Ghost Crossing

Chapter 113 Swimming Pool Incident (12)

The agreed time is approaching. Senior Wen Hong’s face is full of happiness. He walks towards the small park in clothes that he chooses to prefer. He is looking forward to it. Could it be that Jinger’s birthday was so happy the day before yesterday? Want to surprise him or something?

Anyway, even if there is no surprise, you can get some benefits, such as hugs and so on.

Imagination is beautiful and reality is cruel. Senior Wen Hong didn't know at this time. There were no surprises, only frights. Fortunately, the frights were only short-lived, otherwise he would really cry to death.

And behind Senior Wen Hong, there was a figure hanging far away, and the camera zoomed in to take a closer look. Oh, isn't it Rong Hongqian!

That's right, it is Rong Hongqian. He has already learned that the good buddies are going to be broken up today, and he is following the good buddies now, waiting for the breakup to end, so he can go forward and explain, if you don't follow, how to find the buddies then.

Fang Jing also set off here. Today, she is not in the mood to change into Meimei clothes. Instead, she walks towards the small park with a sad look, touching the pendant and sighing. This behavior shows that she is about to break up next. Very embarrassed, it also shows that she does not want to break up.

Zuo Lu saw in her eyes and hated her. If she had not found Fang Jing, wouldn't Fang Jing really want to marry that Wen Hong, marry him and have children?Imagining such a scene, Zuo Lu felt very uncomfortable, and couldn't help but be thankful that she appeared early.

Finally, Wen Hong and Fang Jing met!

Wen Hong looked at Fang Jing with a gentle expression on his face and called out, "Jing'er."

"Senior!" Fang Jing yelled bitterly. She used to call Hong or jokingly called Brother Hong, but now she is here to break up, so naturally she can't cry so intimately.

"Uh!" Wen Hong was startled.Somewhat confused, why did you suddenly call senior?Suspiciously, he took a close look at Jing's face and found that she was gloomy, obviously unhappy, and suddenly said distressedly: "Jing'er, what's the matter? Is there something unhappy?"

"No!" Fang Jing exhaled deeply.His eyes gradually became firm.I was silently saying I'm sorry, but I said: "Senior, I thought about it for a long time yesterday. I decided to break up with you!"

boom!a bolt from the blue!

Wen Hong was speechless for a while, and there was a word in his mind that he wanted to break up with you!Break up!

Panicked.Wen Hong's face turned incredulously and asked: "Jing'er, do you know what you are talking about? Are you kidding me?"

"Senior. I'm not kidding, I'm serious, let's break up!" Fang Jing repeated it again with a choked voice.But her heart was bleeding.

Now I heard it clearly, and I really realized that Fang Jing was not joking.

Wen Hong was anxious.Panicked and messed up.He stepped forward and grabbed Fang Jing's hand and asked excitedly, "Why! We weren't okay the day before yesterday. Why did you suddenly say this today? Did something happen? Tell me what happened. , I will find a solution!"

At this moment, Wen Hong was really at a loss. Although the relationship between the two of them had been dull, but also very warm and stable, how could they suddenly break up, which made him really unacceptable.

And the only thought in his heart was, what happened to Fang Jing, was it something she had encountered, or was there something wrong with her uncle and aunt?

No, the uncle and aunt acquiesced in allowing them to associate. There is no doubt about this. Then, what happened to Fang Jing?But, what could be going to make Fang Jing break up so suddenly!

Wen Hong's palms were big, warm, hard, and very secure. Fang Jing missed the touch, but she had to take it out with a hard heart.

Withdrawing her hand, Fang Jing squeezed her hands together, lowered her eyelids and whispered, "It's nothing, I'm just tired of our feelings! Let's break up!"

tired!Wen Hongru received an electric shock. He didn't expect Fang Jing to say such a reason. Their feelings were very plain, but he always thought that Fang Jing liked it, but now, this has become the reason for their breakup!

Urgently retaining this feeling, Wen Hong said quickly: "I am not good, because I don't understand romance, I can change it!"

