Ghost Crossing

Chapter 95 Ding Hong's Suspicion

Ding Hong's side was quiet, and Fu Xiaowan's eyes flashed with compassion, but she didn't say any comforting words, because now Ding Hong definitely needs to be quiet.

As she thought, Ding Hong really needs to think about it quietly at this moment. He still holds the fax in his hand. The fax is a will. The will states that all the property belongs to Ding Hong and Ding Weiren cannot get it. Any property.

This will appears very strange and abrupt, but judging from the handwriting, it is indeed the handwriting of Grandpa.

The previous suspicion now becomes reasonable and reasonable. Grandpa didn’t know why he left all his property in handwriting. After he knew about it, his uncle beat him cruelly, and this will fell into his hands. Uncle was afraid that the will would expose him. Still having nothing, he was cruel to him.

How could this happen? How could things become like this? Why didn't Grandpa leave a share of his fortune to his uncle? Did the uncle do something that chilled his heart?

The hand holding the fax began to tremble, Ding Hong's eyes jumped, and finally he couldn't control his emotions and slapped the fax on the table and shouted, "Why!"

Fu Xiaowan was startled and asked cautiously: "Ding Hong, what's the matter with you?"

Ding Hong kept breathing deeply, eyes full of pain, raised his head and glanced at Fu Xiaowan, and said weakly, "Nothing, I'm a little uncomfortable, let's go."

Fu Xiaowan pretended to be stunned, then nodded repeatedly to show that he knew.

This is the first time Ding Hong quit early. It seems that the irritation in his heart is not small. Although he can't bear it, everything is for his own good.

Ding Hong left the company in a daze, not knowing where Xianhuang went.However, Fu Xiaowan was not worried, because Xing Jun had secretly sent a policeman to follow him for 24 hours to protect him, fearing that something would happen to him.

Fu Xiaowan cleaned up his tail for him and shredded the faxed will.

On Ding Weiren's side, after making a phone call earlier, he directly took out a notebook from the drawer, and soon a video screen was displayed on the screen, which was indeed Old Ding's house.

I saw Ding Weiren thinking about adjusting the video time to last weekend.Then watch it carefully.

Two people entered the room soon appeared in the picture.It is Ding Hong and Fu Xiaowan.

After that, Fu Xiaowan soiled his clothes, Ding Hong left the house, and Fu Xiaowan entered a room.

Switch screen.When the screen reached the back room, I saw Fu Xiaowan went straight under the bed and crawled out after a while, with an extra thing in his hand.But she didn't open it, but tucked it directly into her trouser pocket.

Seeing this Ding Weiren pressed the pause button.The muscles on his face began to shake.

He suppressed the anger in his heart and murmured: "Okay, okay, it turns out that this Fu Xiaowan came for the will, but. How does she know where the will is hidden?"

Breathing became hurried, and the muscles around Ding Weiren's eyes were twitching, obviously out of anger.He couldn't figure out where Fu Xiaowan came from, she first got into the company.After that, she approached Ding Hong intentionally, and now she took the will directly. What exactly does she want to do?

Fu Xiaowan was a helper invited by Ding Hong or Ding Youdong?Impossible, if it is, she should publish the will directly when she gets it, so why hide it in the company now.

Judging from Ding Hong's performance, he didn't know that the old man left a will. If he knew that he could take the will by himself, why bother to let Fu Xiaowan steal it?

So is Ding Youdong who is dead?Before he died, he left a will and confessed to others, and this person was Fu Xiaowan. Fu Xiaowan secretly came to take the will after the old man died, but why didn't she publish the will.

After thinking hard to understand, Ding Youdong simply stopped thinking about it. Anyway, he had just called someone to check Fu Xiaowan's information, and he would soon know why.

It's just that right now, this Fu Xiaowan is still nestling next to Ding Hong. If she says something provocative in Ding Hong's ear, wouldn't Ding Hong be suspicious of him.

No, Fu Xiaowan must be fired!

No, no, he doesn't know exactly what Fu Xiaowan is going to do. Now he can watch it under the eyelids in the company. If he is fired, wouldn't he have to guard her secretly in the future?

Ding Weiren's thoughts turned sharply, and his mind was a little dizzy. Finally, he decided to put Fu Xiaowan under his eyes and watch.

Fu Xiaowan didn't know that the matter of taking her will had been exposed. How could she have thought that Ding Weiren had installed a camera in the house, and she didn't know that Ding Weiren had already sent someone to investigate her information.

In the evening, Ding Weiren had already obtained a thick document containing all the information of Fu Xiaowan.

He stared at the file with a gloomy look for a long time, and finally opened the file bag without any haste and began to look at it.

