Ghost Crossing

Chapter 128 Grandma's Past (4)

Seeing Grandma Fu came back, Mother Fu immediately threw down the mother ghost and rushed over with joy. The mother ghost was lost for a moment. She missed her child. When will her child be like the mother and daughter in front of her. Get along the same.

The loss of the mother ghost passed by, and she then thought that the ghost crossing must have been inquiring about the whereabouts of Vaal. Whether her child could be rescued or not depends on her, so she immediately looked at Grandma Fu with scorching eyes, and her lips moved slightly. , But did not have the heart to interrupt the communication between the mother and daughter.

Grandma Fu talked with Mama Fu for a while, then asked Mama Fu to do her homework. Today is the weekend, so she can take her daughter to run around. The day after tomorrow is going to class. The homework is not finished yet. Grandma Fu doesn't want her daughter to study. fall.

Mama Fu went back to her room with her mouth to do her homework. Those homework was so simple that she didn't bother to write it, but the teacher wanted to check it. Hey, she should just accept her order and do her homework!

Mother Fu went back to the room, and Grandma Fu turned her attention to the mother ghost. Seeing her look eager, she smiled and said, "I have asked someone to Chawal's whereabouts. When I find his whereabouts, I will go. Save your child."

The mother ghost smiled gratefully when she heard the words. Although she didn't know who the ghost dude invited to find Val's whereabouts, she went to find someone to find Val's whereabouts as soon as she sent the child back. This shows that she is very concerned about this matter. The hope that the child will be rescued is even greater.

She has completed the mission, and Var is likely to return to China in the next few days. If Var returns, then her child will be hopelessly rescued, and the mother ghost is naturally anxious.

"Don't worry, unless Val has already returned to China today, otherwise he won't have a chance to leave!" Grandma Fu said very confidently, her eyes full of ambitions.

A certain police officer is not stupid, as long as Val appears at the airport.He can control Var unless Var has left Thailand. If that is the case, then the situation is not optimistic.

Fortunately, Val did not leave China today.

A police officer quickly found Var's entry record, and then easily found the hotel where Var was staying, which was also Var's arrogance.He didn't think that ghost riders would appear.So I didn't hide my whereabouts at all. After entering the country, I chose the most luxurious hotel with a document record.Naturally, he found his check-in information easily.

More than that, a certain police officer also found out the information of Waal's return to China. It turned out that Waal had already bought a ticket to return to Thailand. This information became clear after checking.

There is no danger.It didn't alarm Val either, a certain police officer hurriedly told Grandma Fu all of Val's information.

After Grandma Fu listened.Knuckles tapped on the desk lightly, and then he had an idea, and said to a police officer: "Stop him before he boarding the plane. It's better to put him in the police station for a reasonable reason. Also, he has something with him. Keep things alone, don't let anyone go through it."

A certain police officer wanted to catch Val directly.Suddenly he was dumbfounded, and asked with trepidation: "What. Just arresting people directly, this, this, there is no danger, right?"

coward!Grandma Fu couldn't laugh or cry, and explained: "Don't worry, in a place with so many people in the airport, Val will not easily use the kid. Also, as long as your reason is reasonable enough and does not arouse Val's suspicion, Val will not be stupid against the police. Yes, I will cooperate with you instead." I really want to deal with you, that is also secretly!Grandma Fu didn't say this sentence.

Opposing the police is not the same as opposing a country. I believe that Val will not be foolish and use the kid on the spot. As long as he gets the kid, Val will not be afraid.

"Okay, okay!" A certain police officer reluctantly agreed. What he has a headache now is that he thinks of a reasonable and reasonable reason to detain Val.

However, his problem was solved in the next second. She seemed to know what a police officer thought, and Grandma Fu directly said a way: "In this way, before Val boarding, you bring the police dog over, and the police dog will naturally stop Val. You can take care of the rest!"

"That's all right?" A certain police officer felt a little weird. Could it be that Val was carrying something illegal (harmonious)? It's just that there is a security check at the airport. How did Val pass the security check? Does it have to be discovered by a police dog?

Although it felt very inexplicable, a certain police officer obeyed Grandma Fu's words and prepared a police dog.

Waal confirmed that the target three were dead, and went to collect the final fee. After a few days of fun, he was ready to return to China.

As for the injured mother ghost, it doesn't matter if she lives or die, it's best if she can't die, she can continue to work, if she dies, let the kid go.