"Change, then you are not you!" Fang Jing raised her head calmly. She found that after uttering the most difficult word to utter the word break up, she didn't find it difficult to speak afterwards. I hope to finish the breakup as soon as possible, and then let Wen Hong's good friends come out and explain, the senior in front of her makes her feel distressed.

Suffering, Wen Hong doesn't know how to refute, and if he changes it, he is not himself!But not to change?Then we must break up!

His lips moved slightly, and Wen Hong's eyes were full of wounds. He could only look at Fang Jing with pleading eyes, wanting to ask not to break up, but he could not refute Fang Jing's reasons, and he did not know how to answer Fang Jing's words.

At this moment, Wen Hong was at a loss. Before he was not romantic, Fang Jing had always acted calmly and said that he liked this kind of life. Isn't it an illusion before?Fang Jing actually longed for romance, but she didn't want to embarrass him, so she never said it, but now, Fang Jing can't bear such feelings anymore, so she broke up!

I took all the mistakes of the breakup to myself, because I was not romantic, because I didn't realize Fang Jing's mood, because I was stupid!Wen Hong was deeply regretful.

Seeing the pain and regret on the senior's face, Fang Jing knew that he would take all the breakup errors on himself, and her heart throbbed more and more. The senior was so good, but she had to hurt him.

No, she has to leave as soon as possible, so that the senior can get out of the sea of ​​suffering as soon as possible!

Thinking of this, Fang Jing turned around and walked without waiting for the senior to make other reactions. His steps were fast, almost jogging.

Wen Hongzheng fell into deep self-blame. Seeing Fang Jing turned and left, he was anxious. He stretched out his hand to stop Fang Jing. The phone vibrated, and he rushed forward and grabbed Fang Jingku. Begged: "Jing'er, give me another chance!"

"Let go!" Fang Jing was caught, turning around and staring at Wen Hong coldly and throwing out two words.

This sight is cold and ruthless!Wen Hong was stunned. He had never seen Fang Jing with such a look, such Fang Jing.So strange!

Didn't he always understand what kind of girl Fang Jing was? He didn't know her true temperament, or what she wanted for love in her heart.

Unconsciously letting go of his hand, Wen Hong looked at Fang Jing blankly, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Fang Jing felt a pain in her heart when she saw this look.Can't wait to tell the truth now.But no, Zuo Lu is still there, watching everything in front of her in the pendant at this moment!

Think of Zuo Lu.Fang Jing's eyes became colder and colder, she must be cruel, decisive, otherwise the consequences would be more serious.

Decisively.Shaking off Wen Hong's hand that had not been completely released, Fang Jing hurried away.Only one back was left.

"Jing'er!" Wen Hong collapsed, and whispered while looking at the back who was leaving. All this was like a dream, and Fang Jing broke up with him.And just two days after her birthday!Everything is so sudden!

Suddenly a bit strange!Wen Hong's eyes flashed, and although his heart was extremely painful, his mind remained clear.Fang Jing must have encountered something to do this, but her birthday was fine.This is only one day, what happened!

What happened to Fang Jing yesterday!

No, he has to figure it out. He just broke up like this if he wasn't willing to do it. You know, Fang Jing is the wife he recognizes. How could the partner of this life be separated so inexplicably.

As for the reasons Fang Jing just said and the cold expression, Wen Hong directly chose to ignore it. He believed that his Jing'er was definitely a good girl, and her previous performance would definitely not be disguised.

Just when Wen Hong was about to find out what happened yesterday, Rong Hongqian appeared directly in front of him, with a look of sympathy and apology.

sympathy!Could it be said that Rong Hongqian saw the breakup just now, and Wen Hong smiled bitterly. He didn't expect that his embarrassing scene would be seen by all his friends.

But sorry, why?Wen Hong was very puzzled.

But this doubt was quickly resolved.

Rong Hongqian walked forward angrily, and put his arm around Wen Hong's shoulders and said, "My buddy, go, I have something to tell you!"

