Ghost Crossing

Chapter 119 Dream Story (2)

The left father and mother are gone, but there is still a father and a mother!

Fang Jing’s parents hated Zuo Lu. They kept hearing from their daughter that they had a good friend, and it was so good that they wanted to live together. How can this be done!They can't say anything to Zuo Lu, Zuo Lu can cut off relations with her parents, what else can they do as outsiders?

Fang's father and mother can only preach to their daughters. They hate Zuo Lu. They have never given Zuo Lu a good face, and they scold them from time to time to harm their precious daughter. .

As the only daughter, Fang Jing has always been doted and listened to her parents. Seeing her parents behaved like this, she felt very uncomfortable in her heart. But Zuo Lu, under the accusations of both parents, has always persisted and silently accepted All the accusations made Fang Jing cherish Zuo Lu very much.

For a moment, Fang Jing was caught in a dilemma, and in the end she could only be silent, using silence to express her persistence.

Zuo Lu was very happy when she saw this, and felt that her persistence was not in vain, even if she was scolded and complained by both parents.

However, the influence of this matter is not limited to this, there is a greater test facing the two.

Fang Jing's parents are such a baby girl, so naturally they won't give up so easily, and they don't care about work anymore, so they directly take a long vacation and plan to fight a protracted battle.

In order to persuade them nearby, the two elders even rented a house nearby and came to persuade them every day.

Zuo Lu had nothing to do with Fang Jing's parents, so she could only silently let the two old men come and make trouble from time to time, while Fang Jing, because of her personality, was so persecuted by her parents, she often wiped her tears.She cried without speaking. When she cried, the two old men felt distressed, and Zuo Lu also felt distressed, so she had to stop making noise.

But even if it disappeared, Fang Jing's life was still seriously affected.She is no longer happy.Become more silent, more introverted, facing his parents and Zuo Lu.He is no longer enthusiastic in speaking, just one sentence after another, and he won't take the initiative to speak.

Fang Jing's change was obvious, but Zuo Lu and Fang's father and mother did not notice.

Although Zuo Lu persisted.But after all, I still feel tired and wronged.Her parents severed ties with her, Fang Jing's parents always came to make trouble again, and they mocked her in various languages, and Fang Jing.Instead of always standing by her side to comfort her as in the beginning, instead, he would only wipe tears and cry.Seeing her is even more annoying.Because of these factors, Zuo Lu is no longer the cheerful and lively girl before.When she becomes irritable, how can she still care about her lover Fang Jing's change?

Fang Jing’s parents only wanted to persuade their daughter to turn back and not to follow the path of homosexuality, sex, and love. If the daughter did not speak, they would only feel that there was a drama, and the daughter might have been shaken, but now they don’t know what to do. it is good.

In a week, just a short week, Zuo Lu, Fang Jing, Fang Jing’s parents all lost a circle. Fang Jing’s parents are okay. They go back to the rental house after the troubles every day. Although they are very angry, they can rest. There is still plenty of time.

But Fang Jing and Zuo Lu are different. They have to go to work every day, and they get dimmed after work. The spirits of the two people become trance, and from time to time some tiny things start to appear at work. Small mistakes that shouldn't have occurred.

This is not the worst, and worse things are happening quietly.

Fang Jing and Zuo Lu are not in the same company. The two are just renting together. Zuo Lu has a cheerful and lively personality. She is very active in the company and is very popular with her boss, so she is envied and jealous by other colleagues. She can make a mistake. It was a big trouble. After other colleagues squeezed and complained intentionally or unintentionally, Zuo Lu was disgusted by her boss, and even reprimanded Zuo Lu for his mistakes in front of everyone, which made Zuo Lu feel wronged and want to cry.

After being wronged and returning to the rental house, she had to face Fang Jing’s parents’ accusations and complaints, and she had to listen to Fang Jing’s constant crying. She became more and more unbearable. On the spot, Jing screamed, “Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry, cry. What can you do besides crying? It's so annoying!" He slammed the door and ran out.

Fang Jing’s parents were cursing, they were interrupted by Zuo Lu’s sudden madness, shocked. For a long time, Zuo Lu has silently endured all the attacking words of the two elders, without refutation or sophistry. This is the first time he has mad. , The two elders were frightened, and when they left, the two elders recovered and complained to their daughter, saying why Zuo Lu is so rude, so ignorant.

And Fang Jing, she cried today for a reason, the same reason as Zuo Lu, it was a work matter, even worse than Zuo Lu.

The reason is this. A colleague of Fang Jing’s company happened to be in this community. He usually greeted him when they met. No, Fang Jing’s parents came recently. This colleague also found out, but it’s been a week. , The two elders have not left yet, what is even more puzzled is that they also rented a house to live in.