It turns out that this time Val came to China to use ghosts to harm people and was hired. A wealthy businessman went to Thailand to inquire about wizards. He happened to be met by Val. Whoever doesn’t want the money, Val took the initiative to ask, and the rich businessman said In response to his intentions, it turns out that he had a project in his hand to do, but the plot of land needs competition. He has several opponents, and it may be difficult to compete for the land.

But he had already spent a lot of money on this project. If he couldn't compete for the land, he would go bankrupt. So he came up with a bad idea to hire someone to murder these competitors.

He wanted to find a killer, but he was afraid that it would be too obvious, so he was fighting for the land and several opponents were murdered. Wouldn't he be easily suspected.

Then he thought of looking for wizards in Thailand. Didn't it always say that wizards in Thailand raise little ghosts? Little ghosts can kill people, and they have played a lot in movies.

Ever since, he ran to Thailand with a glimmer of hope, looking for a wizard, originally just wanting to try his luck, but he actually met.

After Val revealed two hands, the wealthy businessman immediately expressed his desire to hire Val to kill three people.

Val did not refuse, but said that, based on the head count, one person 10 million, three people 30 million, a deposit of 5 million is paid in cash, and the balance is paid in one lump sum after the death is confirmed.

The wealthy businessman naturally agreed happily, immediately paid the deposit, and then returned to China to wait for the news of his opponent's death.

No, Val is really awesome. Three people really died strangely, and the wealthy businessman was about to pay the balance.

And Val, just a few days after receiving the reward, he was ready to return to his country.


Waal Chunfeng was full of face and preparing to board the plane. He had had a good time these few days, and he went back and squandered the remaining money for a while, waiting for him to go back.Honor and respect the master first.If there is no master, how could he have the ability now, how could he have such a comfortable and comfortable day now!

But his master has no other preferences, and his favorite is women. When he goes back, he gets a few beautiful women to give to the master.

At this time, the airport rioted. It turned out that a group of policemen came to the airport for random inspections.In fact, this is not a big deal.But when he saw a police dog, Var's face became a little hard to look, and he cried out unlucky in his heart.

The police dog didn't yell or bark.Like a strong samurai, majestic and sophisticated, squatting motionless, Xiongjiao corrected the fluffy long hair on his open chest.Tongue popped out and gasped, when he got the instructions.Suddenly he stood up, his nose was turbulent, trying to smell all the abnormal smells.

At this time, a certain police officer came over.He glanced at random and said: "Go and check the person who wants to board the plane first!"

After speaking, a police officer pulled the dog straight to the direction of Var.

Just approached.The police dog suddenly roared, his voice a little worried.There was some excitement again, and then he yelled directly at Var, but he didn't dare to jump over.

Upon seeing this, Val frowned and knew he could not go. He sighed and thought to himself, why is it so unlucky. When he met a police dog, if there were no police dogs, he would definitely get on the plane smoothly.

It’s said that dogs are alive and can see ghosts, especially black dogs. They are even more powerful. This police dog is a black dog and is very sensitive to ghosts. So when he gets closer, he notices the existence of little ghosts, and he growls with fear and excitement. .

When several policemen saw this, they immediately surrounded the enemy, and the people who lined up in front of Val were also scared and scattered immediately. They looked at Val with horror, wondering what this man did. The police dog was actually right. Shouting at him.

Val raised his hand and said in bad Chinese, "Police officer, I did nothing."

A certain police officer stepped forward nervously, looked around and said, "Cooperate with our work and open the package to check it."

A police officer quickly stepped forward and opened Val's box. The contents were clear at a glance. Most of them were clothes, but one thing was particularly eye-catching!

It was a gray box, rectangular, with beautifully carved patterns, but it looked very strange.

Seeing the box, the police dog grinned and whispered in a low voice, staring straight at somewhere, as if confronting someone.

Seeing the box, a certain police officer picked up the betting stone, swallowed nervously, waved his hand and said, "Open it and see what's inside!"

Upon seeing this, Val immediately stopped him, and said with a sad look: "No, this is my child's bones, don't disturb him. I will open it myself!"

The police officer who had touched the box and was about to open it sounded like a bone, and immediately retracted his hand in fright.

When a police officer saw Var like this, he vaguely understood that the kid should have something to do with the bones in the box. Well, it's better not to touch such a dangerous and terrible thing. He immediately nodded: "Okay, you open it."

I saw Val stretched out his hand and patted on the box, then his lips moved slightly, and silently said a comforting word: "Hey, don't be angry!" Then he opened the box, with a bone inside.

Dead bones, really dead bones!

