Ghost Crossing

Chapter 75: Reason (2)

The man felt a little shaken when he saw his wife begging, but when he saw the nurse around him, he gritted his teeth and said firmly: "Nurse, please arrange it! Wife, don't worry, you will have children, big deal, big deal , We will freeze your eggs now, even if you do an IVF, you will definitely have a baby!"

As soon as the word test tube baby came out, the woman was stunned, and her tears suddenly closed. She seemed to think it was feasible, and she would not be so repulsive to destroy the child. After all, she knew her body if she really insisted on having this child. , The worst result is that one corpse has two lives.

She still wants to watch her children grow up, and she wants to hold her grandson!Don't want to die.

Biting her lip, the woman was shaken in the end. The child is important, but her husband and family are also important. Moreover, her husband also agreed to do IVF in the future. The child will definitely have it, so she doesn’t have to be afraid that she will not be able to conceive in the future. It was too much noise before, but now I feel a little embarrassed. The woman said unequivocally: "You said, frozen eggs!"

"No problem, we will come to the hospital next month, and what we say!" The man pledged, and then winked at the nurse, who hurriedly guided the woman to the operation.

The woman's expression was still a bit unwilling, her eyes struggled for a moment, and finally she moved slowly, moving slowly to follow the nurse to the operating room.

At this point, the crowd understood what was going on.

Feelings: This woman is in poor health and pregnancy is very dangerous, but when she gets older, the woman is afraid that she won't be a mother in this life, so she insists on keeping the child in her belly.But her husband was afraid that his wife was not in good health. Wouldn't it be more miserable if the child did not save and the wife who killed him was gone, so she insisted on beating and giving birth.

Fortunately, a man is smart and understands that his wife just wants to have a child, and she doesn’t have to insist on having this in her stomach. She proposed IVF and saved the eggs in advance. As a result, the woman would no longer insist on it. For the sake of his own life, he agreed to beat and fetus.

As for the others, they just read it as gossip, but Fu Xiaowan's side is different.

The little ghost frowned, and said inexplicably, "She obviously wants to kill the child, but why I don't feel angry at all, and I don't think this person is hateful at all!"

Fu Xiaowan and Nomad looked at each other and smiled. It seems that this method is very effective.

"Come on, my sister will take you to see the family." Fu Xiaowan grabbed the kid's hand with a smile and left the hospital.

"Where to go?" The little ghost's eyes waved, as if he understood what Fu Xiaowan wanted to do and what he couldn't think of, but his body couldn't help but followed, which made him very annoyed.

Soon, Fu Xiaowan drove to a residential area. This point was during working hours. The residential area was very quiet, but there were still sparse figures dangling on the floor.

Take a closer look, most of the people who have not gone to work in the residential buildings are elderly, and there are some children who cannot even go to kindergartens.

The kid is a little confused, why are you here?

Kindergarten ends very early, and some elderly people in the family will pick it up, or some parents simply let their children stay in the kindergarten and wait until after get off work.

At this point, the school bus brought the children back.

Several children got off the bus in this community. After a while, all the old people who came to pick up the children came and took away their children one by one, and then the school bus left.

The little ghost looked at these children enviously, thinking that if they can be born, they can go to school in a few years.

At this time, the old people took their children home one after another, but a child stubbornly refused to leave with the old man.

Fu Xiaowan patted the little ghost lightly, pointed at the child, and motioned the little ghost to pay attention to the little child.

The little devil stared at the child obediently, to see what he was going to do.

This was a little boy, dressed in shabby clothes, but the old man who picked him up was well-dressed. Although he was not a rich one, he was at least clean and tidy, and he did not seem to be a family member at all.

The old man smiled and took the child's hand and said, "Go, go and sit at Grandpa's house."

The little boy pursed his lips, shook his head and refused to leave, and said gruffly, "Grandpa, thank you for coming to pick me up. I won't go, I will wait for my father here!"

"You kid, your father will be off work in 2 hours. What are you waiting for? You can't wait at grandpa's house. Grandpa bought you delicious food today!" The old man pretended to be displeased. Make a face.

However, the little boy seemed to be really not angry. He stubbornly broke away from his little hand, and said persistently, "Then I will pick up the bottle and wait for Dad to return."

There is a little girl behind the old man. She stood obediently behind him before. Now seeing that grandpa treats other people’s children so well and ignores himself, she pouted and shook her unhappy. Shaking the old man's arm and saying, "Grandpa, I want to go home, I want to eat delicious food!"

Hearing this, the old man quickly said to the little boy: "Look, my baby and granddaughter can't wait any longer. You should go back with grandpa?"

The little boy stared at the old man silently. He didn't know how to refuse the old man when he was still young, and looked embarrassed.

The little girl was angry and said loudly, "Grandpa, why are you so good to other people's children? I am your granddaughter. I don't care. I don't want this dirty boy to play at my house." Throwing away the old man's hand and walking away alone, it seemed that he was going to walk back alone.

The old man was stunned. He didn't expect his granddaughter to be so angry, and suddenly became a little embarrassed. He felt uneasy that his granddaughter was leaving alone and wanted to follow him, but what about the little boy before him?

The little boy was said to be a dirty kid, and a wounded look flashed through his eyes, but it was fleeting, he raised his eyes and said to the old man: "Grandpa, you go, I can do it alone!"

After all, the old man cares more about his children. Seeing that his granddaughter has walked some distance, the little boy is so sensible and well-behaved. He sighed helplessly. Pick up bottles in the community, don't go out, you know?"

"I know!" The little boy nodded obediently.

Seeing this, the old man hurriedly chased his granddaughter.

Seeing this scene, the little ghost felt a little uncomfortable, and asked Fu Xiaowan suspiciously, "Why didn't he go with that old man?"

The nomad snorted coldly: "Because the little boy is not the grandson of the old man, but the girl is the granddaughter of the old man."

Not a grandson? But why is the old man so good to boys? The kid didn't understand, but in my heart, that girl was so annoying and the boy was so good.