked disappointed and asked unwillingly: "Then do you remember anything?"

Xu Yun's eyes flashed, avoiding Fu Xiaowan's sight, and hesitated, "I, I don't remember anything! I'm leaving!"

After speaking, she passed through the car and left, as if there was something behind her.

Although the nomad could not hear him, he saw Xu Yun's every move and expression, his eyes condensed and said, "This girl is weird!"

Fu Xiaowan nodded in agreement: "I feel so too!"

"What do you think?" Nomad looked at Fu Xiaowan with a cold gaze, and he had a guess in his heart.

Fu Xiaowan curled her lips and smiled: "I think she must know who the murderer is! But she refuses to tell what the murderer looks like. She knows the murderer!"

Xing Jun narrowed his eyes slightly, listening to the conversation between the two, he understood what had happened, but why did Xu Yun want to shield the murderer? You know, the murderer raped and killed her.

There was silence in the carriage. After a while, the four of them shouted in unison: "It's that boy!"

After shouting out, the four of them laughed unanimously. The murderer was finally found. The next thing to do is to find evidence.

"Just in case, let's let Wang Lili also come to see if the murderer is the boy!" Fu Xiaowan is still worried about guessing mistakes. Xu Yun's shielding of the murderer can only explain that the murderer is someone she knows well, and she has The great relationship may be the boy she likes, or it may be her relatives.

Everyone agreed with this point, and Xing Jun drove to the KFC store to find Li Hao. Only when he found Li Hao could he find Wang Lili.

As expected, Wang Lili stayed beside Li Hao.

After Fu Xiaowan appeared and raised her eyebrows, Wang Lili slowly floated over and asked suspiciously: "What's the matter?"

"We found the suspect and want you to see it!" Fu Xiaowan said.

found it!Wang Lili immediately released a deep hatred in her eyes. The damn murderer caused her to be separated from Li Hao. She nodded and responded quickly: "I'll go with you!"

When he rushed to the boy's rental room again, Xu Yun still floated at the door with a sad expression, looking up from time to time, as if waiting for the boy to come out.

"Who is that?" Wang Lili asked in surprise when she saw Xu Yun, how could there be a ghost in this!

Fu Xiaowan explained: "She is also one of the victims, but she seems to have a somewhat unusual relationship with the suspect!"

Xu Yun was speechless, and asked incomprehensibly, "No, if she knew the murderer, how could the murderer be like her?"

"I don't know this either. You go and have a look, the person is in the rental room." Fu Xiaowan was also puzzled, and she couldn't figure out what Xu Yun would be related to the murderer.

"Okay, I'll go and see!" Wang Lili felt that she might have found it wrong, but it's all here, so it doesn't take a lot of trouble to go and see.

Floating towards the rental room, Xu Yun looked over, nodded in favor, and plunged into the rental room.

"No!" Xu Yun was stunned when she saw Wang Lili floating over. She didn't expect a ghost to come here. Who knew she was so stunned, the female ghost rushed into the rental room and she was so frightened that she hurriedly exhaled. sound.

But it's too late!

Because the ghost didn't need to open the door, but just passed through the door, Wang Lili slammed into the door panel, and then let out a stern cry.

The shout instantly alarmed Fu Xiaowan in the car and the nomad who had been staring at Wang Lili. The two were shocked and hurriedly opened the door of the car and got out of the car and ran towards Wang Lili.

Seeing that he was still a step slower, Xu Yun looked at Wang Lili who was crying miserably with a worried look, and said angrily: "There are silverware on the door! We can't get in!"

"Wang Lili, are you okay?" Fu Xiaowan stepped forward and asked nervously. When she walked in, she saw that Wang Lili's head had been burned, and most of her hair was destroyed. She was shocked, what's the matter?

The nomad stared at the door panel, and slowly said: "There are tricks on the door, ghosts can't get in!"

Xu Yun said weakly, "There are silverware behind the door!"

That's it!Fu Xiaowan and the nomads suddenly realized that both silver and gold objects can harm ghosts. Although they can't kill them, they can prevent ghosts from moving and hurt them.

However, why does this boy put silverware behind the door panel? He also knows how to deal with ghosts.

"It hurts, it hurts me!" Wang Lili screamed hysterically, holding her head tightly with her hands.

Fu Xiaowan took a deep look at the door panel and said to the nomad: "Let's go back first!"

"Well, is there anything I can help?" Xu Yun just came back to his senses. Fu Xiaowan asked her about the murderer's appearance before. Now there is another female ghost. Could it be that this female ghost has something to do with him? ?

"Yes! Give her a little bit of Yin Qi!" Fu Xiaowan still remembered how grandma rescued ghosts. Since Xu Yun took the initiative to help, it would be best.

Xu Yun let out a cry, and floated forward to support Wang Lili, and the Yin Qi of her body passed to Wang Lili automatically. Wang Lili's pain slowly eased, but she still hugged her head and hummed.

