Ghost Crossing

Chapter 90

Fu Xiaowan became stinky because of his reputation and reputation. Ding Hong didn’t care about it. Ding Weiren also had an attitude towards Fu Xiaowan. He thought that Fu Xiaowan would take the initiative to hook up and take Ding Hong to his advantage, so he also took laissez-faire. Attitude, regardless of the matter.

However, the company’s attitude towards Fu Xiaowan was divided into several waves, but Fu Xiaowan didn’t care about it. She didn’t care if she was in school at the beginning, not to mention that she is now actively spreading such rumors. The better.

Just the next day after the company people's various attitudes towards Fu Xiaowan's scandal and rumors, something big happened again.

The handsome guy I just saw came again in a BMW, but this time there is a girl beside him, who is called Qingchun and pretty. Although Fu Xiaowan is also very beautiful, she is charming and charming. No matter how she looks like it is suitable for a little wife. Kind, not suitable to be a wife, and this girl is different.

Pure, beautiful, lively and lovely, you can feel at ease when you look at it, and you can be assured of getting married into the house.

At this time, there was a good show at the door of the company, a good show of breaking up.

Fu Xiaowan suppressed the smile in her heart, and stared at Fu Xiaoya coldly, looking like she could not rush to fight, while Fu Xiaoya looked so pitiful and overwhelmed, with tears in her eyes, very aggrieved and afraid. Standing behind him clutching the nomadic sleeves.

As for the nomads, standing in front of Fu Xiaoya vigorously, her self-esteem inexplicably swelled to the extreme at this moment. Under Fu Xiaowan's urging gaze, the corners of her lips lifted, and she said coldly: "Introduce, my fiancee, Fu, ah~ Fuya "Da Khan, he almost said Fu Xiaoya's name, two similar names would be suspected, but fortunately he changed his words quickly.

Fu Xiaoya, who was aggrieved behind her, lowered her head shyly upon hearing this.The corners of his mouth twitched from an angle that no one can see, Fuya?fiancée?Really, I was doing well in class, and I was suddenly arrested for acting, or was he acting as a nomad's girlfriend and squeezing away cousin Fu Xiaowan's junior and third?That's enough!

Fu Xiaowan couldn't laugh or cry in his heart, Fuya?Yep.The name is good.The acting skills of Nomad and Xiaoya are really good, so look at them, they are quite right.The nomad is handsome and golden, and Xiaoya is pure and pleasant. How do you think of her as a third party? What is not enough for the moment is that the nomad abandoned herself for Xiaoya.

Set up your emotions.Fu Xiaowan shook her body and asked angrily with an unbelievable look: "Fiancee? Then what am I? I'm your girlfriend!"

The nomad frowned impatiently and said, "I just came to tell you this time. We broke up." It was not the questioning breakup, but the direct notification of the breakup, showing the arrogant attitude.

And his arrogant attitude and words also caused the onlookers to be very dissatisfied with him.This attitude doesn't take his girlfriend seriously. Many people have sympathized with Fu Xiaowan at the same moment.I feel sorry for her.

After all, I saw this handsome guy coming to pick up Fu Xiaowan yesterday.Today I broke up directly, and my fiancee directly.This didn't make people suspect that this man had a fiancee for a long time, but he was still in love with Fu Xiaowan, and now he is still taking his fiancee to break up. This is simply a scumbag.

Fu Xiaoya, the fake Fuya, couldn't bear to pull the sleeves of the nomad, and whispered: "You, speak well! Don't hurt people too much."

When Fu Xiaowan heard these words, he immediately scolded: "Fake women, don't pretend to be good people here."

Fuya was scolded with red eyes, and her flat mouth shrank behind the nomad.

Seeing this, the nomad was very angry and sneered: "Enough, didn't you take the initiative to pursue me because of my fancy, my money? I tell you, Ya'er was my fiancee, and I was just playing with you. This time I came to tell you to break up to reassure her, don’t know what’s wrong, don’t you just want money, take it, 5 million, it will be enough for you to spend a while! Don’t bother me again!" After receiving a check, she took Fuya into the car and left.

The check flipped in the air and slowly fell to the ground.

The onlookers all craned their necks to read the check in an instant. Some people even wanted to pick up the check, 5 million?So much money, enough to spend a lifetime.

Hey, Fu Xiaowan doesn't lose money. The break-up fee is 5 million yuan. This is rich.

Under the scorching eyes of everyone, Fu Xiaowan knelt down tremblingly, stretched out the trembling right hand and picked up the check.

Seeing that Fu Xiaowan went to pick up the check, many people showed contemptuous eyes, and they really wanted the money. No, I picked up the check obediently, and got 5 million!

People felt strange. Originally, they saw that Fu Xiaowan was abandoned like this. Many people still sympathized with Fu Xiaowan. Now that she really went to get the check, everyone felt that she was a woman who worshipped gold and didn't lose money after breaking up.

