Ghost Crossing

Chapter 91

The kitchen and bathroom in the hall were shared. Fu Xiaowan opened his temporary hut directly and Ding Hong walked in curiously.

Fu Xiaowan didn't change the layout of the room, and Ding Hong wouldn't look around in her room anyway, she just arranged some of her own objects in the room appropriately, such as a photo of herself on the bedside.

The room is pink, very cute, it looks like a girly series, but are not all girls like this, many girls' rooms are decorated in pink, so Ding Hong didn't think it was any strange.

Ding Hong just looked at the room casually, and then withdrew his gaze and didn't feel embarrassed to look again. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if he saw something *?

Fu Xiaowan dragged a chair to Ding Hong, and said embarrassedly: "The room is a bit small. Just look at it. The main thing is to remember where the kitchen and toilet are. Everything else is fine. Also, tomorrow I will pick up my parents. Come by yourself, remember the way!"

Ding Hong recalled the route and nodded. It is not difficult to remember the route. He hesitated for a moment and asked, "Then I have to take the bus tomorrow? Can I drive by myself?" Today is the card that Fu Xiaowan swiped. How will he take the ride tomorrow? Bus.

Fu Xiaowan blinked, "It's up to you, but don't drive a luxury car, just normal, otherwise my parents will feel uneasy after seeing it."

Hearing that Ding Hong feels a little more relieved, if he really doesn't know how to get it by bus, he can drive by himself. As for ordinary cars, well, what kind of car is the worst, you have to look for it when you go back.

After that, Fu Xiaowan explained some things that should be paid attention to between boy and girl friends. For example, she asked Ding Hong to call herself Waner, she called Ding Hong to Mu Ge, and also asked Ding Hong to call herself a nomad.Because she told her parents the name of her boyfriend, the name Ding Hong had to feel wronged to adapt.

Then I explained what I like to eat, what color I like, and what to bring over tomorrow. Of course, Fu Xiaowan said that he would buy it well and would not let Ding Hong spend money.

Ding Hong smiled and said that he still has this little money.He is not so stingy.

Ding Hong left afterwards.Of course, I didn't take the bus, and I called the driver directly after I walked out of the community.

Fu Xiaowan also walked out half an hour after Ding Hong left.The nomad drove to pick it up.

After getting in the car, the nomad complained silently: "I haven't got my driver's license yet, so you let me drive to pick you up. What if you get caught by the traffic police?"

Fu Xiaowan rolled her eyes anger.Coolly said: "What are you afraid of, coward. You can't say that you forget to bring your driver's license. Besides, if you didn't violate the traffic regulations, how could the traffic police stop you!"

The nomad hehe smiled.He just complained casually. Who told him to pretend to be the rich second generation to dump Fu Xiaowan, this matter he was teased by Fu Xiaoya for a long time.

Whatever you say, putting on a suit looks like a dog.A bit of pretending to be 13, but also took advantage of two people at once.It's not only Fu Xiaowan's ex-boyfriend, but also Fu Xiaoya's fiancé. Isn't it a verbal advantage?

In this regard, the nomads are actually a little dark and cool, and this feeling of pretending to be 13 is really great.

Finally, when the so-called parents arrived, Fu Xiaowan winked at Ding Hong when he got off work. After seeing the phone nod, he left, saying that he was going to pick up his parents. In fact, the so-called parents have always been in this city.

As for Ding Hong, he simply bought some fruits, as well as alcohol and tobacco, according to what Fu Xiaowan said. Of course, the alcohol and tobacco he bought were all very expensive. As for the fruits, they were all imported.

Ding Weiren has been in control of Ding Hong’s whereabouts, and learned that Ding Hong pretended to be Fu Xiaowan’s boyfriend to see her parents. He immediately practiced and sneered. He felt that Fu Xiaowan’s scheming was really serious, but it had nothing to do with him. Ding Hong was so foolish as to cheat. , Can only blame him for being stupid.

