Ghost Crossing

Chapter 56: Ghost Upper Body (1)

The Ferris wheel usually takes about 20 minutes, less than half an hour. The process is extremely boring. It slowly rises into the sky. Watching the scenery on the ground shrink, then getting smaller and smaller, then change the direction to look at the scenery on the ground and the sky. The scenery, if it were not for a couple to sit up, it would only be boring and a waste of time.

If you are a couple, you will feel romantic in a small space alone, your heartbeat will speed up, and time will pass quickly.

At this moment, Wang Lili is the one behind. There are only her and Li Hao in the small space, and the faint scent of Li Hao can be faintly smelled in the air. It is the smell of Wang Lili's work in a KFC store. His small face began to flush, sitting on the seat and lowered his head not to look at Li Hao.

The heart seems to pop out of the body in the next second.

And Li Hao, looking out of the glass window, looking at the blue sky, missed Wang Lili, such a good girl, she must have gone to heaven if she died!

Wang Lili's smile seemed to be right in front of her eyes, and Wang Lili's voice seemed to be right in her ears.

Li Hao's right hand couldn't help but touched his heart. Here, a girl will be remembered for a lifetime, her name is Wang Lili.

And Fu Xiaowan is here.

Fu Xiaowan leaned back lazily, staring out of the glass window with blurred eyes. When can Xiaoya recover? Can she wake up after all the alcohol volatilizes?Will Wang Lili leave, will it attract other ghosts?

The nomad pokes the glass window with his hand with a bored look. What's so fun about this Ferris wheel, not to mention the slowness, the scenery is not all the same, what's so good about it, what romantic Ferris wheel, I ah, not at all Is it romantic?

Thinking of Fu Xiaoya's body alone with Li Hao, the nomad's heart became more mad and annoying. The Ferris wheel was not fun at all!

Finally, the Ferris wheel stopped, and the Nomad and Fu Xiaowan almost couldn't wait to walk down, and then searched for Fu Xiaoya's figure. They soon found them two and started to follow them again.

Li Hao noticed the strangeness, and when he looked back, he saw that it was Fu Xiaowan and the nomad. He frowned and asked Fu Xiaoya: "They? But come and play together?"

Wang Lili looked back, and then said casually: "It's okay, let's play our own games!"

"Oh~" Li Hao said perfunctorily. He couldn't help but glanced at Fu Xiaowan. This situation seemed to be tracking him and Fu Xiaoya, what's the situation!

Li Hao, who became more and more confused, was dragged by Wang Lili to move on.

Maybe it was a little intolerable for Fu Xiaowan to follow. Wang Lili saw a game that was more exciting and screamed constantly, so she got bad thoughts and said to Li Hao, "Let's go play that!"

Li Hao looked at him, good guy, super hero, this game is very exciting, 90 degrees straight down, he is a little timid to play.

Fu Xiaowan, who was behind him, also followed the line when he saw it, and looked up, eh, this game looks pretty good.

The nomad's face is blue, what, want to play this?Do it?

However, due to the face problem, the two girls went up indifferently, can he say he dare not go!

So the nomads gritted their teeth and followed in line.

Because it was too exciting and there were few people in line, the next round was Fu Xiaowan and others.

There are many people in a row, so Fu Xiaowan and other four people all sat in the first row. The machine slowly started to move, getting faster and faster. At the beginning, it was like riding a roller coaster. , And then suddenly slowed down, slower and slower, slower and slower, the machine climbed to the highest peak.

Wang Lili's face turned pale in an instant. She just wanted to rectify Fu Xiaowan and the nomads, but now, she herself was frightened, so high, and falling vertically. What to do is really scary.

Li Hao's heart also lifted up, turning his head to see Fu Xiaoya's face looked ugly and very scared, she freed her hand and patted the back of her hand gently to show her comfort.

Not to mention, his active comfort made Wang Lili feel relieved immediately.

Fu Xiaowan was a little nervous. She would definitely feel uncomfortable when she fell like this. She couldn't help but grasp the bar in front of her tightly.

Looking at the nomad again, his eyes were bigger than Niu Ling, and he stared at the ground in horror. When the machine fell down, he made the sound of howling ghosts.

"Ah~~~~~~~" It can be said to be thrilling.

After a few minutes, the machine stopped and Wang Lili's legs became weak, and she walked down with Li Hao's support.

The nomads, who were unable to move directly on their seats, were finally relieved with the help of the staff and Fu Xiaowan.

Fu Xiaowan was helplessly supporting the nomad, but he didn't expect that the nomad would be scared of this virtue.

Nomad felt embarrassed and would no longer play games after being killed. Only Fu Xiaowan followed Wang Lili and Li Hao to continue playing games, while Nomad waited quietly.

A day is neither long nor short, and it is evening without knowing it, not far from when the playground closes.

Wang Lili, who was tired from playing, offered to eat together, and Li Hao happily agreed. After walking for so long, his legs were sore. Then, he looked at Fu Xiaowan and others' suggestions for eating together.

Wang Lili was grateful for Fu Xiaowan's compromise and agreed to eat together.

Li Hao treats guests, everyone recommends ordering, and finally Li Hao orders all the dishes.

Soon, the food was ready, but everyone was a little restrained in eating. The dinner table was very silent, no one took the initiative to speak, and they all ate.

Suddenly, eating and eating, a lot of red spots appeared on Wang Lili's face at an extremely fast speed. She also covered her face with her hands and cried out, "Ah, my face is so uncomfortable!"

Li Hao hurriedly asked, "What's wrong?"

Fu Xiaowan glanced at the dinner table: "Lobster is allergic!"

Although the soul is Wang Lili, the body is still Fu Xiaoya, and allergic things are still allergic. Wang Lili didn't know that Fu Xiaoya's body was allergic to lobsters. After eating a lot of lobsters, she now has allergic reactions.

The nomad saw that exquisite little face was covered with red spots, and was very distressed. He wanted to step forward but hesitated. Now it is Wang Lili, so he has to eagerly said: "Hurry up to the hospital!"

"Waiter, check out!" Li Hao hurriedly checked out, and soon the waiter came over and was shocked when he saw Fu Xiaoya's appearance, and asked worriedly: "What's wrong?"

"Food allergies!" Fu Xiaowan quickly explained that it was her mistake. She kept thinking about Wang Lili and forgot that Fu Xiaoya was allergic to shrimp, so naturally she would not trouble the restaurant with this.

The waiter breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Fu Xiaowan swept the corner of his eyes to the menu and it said a beer duck, and was stunned, beer!Oops!