Ghost Crossing

Chapter 81 Reasons (8)

Seeing that neither the old man nor the child looked very good, Fu Xiaowan hurriedly pulled out a kind smile, then hurriedly pulled the little ghost and gave the nomad a quick wink, and the three hurried away.

Next, the old people and children can be seen in the passing houses, and similarly, all the children with problems can be seen.

These children either have a problem or have a problem. After reading it all the time, it is a normal child who has not seen it.

At this time, not only the little devil, but even the nomads were shocked. His eyes were full of incredible expressions and asked, "How can this village be like this?"

The little ghost looked at Fu Xiaowan with an expression of eagerness to know the truth. All the children in this village had problems. How could this happen?

Fu Xiaowan's eyes fluctuated, her expression of regret appeared on her face, and she slowly said: "The water and metal content here exceeds the standard, causing all the children born in this village to be deformed!"

All deformed!!

The little ghost and the nomad were stunned. There is no normal child in a village, but looking at the old people, it seems that they are all right.

The nomad asked puzzledly: "But, these old people, they all look normal!"

"Because of the factory." Just four words directly explained everything.

The old generation is normal, and the environment is good, but the factory is established, and all the people in the village are living under severe pollution. As a result, the next generation of young people are all affected, and all the children born have problems.

Afterwards, the village's affairs were exposed and wiped out, and the factory was closed down, but the impact had already been caused. The children who were born had been deformed, and the village names had no choice but to receive some compensation.

The young people did not dare to stay in the village anymore and chose to go out to work, and take care of their bodies outside to have children.Of course, the old man was reluctant to leave, and when he was getting older, he couldn’t find any good jobs when he went out. In addition, there are still these deformed children and grandchildren, so he chose to stay in the village and pull these deformed children. grow up.

After walking around the village and achieving his goal, Fu Xiaowan led the little ghost and the nomad back to the grandmother's house.

The old lady came back long ago. She didn't see the three of them and didn't think much about it. Anyway, she had already paid in front of the house, and she would definitely not leave, so she was busy killing chickens.

Seeing the three come back, the old man’s vicissitudes of life slowly bloomed, and he smiled: "I’m back, look, I don’t know when you have dinner, if I’m hungry, I’ll start cooking now. Up!"

"Thank you grandma! We are not hungry now, so we can just order your usual meals!" Fu Xiaowan said sweetly.

The old man nodded and continued to be busy, killing the chicken and fish, cutting the pork, and washing some vegetables for later use.

Seeing that the old man was busy, the three of them didn't know how to help, so they got into the house embarrassed.

The dishes for dinner were very rich, and the old grandmother led the silly grandson to eat one more bowl. Usually they would not be willing to cook so many dishes, and it was chicken, pork, fish, so many meat dishes.

Most of the vegetables are grown by the elderly themselves. It doesn't cost much, that is, the meat is bought, but it doesn't cost much, 200 yuan, and there is more than 100 yuan left.

The old man's craftsmanship is very good. Fu Xiaowan and several others also ate a lot of this meal. After the meal, the nomad took the initiative to clean up the dishes and chopsticks, while Fu Xiaowan talked to the old man.

As soon as the topic was talked about, the old man said everything he was holding in his heart like pouring beans.

For example, things in the factory, such as when the son and daughter-in-law were pregnant and found that the child was abnormal, but the old man insisted on having a grandson and let the daughter-in-law give birth to a grandson, and the old man regrets deeply now.

It is impossible not to regret it. After the factory was inspected for problems, all the pregnant women in the village were taken for inspection, and her daughter-in-law was one of them. When it was learned that the child in the belly was a boy, but there was a problem , The old man hesitated for a moment or insisted on having a grandson.

At that time, most of the pregnant women gave birth to their children because of the persistence of the elderly, and a small number of the young people insisted on aborting their children.

The old man chose to give birth, but after giving birth, he turned out to be a stupid child with muscle atrophy in his legs. This made the old man regret it. Pulling the grandson alone in the village.

The children in other families have more or less problems, but they are all physically disabled. Only her grandson has brain damage, which makes the elderly very sad.

The son and daughter-in-law also complained a bit about the old man because of this. They chose not to have a baby at the time, but gave birth to the child under the insistence of the old man. As a result, the problem with the child was so serious, so after they left the village to work, they rarely contacted the family. , Just occasionally send a small amount of money back.

Most of the children born in the same group were left in the village by their parents and raised by the elderly. Some even were directly abandoned because of the relationship between girls and children. Only a few of the deformities were not very serious and could be treated and were taken out. see a doctor.

After telling these old past events, the old man was crying with regret, knowing that there was a problem with the child, but she was stupefied and insisted on having the child, but the result was that the son and daughter-in-law did not kiss her, and she was lonely and stupid. Grandson, she feels bitter.

Fu Xiaowan could only listen in silence. He didn't know how to comfort him. It was found that the child had a problem, but he confirmed that it was a boy, and the old man’s patriarchal thoughts were causing trouble. He chose to live, but he did not expect to be a fool. The outcome is really hard to predict.

If it's just that there are some disabilities in the body, the intelligence is not hindered, and you can become a talent when you grow up, you can also get ahead, but Chi'er, there is almost no hope at all.

The old man confided in his heart, crying, and fell asleep. The nomad picked up the old man and sent it into the room, while the little ghost took the initiative to take care of the child and took the child into bed after he fell asleep. In the room.

After placing the old man and the child, the little ghost looked at Fu Xiaowan with a faint look, and said: "If I were this child, I would rather not be born!"

For the first time, the little ghost didn't have the desire and hope to be born, but lowly said that he should not be born.

Fu Xiaowan and the nomad were not very happy when they heard this. If it weren't for a kid, they wouldn't make these investigations, nor would they know that there are such things in this world.

"Okay, go to sleep!" In the end, Fu Xiaowan asked everyone to rest. Right now, it is better to say nothing than silence.

That night, the little devil didn't fall asleep, but stared wide open, not knowing what he was thinking.

The nomads have good adaptability. As soon as she shrinks, she falls asleep, but Fu Xiaowan suffers. She can't sleep over and over on the bed. The bed is too hard and there are many mosquitoes. She really can't sleep.

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