Ghost Crossing

Chapter 52 The Girl's Death Serial Case (12)

Zeng Peng stared at Fu Xiaowan with an ugly expression. At this moment, he couldn’t understand that Fu Xiaoya’s appearance was a conspiracy. He secretly rejoiced, but fortunately, he hadn’t started yet, but why did they take the initiative to sabotage the action, this Fu Xiaoya, what? Up?In any case, the police still didn't catch the evidence, so it was right to admit it.

After a while, Xing Jun and Nomad also arrived. Seeing Fu Xiaoya whose body was shaking and being held up, they hurriedly stepped forward and shouted: "Fu Xiaoya, how are you?"

If she was only drunk, she could feel that Fu Xiaoya was occupied by ghosts. Her soul would be squeezed into the corners of her body by ghosts, but she could still see clearly what happened to her body, but because Zeng Peng had taken the medicine. , Fu Xiaoya's own soul was completely lost, and she was in a coma at this time, so at this moment her body was no longer in charge of herself, but Wang Lili and Xu Yun.

With his eyes blurred for a moment,'Fu Xiaoya' suddenly pushed Fu Xiaowan away, looking at Zeng Peng with an angry expression, and shouted, "You murderer, I want you to pay for it!" After speaking, he rushed towards Zeng Peng with teeth and claws.

Zeng Peng was taken aback, but quickly calmed down, and asked with a blank face, "What are you talking about, I don't understand, Fu Xiaoya, do you want to take notes? Also, who are you?"

Xing Jun looked at Zeng Peng with a serious face and said, "We are the police!"

Raising his eyebrows, Zeng Peng said with a playful expression: "Comrade police, what do you mean? Break into the houses!"

Fu Xiaoya was not in a coma, which made Zeng Peng bolder. If Fu Xiaoya fainted, he would really not be able to explain. Although he didn't know why the effect of the medicine did not work, Zeng Peng was very fortunate for the result.

Fu Xiaowan just wanted to argue when he heard the words. Unexpectedly, Fu Xiaoya sneered at this time, stopped in front of Zeng Peng, didn't get close, and said: "Zeng Peng, I am Wang Lili, don't you remember me? I was killed by you. Wang Lili!"

Zeng Peng's heart speeded up suddenly, looked at Fu Xiaoya incredulously, and immediately sneered: "Student Fu Xiaoya, this joke is not funny at all!"

Wang Lili was afraid of Zeng Peng’s silverware and did not dare to approach it, but it was possible to speak satirically. She sneered: “I remember you were wearing a black mask and gray casual clothes when you were lying on my body. The sentence is clean."

The heart almost stopped beating, Zeng Peng's pupils shrank and stared at Fu Xiaoya in disbelief. How could she know this? How could she know what clothes she was wearing and what she had said!

Ghost, ghost upper body?Zeng Peng's hand immediately stroked the pendant on his neck, he has silverware on his body, it's okay, not afraid of ghosts!

His eyes flashed, denying: "I don't know what you are talking about!"

Wang Lili became angry, and she wished to rush forward and use Fu Xiaoya's body to kill Zeng Peng, but she was afraid of silverware, so she dared not step forward.

Suddenly, the head of'Fu Xiaoya' trembled slightly, and her body began to twitch. After a while, her resentful eyes turned into a gentle look, with a puzzled expression on her face and asked Zeng Peng, "Zeng Peng, why do you want this? Do, did Xiaoshan hurt you!" Xiaoshan is Zeng Peng's childhood sweetheart.

Hearing the word Xiaoshan, Zeng Peng's eyes condensed, his forehead blue veins violently, his hands clenched his fists and shouted angrily: "Don't mention that person j to me!"

After the roar, he came back to his senses and looked at Fu Xiaoya suspiciously: "You investigate me!"

'Fu Xiaoya' replied with a wry smile: "I am Xu Yun, we have been classmates since high school!"

"Xu Yun!" Zeng Peng exclaimed, staring at Fu Xiaowan with a questioning look in his eyes, and his heart fluctuated violently, first Wang Lili and then Xu Yun, what's the matter?Is it a ghost, or deliberately talking.

"You and Xiaoshan are in such a good relationship, why did you break up? Is it because of this that you became so crazy and started to hurt people!" Xu Yun asked tentatively.

Zeng Peng's eyes flashed and he said with a blank face: "What are you talking about? Xiaoshan and I broke up peacefully. Why should I be crazy? I didn't harm anyone, so don't wrong me!"

"You," Xu Yun said, Zeng Peng's attitude is clearly not willing to admit it.

Taking a deep breath, Xu Yun's eyes were cold, and he said in a gloomy tone: "Zeng Peng, since you are so obsessive, don't blame me for being cruel. If you only harmed me, it's all right, but you still harmed me. Many people, I can't let you go on!"

Then she turned to Fu Xiaowan and said, "Sorry, I lied to you, I have evidence that Zeng Peng is the murderer!"

Fu Xiaowan and the others were overjoyed when they heard the words, but they also felt a little unhappy, and Xu Yun even concealed the evidence.

As for Zeng Peng, his face changed slightly after hearing this. Is there evidence?How could it be possible, he was fully prepared every time he started, and it is impossible to leave evidence!

It must be said deliberately, psychological warfare!Zeng Peng consoled himself and looked at'Fu Xiaoya' mockingly: "Since there is evidence, then you can take it out!"

Xu Yun was completely desperate for Zeng Peng when she heard this. Zeng Peng has really changed. He is no longer the cheerful and gentle Zeng Peng before, but a fierce and cunning murderer. A look of decisiveness flashes in her eyes. Fu Xiaowan said: "I followed Zeng Peng after I died, and found that all his crimes were recorded. It was a white camera. Now the camera must be in the rental room. You can find it if you look for it!"

Fu Xiaowan and the others were shocked. Zeng Peng even used a camera to record the process of his crime. Is this going to be reviewed afterwards?It's disgusting, it's too much!Xing Jun sharpened his eyes, staring at Zeng Peng, and said coldly: "Are you handing over the camera by yourself, or we should find it ourselves!"

Zeng Peng's heart was boiling, how could it be possible to record the crime process, how could this woman know, it is impossible to know, can it be said that it is really a ghost?

With a blue face, Zeng Peng forced a calm refusal: "You can search, take out the search warrant, and I will let you search!" Now we can only delay time, and we can't search without a search warrant. Once the search warrant is applied, he will send it early. The camera is transferred away!

With a gloomy look in her eyes, Fu Xiaoya cast a glance, what is going on with this woman?

Xing Jun looked embarrassed. Yes, without a search warrant, he could not search the suspect's room without authorization, but when he applied for it, the exhibits would not be transferred. How could this be good?

The nomad grinned and said: "Criminal police officer, you don't need to do this. I will come. Anyway, I am not a policeman. I will hand over the evidence to you if I find it. If I don't find it, the big deal will be detention!" Gearing up to start searching for the camera, his eyes swept around the room.