Ghost Crossing

Chapter 57: Ghost Upper Body (2)

Fu Xiaowan's eyes were full of worry, and she immediately turned her head to look at Fu Xiaoya, and she saw the red light released by Fu Xiaoya's body gradually intensifying.

She vaguely understood that the red light that appeared in Fu Xiaoya's body was the light that attracted ghosts and allowed them to possess them. It would emit a red light if it was exposed to alcohol, and the red light would weaken when the alcohol gradually volatilized, and the red light would disappear. Xiaoya's soul should be I will be back, but I don't know whether the possessed ghost will be driven away.

"Fu Xiaowan, hurry up!" The nomadic exit reminded Fu Xiaowan to recover. Then she realized that Li Hao had picked up Fu Xiaoya's body and went straight to the sightseeing car.

In the amusement park, there is only this kind of sightseeing car in it. After the waiter notified the amusement staff that there was an allergy here, the amusement park immediately sent a car to pick up the people.

I got into the car quickly, and looking at the deepening red light on Xiaoya's body, Fu Xiaowan was very worried. There should be ghosts in the hospital. I don't know if they will get new ghosts again.

However, Xiaoya's allergies are very serious. At this moment, she is panting, and she seems to be choking and shock at any time.

Fortunately, there are medical staff in the playground. Although they cannot treat directly, they have also informed some basic emergency measures.

Fu Xiaowan took emergency measures as instructed, and Fu Xiaoya's condition was a little better, but she still frowned tightly and closed her eyes and breathed deeply, very painful.

Sightseeing cars are not very fast, and immediately after leaving the amusement park, there are kind people who actively contribute to the car and act as a driver to escort it.

Arriving at the nearest hospital, the nomads saw that Li Hao was about to reach out to hug Fu Xiaoya again. He was immediately unhappy, so he took the initiative to pick up Fu Xiaoya and get out of the car.

The hospital had already received a call to inform that there were medical staff waiting at the door, and immediately took Fu Xiaoya away for treatment.

Fu Xiaowan, Li Hao and Nomad all stood waiting outside the emergency room. Fu Xiaoya has been sent to the emergency room for treatment.

Li Hao had doubts in his heart. The allergies were so serious. Fu Xiaoya didn't know if she was allergic to lobsters before, and why did she want to eat them!

The nomad secretly regretted it, he hesitated, Fu Xiaoya was actually hugged by this stinky boy, and she was still hugged by the princess!

Fu Xiaowan's reaction was the most different. She kept looking around her surroundings, and finally took out her mobile phone and called Xing Jun to get him to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Hearing Fu Xiaowan calling Xing Jun, the Nomad realized that something was not quite right. He winked at Fu Xiaowan, and the two took the opportunity to walk to the side of the corridor and whispered: "What's the matter?"

Slender hands rubbed her temples, Fu Xiaowan said helplessly: "There was a beer duck in the dish just now, Wang Lili has eaten it!"

"Is Xiaoya allergic to beer?" Although the nomad learned that Fu Xiaoya was upper body by a ghost, he didn't know what caused it.

"No!" Fu Xiaowan sighed quietly, and Fu Xiaowan recounted the ghost attractor.

After listening, the nomads were all stunned. With such a physique, it seems that Fu Xiaoya must not be allowed to drink alcohol in the future, but it is more important now. This is a hospital, a gathering place for ghosts.

This is what Fu Xiaowan worries about. People who have just died will also have ghosts. I wonder if such ghosts will be attracted by Fu Xiaoya's red light and become possessed.

Such a ghost possesses, if you don't want to leave, wouldn't it be worse.

After all, a body container can be reborn right after death, even a ghost is willing to seize the body.

The nomad understood Fu Xiaowan's worries, and his heart began to become anxious. This Wang Lili was enough to choke, so there are other ghosts coming?What if a male ghost comes to his upper body?

With a sharp look, the nomad said in a fierce tone: "Then I will stand at the door and come and kill one by one!"

Fu Xiaowan glared at him when he heard the words and cursed: "What's going on? Let the ghosts not get close to Xiaoya. I have notified Xing Jun that he is here. With him, ghosts dare not approach easily. We will do it now. The thing is to keep the ghost away from Xiaoya before Xing Jun comes!"

He rubbed his nose in a whisper, and the nomad said in embarrassment, "What should I do? Keep the door, and drive away the ghost when it comes?"

"Aren't ghosts afraid of silverware? Let's get some silverware and put it on the door of the emergency room so that ghosts can't get in!" Fu Xiaowan touched the empty neck with some regret. She has no habit of wearing jewelry, which feels like that. I'm awkward, so I don't have gold or silverware.

"My earrings are made of silver!" The nomad quickly removed the earrings from his ears. Now many only sons wear single-sided earrings, so nomads also have them, and they bring silver earrings.

"Go back first and guard the emergency room!" Fu Xiaowan was a little bit lucky. The nomad actually had silver earrings on his body, otherwise it would be really troublesome to find silver temporarily.

Back at the door of the emergency room, the nomad took off the earrings and pressed the earrings between the door of the emergency room. He breathed a sigh of relief, at least it could last until the end of the emergency.

Li Hao frowned when he saw the nomads move like this. He glanced at the nomads suspiciously, and then glanced at Fu Xiaowan, his mind became heavy, he didn't know why, he always felt that these people had some great secrets.

But this has nothing to do with him. He didn't need to entangle this matter, but why did Fu Xiaoya feel so like Lily to him, and she asked herself to accompany her inexplicably, and even said the kind of farewell.

Looking at the silver earrings on the door panel, Li Hao suddenly felt a crazy idea. Could it be that the current Fu Xiaoya is Wang Lili? Fu Xiaoya and Fu Xiaowan are the kind of psychics.

There are countless possibilities in my mind, but the final conclusion is all one point. Wang Lili is possessed by Fu Xiaoya. I don't know what happened during this period. Now the situation is a bit tricky.

Li Hao thought about it carefully. When he saw Fu Xiaoya before, he spoke with a sly look, her eyes were full of sly, and she looked like a girl with a lively personality, but today, Fu Xiaoya is just like Wang Lili, shy, shy, and has many small actions. They are all the same as Wang Lili.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that Fu Xiaoya was Wang Lili possessed at this moment. Li Hao's eyes flashed, and his eyes narrowed to look at Fu Xiaowan. Shouldn't he ask!

He wanted to say something and stopped, Li Hao couldn't hold back his inner curiosity in the end and was ready to ask.

Mouth opened slightly, just about to speak.

"Nomad!" Suddenly, Fu Xiaowan shouted nervously.

The nomads also leaned towards Fu Xiaowan as if they were facing an enemy. The two of them looked very nervous, their eyes wandering around, as if flowers were growing on the ceiling.

Without saying anything, Li Hao looked at the ceiling in a puzzled manner. There was nothing, but the nervous expressions of the two let him know that something terrible must be coming.