It was also speculated that Fu Xiaowan was deceiving Ding Hong with Ding Hong's money, so Ding Weiren didn't care about this matter, and didn't send anyone to investigate the matter. Anyway, it was just bad for Ding Hong.

"Ding Dong!"

Ding Hong stood at the door with an uneasy expression after pressing the doorbell. His palms were already sweating. Although it was a fake, he had to see his parents. He was so guilty.

The door opened. Fu Xiaowan opened the door. Ding Hong saw that she was a little relieved, her facial muscles were a little stiff and smiled, and shouted, "Fu, cough, Wan'er, I'm here!"

Seeing that Ding Hong was so nervous, Fu Xiaowan couldn't help but laughed for a while, seeing that Ding Hong's face started to turn red, and then quickly stopped laughing, and said helplessly: "Please, you can't make a mistake after entering. Don't worry, my parents are very good at talking."

"Xiao Wan, did the nomads come? Why haven't you come in?" A woman's voice came from the house, her voice was loud, and she felt that she was a strong person when she heard the words, she was a middle-aged woman.

Ding Hong suddenly became nervous again, and some stammer shouted: "Ah, hello, auntie, I, I am a nomad." When he was nervous, he almost said that he was Ding Hong and wiped his sweat.

The middle-aged woman looked up and down Ding Hong, and thought to herself that she was a talent.In fact, the woman was also very curious about Fu Xiaowan's request for her husband and wife to act as parents. Why did she do this?And look at the employer, that is, Fu Xiaowan. When he came, he was a luxury car, and at first he looked like the children of the rich, but he invited them to play the role of parents.

Regarding this point, the couple also talked about it, saying that it was the children of the rich family who wanted to test their love or something. Maybe their boyfriend was also poor and did not want to show that he was rich.

But right now, the "nomads" who appeared in front of her were extraordinary at first glance, and the woman was depressed. What was going on, and why did Fu Xiaowan ask them to act in this play?

Curious to curious, the woman still has the rules of actors, and immediately tidied up her emotions and said with a smile: "Xiao Mu, welcome, welcome, come in!"

Seeing that Fu Xiaowan's mother was so talkative, people looked very kind, and Ding Hong's nervousness eased somewhat, and he quickly handed over the things in his hands and said, "Auntie, these, take these!"

The woman laughed and ended up with the bag. At first glance, it was fruit and some tobacco and alcohol. She didn’t think much about it. It’s okay to see the girl’s parents bring these, and the fruit, tobacco and alcohol should not be too expensive. Take it comfortably.He muttered: "Look at you, come on here, what else to bring, it cost you money!"

"It's not a valuable thing, just talk about it!" Ding Hong racked his brains to recall some of the knowledge he had seen from his mother-in-law, and answered carefully.

Fu Xiaowan glanced casually and raised her eyebrows.these things.It's not cheap. I have to take it away later. I can't make this pair of actors cheap.

It's not that Fu Xiaowan is stingy.She spends money to invite people to act. If it is only a few hundred yuan, she doesn't care, but tens of thousands of things are taken up by them, which is more than the money she hired.Isn't that being taken advantage of?

Ding Hong followed into the room, looking nervously at the sofa in the living room.I saw a middle-aged man, Fu Xiaowan's so-called father, who looked a little serious, and his heart suddenly raised again.

As the saying goes.The mother-in-law sees her son-in-law more and more, but the father-in-law, that's different.Will be picky in every way.

I have to say that Ding Hong's evil knowledge brought him some wrong ideas.Not all Yue Zhang is like this, at least, the actor Fu Xiaowan invited will never be like this.

"Come on! Sit!" The man raised his eyes, looked at Ding Hong sharply, and nodded in satisfaction at random, showing that he was very satisfied with Ding Hong.

Ding Hong glanced at Fu Xiaowan nervously, thinking that Yue Zhang was a bit scary, but seeing Fu Xiaowan cast a pleading look at him, he swallowed and sat down hard on his scalp.

