Ghost Crossing

Chapter 127 Grandma's Past (3)

How dare you do this in a white coat? He didn't want to die. If he angered the wizard, he would die miserably, and hurried away regardless of the mother ghost's pleading.

The mother ghost pleaded for no results, and sat on the ground in despair. She didn't want to die, and she didn't want her child to die. What should I do?How to do?Run away!

But how to escape?There is no chance to go out in a closed room.

Also, the white coat said, these people are going to kill her child, then trap the soul and raise a kid?Wouldn't it be that you can't rest in peace if you die!No, it can't be like this, her poor child, how could she suffer this way before she was born.

No, she can't let these people succeed. Since they can't escape, then go and die, so that these people have no chance to trap the child's soul. Maybe, maybe the child's soul can be rested.

Turning her somewhat numb eyeballs, the mother ghost gritted her teeth and made a decision to die, as long as the child can rest in peace.

At the moment, she stood up and looked for tools in the house.

After searching for it, I found that there was no tool to find and die in the house. In the end, I could only put my eyes on the wall and hit it!

She mustered up the courage and rushed towards the wall in one go.

With a touch, the mother ghost's body fell softly, but before she fell, she saw a white figure. Isn't that the white coat that she left just now?

When the mother ghost woke up again, the wound on her forehead had been bandaged, she was not dead, and the child was fine.

Turning his head, there was a white coat sitting next to him. The white coat said helplessly: "Don't look for death, it's useless. They won't let you die. Even if you are going to die, they will be sleepy at the last moment. Live in the soul of your child. You can't escape!"

"Doctor. Please, save my child!" The mother ghost begged again, in return, indifferent.

The white coat said pityingly: "What they want is your child. You should be honest and don't make unnecessary struggles."

Yes, needless struggle, because no matter how hard you struggle.The ending is the same.

Xu's words in a white coat worked.The mother ghost no longer hunted for death, but began to sit on the bed in a daze.

Finally, the sheep and water broke.The child is about to be born.

A group of people filed in, surrounding the mother ghost and starting a formation.

Suddenly, the mother ghost sat up suddenly and thrust her right hand towards one of them.

"Ah~" The unlucky one who was pierced urged the guy to cry.She covered her face with shaking hands, but didn't dare to touch the wound.Unfortunately, his face was stabbed, and because he dodged aside too suddenly, the area of ​​the wound was lengthened, and a deep wound was drawn on his face.

Blood rushed out.Instantly stained the ground.

"I killed you!" It turned out that the mother ghost looked for and failed to die, so she planned to do her best. She stayed in bed.In fact, the wooden pole at the head of the bed was removed, and it was sharpened.

"Heh. It's a bit wild and sexual!" One of the eldest old people said coldly, watching the mother ghost's eyes shine as if he had seen some treasure.

And the man who was scratched was still young. He suffered from pain but did not dare to be presumptuous. Instead, he asked the old man: "Master! Let me raise this child!"

The old man cast a cool look at the man, and nodded his head when he saw his bony wound, "Well, this kid is yours! Keep it up!"

Seeing that the master had agreed, the man was ecstatic, then looked at the mother ghost with gloomy eyes, and sneered towards the mother ghost.

The mother ghost was already in pain, hurting one person and wanted to continue, but the people next to her all avoided. She didn't have a chance to do it again, her stomach hurts more and more, and finally her whole body was drained and she was limp on the bed. Weeping.

Raising a little ghost originally needs blood. The man shed so much at one time, and he simply used it to set up the formation. Anyway, the little ghost belongs to him, so it should be a little more blood.

Allowing the blood on his face to bleed, the man quickly set up the array, and then looked at the mother ghost wailing coldly.

The old man on the side nodded with satisfaction when he saw the man's proficient movements. He was worthy of his favorite disciple, and the formation was perfect.

Child, child!The mother ghost desperately wanted to give birth to a child, because the white coat said that these people had to let the child die before taking out the child. As long as she can give birth to the child smoothly, then their conspiracy will not succeed.

But after a long time, the mother ghost didn't feel that the child was going to come out. She panicked and prayed in her heart, child, be good, come out soon, mother is good for you!

But what she didn't know was that the white lab coat added some special things to her meals, which would prevent the baby from being born smoothly, unless a caesarean section was given, otherwise it would only die alive.

The strength gradually disappeared, and even the shouting gradually became smaller. The mother ghost stared at the ceiling with wide-eyed eyes in despair. She died and her eyes were not closed. She didn't understand why God treated her this way. cruel.

Don't die!The man was not scared at all when he saw it, but became more excited. He continued the next steps and trapped the ghost of the mother ghost with the formation, and then he was locked in a columbarium, and then waited for the child in the mother's belly to die.

