Ghost Crossing

Chapter 66 Ghost Upper Body (11)

"The female ghost has been driven out, but we have to help her fulfill her last wish. The little ghost can't get out, it's a bit troublesome!" Fu Xiaowan explained weakly, especially the situation of the little ghost, and elaborated.

After listening, the head of the nomad is bigger, what, to eliminate the grievances of the little devil, how can this be eliminated? Doesn't that mean that Xiaoya will always be possessed by the little devil!

"En~~" At this moment, the people on the sofa made a loud noise, and Fu Xiaoya's soul was sobered up.

As soon as the alcohol passed, Fu Xiaoya's soul became sober. She blinked in confusion, and the corner of her eyes swept Fu Xiaowan and the nomads. She opened her mouth to shout, but she could only make an ah ah ah sound. This situation made her startled and hanged. With a glance, I can't move anymore, what's going on.

"Xiaoya?" Fu Xiaowan and the nomad heard the voice and saw that Fu Xiaoya looked blank. Fu Xiaowan thought that if the little devil took control of the body, it would definitely not be the way it is now, so it is guessed that Xiaoya woke up.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Fu Xiaoya quickly responded, her eyes kept turning her body and asking what was going on.

When the nomad saw Fu Xiaoya back, he was delighted, but due to their previous relationship, he said coldly and contemptuously: "A useless woman will still be possessed by a ghost!"

Be possessed by a ghost!Fu Xiaoya was taken aback for a moment, and she couldn't help but frown and recall what had happened to her.

After thinking about it for a long time, Fu Xiaoya finally remembered that she was making bait, and then she drank a drink, but she didn't remember the rest. Hey, why did she come home? What happened in the middle?I don't remember!

Also, why is my body uncomfortable now, my body is itchy everywhere, and my body can't move anymore!

Seeing Fu Xiaoya’s dazed expression, Fu Xiaowan told her about her special physique. It had already happened, and it was useless to conceal it. In order to prevent such things from happening in the future, let Xiaoya know about herself. It’s special, so she will be more careful and won’t drink alcohol casually.

But Fu Xiaowan didn't expect that Fu Xiaoya's temperament was crazy. When she heard that she had such a physique, she was immediately happy, her eyes shone with golden light, and if she were not stiff, she would be able to jump up and cheer.

Fu Xiaoya learns that her physique is so special, so happy, it turns out that she is not an ordinary person, so what exciting things can she do?

Still a nomadic eye, I saw the eager look in Fu Xiaoya's eyes at a glance, and she immediately reminded him uneasy: "Don't mess around. If you are taken over by a ghost, you will be unlucky! From now on, your body will be someone else's. I will sleep in my body forever!"

Sure enough, after being said by the nomad, the excitement in Fu Xiaoya's eyes froze, and she became hesitant, and finally the eagerness to try disappeared. She glared at the nomad, then grumbled and continued to scan her body, asking When can I move.

When Fu Xiaowan heard the nomad warning Xiaoya suddenly, and seeing the change in Xiaoya's eyes, she felt helpless in her heart. Fortunately, the nomad warned Xiaoya in time, otherwise she really didn't know what Xiaoya would make.

Some helpless Xiaoya's crazy temperament, Fu Xiaowan stretched out her hand and nodded Xiaoya's forehead, saying: "Just be honest, there is still a long time for the medicine to be effective. You can sleep well before you wake up. Alright! Nomad, help send Xiaoya to the bedroom!"

Now Xiaoya's body is frozen, and she can only be carried upstairs by the nomads. Fu Xiaowan believes that she can get Xiaoya upstairs by herself, but that's too exhausting. There is labor. Why should she be wronged? Yourself.

This is the case for men and women. Although society has always talked about equality between men and women, in fact, they will never be equal. In terms of physical strength, the average woman's strength is not comparable to that of men.

When the nomad heard the words, he was a little bit embarrassed. This, holding them upstairs, is a bit embarrassing.

On the contrary, it was Fu Xiaoya. When she heard that the nomads should send her upstairs, she had two choices in her mind, one is to hug and the other is to carry her back, no matter which one she is not happy, why should this nasty man touch her!

"Ah!" Don't!Fu Xiaoya reacted fiercely and moved her eyes from side to side to express her disagreement.

When Fu Xiaowan saw this, she wrapped her hands around her chest and said quietly: "It seems that Xiaoya disagrees. Forget it, nomads, don't send her upstairs, just let her lie on the sofa. When the medicine is over, let She feels uncomfortable!"

The nomad was quite entangled at first, but when Fu Xiaowan said so, he nodded in agreement, anyway, the sofa was quite soft, and it was quite comfortable to lie down.

But Fu Xiaoya was dumbfounded, what, if you want to sleep on the sofa, don't grin. There is no comfortable bed on the sofa, and the body is uncomfortable. Sleeping on the sofa will make you feel uncomfortable.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Fu Xiaoya hurriedly called to her cousin Fu Xiaowan who was about to leave, showing a compromised expression, her eyes very sad.

Fu Xiaowan turned her head with a smile, raised her eyebrows and said, "I want to go upstairs!"

"Hmm!" Fu Xiaoya answered angrily, her eyes rolling up and down.

"Nomad, trouble you!" Fu Xiaowan didn't say much, just let the nomad do it.

The nomad rubbed his hands and walked into Fu Xiaoya like a hungry wolf, and then a princess hugged Fu Xiaoya.

He was a little bit embarrassed just now, feeling embarrassed by skin contact. Unexpectedly, Fu Xiaoya reacted so fiercely and acted disgusting herself. He was also angry and his self-esteem was hurt. So at this moment, he wanted to hug Fu Xiaoya without feeling embarrassed at all. On the contrary, I am a bit vindictive, hey, don't you hate me to touch you, I will hold you, disgusting you!

I can think about it, the soft touch of the skin makes the nomad stunned when a person is in his arms, and he mutters in his heart. No wonder the woman is made of water. The touch is as smooth as water.

In addition, because it was a princess hugged, Fu Xiaoya’s head was on his chest, her jet-black hair was scattered like a waterfall, she also faintly exuded a fragrance of shampoo, and the black hair that fell from time to time The hit on the arm was soft and itchy.

The heartbeat speeded up inexplicably, and the nomad stood beside the sofa holding Fu Xiaoya without moving. If you look closely, you can still see his Adam's apple rolling up and down.This guy is so excited.

Fu Xiaoya is not much better. She usually has a carefree personality, loves excitement, and plays crazy, but she has never been in love. This damned nomad gave her a princess hug. This is the love scene she has imagined. .

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