Next, just like a normal boyfriend's first visit, Fu Xiaowan sneaked into the kitchen to help with cooking, but actually slipped into the kitchen to rest. She didn't know how to cook.

But Ding Hongke was sadly reminded and was questioned.

"Who is in the family?"

"And an uncle!"

uncle?What about parents?Are they all gone?Isn't this kid an orphan?The middle-aged man frowned slightly. From his first thought, would such a man's character be a bit paranoid?But then I thought about it, yes, it's not his daughter's boyfriend, let him go.

Then he asked, "What is your job now? What is your monthly salary? Although my family's conditions are not very good, but this one daughter has never suffered since childhood." The implication is that you can afford my daughter?

Ding Hong blinked his eyes. This Fu Xiaowan had specifically confessed, not to say that he is a wealthy family, but an ordinary employee of the company. At the moment, he said with a guilty conscience: "Working in the company, ordinary employee, monthly salary is 8000."

The man froze for a moment. His feelings were a poor boy, but his salary was decent, much higher than him. It was just that the price of the car that Fu Xiaowan drove at the time was not cheap. Why did he find a poor boy?Also deliberately ask your parents to leave for acting?Weird!

Next, I asked where they were, how long they had been with each other, and a bunch of crackling questions, Ding Hong answered cautiously. The whole person was trembling, for fear of something wrong.

Fortunately, it didn't take long for the food to be served. Ding Hong was finally relieved and wiped his sweat in relief.

At the dinner table, Ding Hong put her favorite dishes into her bowl according to Fu Xiaowan's instructions. Seeing the "parents and two" with a relieved expression, he felt very safe, and finally passed the test.

After dinner, Ding Hong proposed to go back, and Fu Xiaowan went downstairs to send him off and went back upstairs.

Ding Hong scratched his head and felt very tired. It was terrible to see the woman's parents like this.

After Fu Xiaowan went upstairs, he directly took out the money to pay for today's remuneration, then glanced at the things Ding Hong had brought, raised his eyebrows and said, "I will return these things, so I won't stay!"

The woman was taken aback, and then she laughed and said, "That's right, we can only take what we deserve. Then, shall we perform tomorrow?"

"Yes. But tomorrow is the weekend and I won't be at home anymore. I will take you out. Of course, eating, drinking and playing are all mine. Don't worry, as long as you don't take what he gave!" Fu Xiaowan is really afraid of Ding Hong. Give some precious things.

After speaking, Fu Xiaowan took her things and left, and nomads came to pick her up.

After the person left, the woman immediately complained in dissatisfaction: "It's really stingy. I have to take away a little fruit, tobacco and alcohol. Looking at her, she is quite rich. I didn't expect to be so picky!"

The man shook his head and retorted: "Let's go away. I took a sneak peek. The fruits are all imported. They are expensive. Tobacco and alcohol are also expensive, not the few dollars I usually buy. , I guess. That wine will cost tens of thousands yuan."

The woman's eyes widened when she heard that, "Isn't it, so rich?"

The man smiled and said: "I can see that the girl who hired us is a rich man, but she invited us to pretend to be parents and pretend that we have no money, this man. She is a talented person. At first, she said she was ordinary. Staff, a monthly salary of 8000, but I saw these things. I guessed, I guess he is also a rich master, I really don’t understand what they are doing like this."

It's very expensive to listen to.The woman is not as angry as she was just now, and really wants her to take such a valuable thing.She also felt uneasy, and she felt more comfortable, so she began to ponder this matter.Dumbfoundingly said: "Whatever they do, anyway, we do our own thing and get paid."

the next day.Fu Xiaowan told Ding Hong again that his parents would stay here for a few days.On weekends, I wanted Ding Hong to take her parents out to play, so Ding Hong naturally agreed.

As for where to go to play, Fu Xiaowan had already set up the route, but only told Ding Hong of the plan. The implication was that Ding Hong thought of this play and it was his expense.

On weekends, Ding Hong drove the car to pick up the three people, and Fu Xiaowan also rushed to the building ahead of time, and then came out with his parents.