Everyone stared at the bones in horror, and the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

A certain police officer was also very nervous. This bone is the bone of an imp, and the imp must be there. You will know the abnormal reaction of the police dog. He took a deep breath and said pretendingly, "Sir, according to the regulations, carry this Such items need to be certified, do you have a certification?"

"No!" Vaal frowned and said with embarrassment, "I don't know that I need to prove it. I was not asked to show it when I came."

(The security check does not find it, so naturally there is no need to provide proof. Human bones are not dangerous goods, so it is no problem to pass the inspection. If there is no police dog, Val can go back smoothly this time.)

A certain police officer finally understood what Sister Zhong said. The human bones were found and there was no proof. Naturally, they could not be released easily. At the moment, he also said with difficulty: "That is a mistake at the airport. This thing needs proof. If you If you can't provide a death certificate, just follow me back to the police station."

Val was very helpless. He didn't expect this to happen. Now he can only follow the police to the police station. After calling the master, let him get a certificate and go back.

In his mind, it was just an accident.I didn't think it was deliberately targeted at him, so Val just as Grandma Fu expected, without any resistance, promised to cooperate with the police.

Only before entering the police station, Wall called the master, but he couldn't help but said it was his child.The death certificate naturally has to be sent from Thailand.

And Val also exhorted.I hope the police will not disturb the undead of his child, and the implication is to not let people touch the bone!

Waal, who entered the police station for the first time, was not nervous and afraid, but visited the police station with great interest.

What he didn't know was.In the room where his belongings were placed, a woman was reaching for his precious wooden box.

Grandma Fu is not worried that a certain police officer will not bring Val back. This method is reasonable, and Val will not doubt it.It is safe for Val to be taken back to the police station, and all she has to do is wait in the police station.

After Val was brought back.His belongings were taken to a room, where Grandma Fu had been waiting for a long time.

Although the kid is hostile, he has never killed anyone.He is also simple in mind, and he will not mess around without his master's instructions.So when he saw Grandma Fu, the kid just glanced coldly.

"Good boy. Come, Auntie, please eat candy!" Grandma Fu took out a toffee and shook it in front of the little ghost.

The little ghost was stunned and looked at Grandma Fu with a look of surprise, as if she didn't believe that the woman in front of her could actually see him and talk to him.

When he saw the toffee dangling in front of him, the little ghost was convinced that the people in front of him could really see him, and they were indeed talking to him, giving him sweets.

Blinking blankly, the kid had never had this experience, and he was a little at a loss. For a long time, Val took care of the kid. Other strangers couldn’t see him and ignored him. For the first time, someone talked to him and gave it back. He eats, which makes him a little nervous.

"Good boy, don't be afraid, eat!" Grandma Fu said again with a loving face, how pitiful the child in front of her, as a mother, she is full of compassion and love for the child in front of her, if not afraid of little ghosts The reaction was overwhelming, and she couldn't wait to hug the child directly and give him some warmth.

After hesitating, the little ghost saw that Grandma Fu didn't do anything unusual, the smile on her face was also very warm, and her hand unconsciously took the toffee.

Valco had never eaten anything like this to a kid, so the kid looked at it with toffee in a novelty, and didn't worry about the entrance. After playing for a while, he licked his lips and stuffed the toffee into his mouth.

The taste was very good, it was great, it was a taste he had never tried before, the little devil's eyes curled and smiled.

"Is it delicious?" Grandma Fu hit the iron while it was hot, and talked to the kid again.

The little devil could not speak with the toffee in his mouth, nodded vigorously, and smiled at Grandma Fu.

Seeing that the little ghost doesn't reject herself anymore, Grandma Fu continued to entice and confuse: "Why are you here alone? Auntie will take you to meet other children, OK? You can play with her. Auntie has a lot of toys there."

friend?what is that?The little ghost looked dazed, he was a little unfamiliar with this term. As for toys, he knew this. Val had prepared a lot of toys for him, and he liked them very much, but they were meaningless.

Also, what fun can it have to play alone?

Grandma Fu felt so distressed, she coaxed: "Auntie's toys are something you have never played with, and ah, you can still play with auntie's daughter."

Aunt's daughter?The kid blinked curiously. It turns out that this aunt has a daughter, and he also has a mother. Well, but he hasn't seen his mother for a long time. When was the last time he saw it?No, it was just a few days ago, but the time of meeting with his mother was too short, so short that he didn't remember when he saw his mother.

The word Xu is a daughter touched the little devil, and he nodded slowly.

