Ghost Crossing

Chapter 60 Ghost Upper Body (5)

After discussing it with the old man, Fu Xiaowan thought about it, winked at the nomad, and the two walked to Xing Jun's side together, and the three of them joined together and started talking in a low voice.

Fu Xiaowan had already figured out a plan, and after speaking out, nomad and Xing Jun would improve it. The three finally made a more perfect plan and decided to save Xiaoya by this method.

The strategy had been decided, and the three of them stood quietly at the door of the emergency room and waited.

Of course, this is only a superficial phenomenon, it seems quiet, but in fact a storm is about to hit.

While waiting quietly, an accident happened.

People are not as good as the sky, and the plan cannot keep up with the changes. After discussing the plan, Fu Xiaowan and others forget Li Hao. Unexpectedly, Li Hao returned with a bag before the emergency room opened.

As soon as he turned the corridor, he saw three door gods standing at the door of the emergency room with their complexions. The newcomer was a criminal policeman. After a moment of stunned, he stepped forward in confusion, and said: "You too, criminal police officer. Here, you see, I didn't even buy the water you drink. If you don't mind, drink mine first!"

Li Hao took out the mineral water from the plastic bag and handed it to Fu Xiaowan first, then to Nomad, and handed the last bottle to Xing Jun.

In the end, Fu Xiaowan looked at each other. When it was over, the plan completely forgot about Li Hao. It seemed that he had to leave first.

The three winked at each other, and began to think anxiously about how to let Li Hao leave first.

Haven't figured out a way yet, the accident happened again.

All three of them turned their backs to the door of the emergency room because of Li Hao's relationship. At this time, Li Hao suddenly exclaimed with joy: "Come out!"

The three of Fu Xiaowan were shocked and quickly turned around, and saw that the light in the emergency room had dimmed.

There was a slight movement and quiet, and after a while there seemed to be the sound of turning the doorknob.

A stern look flashed in Fu Xiaowan's dark eyes. No matter what, even if Li Hao suspected nothing, she hurriedly shouted: "Xingjun, hurry!" Because she was too anxious and spoke too fast, her voice seemed a bit sharp.

Xing Jun reacted before Fu Xiaowan could speak, and he immediately reached out and grabbed the doorknob firmly.

The man in the emergency room turned the doorknob and tried to open the door, but was surprised to find that the door could not be opened, so he pushed the door vigorously.

The silver earrings clamped on the door panel almost fell off. Fortunately, the nomadic eye sharpened the earrings and pressed them back firmly.

"What's the matter! I can't open the door!" A suspicious voice came from the emergency room.

Then another voice came: "I'm coming!"

"Listen to the people inside!" Fu Xiaowan immediately shouted loudly when she heard that there were more people inside. After she shouted, she felt speechless. How could these words resemble the shouts of the police when they rounded up prisoners!

The people inside the door naturally heard Fu Xiaowan's words, and they were quiet for a while, and a calm man's voice came out: "What's the matter? Are you blocking the door outside?"

"Yes, I blocked the door. You are a doctor, aren't you?" Fu Xiaowan directly admitted his actions, and then asked tentatively. Hearing a gratitude, he said quickly: "Doctor, I have a The request, although a bit weird, but I hope you can listen to me and do it!"

There was silence for a while, and it seemed that he was very dissatisfied with Fu Xiaowan's words, but in the end he compromised and said in a somewhat unhappy tone: "Say it!"

"Thank you for helping my friend to the door, and I will tell you to open the door later."

After listening to the doctor, he immediately objected: "The patient is still in a coma and can't move around!"

Fu Xiaowan clenched her brows and said in a stern tone: "Doctor, please do as I said!"

Hearing her resolute tone, the doctor frowned in dissatisfaction, but in the end he compromised, he couldn't be locked in the emergency room forever, he was very busy.Anyway, if the patient moves twice, it will not have much effect.

"Okay! You are responsible for what happened!" After saying that, the doctor ordered the assistant to help Fu Xiaoya.


The old ghost also condensed, and said in a heavy tone: "Come!"

As soon as the voice fell, the doctor's slightly impatient voice came from inside: "Okay, I'm at the door!"

Li Hao was completely confused by the side, what are Fu Xiaowan doing?What are you tossing about? He blocked the door and helped Fu Xiaoya, who was unconscious, to the door. What did he want to do?

Although I really wanted to ask, but seeing that Fu Xiaowan's three people were all with heavy colors, his lips moved slightly, and finally he chose to be silent. He didn't bother Fu Xiaowan and them at this moment, but his heart couldn't help but lifted up and became nervous. Looking at the emergency room.

"Wait a minute, I'll open the door with a few words!" Fu Xiaowan's eyes dimmed, and he glanced obscurely at Li Hao behind him, and took a deep breath: "Wang Lili, listen, you immediately leave Xiaoya's body now, Don't be conceited!"

Li Hao was shocked, Wang Lili?Fu Xiaowan was talking about Wang Lili, and he absolutely heard nothing wrong, leaving Xiaoya's body.

The original clear eyes became muddy in an instant, Li Hao's eyes flickered, and soon he had a bold guess. No wonder he always felt that Fu Xiaoya was strange, and many details resembled Wang Lili. Did Wang Lili actually possess Fu Xiaoya?However, there is such a thing as a ghost in this world!It is unacceptable.

The doctors and assistants in the emergency room looked at Fu Xiaoya, who was still in a coma, some inexplicably, wondering what Fu Xiaowan was talking about.

After waiting for a while, Fu Xiaowan breathed a sigh of relief, a relaxed smile appeared on her delicate face, and said, "Doctor, sorry, you can open the door!" After that, she nodded to Xingjun and Nomad, and then again. After looking up at the old ghost, she stepped back a little after nodding.

"Really!" The doctor murmured angrily, waving his hand to open the door.

The nomad's hand is still on the door, and his right hand is on the silver earring.

The door opened slightly, and he flashed sideways into the emergency room, holding the silver earring in his right hand.

"Yeah! What are you doing? It's scary!" The assistant in the emergency room exclaimed, startled by the nomad's sudden behavior.

Xing Jun followed, keeping within one meter of the nomad, and also entered the emergency room, and then the two took Fu Xiaoya from the medical staff together.

"Wow!" The baby ghost tried to enter the emergency room when the door opened, but was stopped by the old ghost.

The old ghost is also smart, knowing that he can't be touched by grievances, he split his hands out, directly forming a grass ring, and tightly grabbed the baby ghost's calf.

The baby ghost really got caught, and when he recovered, Nomad and Xing Jun had already arrived at Fu Xiaoya. The people and money it feared were all on Fu Xiaoya. It could not be possessed, and suddenly screamed with anger.

It was so angry that it immediately released its resentment, and directly assimilated the grass ring that was blocking its feet, and it was relieved.