Ghost Crossing

Chapter 68: Ghost Upper Body (13)

In the bedroom, there was a weird picture. The beautiful and charming Fu Xiaowan said something softly and softly while she said and gently put the limbs of Fu Xiaoya, who was lying on the bed stiff, into position. At first glance, it was a warm and caring picture, but , What Fu Xiaowan said in her mouth was not warm at all, and her mouth was all ghost words.

Fu Xiaoya became more and more confused as she listened. Finally she closed her eyes and fell asleep. She was quite carefree. She thought, anyway, her body was under the control of a kid. She didn't know anything anymore. She was afraid of something, wait for Sister Wan. Just save yourself.

Fu Xiaowan, who was still talking, heard the sound of long breathing suddenly, and when she lowered her head, she saw that Xiaoya was actually asleep, and she tugged at the corner of her mouth so dumbfounded that she stopped talking, leaned on the bed and closed her eyes to think about what to do. Reduce the grievances of ghosts.

With this thought, she really came up with some ways, but she didn't know if she could succeed, and finally she was so mad that she stopped thinking and fell asleep unknowingly.

The nomad, after taking the card out of the bedroom, looked for the fat female ghost everywhere, and finally saw the female ghost shrunk into a ball in a corner, and said in a vicious voice: "Follow me and help you fulfill your last wish!"

The female ghost was overjoyed. She thought she would have to wait for some time, so she could have a big meal so soon, she suddenly stared at the nomad with both eyes staring at the nomad with gratitude, and her mouth kept opening and closing. With the words of thanks, it's a pity that the nomad can't hear her, and she also noticed that the nomad doesn't seem to be able to hear herself, so she bends over 90 degrees to thank.

Seeing her bowing, the nomad raised her eyebrows, knowing that she was thanking her, and her mood suddenly improved. He felt that this ghost was not very bad, so he lazily threw out the sentence "Follow me!" and left.

The nomad can't drive, so he led the female ghost out of the villa and drove into the city, randomly chose a hot pot restaurant and walked in.

Fearing to be too eye-catching, the nomads had to lavishly choose to enter the private room, then took over the menu and let the female ghost order.

Ordering is also easy. The nomads will check whatever the female ghost refers to. As for the number of servings, the female ghost gestures, and he fills in a few. The order is quickly placed, and after payment, he waits for the food.

The waiter came in with a few carts, put the ingredients one by one, and then began to pour the pot. The nomad said: "When you are done, go out!" This is what the large hot pot restaurant is good, one-to-one service, and a commissioner. Food, but nomads don’t need this kind of service.

The waiter was very happy, adjusted the temperature and left the private room.

"Hey!" As soon as the waiter left, the nomad sighed sadly, staring at the hot pot soup base with faint eyes. When the waiter left, he had to cook it himself. He hasn't served others to eat until now. It's really depressing to wait for the ghost to eat.

Recognizing their fate, they started to cook the dishes, and when they were finished, they threw them into a clean plate, and the fat ghost floated in front of the cooked food, bent down and sucked deeply.

Half an hour later, all the bowls and chopsticks on the table were taken apart, and the plates in the bowls were all piled up with food. Some had been left for a long time and became cold, and some had just come out and breathed.

A little tired, the nomad took out a pile of greens and threw it on the plate, impatiently glaring at the female ghost: "Have you eaten?"

The female ghost took a big breath, her face was contented, she heard the nomad question, and shook her head timidly. She had a big appetite and digested quickly, and she was 8 minutes full now.

Seeing the female ghost shaking her head, she made a gesture of 8 in her hand, and the nomad's eyes twitched. After eating so much, she is still 8 points full. This woman is a pig!

Suddenly, the nomad, who felt a little pain in his brain, scooped up the last pile of ingredients at the bottom of the pot that had been cooked for a long time, threw them into the bowl and said muffledly, "Eat, if you're not full enough!

Obviously, that was not enough for the female ghost to stuff her teeth. The nomad stood up helplessly, walked to the door and said to the waiter outside: "Add these to me!"

The waiter was stunned and added!He glanced surreptitiously into the private room, suddenly a speechless expression on his face, glanced at the nomad with a look that you are a weirdo, and then took the slip and the card that he handed over to place the order.

The waiter stayed at the door all the time. Originally thought that this customer ordered so many ingredients, there must be a lot of friends coming. Who knows, half an hour passed, she was stunned that she didn’t see anyone coming, and now she added some more. Cai, she couldn't help but glanced inside curiously, only to see a mess inside, and all the dishes were filled with dangdang dishes.

Is this guest sick?Order a lot, don't eat it, let it go to waste?

The nomads are really dumb eating coptis, there is no way to tell, he must be regarded as a weird.

Sure enough, as soon as the waiter who came with the cart entered the private room, he glanced at the desk weirdly, and then left with a strange face.

"Eat, eat!" The nomad also broke the jar, strode back to his seat and continued to rinse.

Finally, the female ghost was full, and she hiccuped with a satisfied expression on her face, then nodded to the nomad, indicating that she was full.

The nomad suddenly showed a liberated look, stood up coldly, turned and left.

After leaving the private room, he quickened his pace and escaped from the hot pot restaurant as quickly as possible in his life.

After he left, two waiters appeared in the private room. They were here to clean up the private room, but when they entered the private room, they couldn't help but breathe in the air. One of them looked strangely: "This, what's the situation!"

On the private room table, all 10 bowls and chopsticks on the table top were taken apart, and the bowls, plates and cups were all filled with cooked dishes, and the table top was piled full.

"That handsome guy, looks pretty cool, he turned out to be a lunatic?" The other one is also incredulous. If he is not mad, how can he order a bunch of ingredients and then rinse them out and put them away?

"This is a waste!"

"Why don't we eat something? I'm all a little hungry!"

"Well, these look very clean anyway!"

Ever since, the two waiters quietly closed the door of the private room, hid inside and ate secretly.

The price of stealing food was that the two waiters returned home after get off work at night, vomiting and diarrhea, and finally had to go to the hospital to hang up the bottles.

If the food that has been sucked by ghosts is eaten by a stranger, it will cause discomfort to some extent. If you are healthy, you will be fine after two trips to the toilet. If you are weak and eat more, the consequences will be serious. I have vomiting and diarrhea, and my body is damaged.

The nomads returned to the villa with the female ghost.

He knocked on the door of Fu Xiaowan's bedroom, and the door was quickly opened, revealing a sleepy face. It was Fu Xiaowan. She was awakened by the knock on the door and opened the door in a daze.

"The mission is complete, return the card to you!" The nomad handed the card back to Fu Xiaowan and left with a straight face.

After receiving the card, Fu Xiaowan blinked, shook her head to wake up, looked down at the card, and took the card and looked at the fat girl ghost.

The fat female ghost nodded and bowed her waist with an embarrassed smile: "Thank you for helping me fulfill my last wish. I'm leaving. Also, I'm sorry for the possession."

After talking about the disappearance of the female ghost, I went to the underworld to report, and the number of words on the palm of Fu Xiaowan's palm increased by one, and it became 3.

(The first is the teacher ghost, the second is Xu Yun, one of the victims of rape and rape, and the third is the fat girl ghost.)