As soon as the mother ghost came out, she was at a loss for a while, then her face changed drastically, and the Yin Qi all over her body was tumbling, and she wanted to rush towards the man, but she found sadly that she was trapped and could not move. The man threw her into a jar.

Entering the jar and regaining her freedom, but unable to break out of the jar, the mother ghost was anxious and roared sternly.

After waiting for about half an hour, the man moved again. This time, he appeared even more excited, his hands trembling involuntarily, because of excitement, his face twitched, the blood flowed more and more cheerfully, and the bleeding caused him to pale slightly. Against the backdrop of the bright red blood, his face became more and more weird.

Holding a dagger (harmonious) in his hand, a knife slashed through the center of the pregnant woman's corpse.

Then he dropped the knife, stretched out his hands and took out a baby from his stomach with a pious expression.

The baby died due to lack of oxygen due to the death of the mother, the whole body was suffocated and purple, and the small face was also wrinkled in pain.

Wash the baby and put it in a big bottle. The bottle is so big that the whole baby is put in. The bottle is filled with unknown liquid, and the baby's body is soaked in the liquid.Floating in the middle, with the shaking of the bottle, the body will float up and down.

Putting the corpse away, the man turned his head, staring at the sliced ​​belly with green light in his eyes, took out a pair of clean gloves, and put them on his bloody hands.Then he took a wooden box.Carefully put the wooden box into his stomach, pushing it gently with his hands.

This action took the man a few minutes, and he was relieved after a long time.A triumphant smile appeared on his face, as if he had done something very difficult just now.

Taking out the wooden box, the man's pale face moved and smiled at the old man: "Master, I made it!"

The old man nodded in relief.No praise, and then left the room directly.Just the moment he stepped out of the room, there was a smug smile on the corner of his mouth, very good, his mantle.Someone inherited.

The rest of the men who came to help all looked at the wooden box in the man's hand with envy and hatred, and one of them stepped forward and said bitterly: "Wal, Master, I really love you!"

Yes.This man is Val Batawei, he is still very young at this time.He looked like he was only about 20 years old. After hearing the jealous words of his brother, Val grinned and did not reply. Instead, he arrogantly left with the wooden box and the ashes.

As for the corpses of pregnant women left behind, he naturally does not need to deal with them.

Val's attitude only made the rest of the men more jealous, but they were helpless, their talents were not as good as Val, and they couldn't like the master, so they could only fight.

In this way, the mother and son ghost were raised by Val.

The memory of the mother ghost ended here, the hatred on her face was so obvious, but because of the child, she couldn't attack Vaal and the old man, otherwise she would really tear the two evil masters and disciples to pieces by herself.

Grandma Fu was very emotional after listening, but although she understood the hatred of the mother-ghost, she couldn't do more for her. She could only save her child: "Then you know, where is the master and disciple now? "

The mother ghost gritted her teeth and said: "Wal is in China, and his master is in Thailand."

Then the mother ghost explained that Vaal was originally in Thailand. This time he was entrusted to kill people, so he came to China. As for his master, he is old and he won't do anything easily anymore.

"In China, that would be easy!" Grandma Fu nodded slightly, and continued to think for a while, "Little ghosts need to be fed with blood every day, and Val will definitely bring your child with you this time in China."

The mother ghost said anxiously: "I know, it's just that Val is stocking me now, so I don't let me approach him. I can't see the child at all, and I don't know where he is hiding now."

Since the mother ghost can kill people, Val no longer wastes energy to support her, but let her absorb the yin by herself. Anyway, there is a kid, he is not afraid that the mother ghost will run, only when the mother ghost is required to do something, will he use the child to persecute She showed up and went to do the task.

Grandma Fu did not expect the mother ghost to take her to find Val in person: "I only need you to tell me his appearance, name, and when he entered the country."

The mother ghost nodded feebly, except for this, she couldn't help others, and immediately she turned into Val.

Looks like a young man in his early 20s, thin and dark, his eyes flashing fiercely, a vicious grin appeared on his face, and the lock of hair on his forehead resembles the long tongue of a poisonous snake. The most obvious feature is the centipede on his face. The long scar, which was scratched by the mother ghost, extends from the bottom of the eyes to the top of the chin, in the shape of a '1'.

I took a closer look, and silently remembered the physical characteristics of this Val. At the same time, the mother ghost was telling Val's message: "The full name is Val Batawei, who entered the country a week ago."

Writing down these information one by one, Grandma Fu nodded and said: "There is also the appearance of Master Val, you also change it to me, I will find him if I have a chance!"

Although she has no chance to go abroad now, Grandma Fu is so worried about Val’s master. She even took the Chinese to raise a kid and used the way of winning a lottery to lure him over. It was really hateful. She didn’t mind taking time to travel to Thailand once when she had time. The master of Val.