Fu Xiaowan led the way, and Xu Yun helped Wang Lili to follow.

Walking into the car, Xu Yun stopped and looked at Xing Jun with a look of fear. There seemed to be something special on him that made her afraid to pass.

Xing Jun saw that Fu Xiaowan had come back, but stopped. He looked at him helplessly. He was stunned for a moment. He immediately remembered that ghosts can't seem to be too close to him. Seeing Fu Xiaowan's appearance, he seemed to have brought ghosts here, because One's own relationship can't get close.

Without hesitation, Xing Jun immediately got out of the car and walked away, giving the car to the ghost.

As soon as he left, Fu Xiaowan immediately helped Wang Lili into the car, and Xu Yun naturally followed in.

A steady stream of Yin Qi transitioned to Wang Lili, and in such a short time, Wang Lili had returned to normal, and she glanced at the door panel of the rental house with a look of fear.

"Xu Yun, is the boy in the room the murderer?" Fu Xiaowan was too lazy to talk nonsense with Xu Yun and asked directly.

Xu Yun flashed his eyes, turned his head to avoid Fu Xiaowan's sight, and said weakly, "No, it's not!"

Wang Lili immediately asked suspiciously: "Really not? Don't shield the bad guys. He killed so many people and deserves legal sanctions!"

"What! Who else did he kill?" Xu Yun said in surprise.Originally, she only suspected that Wang Lili was also killed by her love, but now she learned from Wang Lili's words that it seemed that more people were killed by her love.

Fu Xiaowan's face sank after hearing this: "It turns out that the murderer is really him, Xu Yun, why do you want to protect the murderer? He is so to you, how can you tolerate and protect him!"

Xu Yun's face turned dark, and he murmured, "Because, because I like him!"

Wang Lili opened her mouth wide in surprise, and asked in disbelief: "You actually like this kind of perversion. He raped and killed you. If you become a ghost, you don't blame him, but you still defend him! What do you think? ?"

"Me!" There was a tangled look on Xu Yun's face. Yes, Zeng Peng, her sweetheart, did do bad things to her, but in her heart she couldn't complain about Zeng Peng, love more than Hate it!

After her death, love and hatred were mixed in her heart, and a strong desire surged, trying to understand what happened to Zeng Peng and why he did such a thing.

But sometimes Zeng Peng would carry silverware and things like that. She could only follow Zeng Peng when he was not carrying silverware, or wait outside the rental room until Fu Xiaowan appeared and asked the murderer to make her panic. She didn't want Zeng Peng to go to jail, so she chose to hide it.

But all of this was based on her thinking that she was the only victim. She never thought that Zeng Peng would even harm other people. What happened to Zeng Peng? How could he do such a crazy thing? Is it because of broken love? ?

With a faint sigh, Xu Yun's eyes dimmed, and he whispered: "His name is Zeng Peng. We have been classmates since high school. Later, by coincidence, we applied to the same university and belonged to the same department. I like it. He has liked him since high school. He has good grades and is cheerful. However, he had a very beautiful girlfriend in high school. The girl's house lived next door to his house. He has been a childhood sweetheart since childhood!"

Fu Xiaowan and Wang Lili listened carefully to Xu Yun's words, and felt a little sympathy for Xu Yun. People they liked had a girlfriend, so they could only watch silently. But in the end, she was raped and killed by someone they liked. what happened?How was this person named Zeng Peng irritated, he was dumped by his girlfriend?

Sure enough, Xu Yun suddenly smiled and said: "Just six months ago, he broke up with his girlfriend, I think I have a chance, but." Her smile suddenly disappeared again, becoming depressed, "But Zeng Peng seemed to Very hurt, I became silent, without a smile, without a soul, I don't know how to comfort him."

Fu Xiaowan thought for a moment. It seems that this case started three months ago, but Zeng Peng lost love six months ago and then fell into depression. Could it be that the loss of love stimulated him? In the end, why did he lose love?Why did the childhood sweethearts who have been with him for many years break up with him?

Wang Lili, who had the same question as Fu Xiaowan, couldn't help but ask curiously: "Why did they break up?"

Xu Yun shook his head, and said in confusion: "I don't know, I broke up suddenly anyway, and the girl dropped out of school and never saw her again!"

Perhaps Zeng Peng’s crazy rape and murder of girls was caused by a broken relationship. In the end, why did his girlfriend break up with him, and this breakup is the beginning of Zeng Peng’s heart metamorphosis.

After a moment of silence, Fu Xiaowan asked, "Do you remember anything on the day of the accident? Is there any evidence to stay at the scene to prove that Zeng Peng was the murderer!"

Xu Yun's eyebrows recalled, shook his head and said, "I don't remember. At the weekend, when I wanted to go home, I was on the way to the train station. I was suddenly covered in my mouth and nose and passed out. After waking up to find that it was Zeng Peng, she was shocked on the spot, and then she died!" She wanted to say it and then a little bit of joy, but now I am embarrassed to say it.