This colleague's curiosity and gossip came up, and he came to inquire about Fang Jing from time to time to see if there was any news to dig.No, this dig has unearthed a huge scandal!

Fang Jing turned out to be a homosexual, sexual, and romantic, and now she lives with her girlfriend. Fang Jing's parents are here for this.

The female colleague was dumbfounded, shocked!

You know, Fang Jing is like an invisible person in the company. He doesn't like to talk. He works very hard and is motivated. He does everything and is liked by colleagues in the company. Of course, this character also makes Fang Jing not immune to his boss. There will be no chance of rising.

But Fang Jing didn't care, she just wanted to work hard.

But this female colleague is different. She has a big mouth and can't hide things. She dares to say anything. She is particularly unpopular in the company.

No, the female colleague was excited after digging out a scandal such as Fang Jing's, and when she arrived at the company, she went all over to promote the incident.

When Fang Jing went to work at the company, she noticed that the eyes of her colleagues were a little strange. She was unspeakable and seemed to be contemptuous and fearful, which made her very puzzled.

The most depressing thing is that she wants to figure out the reason, but when she gets closer to her colleagues, their reactions are very big. Seeing her is like seeing something terrifying, avoid it!

More than that, the colleagues who usually lost their jobs to her unexpectedly stopped losing their jobs, and some even took back the things that had been thrown to her but had not been done.

After all, the paper couldn't contain the fire, and Fang Jing finally knew the reason.When she learned that she was in love with a woman and the whole company knew about it, her eyes went dark and she almost fainted.

No wonder, no wonder all the colleagues looked at her with such eyes, no wonder all the colleagues avoided her far away.

Since the parents of both parties discovered this incident to persuade and cause trouble, Fang Jing has understood that homosexuality, sex, and love are not accepted by this society, and she has always been worried.just in case.What would her colleagues think about her and Zuo Lu if something happened someday.

Now the result is obvious, the female colleagues are afraid of her.The male colleagues all looked at her with regretful eyes.

In fact, many people will say that they can accept homosexuality, sex, and love, and even ridicule the opposite and love each other in order to pass on the family line. Only homosexual love is true love.There is still such a situation.Just ask women, women usually say.Can accept men and men together, can not accept women and women together, ask men the same, can accept women and women.Can't accept men and men.In fact, this shows that they do not accept homosexuality in their hearts.Moreover, once you find that you have homosexuality, sex, and love around you.Everyone will feel very awkward and disgusting.very scary.Imagine if you know that someone around you is homosexual, sexual, or romantic, and when she/he keeps staring at you when you go to the bathroom, you will definitely feel that your hair is standing up.

Now Fang Jing is in such an embarrassing situation. Male colleagues feel that a good girl will become homosexual, sexual, and romantic, and two girls will disappear at once. This means that there are two more men in the world who cannot marry a wife. what!

The female colleagues felt disgusted, for fear that Fang Jing would attack them and even went to the toilet. When she saw Fang Jing entering the toilet, her expression became a little weird.

(The author's words: I have absolutely no contempt for homosexuality, sex, and love, but this society still doesn't accept this phenomenon, at least I can't accept it.)

Because of Fang Jing’s affairs, the company became lively, which also attracted the attention of the boss. When he learned that the source was Fang Jing, he was immediately dissatisfied. He called Fang Jing to the office and talked about something in private life. Don't make trouble in the company and affect the emotions of the employees of the company. At the end of the talk, the tone of voice has changed, and it is very serious to persuade that love that is not for the purpose of getting married is all tricks, hooligans, and hooligans, but you must carefully consider it!

Yes, the boss of feelings can't accept homosexuality, sex, and love. Seeing Fang Jing seems to be quiet and introverted, she thinks she is only in a moment of confusion when she is in love with a woman, and wants to persuade her.

Fang Jing was very wronged, very wronged, she wanted to cry when she was wronged, but in the company, she couldn't let her tears fall, so ashamed, thinking about her boss, she thought about it carefully and felt that what the boss said was right, and she was in love. The last thing is to get married. Could it be that she and Zuo Lu have been living together, but can't get married forever?

Don't talk about going abroad to get a certificate, they don't have that economic strength yet!

The more I thought about it, the more sad that Fang Jing was in a bad mood after returning to the rental house, but when she arrived home, her parents knocked on the door. After a while, Zuo Lu also came back from get off work. .

The more noisy the more upset, Fang Jing's grief came from her heart, and she began to cry. After holding back at the company for a day, now she can't hold it anymore!

She was so sad that Zuo Lu was not comforted. Instead, she yelled and slammed the door and left. Fang Jing was shocked by the fright. Fang Jing was also annoyed when she heard her parents scold Zuo Lu, but her temper dictated her. He didn't make a lot of noise, but looked at the door of the room with a grievance, glanced at his parents, got up and went directly into the bedroom, locked the door and ignored others.