"Okay, but I don't know anything about this old immortal. I just saw it at the time and never saw it again!" The mother ghost replied with some loss, her two enemies, one, she She had to work hard for Val, one she had never seen again.

After speaking, the mother ghost changed into Master Val again, an old man, about sixty years old, with folds on his face densely like knife cuts and deep concave eye sockets.Two dull, gray-white cobblestones should come and go, looking unpredictable.

There were almost no particularly obvious characteristics. Grandma Fu frowned and took note of the old man's appearance, feeling a little frustrated. She really wanted to match up with this old man, who looked very powerful.She was really not confident.

Seeing Grandma Fu nodded slightly.The mother ghost changed back to her own appearance, and said with a bitter face, "I have killed so many people. Although I was forced to do it, but I did it after all. I can't argue with it, I just hope You can really save my child. When the time comes, I will leave it to you."

As long as the child is well.There is a chance of rebirth, the mother ghost doesn't care about anything, even if she is let out of her soul.

Grandma Fu was very moved when she heard what the mother ghost said.For the child, the mother is really willing to give everything, this poor mother ghost.She also has to bear the evil of the two masters and apprentices of Val, which is really pitiful.Compassionately said: "Don't worry, I will do my best to save your child. As for you, I will hand you over to Hades and intercede for you. Although there is no chance of reincarnation, I can let you not suffer. Too many sins."

You know, the eighteenth floor of the underground palace is not just for fun. Those punishments are creepy when you look at them, let alone suffer.

Upon hearing this, the mother ghost smiled unceasingly, and she didn't care: "My business doesn't matter, do I need to do anything else? If not, can you?" As she said, she swept her eyes upwards, indicating that she could put her eyes on Let her go.

Grandma Fu did not immediately let go of the mother ghost, but asked: "If I let you go, how will I find you in the future?"

She laughed at herself, the mother ghost knew that the woman in front of her was worried about her rebellion. Also, people's words are not yet credible, let alone nonsense!For the child, she must show enough sincerity.

After a moment of silence, the mother ghost said slowly: "I can follow you, of course, if Vaal finds me, I must go there."

In this way, the mother ghost's every move was monitored by Grandma Fu. Grandma Fu could easily know what she wanted to do. The most important thing was that she had no chance to inform Val in private.

"Okay!" Grandma Fu agreed without hesitation. This is the best way. If the mother ghost is not with her, she is really worried that the mother ghost will betray her. After all, the mother ghost’s child is in Val’s hands. When a brain pump did something stupid, Grandma Fu said that she was too late to cry.

When the agreement was reached, Grandma Fu directly burned an iron chain and threw it to the mother ghost. The mother ghost handcuffed the shackles at one end of the chain to her hands without any resistance.

With the shackles, the mother ghost's range of action is limited, and Grandma Fu can also feel relieved.

The underworld is actually the same as the human world. The shackles are worn, and it is difficult to open it. Unless you have the key or have an amazing talent for unlocking, otherwise you want to unlock the shackles and dream.

Seeing the mother-ghost cooperating in this way, Grandma Fu's trust in her deepened. She put away the wicker net, called the ghost chase, handed the other end of the chain to the ghost chase, and asked the ghost chase to bring the mother ghost back to Fu's house. .

Grandma Fu dare not let the mother ghost get in the car and go back with them. The daughter is still in the car. If the mother ghost does any absurd behavior, she will regret it.

Regarding Grandma Fu’s instructions, how dare the ghost chase, and even said he was very happy, it is his honor to do things for Grandma Fu, so the ghost chased forward, grabbed the iron chain and brought the mother ghost. gone back.

Grandma Fu also returned to the car and drove home. She had to take the child back first, and then went to a certain police officer.

Mother Fu had fallen asleep in the car a long time ago. She didn't know that the matter was over. When she woke up, she found that she was already asleep in the bed at home.

By the way, after Grandma Fu sent the child home, she went directly to the police station. Everyone in the bureau knew her, nonsense, don’t you know her? You can often see Grandma Fu at the crime scene, and she was brought by her boss. People, they don't dare to know them or not.

Upon seeing Grandma Fu, the police officers immediately told her the location of a certain police officer.

Grandma Fu found a police officer unimpeded, but the police officer is in a meeting, so she can only wait.

Time is precious. Grandma Fu did not wait stupidly. Instead, she found a police officer and asked him to find a technician to draw a portrait.

The police officer did not dare to neglect, and hired a professional person to paint.

When a certain police officer came out, she saw Grandma Fu holding two pieces of paper waiting at the door, hurriedly greeted her and said: "Sister Zhong, why don't you tell me when you are here, go, go and sit in my office!"

The two then came to the office.A police officer stretched his neck and looked at the paper in Grandma Fu's hand and asked, "Sister Zhong, what do you hold in your hand?"