My parents died early and my grandmother died. I didn’t get close to my uncle when I was a child, but I reconciled not long ago. I have some property in my family. I am still a student, but in a state of suspension. IQ is high, but my reputation in school is not very good. Well, it has been rumored to have a lot of money, but it's obviously false news, because Fu Xiaowan has money in his family and has a lot of assets.

Glancing at Fu Xiaowan's assets, Ding Weiren frowned. This asset is no less than Ding's.

Looking further down, Fu Xiaowan started to run around after she dropped out of school, aimlessly.

The strangest thing is that he has even dealt with the police.


Ding Weiren's heart was raised. Fu Xiaowan had dealt with the police. Would the two policemen who came before know Fu Xiaowan?

The information did not specify which police officer Fu Xiaowan dealt with, but that she went to the police station many times.

Knuckles knocked on his knees, Ding Weiren's eyes flashed a sharp light, he quickly wrote down the time when the old man died and the time when Ding Hong had the accident, and then compared Fu Xiaowan's information.

According to the information, she had not been away from school for a long time. She had been in class before. From this point of view, it was impossible for Fu Xiaowan to know the old man.

Looking at the time when Ding Hong was in the car accident, Fu Xiaowan was still going to school, but she dropped out of school not long afterwards, and then ran around, not qualitatively.

After that, I went to the hospital where Ding Hong was admitted.It was her nanny daughter-in-law who gave birth to a child. She went to visit.But there was a small accident in the hospital that day, that is, the ward where Fu Xiaowan went to malfunction.

After the hospital dealt with the matter, Fu Xiaowan left the hospital and had never been to Ding Hong's ward, indicating that Fu Xiaowan did not know Ding Hong at that time.

Fu Xiaowan has no intersection with the old man and Ding Hong!

Ding Weiren was a little unbelievable to come to this conclusion. How could he know where the will is if he didn't know Fu Xiaowan?

After the old man died, he almost rummaged through the house without finding a will.She found the will accurately and stole it the first time she went.

I don't know why Ding Hong was familiar with Fu Xiaowan.

During this period something must have happened that he didn't know.

Ding Weiren contemplated for a long time.Finally, I made a call again and ordered the other end of the phone: "Check if Fu Xiaowan and the two policemen who came to the company today know each other, and check the itinerary of the two policemen for nearly half a year. Also. Be smart. Follow Ding Hong and report to me if there is an abnormality!"

After hanging up the phone, Ding Weiren stood up anxiously, pacing back and forth in the office.Finally he gritted his teeth and dialed another phone call: "Go and find some people who are in desperate need of money and are honest and timid. If not, find some people who have committed an accident and just came out without a job!"

After speaking, Ding Weiren hung up the phone.The haze under his eyes kept surging, and the progress of the matter exceeded his expectations. It seemed that he had to prepare for the worst.

Ding Hong wandered in despair, his mind was now a paste.Don't know what to think.

He doesn't know if his guess is correct. If so, what should he do?But what if it's wrong.Didn’t you misunderstand uncle?

But the handwriting of the will, he dared to be 100% sure to be the handwriting of Grandpa.But that is only a fax, not necessarily true.

And Zhu Tao's death, is it related to Grandpa and him?

Walking in a muddle-headed manner, he didn't even see the traffic lights, and he had to cross the road in the state of red lights.

Fortunately, all the people along the way caught him quickly, and nothing happened.

The passerby grabbed Ding Hong and saw that his eyes were blank. The accusation that reached his mouth was stunned. He patted Ding Hong's shoulder comfortingly and said: "Dude, take a moment, life is the most important thing!"

Ding Hong’s blank eyes gradually returned to clearness. He stared at the passing vehicles in a daze, and then remembered that he had been rescued just now. He quickly thanked him, but when he turned around, he saw that the person had disappeared. It turned out that the green light was already on. People are gone.

Thinking of the person just now, life is the most important thing, yes, he almost lost his life, how could he be so careless.

Regardless of whether those speculations are true or not, they must be fate to verify.

He will definitely figure out all of this. If it is not true, he can also ask for peace of mind. If, if it is true, he must figure it out. Why?

The clearness in his eyes turned into a firm color, and Ding Hong stopped the car and went straight to the police station.

Police station.

Xing Jun had already received the report and knew that Ding Hong had come to the police station. He knew their plan had worked.

Ding Hong entered the police station smoothly, found Xing Jun, and asked straightforwardly: "I want to know about Zhu Tao's case and your opinion!"

"You can understand Zhu Tao's case because we suspect that he has something to do with you. As for our police's opinion, I'm sorry, I can't tell you!" Xing Jun said as he passed the information he had prepared earlier, and Start the video evidence collected by the player.

Zhu Tao's son was admitted to the hospital earlier, and Ding Youdong was sent to this hospital. One week after Ding Youdong was hospitalized, Ding Youdong was sentenced to death, and Zhu Tao's son's medical expenses were paid the next day and the operation began.

