Ghost Crossing

Chapter 71 The Enemy and Enmity of Giants (1)

When Fu Xiaowan hesitated to collect the cow's tears, Xing Jun called to ask if the cow had been found. She immediately sought Xing Jun's help. Xing Jun naturally agreed, but he had to wait for him to return after get off work.

With a helper, Fu Xiaowan doesn’t rush to collect the bull’s tears by herself. As for Li Hao’s side, it’s a big deal to give it to him at night, and then tomorrow he can date Wang Lili for one day. If there is time, she can solve it. The old ghost's last wish.

"Old man, let's talk about it, what is your last wish?" Fu Xiaowan shut the cow into the garage and asked the old ghost. She didn't know what the old ghost's last wish was. I hope it's not difficult.

The old ghost couldn't wait to answer: "Help my grandson!"

Fu Xiaowan raised his eyebrows, and suddenly felt a little bad. This last wish, to help his grandson, how much help he has to do, I think it is not a good job when I hear it!

He curled his lips and asked helplessly: "What can I help? How can I help? Make it clear, what is going on?"

The old ghost thought about it, and then told his story.

It turns out that the old ghost is a rich person named Ding Youdong, a big company in the city was founded by him, and he has two sons, the eldest son, Ding Weijun, young and promising, originally wanted to train successors , Naihe died unexpectedly, and died together with his eldest daughter-in-law. Fortunately, the eldest grandson Ding Hong was fine, and luckily survived.

The youngest son, Ding Weiren, had nothing to do with him when he was young, he was idle and had a prodigal son, but after Ding Weijun died, Ding Weiren converged, caring about the old ghost and the company very filially.

The old ghost was very pleased with Ding Weiren's change, and slowly and carefully cultivated Ding Weiren, and gradually let go of the company's big and small affairs to Ding Weiren, and he raised Ding Honglai.

Ding Weiren was also a conscientious person. Seeing that Ding Hong had become introverted, he decided not to marry and have children, and treated Ding Hong as his own son.

In this way, Ding Hong grew up slowly.

Seeing Ding Hong grow up slowly, the old ghost is very pleased, the company is getting better and better going public, and he is getting older and older. It's almost time to arrange funeral affairs.

So, out of his love for Ding Hong, the old ghost decided to leave most of his assets to Ding Hong, and Ding Weiren’s assets were far less than those of his grandson, but the old ghost was also well thought out, and the company was handed over to Ding Weiren. As a result, Ding Weiren’s assets will only increase in the future.

It seems that Ding Hong has been given more inheritance. In fact, Ding Weiren will benefit more in the long run.

After all, Ding Weiren has never married a wife in his entire life and loves Ding Hong a lot, so he shouldn't care too much about the distribution of inheritance.

But what the old ghost didn't expect was that after he made his will, he noticed that Ding Weiren was a little abnormal, and sometimes the eyes that looked at him and Ding Hong were very fierce, like looking at an enemy.

This abnormality attracted the attention of the old ghost, and the old ghost went to investigate Ding Weiren ruthlessly. Who knew this investigation was stunned.

Ding Weiren actually had children and a wife outside, and there were more than one.

This is not a big deal anymore. Ding Weiren used to be popular and fluent, and it is not uncommon to have offspring living outside. It is strange that Ding Weiren knows the existence of these women and children and often visits them.

Since I often visit, it shows that I have feelings, so why not marry into the house.

Well, even if you are afraid that a few wives will be jealous and dare not marry one alone, you can't hide this from your family.

The more the old ghost thought about it, the more suspicious it became, so he stepped up his investigation.

The results of the investigation are shocking. Ding Weijun's accidental death may have been planned by Ding Weiren.

After discovering this amazing fact, the old ghost secretly wanted to change his will and warned Ding Hong that he must be careful of Ding Weiren.

But he just wrote the new will, Ding Weiren came to the door unexpectedly, he hurriedly hid the new will, pretending to be ignorant and started talking with Ding Weiren.

Unexpectedly, Ding Weiren actually knew that the old ghost was investigating himself, and this time he came to silence him.

The old ghost was too old to resist, and was mutilated by Ding Weiren.

Of course, Ding Weiren did not dare to kill the old ghost directly, but used medicine to faint the old ghost, and then he was sent to the hospital, where he bought the doctor, put a vicious medicine in the potion, and killed the old ghost.

The old ghost is dead, but he can't worry about his grandson Ding Hong. Ding Weiren is so frantic that he has started with his brother and his father, and he will certainly not be soft on such a nephew.

At the moment of confusion, the old ghost has a strong last wish, hoping that his grandson is okay, and that his younger son will be arrested.

After listening to the story of the old ghost, Fu Xiaowan regretted it. The wealthy family was like this, and the problem of property was terrible. However, this last wish was difficult.

With frowning brows, Fu Xiaowan asked dullly: "Then, your last wish is to protect your eldest grandson from safety, and to get your youngest son arrested and put in prison!

The old ghost nodded again and again, and then whispered with a worried expression: "I have been dead for a while, and I don't know how Ah Hong is now? Has he been..." The victim did not say the word, and the old man's eye sockets had begun. Flushed.

I don't know what sin he has done, and the family business he worked hard has made the younger son jealous, killed the eldest son, and killed himself, even the eldest grandson may have been killed.

If I knew this, it would be better not to have this huge family business!

Fu Xiaowan's eyelids twitched and he felt bad. Yes, if the old ghost's grandson Ding Hong had been killed, wouldn't the old ghost's last wish be fulfilled?

"Okay, don't think about it. If your grandson is okay, I won't know if I inquire about it." Fu Xiaowan was also unsure, and could only hope that Ding Hong was still alive.

After that, Fu Xiaowan asked the old ghost grandson about some information and the location of the company.

The old ghost said it all because he didn't hide it. Ding Hong, 25 this year, has a relatively withdrawn personality, no friends around him, no more than 10 people in his mobile phone, self-taught, and he has always asked for tutors, but at a prestigious university You can get the certificate by going to the exam at the end of the term.The company is a listed company with over 100 million assets and is located in the tallest building in the city center.

After listening to the old ghost's rumbling and telling some basic information, Fu Xiaowan raised her eyebrows casually and said: "If you want to know if your grandson is still alive, it's easy, just make a call! What's the number?"

The old ghost was stunned for a while, and suddenly realized that he patted his forehead in annoyance and said: "Yes, phone! The number is xxxx"

Fu Xiaowan skillfully pressed the number keys and dialed out.