Wen Hong frowned, thinking that Rong Hongqian was trying to comfort him, and quickly said, "I'm fine!"

"En, you are all right, but what I want to say is very important, and it has something to do with you and Fang Jing!" Rong Hongqian forced Wen Hong to leave the small park without saying a word.

Wen Hong, who originally wanted to talk, heard that he and Fang Jing were related, and immediately stopped struggling, and followed Rong Hongqian obediently.

Rong Hongqian walked all the way and kept turning back. He looked sneaky and sneaky. Wen Hong was very speechless. Wen Hong couldn't help asking: "Hongqian, what are you doing? Say, what are you doing so mysteriously? "Those who don't know think they have done something bad!

Stopped awkwardly, and looked around carefully, no one is there, it's all right here.Rong Hongqian breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing Wen Hong's suspicious look, he smirked and pulled Wen Hong to sit down on the grass. Then he said, "Fang Jing just broke up with you!"

With a knife, he slammed into Wen Hong's heart, and Wen Hong cursed inwardly. Hongqian really didn't open the pot or pick which pot, and replied in an angry voice: "You see all of them?"

"Sad? Angry? Depressed?" Rong Hongqian said with a smile, gloating, he didn't really break up anyway, he took the opportunity to tease, it is rare to see Wen Hong so sad and lost.

Wen Hong's face turned dark, and he glanced at Rong Hongqian with a cold knife, and said dissatisfied: "Are you gloating?"

"No, no!" Rong Hongqian blinked and mockingly said; "Actually, I have good news to tell you. After listening to it, you will definitely be happy, and you will be grateful to me!"

good news?Happy?Wen Hong snorted, he just broke up. Is there any good news to make him happy?

Seeing that Wen Hong was really angry, he hurt his brother's feelings if he continued to tease, Rong Hongqian said with a serious face: "Fang Jing didn't really break up with you, she broke up with you for a reason!"

As soon as he heard the word Fang Jing, Wen Hong's ears stood up. Hearing the whole sentence, he became excited and asked urgently: "Do you know the reason?"

When Rong Hongqian thought that he was the fuse of the whole thing, he grinned and explained: "In fact, it is like this. Do you remember how you and Fang Jing met?"

How did you meet?Wen Hong immediately recalled the scene of saving people.

He often walked along the river, thinking quietly by himself. On that day, when he walked to the river, he saw a girl floating on the water with her eyes closed.The forehead was still bleeding, and the clear river water became turbid. It can be seen that the girl must have been struggling for a long time for drowning money. He immediately carried the girl ashore and rushed to the hospital.

Then he paid all the expenses, treated the girl, and contacted the girl’s family.But it takes time for the girl's parents to come over.So he stayed to take care of the girl.

Soon the girl woke up. The first thing the girl saw after waking up was him, so she was very dependent on him.Very trusting.Later, the girl’s parents also came, but then it was discovered that the girl had amnesia and had a slight concussion, requiring hospital observation.

Inquired carefully.The girl’s parents told that the only thing the girl had forgotten was a girl named Zuo Lu.It is Fang Jing's good friend from childhood to adulthood. They came to the school this time because they applied for the university, so they came to have a look.

I learned that there was a girl who was with him, but the person was gone.And Fang Jing nearly drowned in the river, so they chose to report the crime, but they never found Zuo Lu's whereabouts.

Although Fang Jing's parents have an impression of Zuo Lu.But there is not much contact, plus the daughter is still in hospital.Naturally didn't mind paying attention to Zuo Lu's affairs.

Then Fang Jing's parents moved into Wen Hong's house. The following matters have been written before, so I won't mention them here.

Recalling this, Wen Hong felt a little sad, and his mood also fell.

Rong Hongqian saw Wen Hong's self-pity, and he could only break the deadlock and said, "Actually, I already know if you don't say it. I came this time for this matter. Actually, Fang Jing broke up with you. It also has something to do with me!"