(Because it is two girls, for the sake of safety, the house rented by the two people is small, but it is independent. There is a bedroom and an outer room. The kitchen and the like are all in the outer room, which is also a living room.)

Seeing that his daughter was angry and went into the bedroom, the father and mother could only stand anxiously for a while, then obediently went back to the cabin they rented.

After Zuo Lu ran out, she wandered aimlessly, thinking about how it would become like this, everything is not going well, so annoying, so annoying!

At this moment, Zuo Lu was a bit at a loss. She didn't know what to do in the future. She thought, if Fang Jing's parents could leave, it would be fine. As long as they leave, she and Fang Jing should be able to return to the previous ones.

Yes, as long as Fang's father and mother don't make trouble, Fang Jing and her can live a stable life again!

Thinking about this, Zuo Lu decided to go back and talk to Fang Jing, to see if she could let Fang Jing persuade her parents to go back.

Zuo Lu wanted to understand, so excited he wanted to discuss the matter with Fang Jing immediately, and wanted to go back.The terrible Fang Jing's parents were still at home, and they couldn't speak well when they returned, so they called Fang Jing directly and asked her to come out, and they had a good talk.

And Fang Jing lay on the bed in a daze after entering the bedroom, although she didn't cry anymore.But my heart is still empty.I don't know what to think in my mind.

Until she received Zuo Lu's call, her eye sockets were a little red, choked up and agreed.Then he went out to find Zuo Lu.

The two women talked about each other for the first time since their love affair was broken, and neither of them looked very good.

Seeing Fang Jing's red eyes, Zuo Lu immediately asked distressedly: "Why are you crying? It's all my fault, I shouldn't lose my temper just now!" She thought that she slammed the door and left Fang Jing was frightened and wronged.

Fang Jing shook her head and explained: "It has nothing to do with you. Yes, it's work!" He hesitated for a moment.She still talked about the company's affairs and said, "Our company, people in the company know, they have been talking about me!" thought of this.Fang Jing's voice choked up, and tears fell again.

Zuo Lu was taken aback, she didn't expect Fang Jing to have this incident.How did the people in her company know about this?Forget it, I know everything.She couldn't change much, but she blamed herself: "It's all my fault. I didn't know that you were so wronged in the company. I still lost my temper at you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

While apologizing, Zuo Lu hugged Fang Jing tightly in her arms.

This is how people are, and they were aggrieved. The more someone comforted them, the more they couldn't help crying. The same was true of Fang Jing, who was so comforted by Zuo Lu and sobbed softly in Zuo Lu's arms.

Yi Qianqianjing cried when she was bullied by a classmate, but since Zuo Lu started to protect her, Fang Jing never cried again. It has been many years since I thought about it. This is the first time I saw Fang Jing cry so sadly. Zuo Lu's heart was about to break when she heard it, she thought as she patted Fang Jing's back.

Their love affair has too much influence on their lives. If they want to live a stable life, they can only keep their love affair a secret. Fang Jing’s company already knows about it. If Fang Jing continues to stay, she will only suffer more humiliation. Zuo Lu feels distressed when he thinks that many people treat Fang Jing with contempt.

After thinking for a while, Zuo Lu said: "Fang Jing, otherwise, you can resign, that company, don't stay at that company!" She didn't say the reason, but she believed Fang Jing understood why.

Fang Jing did understand the reason, she nodded without hesitation in tears, and then sobbed and asked, "But, it's hard to find a job now!"

Zuo Lu said indifferently: "Then look for it slowly, if you can't find me to support you!"

As soon as the three words I support you came out, Fang Jing only felt happy, nodded in joy, and her voice became much lighter: "Okay, I listen to you, and I will submit my resignation application tomorrow."

"Fang Jing, in fact, I'm looking for you to discuss matters with you!" After comforting Fang Jing, and talking about her resignation, Zuo Lu thought of her business affairs and spoke with embarrassment.

Fang Jing, who was still moving, immediately asked, "What's the matter?"

"That's right, it's uncle and aunt!" Zuo Lu said with a headache, "If your parents are still here and continue to struggle, neither of us can get through. Look, is there any way to persuade them to leave?"

Fang Jing understood that her parents did put a lot of pressure on Zuo Lu. They didn't force her, but they said a lot to Zuo Lu.After a moment of silence, she said with some embarrassment: "I don't want my parents to be like this, but our business is too difficult for them to accept. Now I want to let them go. I don't know what reason to find? My parents will definitely not be easy. left!"

Zuo Lu naturally knew that it would be difficult to let Fang's father and mother leave, but if they didn't leave, everyone would have a hard time. She smiled bitterly: "I know, I understand, but if this continues, you will be the saddest person. I really don't want to see you cry anymore, my heart is broken by crying!"

