Ghost Crossing

Chapter 70 Ghost Upper Body (15)

"It's very simple, if you want to see ghosts, you just need to do this!" Fu Xiaowan raised a strange arc at the corner of her mouth and slowly said, "First of all, weaken your physique. This is why some people get sick after a serious illness. The reason why a dying person can see ghosts is because they are weakened and their aura and ghosts remain at the same level, so they can see ghosts."

Li Hao raised his eyebrows: "Yes, let me get sick, I should be able to weaken!"

Taking a faint glance at Li Hao, Fu Xiaowan shook his head and continued: "This is just the most basic thing, to make yourself weaker, and then I will give you a bottle of potion, and you can put it on your eyelids so that you can see ghosts. Up."

Stunned, Li Hao asked suspiciously: "It's that simple?" It seemed that it was easy.

The corners of his mouth split, and Fu Xiaowan's eyes flashed a touch of abuse and said: "Yes, it's that simple. It's that easy to see ghosts, but I have to remind you a little!"

"What!" Li Hao had a feeling that the one behind was the main topic, and he couldn't help sitting up in a hurry.

"There are many ghosts in this world. If you open the ghost eyes, you will see it, but Wang Lili is not the only one. You will see other ghosts." Fu Xiaowan smiled badly and said with bright eyes: "Like Wang Lili, because I like it. You must maintain a perfect image, you won’t feel scared when you see it, but there are some ghosts, just keep the way you were when you died!"

For a moment, all kinds of terrifying ghosts in the ghost film skipped his mind. Li Hao fought a cold war, a little scared in his heart, but thinking of Wang Lili, he held back the fear in his heart, summoned the courage to nod his head with a face of death. Said: "I am a man, so I won't be afraid of these things!"

Seeing Li Hao still insisting, Fu Xiaowan nodded with satisfaction and said: "This is your own business, and there is a sequelae. After you are weak, you come into contact with ghosts, and then your body will be weak for a long time, maybe It will continue to be sick for a while."

Li Hao laughed and said: "This is all a small problem, I will make myself weak soon, just the potion you said!"

"In the afternoon, I will give it to you when I make it. The portion is enough for you for a day. Remember, when the potion evaporates and you can't see Wang Lili, you can put it on again so that you can see it again! And, if If the potion is not used up, remember to return it to me!” Fu Xiaowan said painfully, making the potion a little troublesome.

"Okay! Also, thank you!" Li Hao thanked him sincerely.

Fu Xiaowan nodded slightly and smiled: "You're welcome, I helped you, and it's good for me." After she said that, she raised her head and said silently to Wang Lili, and then happily got up and left.

After she left, Li Hao also got up. He had to find a way to weaken his body. Now in the summer, even if he takes a cold shower, it's okay. It's still a trouble to get sick.

"Girl, there is such a magical potion. Why don't I get one for my grandson, so I can communicate with my grandson directly!" The old ghost was always there and heard all the conversations between Fu Xiaowan and Li Hao. He was very excited about the proposal.

Fu Xiaowan paused, and said angrily, "No!" Li Hao knew her condition, so it didn't matter if she gave the medicine water, but this old ghost's grandson, she hadn't seen it before, ran over and said , Hello, you are sick, you can see your grandpa by applying a potion.People shouldn't catch her as a lunatic.

"Why not!" The old ghost asked with his beard unconvinced.

"Because I am not familiar with your grandson!" Fu Xiaowan directly threw such a sentence to the old ghost, and drove to search for it.

Yes, she is going to make potions, but to make potions, materials are needed, and the material is bull's tears.

You know, she is in a big city now, where's the cow, so she has to look for the cow a little bit harder.

It’s really hard to find live cattle. After searching online for a long time, Fu Xiaowan felt that he had to drive to the farm, which would take a long time.

Just when Fu Xiaowan decided to drive to the farm, Xing Jun called and thanked him for the rape and rape case, and offered to treat him to express his gratitude. However, Xiaowan refused, saying that he has something to do now. , And casually said that he was looking for a cow, which is also a self-deprecation.

When Xingjun heard this, he told him a simpler way, that is, some big hotels or restaurants should have live cattle, and you can try to find them.

Suddenly, Fu Xiaowan hurriedly thanked him and went straight to various hotels and restaurants.

Fortunately, I haven’t found a few restaurants yet. Fu Xiaowan really found the live cattle. She communicated with the restaurant manager. Fu Xiaowan spent a small amount of money to buy the whole cow. The restaurant manager smiled and used the truck to take the cow. It was delivered to the villa where Fu Xiaowan lived.

Can you not laugh, he sold a cow at 10 times the price, which is a big profit.

Back at the villa, Fu Xiaowan was in trouble again. There were cows, but how to get cows' tears?

Ever since, a funny scene appeared, and the young and beautiful woman kept spinning around a cow with a helpless look on her face.

The old ghost looked dumbfounded and asked curiously: "What are you doing? Buying a cow and keeping it in the villa?"

"I need bull's tears, do you always have a way to make this bull shed tears?" Fu Xiaowan struggled for a long time, and didn't know how to start, so she had to ask the old man, he should know more.

The old ghost was stunned and puzzled: "I can't do anything to do with bull's tears. I have never seen a live bull in my life."

Yes, for nothing.Fu Xiaowan pursed her lips and sighed, squatted down, pressed her elbows on her thighs, and dragged her cheeks with her palms and said weakly, "To make potions, we need bull's tears!"

It turned out to be a potion of ox's tears. The old ghost nodded suddenly, and then followed Fu Xiaowan's movements and squatted down, frowning and said: "I really don't know this. If someone who has raised oxen should understand!"

People who have raised cows, are there any cow raisers by their side?Fu Xiaowan blinked her big watery eyes and thought about it carefully, and finally she really thought of someone.

That is her nanny Zhang, they live in a remote home, maybe someone raises cattle there.

Aunt Zhang was taking care of her confinement daughter-in-law and she was still on vacation. Fu Xiaowan quickly broadcasted the call and explained her problem. Unfortunately, Aunt Zhang didn’t understand, but she said she would ask. Ask and call back later.

Not long after, Aunt Zhang called back and told Fu Xiaowan some ways. After a few greetings, the two hung up.

The way is to know, and there are several more, but the problem is again, who will do it?What if the cow kicked over with a violent temper, wouldn't it hurt to death?

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