Seeing the car, the couple couldn't help but look at each other, and they were even more convinced that this'nomad' is indeed a rich young master and has cars.

The next step is to play. Ding Hong leads everything. Ding Hong pays for meals. In short, Ding Hong performed very well. Fu Xiaowan’s parents laughed so hard that they couldn’t keep their mouths together. They kept praising Ding Hong, which made Ding Hong. I felt joyful and a sense of accomplishment.

The happy time was short, and it was dark soon. Ding Hong led the three of them to the hotel to check in. Because the weekend was two days, their plan was to spend the night out.

Of course, there are three rooms, two for husband and wife, one for Fu Xiaowan and one for Ding Hong.

The husband and wife were happy when they lived in the hotel. They felt that their remuneration was really a bargain. They were paid for acting, and they could enjoy it while acting. It was the first time they encountered such a happy thing.

Fu Xiaowan, on the other hand, was lying lazily in the room, while Lao Ding floated on the side, laughing jokingly: "Have fun. I think Ah Hong will really think of himself as your boyfriend!"

"I suddenly regretted it!" After listening to Lao Ding's words, Fu Xiaowan sighed and said embarrassedly, "I'm afraid Ding Hong really cares about me. When I have to leave, he will be very broken?"

It was Ding Hong's innocence that caused Fu Xiaowan's headache. Wouldn't such a man be sad if he knew that he was lying to him, or if he learned that he would not leave?

Of course, the premise is that Ding Hong really likes her.

Old Ding asked tentatively: "If Ah Hong is indeed a good one, you will fall in love with him. Anyway, you have no object. Isn't it a good thing to get along with two people?"

Fu Xiaowan was taken aback for a moment, looked at Lao Ding with some dull eyes, and then she looked down and thought about it: "Ding Hong, people are good, but I haven't thought about finding someone, but if two people feel good together, You can try it."

I have to say that Fu Xiaowan is a little moved, and has never been in love anyway. Judging from today's play, Ding Hong's performance is quite good. Although he may be pretending, he is good and kind.

Besides, Ding Hong has no father and no mother, and there is no future bad relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Both of them are in good homes, and there is no need to worry about firewood, rice, oil and salt in the future, as long as they live happily.

Hearing that Fu Xiaowan really had this idea, Lao Ding was overjoyed, and said: "Ahong is definitely a good man, Xiaowan, don't worry, do it well."

"Don't be happy too early, I just think I can try it. If two people are suitable for being together, I have to take a time to see. I said, you are a good calculation. I will help you complete your last wish. You can walk with peace of mind and still be able See the future grandson?" Fu Xiaowan said silently.

Old Ding chuckled: "You have to agree to this too. By the way, what should I do next?"

Fu Xiaowan lay down in a different posture and said lazily: "Next, naturally I will find a way to find your will. But I have to get closer to Ding Hongduo!"

Fu Xiaowan's tour route on Sunday was carefully arranged, passing through Lao Ding's house.

As usual, playing around, Fu Xiaowan's "mother" suddenly felt dizzy and had heat stroke, so she stopped playing and the couple took a cool break in the house.

Fu Xiaowan and Ding Hong were naturally also waiting in the house, and Fu Xiaowan's "father" opened his mouth when he saw this: "It's just heatstroke, it's not a big deal. I'll be with you here. Go and play! Have fun !"

At the moment Fu Xiaowan said he would not play anymore.Ding Hong also stated that he wanted to stay and take care of them, but the two adults insisted on letting them play. In the end, Fu Xiaowan and Ding Hong were'driven' out.

Looking at the closed door, Ding Hong touched his nose and asked, "Then, let's continue playing?" He remembered the route thoroughly, and he felt it was a pity that he didn't continue afterwards.It's been a long time since he had such fun.I still yearn for it.

Fu Xiaowan shrugged and said: "It's rare to come out to play on weekends. It's a pity not to go. My mom has my dad to take care of it. Nothing will happen, let's continue playing!"

