Ghost Crossing

Chapter 83

After Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya finished the spa, they drove back to the villa. The nomad was watching TV in the living room with Erlang's legs upright. Seeing the two came back was just a symbolic wave of hands to say hello. He knew that the second daughter would definitely go to sleep, so don’t bother. Two people.

Sure enough, Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya nodded to him and went straight upstairs. The second girl took a shower and fell on the bed and continued to sleep!

Seeing Fu Xiaowan's haggard look, the old ghost couldn't be too anxious to disturb her now. Fortunately, he had confirmed that his grandson was fine, so he could only wait.

It was night when the second daughter woke up, and when she went downstairs, he saw the nomad eating takeaway food. He was too hungry. He didn't know when the second daughter got up, so she ordered a one-person takeaway. , Ate it by myself.He didn't expect the takeaway to arrive, and when he came to eat, the second daughter was already up.

With his mouth closed, the nomad asked awkwardly: "Um, I didn't order yours, or else, I order it now?"

Fu Xiaowan rubbed her hungry belly, looked at Xiaoya, her eyes were full of questions, are you cooking?Or is it a takeaway?

Xiaoya smelled the scent of the takeaway, sniffed, raised her eyebrows and said, "Of course it's called takeaway. I'm so hungry that I am too hungry."

The nomad immediately took out his mobile phone and asked, "Then what do you want, here is a list."

It turned out that when the takeaway was delivered, there was a free menu. This boss is also a good business man.

Fu Xiaoya raised her eyebrows, walked quickly to the table, pulled a pile of food on the table directly to her, and then said under the nomad's dumbfounded eyes: "Yours belongs to us, you can order it yourself!"

After speaking, she smiled sweetly at Fu Xiaowan, and said kindly: "Sister Wan, let's eat together!"

Fu Xiaowan looked at the nomad a little embarrassedly, this is the nomad point, so clearly grabbing, a bit embarrassed.

The nomads were very scornful of Fu Xiaoya's robbery behavior, but thought that she had been possessed by ghosts for so many days, and blamed the poor, and she narrowed her mouth and said to Fu Xiaowan: "It's okay, you can eat first. The big man doesn't care about the little girl. , I just order one more!"

When Fu Xiaoya heard that she was called a little girl, she straightened her back unwillingly and said: "Who is a little girl, where am I! Arrogant, big man, if you are a big man, this meal is just for you. Ah! Don’t find Sister Wan for reimbursement!"

Nomad glanced at Xiaoya indifferently, and said calmly: "Why do I have a treat? I obviously take care of three meals!" He glanced at a certain part of Xiaoya's body, and concluded with a thoughtful expression on his face. Well, it's really not young, she's a big girl!"

The pretty face turned red after a swish. Fu Xiaoya only felt the temperature on her face increase sharply. She snorted and pulled Fu Xiaowan away from the theater, and said: "Sister Wan, ignore this iron cock, we Eat first."

Fu Xiaowan's eyes were full of smiles, her gaze swept across the two jokingly, she lowered her head and started to eat, thinking, these two are really happy friends, this way of getting along is good, and the house is lively, not as deserted as before. Up.

Because it was already night, the three of them chatted in the living room for a while after eating, and then went into the bedroom.

At night, grandma came to see Fu Xiaowan, and she was very pleased to learn that the little ghost had left. She praised the little bowl and began to explain the ghost knowledge.

This time she is talking about ghosts similar to the little ghosts. This ghost is not an individual, but a collection of countless grievances. Of course, such ghosts have a main carrier, and a brand new soul will be formed after the grievance disappears. .

And this kind of soul has extraordinary abilities. Baby ghosts don’t understand many things or think on their own because of their young age, so they don’t know how to use their abilities. If it’s other ghosts, the damage is very big.

For example, lonely souls and wild ghosts, after a long time, the obsessions in the heart have long been forgotten, and slowly dissipate, but the traces of obsessions will gather together and form a new kind of soul, wandering around, don’t know where you are Where are you going?

This kind of soul body will become a little materialized, they can touch objects, of course, people can't see it.

People in the countryside have had this experience. The food in the kitchen fell on the ground inexplicably. People would think that it was knocked over by a cat. They would not think too much, but they would not know that the food was moved by the soul.

A child suddenly said to an adult that someone had entered the kitchen, but as soon as the adult went to see it, no one would say that it was a cat who ran in. If he read it wrong, he would not take it seriously.

If you understand that these are old people, you will yell at your children, saying that someone is wrong, so don't talk nonsense.

Because the ghost can hear the child, they will be nervous and afraid when they see an adult follow up to check, and they will do things that harm humans.

Maybe the ghost didn't mean it, he just hit the adult because he was nervous, and then fled, but this person who was beaten will surely happen in a few days.

Grandma's statement about this type of ghost is, don't provoke it easily. This type of ghost is too powerful. It's best to run away when you see it, or contact her directly. She will let the king send a powerful ghost to deal with it.

After a lot of babbling, grandma left after completing today's lecture task.

The next day, Fu Xiaowan woke up happily, and after sleeping for such a long time, she made up for everything.

After eating breakfast made by Fu Xiaoya, Fu Xiaowan said to Fu Xiaoya: "Xiaoya, you go back to school!"

Fu Xiaoya looked reluctant: "No, Sister Wan, I want to play with you."

Frowning, Fu Xiaowan sternly pretended to be angry: "I'm not playing, besides, I have learned all the tasks, and I don't worry about grades. How about you?"

"I..." Fu Xiaoya is speechless. Although she is smart, she is very lazy. She never previews too many courses. A lot of schoolwork these days has been lost.

"I'm fine these days. What's so exciting and adventurous, I'll find you again." Fu Xiaowan really doesn't want to let Xiaoya come into contact with ghosts anymore, if she gets caught in the upper body... it won't be fun.

Fu Xiaoya pouted: "Well, I'll go back to school, Sister Wan, you must find me, I can help too!" In the blink of an eye, she is a ghost attracter!

As everyone knows, Fu Xiaowan stopped her from following precisely because of this, for fear of her having trouble.

"En!" Fu Xiaowan nodded indifferently, making up her mind that she would not take the initiative to find Xiaoya.

(Renewed, after a few days of rest, I finally recovered. Being a woman is really hard. Those who have a partner must love their girlfriends, especially those who are already married, and treat their wives better! Pregnancy is too hard. Up.)