The source of the money is unknown!

Just after reading the information, Xing Jun knocked on the table and pointed to the screen.

Ding Hong looked at it and saw a figure swaying outside the ward where he lived again. After the screen was zoomed in, he could clearly see that person was Zhu Tao.

Zhu Tao really visited himself in the hospital!Ding Hong's heart sank again.

Zhu Tao was murdered and killed not long after seeing himself.

These were not enough. Xing Jun immediately took out another piece of information and threw it to Ding Hong, saying sarcastically, "Look at this again!"

Ding Hong felt that the stimulus he had received today was big enough, but he didn't expect a bigger one to come. As a result, he looked at the information and was stunned.

Uncle unexpectedly has children outside.And there is more than one!And it was not born to the same woman!

Thinking that he had always thought that his uncle was not good for women and sex, and only regarded himself as his own son, now seeing all these materials, Ding Hong felt a sense of entanglement that he wanted to laugh but couldn't.

Putting down the information, Ding Hong smiled bitterly: "I think the police must have the same guess as me."

Xing Jun raised his eyebrows: "Oh, what do you guess?"

Uncle murdered for property!Ding Hong wanted to make this guess.But when it came to his lips, he couldn't speak.Looking at Xing Jun faintly, he said, "Interpol officer, can you inform me of the progress of the case?"

Putting his arms around his chest, Xing Jun said nonchalantly: "If the case is about you. We will definitely contact you. If it's not, we won't bother you again!"

"Thank you!" Ding Hong knew that this should be true in all cases.The police also had suspicions in this regard, and the next step was to collect evidence.After thinking about it, he said the matter of the will.

"That's it. Someone faxed a will to the company today." Ding Hong felt that he should work hard to cooperate with the police to help solve the case faster.

A smile flashed in Xing Jun's eyes.Hurriedly asked: "What kind of will, what is written on it? What about it?"

Ding Hong felt a little nervous when he thought of the will still being left in the office.However, thinking that Fu Xiaowan would clean up the table every day, he would not be found by his uncle.He could only pray silently that his uncle would not find the fax.

Thinking that he had left his will on the table so carelessly, Ding Hong replied slightly annoyed: "In my office, it said that all of my grandfather's property is inherited by me, my uncle, he has nothing!"

"That's it. In this way, Ding Weiren's motive for committing the crime is already there. This news is very important." Xing Jun wanted to laugh a little while he was speaking. Wasn't he the one who faxed the will to him? Now he has to pretend that he just knew , A bit weird.

Ding Hong's eyes darkened, and then he said with some uncertainty: "That is a fax. Although it looks like my grandfather's from the handwriting, I am not sure if it is true. Maybe, it's false news!"

Xing Jun couldn't help being speechless. Up to now, Ding Hong was still thinking that he had made a mistake, but this was normal. Who left him with such a trusted relative.

However, he naturally has a way to let Ding Hong completely eliminate his only trust. Xing Jun said directly: "Actually, this is very simple. Just find the person who sent the fax. This will be investigated by the police. If we can find the original will, That would be the best!"

Original will!

Ding Hong's heart jumped sharply. If the original will be found, doesn't it really mean that the uncle had the motive of committing the crime, and that the uncle really did things that hurt the world and the animals and the animals!

With his hands clenched into fists involuntarily, Ding Hong gritted his teeth and said: "If there is anything I need to do, please let me know!"

"Not yet, just to remind you that if your guess is correct, you must be careful about your own safety during this time. But you can rest assured, I will send plain clothes to protect you, but you have to pay attention to your diet." Jun reminded meaningfully that maybe your uncle will kill you during this period.

Ding Hong suppressed the bitterness in his heart and said hoarsely: "I see."

----Another day passed----

Ding Hong arrived at the company with his dark circles under his black eyes. Fu Xiaowan was shocked when he saw this. The child's heart tolerance is too bad. It must have been a night without sleep!

Right now Fu Xiaowan made a cup of coffee and Ding Hong drank it, his head still a little dizzy.

But the coffee still had some effect. After a while, Ding Hong calmed down, glanced at the table and quickly asked, "The fax yesterday!"

"Don't worry, I have taken it to smash, no one has seen it!" Fu Xiaowan answered quickly.

Hearing that Ding Hong breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it had been crushed so that no one would be able to see it. I don't know when the police can find the original.

--Ding Weiren Office--

A stack of scattered materials was placed on the desktop. Ding Weiren was standing at the window with a blue face in a daze. He had read all the materials just now and sorted out some things.

That female police officer, Li Meng, was nothing, doing autopsies at the police station all day.