But something unexpected happened. I saw Fu Xiaowan picked up the check and stood up, staring at the check blankly for a while, and suddenly went mad as if he tore the check to pieces. They swirled in the air one after another, and finally landed on the ground, scattered at Fu Xiaowan's feet.

This move stunned everyone, 5 million!Just tear it off?

I have to say that this action of Fu Xiaowan gave everyone a new sense of her. Maybe, she is not near, big, and styled, but she really likes that man.

Because of Fu Xiaowan's move, the claim that Fu Xiaowan was a bad woman who worshipped gold, big and money was completely overturned.

Not everyone can tear off 5 million in such a direct way. If it is really a woman who worships gold, she will definitely leave a check and continue to struggle.

After tearing the check, Fu Xiaowan moved the corners of her mouth, showing a sad smile, glanced at the direction of the car's departure with extremely painful and desperate eyes, then took a deep breath, bowed her head, turned and ran into the company.

Many people can say firmly that they saw water drops on the ground, and Fu Xiaowan cried.

Poor woman!This is the unanimous conclusion of the company.

Soon, this matter spread to the company like the wind, and I have to say that no matter where you go, the gossip heart is invincible, and people in the company talk about it at any time.

Those who were jealous of Fu Xiaowan now think she is so pitiful, and those who originally despised Fu Xiaowan now think she is so pitiful.

And this time.Everyone felt that the poor Fu Xiaowan was sitting in the office drinking coffee with a happy face, with no sad expression on his face.

Of course, Ding Hong was not in the office at the moment, he was taken away by Ding Weiren, otherwise, how could Fu Xiaowan look like that.

Fu Xiaowan was recalling the scene just now. It was not bad, and he performed perfectly.The acting skills are absolutely praise.If I became an actor, I would definitely win an Oscar.

Thinking of her chic tearing of checks, Fu Xiaowan couldn't help but chuckle up.What a 5 million check, that long check was not stamped at all, and a piece of useless waste paper.

"Back!" Old Ding walked through the door, with an unstoppable smile on his face.He watched the good show just now, really.It's so interesting.

Seeing Lao Ding's return, Fu Xiaowan immediately became stern, showing a sad expression of frustration, staring blankly at the document in his hand.With this look, coupled with that sad and beautiful face, I think no matter which man it is, it will be heartbroken.Can't wait to come forward to comfort me.

No, Ding Hong looked at Fu Xiaowan, the man of the company, as soon as he came in.Seeing such a sad and painful appearance, his sympathy suddenly rose high.

At this time, Fu Xiaowan also made an expression just right. The corners of the boss's eyes were sour all the time. The tears overflowing from the sour eyes were contained in the sockets. She closed her eyes sadly, and a tear fell like a pearl. A beautiful arc was drawn across his cheeks, and finally fell on the document with a ticking sound.

This tear did not drip on the document, but dripped on Ding Hong's heart. His heart suddenly twitched, his mind was blank and his body involuntarily walked to Fu Xiaowan's table, took out a piece of toilet paper and handed it to Fu Xiaowan. In front of him, he fumbled and comforted: "You, don't be too sad."

Of course he had heard about Fu Xiaowan, and he immediately changed his mind about Fu Xiaowan. If she was really a girl, big money, and money, he would despise her at best, but now what Fu Xiaowan did is visible, she is sincere. Yes, that big money doesn't take her seriously, just for fun.Therefore, Ding Hong now only has sympathy for Fu Xiaowan.

Old Ding was aside, the corners of his mouth twitching, my dear grandson, you really fudge.

Fu Xiaowan looked up at the toilet paper faintly for a while, then raised his head and glanced at Ding Hong for a while, then said thank you in a low voice, then took the toilet paper and wiped his tears. Of course, there was only the tear just now, there was no more.

Standing at the table, Ding Hong was a little overwhelmed. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to comfort people, he didn't have much contact with outsiders, and he couldn't speak. He felt embarrassed now.

When Ding Hong was embarrassed, Fu Xiaowan said quietly: "Can you chat with me?"

"Of course!" Ding Hong nodded quickly, and he was relieved.

At the moment, Fu Xiaowan told the story he had made up.

Why did I have long admired the nomads, and it took him a year of hard work to chase after him. During this time, I didn’t take the initiative to ask for anything. Of course, I also said that I knew that I and the nomads There will be no results, because of family circumstances, she thinks she is not worthy of herding.

But she didn't expect that it was fine yesterday, and a fiancee suddenly appeared today, which made her really unacceptable and heartbroken.

Ding Hong had been quietly listening to Fu Xiaowan's recount. After listening to Fu Xiaowan, he felt more and more pity for Fu Xiaowan. He felt that Fu Xiaowan was a good woman, but he just met the wrong person.

