Ghost Crossing

Chapter 72: Taking Bull's Tears

"Beep toot!" The call went through, but no one answered yet. Fu Xiaowan put her tongue on her teeth and waited patiently for a while. Fortunately, the call was answered.

A cold man's voice came from the other end of the phone, his voice sounded very young: "Hello? Who is it?"

The one on the other end was Ding Hong. If Fu Xiaowan was face to face with him at the moment, he would be surprised to find that this man was the soul who helped in the hospital.

With the help of her grandmother, Ding Hong's life and soul were able to return to the body smoothly and regained consciousness. After the examination, he was discharged from the hospital without any major problems. However, the body was still very weak, and he recuperated at home after being discharged from the hospital.

There are not many contacts in Ding Hong's mobile phone. This is the first time a strange number has called. He hesitated for a moment or answered the call, guessing who the caller will be?

"Hey, why is it a man? I'm sorry, I made the wrong call!" After Fu Xiaowan heard the man's voice, she saw the old ghost's expression of surprise, and he knew that the voice was the grandson of the old ghost. After confirming that she was not dead, she just found an excuse to hang up.

On the other side of the phone, Ding Hong was a little stunned by the call, but he didn't think much about it. Maybe he made the wrong call. What he cares most now is when his body can be adjusted and he stays in the house all day. Here, it is really aggrieved.

"It's Ah Hong's voice, he's okay, okay, great!" The old ghost said very excitedly. Because of the excitement, his hands began to tremble unconsciously. If it weren’t already a ghost, Fu Xiaowan would be worried. Will he have a stroke next second?

Fu Xiaowan shrugged and comforted: "It seems that your grandson is okay, and I will find a way to tell your grandson to be more careful. As for your little son of a white-eyed wolf, I can't do anything to deal with him. I can only let your grandson investigate slowly. By the way, your will, where is it hidden, find a way to get it!"

The old ghost said angrily: "The will is hidden in my bedroom!"

"Uh, then I'll let your grandson find it by yourself!" Fu Xiaowan suddenly changed her mind when she heard about this position. She didn't want to spend the energy to find the will.

The old ghost also knew that the will was not good enough for Fu Xiaowan to take it, and asked worriedly: "Then how do you contact my grandson, my grandson, he trusts that unfilial son!"

Fu Xiaowan frowned in embarrassment. If this Ding Hong trusts Ding Weiren very much, it will be more difficult. Even if she informs Ding Hong, it may not be effective. Maybe it will cause Ding Weiren to speed up his brutal attack on Ding Hong.

With sad eyes shot at the old ghost, Fu Xiaowan said bitterly: "Your last wish is enough to cause headaches."

The old ghost laughed and didn't answer. Indeed, his last wish was very difficult. If he was not careful, Fu Xiaowan might be implicated. If Ding Weiren knew that Fu Xiaowan was dealing with him, he would definitely kill Fu Xiaowan.

"I can hear from the phone just now that your grandson seems to be a little unwell." Fu Xiaowan suddenly remembered the voice on the phone, although cold, but with a trace of weakness, it should be caused by physical weakness.

When the old ghost heard this, he was a little panicked and asked anxiously: "Will that unfilial son do to Ah Hong?"

"It's possible, but your grandson should be safe at the moment. I will find a way to get close to him and protect him!" Fu Xiaowan said boredly, but his mind changed sharply. If this matter, he should ask Xing Jun for help. It's the police, and it is his duty to protect the people.

"Thank you, thank you!" The old ghost is sincerely grateful. If the eldest grandson is also killed, how will he face the eldest son and the eldest daughter-in-law after going down.

"Ding Dong!" At this time, the doorbell rang, and Fu Xiaowan went to open the door. It was Xing Jun who had actually come. After checking the time, it seemed that he hadn't left work yet.

Perceiving Xiao Wan's surprised eyes, Xing Jun's lips moved and explained: "If you break the case, get off work early!"

Fu Xiaowan nodded suddenly, and said with a slight smile: "Come in first?"

"No, what do you want me to do?" Xing Jun looked a little tired. He wanted to go to rest after helping Fu Xiaowan.

"Come with me!" Fu Xiaowan led the way and took Xing Jun to the garage.

A cow flung its tail in the garage, and stared at them with a moo when they saw them come in.

The corner of Xing Jun's mouth twitched, and he looked at Fu Xiaowan speechlessly and asked, "Did you buy a cow to keep in the garage?"

With a smile, Fu Xiaowan rubbed her nose awkwardly and said, "No, I just bought it. It's useful!"

"You want me to help, it has something to do with this cow?" Xing Jun raised his eyebrows and asked dumbfoundedly. He really hadn't dealt with live cows.

"Hmm!" The little chicken nodded like pecking rice. Fu Xiaowan smiled, pointing to the cow and said: "I want to take bull's tears. Aunt Zhang told me a few ways, but I dare not try it myself! So~"

"What do you want Bull's Tears for?" Xing Jun rubbed his temples tiredly, and asked puzzledly, but when he asked Guiwen, he was still ready to help, and added, "What do you want to do?"

"Method one is to smoke with onions. Method two is to beat the cow. Method three is to kill the cow." Fu Xiaowan did not answer the effect of the cow's tears, but directly stated three methods.

Xing Jun twitched his eyes and asked in a dull voice, "Are you sure these three methods are useful?"

"I don't know, but it's a sound method. It is said that the third method is stable, and the first two need to be studied." Fu Xiaowan said stubbornly. He couldn't bear to kill the cow.

"Is there an onion?" Xing Jun is an actionist, and as a big man, he doesn't think killing cows is a terrible thing, but if he can solve the problem with the simplest method, it is naturally the best.

"Yes, in the refrigerator, I'll get it for you!" Fu Xiaowan turned back to the onion that he brought in, and brought a knife and a small bottle by the way, which was used to hold tears.

After passing all the props to Xing Jun, Fu Xiaowan stepped back to the door, silently watching.

Xing Jun went straight down to cut the onion with a few knives, and then handed it to the bull's eye. He squinted his head, his eye sockets were a little red, cutting the onion was a tear-gas tool, and he was about to cry.

"Moo!" The cow didn't seem to react to the taste at all. He blinked his big eyes like a copper bell, and immediately raised his head, actually gnawing on the onion, and the feelings were directly regarded as food.

Uh, it seems that this method will not work.

Xing Jun silently finished feeding the whole onion, and looked back at Fu Xiaowan helplessly. Is it really going to be impossible to beat the cow?

Fu Xiaowan gave a dry cough and did not say a word. Anyway, the tears of the cow are about to be fixed. As for the cow, it may have to be sacrificed honorably.