Fang Jing did not speak, but listened silently, feeling very entangled in her heart.She also hopes that her parents will agree to their relationship, and she also hopes that her parents can leave. But now, her parents can't accept this at all. How can she leave easily? She doesn't want to make her parents sad.However, if parents do not leave, Zuo Lu will be scolded by them again. Really, it's so difficult!

Seeing Fang Jing's silence, Zuo Lu smiled bitterly: "I know, this makes you very embarrassed. You are an only child. If you are with me, your parents can't accept it. If, if it really doesn't work, we, we still do. , Divide it!"

Break up!Fang Jing was shocked and shook her head in a flustered expression. She grabbed Zuo Lu's arm and said, "I don't want it, I don't want to break up. We agreed to be together forever."

Zuo Lu was satisfied with this response.But there was no smug smile on her face.Instead, he sighed with a sad face and said, "What can I do if I don’t break up? If this continues, it’s not just me, but you. And your family. I’m different from you. My parents have given up on me. Yes, but your parents. They won't give up on you!"

Biting his lips tightly, Fang Jing took a deep breath.His eyes became firm, and he said seriously: "I know what I should do. Don't worry, I will convince my parents. I will definitely let them agree to our being together!"

A touch of pride and ease flashed under his eyes, Zuo Lu looked at Fang Jing affectionately, and said softly: "As long as we work hard. As long as we work hard, we won't regret it in the future!"

"En! Let's work hard together!" Fang Jing nodded solemnly.I wondered how to convince my parents?

The next day, Fang Jing submitted an application for resignation, settled her salary and left. After all, she did not have any special performance in the company, and there was no one to retain her resignation, so she was approved smoothly.

After resigning, she did not immediately look for a job. The most urgent task is to persuade her parents to leave.

Fang Jing’s method is very simple. She talked to her parents directly. She couldn’t do anything to threaten her life. How could she do such an unfilial thing when her parents raised her? So I hope to persuade her parents with words Up.

It was obviously working time, but the daughter didn't go to work. Instead, she called them to talk. Fang Jing's parents immediately questioned, and Fang's father asked calmly, "Why didn't you go to work today?"

The father and mother are still clear about their daughter’s work situation. They should not go to work on weekends, but they must go to work from Monday to Friday, unless it is a holiday.

Jing did not go to work, only two possibilities, one is to ask for leave, and the other is to resign!

"I resigned!" Fang Jing didn't lie, but directly stated that she would not do it.

Fang's mother immediately said with dissatisfaction: "Such a good job, how can you quit!" Work is easy, I can rest on weekends, and the salary is quite high. Of course it is a good job, but such a good job, even my daughter. Quit, can Fang Mu be in a hurry!

Fang Jing's eyes darkened, and her tone was lost: "Because the matter between Zuo Lu and I got to the company, I have no face to stay!"

Fang's father and mother were stunned when she heard the words, but she didn't expect her daughter to lose her job because of this!

Fang's mother said angrily: "What? It turned out to be because of this. I told you to leave Zuo Lu as soon as possible. If you don't listen, it's all right now, no work!"

Fang's father was calmer and not angry. His daughter is well-educated and talented. Are you afraid that you won’t find a good job? However, it’s a good thing to lose a job right now. He slowly said, "Since I have resigned, then talk to my dad. Mom is ready to go to the factory. Dad will tell the factory manager to arrange a clerical job for you, sit in the office, and relax!"

Upon hearing this, Fang's mother was happy. Yes, she took this opportunity to take away her daughter. So Fang's mother was not angry and said happily: "Yes, yes, Jing'er will go back to the factory with us!"

Seeing this reaction from her parents, Fang Jing frowned and said firmly, "I am not going! I want to be with Zuo Lu!"

"Oh, you want to piss your parents to death!" Fang's mother immediately cried out.

Fang's father was just frowning, but he was not as excited as Fang's mother. He understood that his daughter had resigned, and he asked them to talk to them. It must be a showdown!

As for her daughter’s choice, she was determined to live with Zuo Lu. Fang's father sighed in his heart. Seeing Fang's mother grinning, he glared at her and said: "Stop it, let Jing'er say Finish!"

Fang's father's majesty is still great. After all, he is also in charge. He is regarded as an official and a bit prestigious. Fang's mother immediately silenced, staring at them with wide-eyed dissatisfaction, and stopped crying.

Fang Jing breathed a sigh of relief when her mother was drunk by her father. She was really afraid of having a headache because of her mother's troubles. She looked at her father gratefully and said slowly, "Dad, Zuo Lu and I are sincere."

After speaking for a while, Fang Jing fell into a reminiscence and smiled and talked about her and Zuo Lu.l