"Good!" Ding Hong smiled and nodded.

The two continued to play, walking around and playing, and finally reached Lao Ding's house.

Ding Hong got here for a moment.Some accidents, I didn't expect to pass by here while playing.Looking at Fu Xiaowan, she turned her ankles as if she was a little tired, and said, "Would you like to take a rest? I have a house here!"

Fu Xiaowan smiled softly and nodded.Somewhat unexpectedly: "Okay, I didn't expect you to have a house here? But this is quite far from the company. You should rarely come here?"

There was a moment of silence.Ding Hong said sadly: "This is my grandfather's house."

Although I don't want to say.But Fu Xiaowan still said cruelly, pretending to be surprised: "Then your grandfather is not there, it's not good for me to go!"

Lao Ding looked at Ding Hong with pity on the side, but if Fu Xiaowan hadn't stopped him with his eyes on the side, he would have liked to rush to hug his grandson and comfort him.

Ding Hong reluctantly twitched the corner of his mouth and said, "My grandfather, I have already left."

"I'm sorry, I don't know!" Fu Xiaowan apologized with a look of guilt, but she was depressed to death, feeling very bad, but all this was for Ding Hong's good. Thinking of this, she felt much relieved.

"It's okay! Let's go!" Ding Hong quickly sorted out his emotions and took the lead in leading the way.There is no need to make Fu Xiaowan unhappy with the death of Grandpa, it is his family affair.

As soon as the security guard of the community saw Ding Hong, he immediately called Mr. Ding and let him go. He didn’t ask much about Fu Xiaowan. The owner took the initiative to bring them in. They would not bother. If Fu Xiaowan came alone, they would enter. not going.

Soon he came to Lao Ding's house. Lao Ding was very excited and immediately got into the house first.

Following Ding Hong into the house, Fu Xiaowan took a look at the house. The decoration was very retro and looks very warm. When he turned his eyes, he saw Old Ding beckoning to himself outside a door. It seemed that the will should be in the house.

"What to drink, there is no boiling water, there is a drink." Ding Hong asked as he walked to the refrigerator.

Fu Xiaowan sat directly on the sofa and leaned back comfortably on the sofa: "Whatever you want!"

Ding Hong came back with a bottle of drink casually, and of course he also took his own share. The gentleman opened it and handed it to Fu Xiaowan, and he drank with his head up and gurgling.

Drinking the drink, Fu Xiaowan's eyes couldn't help but turned to the excited old Ding, showing a helpless look. Ding Hong is here, how could she get her will?

All the plans are gone. Once you enter the house, you have to play it casually. After all, she doesn't know what can be used in the house.

After drinking a little and a half of the drink, Fu Xiaowan was about to put down the drink and watched the drink bottle shine. With it, she knew how to make Ding Hong escape.

Fu Xiaowan tilted slightly and was about to put the drink bottle on the coffee table. Unexpectedly, she shook her body and couldn't sit firmly. The drink bottle crashed and fell. She hurriedly picked the bottle, but the bottle was caught, but the drink was sprayed and splashed. On the clothes.

Ding Hong hurriedly took out a pile of toilet paper and handed it to Fu Xiaowan, and asked nervously, "Is it all right?"

"It's okay, it's just that the clothes are dirty! It's sticky and uncomfortable!" Fu Xiaowan put the bottle back in, holding the wet clothes a little disgustingly.

"There is a bathroom at home, you can go and wash it." Ding Hong suggested.

Fu Xiaowan nodded, and then asked a little embarrassedly: "Do you have any clothes I can wear? I can't put them on again, right?"

Ding Hong shook his head: "No, I'll go to the hotel to help you get it, didn't you bring a change of clothes?"

Everyone brought a change of clothes when they came out to play.After all, on such a hot day, it is necessary to take a shower and change clothes every day.

"Okay, I'll trouble you." Fu Xiaowan nodded hurriedly, just waiting for his words.l