And that male police officer Xing Jun actually lived in the same community as Fu Xiaowan, and they also interacted with each other, but they had never met before. The two met when they were handling a case and they met afterwards.

After that, the two people also appeared in the hospital together, which is even more outrageous.There was also a man named Nomad who appeared in the hospital.

And this nomad also included some information, which turned out to be Fu Xiaowan's bodyguard.The most ridiculous thing is that the rich second generation abandoning Fu Xiaowan happened some time ago, and that rich second generation was pretending to be a nomad.

Ding Weiren sneered. This Fu Xiaowan was really amazing. After he joined the company, he was froze and scandalized.Let him always mistakenly think that she is not a good woman.Let her approach Ding Hong, but she silently used Ding Hong to steal the will.

It now appears that Fu Xiaowan should be an undercover agent sent by the police.

Oops.In this way, the will that Fu Xiaowan stole is in the hands of the police!

Damn, didn't the police know the contents of the old man's will, and knew that he couldn't inherit it at all.

No wonder.No wonder the two police officers came directly to the door, feeling that he had a motive for killing.But suffering from no evidence, came to bluff.

No, it's not a bluff, it's here to remind Ding Hong.Make this kid suspicious of him.

Although the police had this will, they could not convict him, and at most published the will.Ding Hong got all the property, but what can be done?Ding Hong trusted him.Even if he gets all the property, he will still be in power in the company, and he can slowly find opportunities to kill Ding Hong.

Once Ding Hong died, Ding Weiren was the only one who could inherit the property.

But now, the police came to tell the suspicion formation, making Ding Hong suspicious of him, and then to get things out of the will, Na Ding Hong trusted him and had to suspect that he was harmful.

In this way, even if the police cannot find evidence to convict him, he can escape the punishment of the law, but he loses Ding Hong’s trust. At this time, when the will comes out, Ding Hong has all the inheritance, and Ding Hong will never let him again. Holding power in the company will never give him a chance to obtain property.

Damn, damn!When are these policemen so insidious!

What should I do now?What to do to solve the problem at hand!

Ding Weiren paled and staggered down on the chair, and began to ponder over the countermeasures.

Ding Hong's trust is very important. Ding Hong can no longer be suspicious of him, and Fu Xiaowan can no longer stay with Ding Hong.

Well, I have to find someone to transfer Fu Xiaowan away from Ding Hong.

Then, we must pay attention to this kid Ding Hong to see if there is any abnormal behavior.

Now I don’t know if the police have shown the will to Ding Hong. If Ding Hong has seen the will, then Ding Hong must have been suspicious of him, and he cannot pay too much attention to Ding Hong.

If he hasn't read the will, he can still fight for Ding Hong to trust him. As long as Ding Hong still trusts him, the police can do nothing about him!

Then again!

The police should not be allowed to find evidence. Think about it carefully to see if there are any clues left by what you did before.

Ding Weiren was immersed in these issues all day, recalling whether he had missed anything, but after so long, he still remembered clearly.

--Police Station--

Ding Hong received Xing Jun's call and hurried to the police station, looking at Xing Jun expectantly.

Xing Jun also very forcefully took out the real will and handed it to Ding Hong, although he said affirmatively: "The will has been appraised and it is true!"

The real will!Ding Hong took the will and hurriedly opened it and looked at it. It was exactly the same as that written on the fax. Grandpa really left all the property to him.

There was some fever in his eyes, Ding Hong choked up and said, "How did you find the will?"

Naturally, Xing Jun could not say that the will was with him long ago, and Fu Xiaowan stole it out. He euphemistically said: "This is the process of our police handling the case, so you don't have to worry about it."

Immediately after Xing Jun's tone changed, he said solemnly: "There is another situation to tell you, you are being watched!" As he said, he took out a stack of photos and threw them on the table.

Ding Hong picked up the photos suspiciously and looked at them one by one. He was surprised to find that the same man was following him wherever he went. His heart seemed to be slapped with a whip, and his tone was full. It was a painful question: "Then I come to the police station?"

"Don't worry, my people have stopped him. He didn't know that you came to the police station!" Xing Jun didn't know at this time. Not only was Ding Hong being followed, Fu Xiaowan was also spotted now.

Ding Hong breathed a sigh of relief after hearing Xing Jun’s words. If his uncle came to the police station, no, by that person, by Ding Weiren, then the police investigation would be even more difficult. I am sorry to say, "Sorry, I didn’t I noticed that I was being followed. Doesn't this have any effect on your handling of the case?"

"It's nothing, we are mainly looking for evidence, favorable evidence. To tell you is mainly afraid of your accident, if you have an accident, then it is our police responsibility!" Xing Jun pouted, the case was originally helpless, if it wasn't for Fu Xiaowan, How can Ding Hong be involved!l