Ghost Crossing

Chapter 85

Ding Weiren's eyes were full of concern, and he asked softly: "Xiaohong, how is your health? Is it better?"

Ding Hong raised his mouth slightly and nodded: "It's much better, the nurse said I can go out and walk around!"

It's so fast!This kid's physical recovery ability is really good!Ding Weiren was very unhappy, of course he hoped that the weaker Ding Hong's body, the better.

Although he was viciously cursing Ding Hong's illness in his heart, he said, "That's good, you can go to the company to help you when your body is raised again!"

"Uncle, I don't want to go to the company, it's fine if the company has you!" Ding Hong's eyes were full of reluctance, he didn't like taking over the company.

Hearing these words, Ding Weiren was very proud of him. With such a mentality, sooner or later, the company would fall into his hands, and he would slowly get all the other industries.

Ding Weiren said with a stern face and a serious face: "Xiaohong, how can you think like this? Uncle is old, even if he supports the company alone, he won’t be able to support it for a few years. Child, besides you, who else in the family can inherit the property, do you think the group that grandpa has worked so hard to kill will be destroyed in your hands?"

Ding Hong was startled and frowned: "Uncle is still young, and it is still too late to get married and have children!" In short, he didn't want to take over the company. He felt very uncomfortable to communicate with such a group of subordinates.

"You kid, what are you talking about? Uncle is used to being alone. Besides, I have always treated you as my own son. It is enough to have you as a child!" Ding Weiren said pretentiously.

But when Ding Hong heard this false statement, he was very touched. His uncle has treated him very well since his parents left, and even treated him as his own. In his heart, the uncle is the second father.

With red eyes, Ding Hong shouted gratefully: "Uncle. I don't mean anything else, I just, I just hope you don't wrong yourself for me!"

"Stupid boy, what's wronged? Uncle didn't feel wronged at all, but was very pleased. Xiaohong finally grew up, sensible and obedient. When he got better, he would come to the company to help!" Ding Weiren insisted that Ding Hong join the company. Ding Hong was completely under his eyelids, and there was nothing out of them.

Moreover, the old man was in this room before he died. Ding Hong stayed for a long time, and if something abnormal was discovered, it would be bad.

"I see, uncle, I will!" Ding Hong hesitated and agreed to go to the company to help. Uncle is so busy, so hard, he should be a bit worried about his uncle.It would be better if Uncle could take time out to talk about marriage and childbirth.

When Ding Hong agreed to join the company to help, Fu Xiaowan came to the company to apply.

She couldn't find a way to get close to Ding Hong for a while, so she had to start with Ding Weiren first. If Ding Weiren was able to find evidence of harm to others, Ding Hong would be fine.

No way, Ding Hong had been recuperating at home, and Fu Xiaowan naturally couldn't get close, so he came up with a long battle.Anyway, she has no other ghost's will to do now, so she can find opportunities with her salary.

Of course, if the company is applying for a front desk or something, she will not come. It is really impossible to do anything in such a position. Coincidentally, because Ding Weiren wanted Ding Hong to join the company, the company specially asked the company to hire special assistance from the president. Special assistance to Ding Hong.

The new special assistant has no knowledge of the company's situation. Don't worry that Ding Hong will understand the actual situation of the company. He doesn't want to really train Ding Hong as a successor!