Wen Hong was stunned, looking at Rong Hongqian incredulously and asked: "It has something to do with you? When did you know Jinger? What is a false breakup? You can tell me clearly!" At this time, there was a trace in Wen Hong's heart. Happy, fake breakup, Jing'er is a fake breakup, great, it turns out that the breakup is a fake, but when did Rong Hongqian know Jinger, and said that this matter is related to him?

Scratching his head, Rong Hongqian said weakly: "I said, don't be angry, don't be surprised, be calm!"

Wen Hong saw that Rong Hongqian hadn't explained the situation, so he wanted to beat him up, but Rong Hongqian knew the reason, he could only bear it, and shouted impatiently: "Don't be angry, don't be surprised, just say it!"

"Well, it wasn't a drowning incident in the school some time ago, do you know about it?" Rong Hongqian could only explain it slowly, or he could just talk about ghosts, he was afraid that Wen Hong would not believe it, but thought he was insane!

Not talking about Fang Jing but talking about drowning, Wen Hong frowned and nodded impatiently: "I know, but what does this have to do with Fang Jing!"

Rong Hongqian said weakly: "Then you still remember, Fang Jing's amnesia has forgotten whom!"

A strange color flashed in Wen Hong's eyes. This time he was no longer impatient. Instead, he faced Rong Hongqian and asked nervously: "You mean the student named Zuo Lu, but isn't she missing? She has something to do with this. relationship?"

"Zuo Lu is not missing, but dead!" Rong Hongqian sighed helplessly, and then told Zuo Lu about drowning to save Fang Jing.

With his mouth opened slightly, Wen Hong's eyes were a little regretful, and he said angrily: "I didn't know there was a person in the water when I rescued Jinger!"

While regretting, Wen Hong was grateful to Zuo Lu. Zuo Lu died to save Jing'er. If she didn't save Jing'er at that time, she would not drown.

"I know that Zuo Lu's death has nothing to do with you. It was an accident!" Rong Hongqian understood Wen Hong's thoughts, comforted, and then moved on to the topic, "Wen Hong, do you know? In fact, people have souls after death. Yes, the soul will report to the underworld and then reincarnate!"

His eyes widened, Wen Hong stared at Rong Hongqian weirdly: "Are you telling me now, there are ghosts in the world?" His eyes flashed, and he frowned and continued, "Do you want to say that the school drowning incident is Is it related to ghosts, but also to the dead Zuo Lu?"

Rong Hongqian nodded approvingly: "Yes, this is the fact! I know you may find it incredible, but these are my personal experiences, do you remember Professor Qi?" Speaking of Professor Qi, Hongqian Rong The voice was choked.

"I know, I heard that a female student was murdered because of love and hatred." Wen Hong was too shocked by Rong Hongqian's statement at this moment, so mentioning Professor Qi did not worry about Rong Hongqian's feelings. It is straightforward.

After speaking, Wen Hong reacted and looked at Rong Hongqian apologetically.

Rong Hongqian patted Wen Hong on the shoulder and barely pulled out a smile and said, "The truth is like that. That girl student likes me, but I like Professor Qi, and that girl is frantic. Killed Professor Qi!"

"Hongqian~" Wen Hong wanted to comfort him, but before he could finish speaking, Rong Hongqian interrupted him.

I saw Rong Hongqian wave his hand and said with an expression that didn’t care about the matter: "The matter has passed, I have already looked away. I just wanted to tell you about Professor Qi. At that time, I knew there was something in the world. Ghost. It is Professor Qi's soul that can solve the case. She can help solve the case!"

ghost!Wen Hong was in the mist.There are real ghosts in the world, and his good brother Rong Hongqian has experienced it in his own life. This is incredible.

Although I don't want to believe it.But Wen Hong knew Rong Hongqian very well, and he believed that Rong Hongqian would not deceive him with this.And this matter is also about Jinger.

Half-believing and half-unbelieving, Wen Hong asked nervously, "Then you see the ghost again now? Is that Zuo Lu? Jing'er broke up with me because of her?"