"Picture of the murderer!" Grandma Fu handed over the portrait, clicked on Val Batawei in the photo, and said, "This person is Val Batawei. He is now in China. It has been in China for a week. You can check it as soon as possible. Find out his whereabouts. Remember. Don't let him find out, he still has a kid in his hand."

The hand holding the photo shook, and a police officer cried and said, "Huh? That's not very dangerous. Sister Zhong, our police do not have the ability to deal with ghosts. Look, can you give me something to save my life? How?"

It's not that a certain police officer has the courage.But facing things like ghosts, he really didn't know what to do.He would rather go to shootout with criminals than contact with ghosts.

But he also understood that although Grandma Fu could deal with ghosts, she couldn't easily find a foreigner and find people.The police really have to come.

"Yes, you just need to find out his whereabouts, don't do anything else. If there is any danger, you have to be afraid of it. Just bring more gold ornaments, there is no grievance, no one wants to use a kid to deal with idlers." She was speechless. When she knew a certain police officer, the certain police officer was a person who dared to rush upwards without fear of any danger. Now she has become such a virtue.

If you know what Grandma Fu thinks, a certain police officer would really cry. He is now facing a ghost. When he encounters criminals, he can do it fearlessly, because he has the ability and ability to deal with criminals. .But in the face of ghosts, he has no self-protection ability at all, and can only be slaughtered by others. No way, he can be slaughtered by ghosts, can he not be afraid!

It's a pity that a certain police officer didn't know Grandma Fu's thoughts. After listening to Grandma Fu's words, he could only sigh and nod his head: "Well, I'll let people go to check, only the whereabouts, as for the others~~" The meaning is obvious.

The corner of Nanny Fu's nipple twitched and stared at him, saying, "Leave the rest to me!"

After receiving the affirmative reply from Grandma Fu, a certain police officer was greatly relieved, and smiled and took out the following portrait to take a look, and asked: "Sister Zhong, what about this person? Also looking for?"

"No, this person is in Thailand." Grandma Fu shook her head to explain the situation, "This person is Vaal's master. I don't know any other information. I want you to check. The identity and situation of this person are the same. Don't startle, give up if it doesn't work, he is much more dangerous than Val."

A certain police officer stared, and exclaimed: "Emotions, this shameless old man is still a big thorn. Don't worry, Sister Zhong, I will be careful." He said that he put the two portraits away carefully.

"You don't need to worry about this old man, now the first thing is to find Val's whereabouts. I am worried that he will leave China and it will be difficult to handle then, you know!" Grandma Fu said with a slight squint, her eyes soft and warm. At this moment, full of fierceness.

Seeing Grandma Fu's expression, a certain police officer couldn't help getting a little excited. Sister Zhong was serious, then this Val would be bad luck.

As for Grandma Fu's concern, a police officer understood that, after all, this Val was an exorcism and murder. Once he returned to China, the police would have nothing to do with him.

Although Grandma Fu can go to Thailand to deal with Var in person, Thailand is the world of Var. His masters and brothers are all in Thailand. Two fists are hard to beat four hands. A strong dragon does not crush the snake, and Grandma Fu does not. Going to Thailand stupidly is no different from dying.

With the assurance of a certain police officer, Grandma Fu left the police station with satisfaction. Now, she is waiting for the news from Val. As long as he confirms his location, she can proceed to the next step.

When she got home, Grandma Fu was speechless and found out that her baby girl had become very familiar with her mother.

The mother ghost is also a person with children, so when she sees Mama Fu, she is especially happy, especially when she is smart and cute. This makes her love it even more and even secretly wonders if her child reaches 12 years old. She is as smart and cute as this girl.

Mother Fu, on the other hand, is very interested in mother and child ghosts, and seeing mother ghosts is not that scary, so she was very courageous and took the initiative to talk to her. Of course, she would not foolishly ask how the mother ghost died, but asked some questions. Knowledge of ghosts, such as how she communicated with her master.

After all, mother Fu would not do this kind of thing to raise ghosts, so Grandma Fu had never taught this knowledge, she could only come to ask mother ghosts.l

ps: Yesterday’s opinion has been revised. In the book, Grandma Fu is not surnamed Fu, but the abbreviation of Fu Xiaowan’s grandma. She is lazy and reluctant to name her. The same goes for Mother Fu. They all have the surname Zhong, because Grandma Fu divorced So the daughter and her surname, Fu Xiaowan’s parents did not divorce, so Fu Xiaowan gave her father’s surname.

Principal Fu is the brother of Fu Xiaowan’s father. Fu Xiaoya is a ghost guide because her mother is in the same line as Fu Xiaowan, so she also has this inheritance.Well, as for the explanation, it should be reasonable!

/(tot)/~~ After reading the comments, I thought about this all morning and came up with such a solution!Any questions?Point out and correct immediately.