Fu Xiaowan confided the story in her belly, and finally let out a sigh of relief and barely smiled and said, "I'm really sorry, I'm gaffe!"

Ding Hong shook his head and said that there was nothing. He knew that he could not speak, so he didn't say much.

Old Ding was already laughing and twitching, and said, "Xiao Wan, your story is really good. If I didn't know the truth, I was deceived by you. It is, it is too. Talented! There are also Nomad and Xiaoya, and their acting skills are really good."

Fu Xiaowan's eyes twitched. This old ghost, she was making up a sensational story, but he was laughing on the sidelines, and she almost laughed out of it. It's true, it's a waste of help if she doesn't help.

Pressing her lips tightly, suppressing her smile, Fu Xiaowan said softly: "Look, I wasted your time for so long, I really feel sorry."

"It's okay, I don't have much to do anyway. Don't be too sad, you, you will definitely meet someone who is more suitable for you in the future." Ding Hong said something of comfort in a dull manner.

"Well, I definitely will." Fu Xiaowan finally showed a smile.I thought, if you don't laugh, you will suffocate her to death.

Seeing Fu Xiaowan smiled, although the smile was still somewhat reluctant, (Ding Hong thought he was a reluctant smile.) But he was finally relieved, nodded and responded with a smile.

"Um, I want to ask you to do me a favor!" When Ding Hong wanted to return to his position, Fu Xiaowan called him embarrassed.Twisted her little hand tightly.A look embarrassed to speak.

Ding Hong was puzzled, and said directly: "What's up, you say. If you can help me, you will definitely help!"

(Although Ding Hong doesn't have many contacts, he is very kind in heart, but looks colder. This can be seen from the fact that he is still alive.)

Fu Xiaowan was very tangled and embarrassed to speak for a while.Finally, I gave up and generally said, "Yes, that's it. My parents know that I am in love, and they said they want to come over and meet my ex-boyfriend these days, but. You know, we are breaking up now."

Ding Hong was dumb.Only after breaking up, the parents are coming again.If we talk about breaking up now, Fu Xiaowan's parents will definitely ask the reason. If they are temperamental, they might have to go to the man to settle accounts.

But what can he help?Ding Hong said suspiciously, "I can't help me with this matter?"

Fu Xiaowan bit her lip, lowered her head and said sadly: "I have been with my ex-boyfriend for almost 2 years, and I have also told my parents about him. My parents have always opposed it. I insisted on saying that he is good and wants to be with him. If he is together, if my parents knew, he would break up with me suddenly, and there is a fiancée, my parents will definitely make trouble, I don’t want them to be sad, so, so, I can ask you to pretend to be me How many days is your boyfriend?"

Ding Hong's eyes widened in an instant, raised his right finger to his nose, and stammered: "I, am I impersonating your boyfriend?"

Fu Xiaowan nodded repeatedly, looking at Ding Hong with imploring eyes: "Just a few days, just a few days. My parents have never seen my ex-boyfriend. They don’t know what he looks like. You pretend for a few days. When they leave, after a while I will say that we are awkward, and then slowly break up, my parents will not doubt it!"

"But!" Ding Hong was embarrassed. He didn't know how the male and female objects got along together, how to fake it, this matter was so embarrassing.

"Please, just a few days, don't want you to do anything, just show your face in front of my parents. You don't have to stay with them all the time!" Fu Xiaowan folded his hands in a prayer.

Ding Hong stared at Fu Xiaowan for a while, and finally nodded helplessly, but still said unconfidently: "I don't know what to do, what if I get exposed? And, boyfriend and girlfriend, no, no need to be too. Intimacy?" At the last sentence, he blushed.

When the boy and girlfriend are together, there must be physical contact. He felt embarrassed and embarrassed when he thought of it.

Fu Xiaowan smiled in his heart. He was really an innocent boy, but this was better, he was easy to get the bait, and smiled: "Don't worry, you can hold your arms at most, not too close. My parents are also conservative people and don't like me too much. Open up. As for how to do it, just follow my instructions."

Hearing what she said, Ding Hong was relieved, nodded and agreed to the matter, and then asked: "Then, you can contact me then, and I will cooperate with you."

Lao Ding was already laughing and lying down, breathlessly saying, "I said, Xiao Wan, where are you going to find your parents? Also, just your villa, you take Ah Hong. It will definitely be suspected."

Fu Xiaowan gave the old ghost angrily, and she secretly said in her heart. She had thought about this too. She has been preparing for the past few days. Anyway, she didn't say the specific day. Let Ding Hong come when everything is ready. .

Ding Hong agreed to Fu Xiaowan's role as a fake boyfriend. This was soon discovered by Ding Weiren, who naturally knew everything about him.

