Ghost Crossing

Chapter 84: The Enemy of the Giants (2)

Fu Xiaowan then said to the nomad again: "Nomad, you go to learn to drive, you don't need to follow me for the time being."

The nomad nodded when he heard the words. He also knew that it would be troublesome not to drive. Learning to learn is a good thing. However, if I remember correctly, there is still an old ghost there. Let's help him solve his last wish!Can Fu Xiaowan do it alone?

Aware of the nomads’ worries, Fu Xiaowan warmed her heart and nodded in gratitude: "I can do it alone. The problem is not too big. If it doesn't work, I will ask you for help!"

The nomad nodded and stopped talking. Fu Xiaowan was no better than Fu Xiaoya, and she was stable and would not mess around.

In this way, Fu Xiaowan became a single player again, and the old ghost followed her.

Fu Xiaoya reluctantly went home and lived there. She decided to teach herself all the following lessons from now on, so that she would be eligible to take a long vacation.

As for the nomad, he also applied to the driving school and learned to drive seriously, but he had never been in contact with a car before, and was eager to learn. For a while, he became a horror student in the driving school. The instructors wanted to cry without tears. Nomad has changed to driving school!

But I have to say that the nomadic learns to drive like this, the technology is quite powerful!Fu Xiaowan started to wonder how to fulfill the old ghost's last wish.

Ding Hong, the grandson of the old ghost, has been recuperating at home since he was discharged from the hospital. After these days, his body has finally improved and he can go out and move about freely.

However, he was withdrawn by nature, so he didn't plan to go out. Instead, he stayed alone in the house and watched news football.

This house was his favorite house during his lifetime, so he chose to live here to recuperate after he was discharged from the hospital.

Ding Weiren appeared at the door with a gloomy face, a sharp look flashed through his eyes, and he settled up, and entered the room with a gentle face.

"Uncle!" Ding Hong noticed that someone had entered the house, and looked up lightly. After seeing that it was Uncle Ding Weiren, his calm expression suddenly changed, revealing a warm smile, and yelled cordially.

The corner of Ding Weiren's mouth raised, but a cold expression flashed through his eyes, and he smiled sarcastically. Ding Hong, a nephew, because of his loneliness, his thoughts are very simple. If he treats him a little better, he will be grateful. I can't wait to dig my heart out.

But that's okay, the old man is dead, and the problem of property, this hopeless nephew must be unable to compete with him.

I have already moved my nephew once before, and he has survived, and if I do it again, I am afraid that my nephew will be suspicious, so let this kid go for the time being!

However, he found that the old man seemed to be aware of what he had done before he died, and he may have a new will. He kept searching and found all the lawyers that the old man might contact. After threatening, coercing, profiting, or tempting, he knew nothing. The will, he couldn't help being a little anxious.

I don't know if there is this will, or which lawyer it will be in the hands of. If the will is suddenly announced one day, wouldn't everything he did is useless.

After so many days, he searched the house all over, but did not find the will. He also sent people to investigate who the old man had contacted before he died. After investigating one by one, there was still no clues, which made him a little bit unwilling. Living.

Now he must prepare for the second hand, while looking for the will while harming Ding Hong. Then, even if the will appears, Ding Hong is dead, and the property will eventually be in his own hands!

(Well, I only wrote 1,000 words today, what I eat and what I vomit, collapse. When will the morning sickness period pass! Alas.)