Ghost Crossing

Chapter 55 The Girl's Death Serial Case (15)

When Fu Xiaowan and Youmu waited for a long time for the bus to arrive at the KFC store, they asked the clerk to learn that Li Hao had temporarily asked for leave and left with a very beautiful girl.

The two looked at each other helplessly, knowing that Wang Lili had successfully made an appointment with Li Hao.

After leaving the KFC store, Fu Xiaowan didn’t know where Li Hao and Wang Lili would go. He was still a nomadic clever. Thinking of the monitor, he quickly said to Fu Xiaowan: “Don’t Fu Xiaoya still have tracking equipment? We can find Xingjun. I know where Xiaoya went!"

The nomad was very upset at this time, and he felt unwell inexplicably when he thought that the carefree Fu Xiaoya would turn into a gentle and quiet appearance to date other men.

Fu Xiaowan took out his cell phone and called Xing Jun without saying anything.

After Xing Jun learned of Fu Xiaoya's situation, he quickly checked Fu Xiaoya's current location, and quickly informed Fu Xiaowan.

After hanging up the phone, Fu Xiaowan nodded to the nomad and said, "In Happy Valley! Let's rush over and talk when we arrive!"

Happy Valley!Nomads gritted their teeth, really a good place for a date!

A taxi was quickly stopped, and the two rushed to Happy Valley. After buying the tickets and going in, Fu Xiaowan called Xing Jun again to ask about the location.

After knowing the location of Fu Xiaoya, the two began to drive non-stop.

Finally, I found Fu Xiaoya and Li Hao at the carousel game place. The two were sitting in tandem. Fu Xiaoya's face was filled with a happy smile, while Li Hao looked at Fu Xiaoya with a confused look.

Li Hao wondered, why can I see Wang Lili from Fu Xiaoya's body.If Wang Lili is with him at the moment, how nice.

Fu Xiaoya laughed like a silver bell, crisp and sweet, and her clear eyes were shining with happiness. It turns out that dating someone she likes is like this!

Suddenly, after the Trojan horse revolved, two people were swept away from the corner of her eyes, Fu Xiaowan and Nomad, her heart sank, her smile disappeared, her eyes dimmed, she sighed in her heart, she found it so soon What!

No, she has to fight for the remaining time, as long as today, as long as today is enough.

Suddenly, Fu Xiaoya climbed down directly from the wooden horse. At this time, the wooden horse was still spinning. Her actions attracted the attention of many people. Even Li Hao was startled, and quickly reached out to grab Fu Xiaoya and said loudly: " What are you doing, this is too dangerous!"

"I'm fine, wait for me!" Fu Xiaoya patted Li Hao's arm comfortingly, and then looked at Fu Xiaowan resolutely. After the carousel slowed down, she jumped off and jumped off. Later, he staggered twice due to inertia.

Fu Xiaowan stared at'Fu Xiaoya', and the nomad also stared at the approaching Fu Xiaoya with his arms around his chest and an unhappy expression.

"May I have a chat with you alone?" Wang Lili's tone was very sincere, and her dark eyes were full of pleading expressions.

At this time, Li Hao also came over, looked at Fu Xiaoya suspiciously, and then at Fu Xiaowan. He remembered that they were together, but why was his face so solemn and the atmosphere so heavy?What happened?

Fu Xiaoya looked at Li Hao timidly, and said, "Li Hao, can you wait for me here now? I'll be back soon!" After speaking, she looked at Fu Xiaowan with a pleading expression. The owner of this body is the same as Fu Xiaowan. Relatives, only she can call the shots.

Hey, Fu Xiaowan sighed inwardly, and finally lost under this pleading gaze, nodded, and then the two girls walked away together.

The nomads could not follow the two daughters, so they could only look at Li Hao with a hostile sight. This stinky boy has dated Fu Xiaoya. Although the soul is not Fu Xiaoya, the body is!Seeing Fu Xiaoya's shy face, I was upset, upset!

On the other side, when no one was there, Fu Xiaowan stopped and looked at Fu Xiaoya helplessly: "Wang Lili, what do you want?"

Wang Lili knew that it was wrong for her to occupy Fu Xiaoya’s body. She felt ashamed and bowed her head to apologize: "Sorry, I didn’t deliberately upper her body, I just want to date Li Hao for one day, and today, it ended me. Just leave this body!"

Speaking of the back, she raised her head again, looking at Fu Xiaowan with scorching eyes.

Fu Xiaowan hesitated for a while, and finally agreed. First, she didn’t know how to drive ghosts out of Fu Xiaoya’s body if Wang Lili didn’t take the initiative to leave. Second, Wang Lili said sincerely that she would leave after today. Even if a ghost is crossed, a task is completed!

"Well, you have to remember your own words, just today, just in case, the nomad and I will always follow you from a distance, but you can rest assured that we will not bother you!" Although Fu Xiaowan agreed, I didn't want to be too careless, and stated my own conditions.

"Yes, yes! Thank you!" Wang Lili was extremely surprised, but she didn't expect Fu Xiaowan to agree and her date could continue.

"Wait, one more thing, this body is not yours, you can date, you can hold hands, but you can't make other too intimate actions, hug, no, kiss, let alone!" Thinking of more serious problems, Fu Xiaowan's tone was very serious Said, she didn't want Fu Xiaoya's first kiss to be taken away by Li Hao inexplicably.

When the agreement was reached, Wang Lili returned to Li Hao happily, and said with a cheerful expression: "Li Hao, shall we go to play that next? How about?" Her finger was the Ferris wheel.

Li Hao's eyes were full of incomprehension. He had a low look just now, why suddenly he was all right again, really, I don't understand!

At this time, Li Hao didn't feel joy, but slowly doubted, but agreed to play with Fu Xiaoya. He can only continue to accompany him now.

Li Hao and Fu Xiaoya gradually moved away. The nomad looked at Fu Xiaowan displeasedly and asked, "Why do you still let them continue dating?"

Fu Xiaowan gave him an angry look: "Wang Lili doesn't want to go, can you tell her to leave? Now she can only fulfill her last wish and leave by herself!"

Suffering from speech, the nomad stared helplessly at Fu Xiaoya's back, his lips wriggled and moved twice before protesting.

"Let's go, follow, don't let Xiaoya's body suffer!" Fu Xiaowan lifted her hair and followed up first.

The nomad raised his eyebrows, yes, this is Fu Xiaoya's body, but you must not be taken advantage of by that stinky boy.

The two followed Li Hao and Fu Xiaoya slowly.

(After being possessed, the written Fu Xiaoya is Wang Lili. It's a bit messy, don't be dizzy!)

Li Hao and Fu Xiaoya got into the Ferris wheel, and Fu Xiaowan and Nomad also chose to sit nearby when they saw it. Anyway, playing around did not affect tracking.

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