Regarding this matter, Ding Weiren thought about it and came to a conclusion, that is, Fu Xiaowan is indeed a scheming woman. After being abandoned by the rich and handsome, she cruelly tore off the 5 million check, but turned around to play the emotional card beside Ding Hong. Let him pretend to be boyfriend.

With Ding Hong's kind-hearted and incomprehensible temperament, it is easy to be fooled by Fu Xiaowan.

Five million and marrying into a wealthy family, it's more cost-effective to be the latter. This Fu Xiaowan is really amazing.

Fu Xiaowan did not expect that a scene she directed and acted by herself would make Ding Weiren such a misunderstanding, but even if she knew it, she would smile proudly.This is better, Ding Weiren will not make trouble, maybe he will help.

In this way, Ding Hong waited anxiously for the arrival of Fu Xiaowan's so-called parents, while Fu Xiaowan had found an actor to play his parents and also found a rental room.

The next step is to ask the two actors to recite their lines.Then it was right.A few days later, when Fu Xiaowan saw that the fire was almost over, he was ready to start the show.

This day.Fu Xiaowan was very embarrassed to tell Ding Hong that his parents would be coming tomorrow, so that he would be ready to go home with her tomorrow after get off work, and there is.Because it is a boyfriend and girlfriend, Ding Hong can't be too unfamiliar with where she lives.He asked Ding Hong to get familiar with the environment first.

Naturally, Ding Hong readily agreed, Ding Weiren just smiled upon hearing this, and did not stop the incident.

After get off work, Fu Xiaowan left the company first.Ding Hong left afterwards, but the two are on different paths at the moment, after all, they are only subordinates in the company.No need to start here.

The two made an appointment to meet, and then Fu Xiaowan led Ding Hong into a bus.This route? Fu Xiaowan naturally checked it out in advance. You know, she always drives by herself, and she hasn’t done it before.

To this end, she also specifically asked the nomads, and finally applied for a bus card, recharged the money, and figured out how to take the bus. It took a lot of thought.

Don't talk about Fu Xiaowan, Ding Hong had never used a bus before, so after getting on the bus with Fu Xiaowan, he suddenly became a little uncomfortable and asked in a low voice, "Don't you have a car?"

Fu Xiaowan showed a sad look upon hearing this, and said sullenly: "He sent the car. Since we broke up, I will return the car to him."

Ding Hong silently, so that was the case, knowing that he had made Fu Xiaowan think of the man sad again, and suddenly stopped talking.

After taking another turn and walking for a while, I finally arrived at Fu Xiaowan's "rental house".

"Here, do you live here?" Ding Hong looked at the house in front of him in an incredible way. This is a 7-story building. The building looks quite old, and there are signs of peeling off the walls everywhere. Flyers are also posted everywhere, and stamps for certification are also everywhere.

Messy and dirty!

This was Ding Hong's first reaction. Fu Xiaowan actually lived in such a place?

In her heart, Ding Hong became more convinced of Fu Xiaowan's previous rhetoric. It seemed that she really didn't have anything to do with that tall, rich and handsome, otherwise, how could she not even have a decent place to live.

Fu Xiaowan laughed inwardly. This rental room was not specially found. It was the home of the actors who played her parents. When I found them and learned that they wanted to act, they offered to act in their home. Coincidentally, They do have a daughter themselves, and one room is their daughter's room. Their daughter is going to university outside, so the room can be vacated for Fu Xiaowan's use.

"Yeah, what's the matter? I've always lived here!" Fu Xiaowan replied with a calm expression, a very normal expression.

Ding Hong shook his head quickly: "It's nothing, but it's a little different from what I thought."

"Haha!" Fu Xiaowan smiled, did not speak, pressed the password of the door, and then entered the building.

As soon as he entered the building, he began to climb the stairs. Ding Hong was speechless. It was not even an elevator room. It was really a bad environment.

What's more speechless is that this climb is directly up to the seventh floor, which makes Ding Hong tired. He hasn't climbed the stairs like this yet. Isn't there an elevator?

On the 7th floor, there were two residents on the 7th floor. Fu Xiaowan opened the door on the left and entered the house, Ding Hong followed in.

The decoration inside the house is not very high-end, but fortunately the environment in the house is very tidy, which makes Ding Hong feel more comfortable. He thought it would be a mess.

If you look carefully, it is a three-bedroom, one-living room, one kitchen and one bathroom. The lobby is very small, and it is estimated that most of the area is used for housing.

Fu Xiaowan opened the second bedroom on the right and introduced: "This is a shared room. The three rooms are about the same size, but the environment of the master bedroom is the best. It has a balcony and is more expensive. My room is cheaper."

Rent together!Ding Hong has gained insight again. It's just such a small place. It's still shared. Three rooms. So, the other two rooms also live in other people?l