Rong Hongqian didn't refute this. He didn't want to tell that Fu Xiaowan could only see that Fu Xiaowan was a ghost crossing.So if Wen Hong was directly acquiesced, let Wen Hong misunderstand it like this.

He nodded: "Yes, Zuo Lu has appeared. She found Fang Jing and forced Fang Jing to break up with you!"

The truth turned out to be.The ghost of the dead Zuo Lu forced Fang Jing to break up with him!Wen Hong felt that his mind was a little knotted, and he couldn't turn around. He asked without understanding, "Why? Isn't Zuo Lu Fang Jing's good sister? Why did she persecute Fang Jing so much? Also, you are not talking about the soul. Are you going to report on reincarnation in the underworld? Why is this Zuo Lu still hanging around here."

After thinking about it, Rong Hongqian still told the truth: "In fact, Zuo Lu and Fang Jing are not ordinary good friends. They have a relatively close relationship."

close?Girls and girls have a close relationship, aren't they good girlfriends, but if Rong Hongqian said this, the relationship is definitely not ordinary.Thinking of a possibility, Wen Hong's face turned blue, and he asked unacceptably, "You mean, what kind of relationship is Zuo Lu and Fang Jing?"

"Ah, yes." Rong Hongqian glanced at Wen Hong sympathetically. After having been in love for so long, he suddenly realized that his girlfriend was homosexual, sexual, and romantic. It was indeed shocking.

His face trembled, Wen Hong stopped talking, because he didn't know what to say. His girlfriend was in love with a woman before, which is really absurd.

Upon seeing this, Rong Hongqian quickly persuaded: "Actually, this is Zuo Lu's unilateral insistence. Fang Jing was a young and ignorant, and was only agreed by Zuo Lu. Nothing happened between them, well, disgusting. thing."

Nothing happened, Wen Hong's face improved slightly. Thinking of Fang Jing's introverted character, it is indeed easy to give affection, especially the good friends who have been with her.

Seeing Wen Hong relieved, Rong Hongqian pinched the cold sweat and continued: "Fang Jing met you and stayed with you. This is your fate, but Zuo Lu appeared. She liked Fang Jing and didn't want her to be with you. Together, so I forced Fang Jing to break up with you."

"Huh, she's a ghost, she wants to be with Jing'er! It's ridiculous!" Wen Hong snorted dissatisfiedly, and then asked angrily, "But Jing'er still chose to break up with me, could it be her In my heart, Zuo Lu is more important than me. If this is the case, then I have nothing to say, and I will break up!"

In the first sentence, Rong Hongqian nodded repeatedly, but the latter sentence was wrong. He hurriedly explained: "No, Fang Jing is such a confused person, let alone Zuo Lu is already a ghost, just When it comes to your feelings, Fang Jing is not willing to part with you! Actually Zuo Lu deliberately deceived Fang Jing, saying that if Fang Jing doesn’t break up with you, then she will go to reincarnation! But Zuo Lu is a water ghost, she wants to reincarnate Just look for a substitute for the dead ghost. How can Fang Jing bear the heart to harm others, that's why~~"

"It turned out to be like this!" Wen Hong's expression completely improved, full of Jing's affection and approval, and he hurriedly said: "Jing'er is a kind-hearted person. She definitely can't bear to hurt others. She should choose to break up with me!" Then he showed a sad look, "But, I just broke up with Jing'er like this, I'm not reconciled. Wait, what do you mean by cheating?" Wen Hong was surprised and Rong Hongqian's wording complained. some problems.

"That's what I'm going to say next!" Rong Hongqian said with an angry expression, "In fact, I already have a way to get Zuo Lu to reincarnate without having to find a replacement for the dead, but Zuo Lu has no intention of reincarnation at all. I want to pester your Jing'er, so I deliberately forced Fang Jing to make a choice and forced Fang Jing to break up with you!"

"Damn! Such a vicious woman!" Wen Hong was immediately annoyed, and Zuo Lu turned out to be using Fang Jing's kindness to persecute them to break up.l