Although the little ghost became a ghost, Ke Xin Xing was still a child. Apart from knowing that he had to listen to the words of his master Val, he had no experience in contact with other people, so he was easily abducted by Grandma Fu.

Successfully lured and confused the little ghost, Grandma Fu's eyes fell on the wooden box, and she said softly: "Then I will take you to see my daughter. Are your bones in this box? Can I take it away together?"

The kid is not clear about the importance of bones, and Val has never explained that people are not allowed to touch the wooden box, so the kid nodded indifferently, his eyes full of expectations, I don’t know what auntie’s toys have, yet The aunt is so beautiful, and her daughter should be so beautiful too.

Grandma Fu didn't react fiercely at all when she saw that the little devil wanted to take the wooden box away. She couldn't help being a little suspicious, but she really didn't care about the little devil.Under this suspicion, An Nai carefully picked up the wooden box, and then reached out to the little devil and said: "Come on, take Auntie's hand."

Without saying anything, the little ghost stretched out his right hand obediently, stuffed the little hand into Grandma Fu's hand, and quickly left the police station one by one.

At this time, Val didn't know that the little ghost had been taken away. He was drinking tea leisurely in the police station, waiting for the master to fax to prove it.Because it happened suddenly.It still takes some time for the master to prepare a certificate, and a certain police officer deliberately delayed the time, which proved that he had been hiding and not telling Val.So the proof was late.

Grandma Fu didn't lead the little ghost home, she had prepared a room near the police station, and led the little ghost to this room, the room.Mother Fu is here, so is the mother ghost.There are ghosts.

The little ghost does not have the concept of strangers. In Val's heart, he never thought that the little ghost would meet other people or ghosts, so he didn't let the little ghost see outsiders or ghosts to be guarded.Therefore, seeing a few people at this moment, there is no tension, not to mention one of them is his mother.

Because I have been looking forward to seeing Grandma Fu's daughter in my heart.Therefore, as soon as the little devil came in, his eyes were given priority to the child, and he saw the sweet-looking mother Fu at first sight.With big bright eyes, he was full of curiosity when he saw him blinking.

The child is actually very sensitive, and you can feel whether others love or dislike him from the look in his eyes. Therefore, seeing the natural-looking mother Fu, the little ghost feels good at first and wants to be close to her.

However, the two children did not communicate, and the mother ghost leaped forward happily, grabbed the little ghost, and called with a trembling voice: "Child, my child."

Mother and son rarely meet, so the little ghost has never given a name. Maybe Val has a nickname for the little ghost, but that is not a name, nor is it a name that the mother ghost is willing to admit, so at this time the mother ghost can only call the little ghost as a child .

The little ghost is still very familiar with the mother ghost, but he has never been hugged like this before. An inexplicable emotion came to his mind. The little ghost couldn't help but shouted: "Mom." At the same time, the little ghost's hand naturally hugged the mother ghost. Mother and son hugged deeply.

The little ghost's reaction made the mother ghost's emotions more agitated. For the first time, the child took the initiative to hug her.

"Child, child!" The mother ghost broke down and almost shed tears, but the ghost couldn't cry at will. How could she be willing to die without seeing the child reincarnated, so she was holding back the tears.

Mother Fu was very sad when she saw the interaction between mother and son. She looked at Grandma Fu with tears in her eyes and shouted, "Mom, they are so pitiful!"

Grandma Fu stepped forward and wiped her daughter's tears with a dubious cry: "What are you crying, silly boy, crying is useless, you have to find a way to help them."

"En!" Mother Fu solemnly nodded her head when she heard the words, and felt that the responsibility on her shoulders was very heavy. There are so many poor ghosts in the world. She must work hard in the future to get these poor ghosts who cannot be reborn. Freed and reborn.

Touching her head, Grandma Fu reminded the two ghosts: "Well, you are busy crying first. This is your child's bone. If it is there, Val can't threaten you." Then she put the wooden box on the table.

The mother ghost released the child and turned to look at the wooden box. Her eyes were moist again. Her poor child was finally saved, and she no longer had to be threatened by Val to do those frantic things.

The little ghost hadn't figured out what was going on, but saw the mother ghost looking like he wanted to cry, so he reached out and patted the back of the mother ghost's hand for comfort.

Gui Cha saw the mother ghost's demeanor, and was very emotional. Fortunately, he did not encounter such a thing after his death. He turned to sympathy. Gui Cha had to remind Grandma Fu: "Sister Zhong, you have to hurry up."

"I understand!" Grandma Fu knew that time was pressing. She had to make a fake box to lie to Val, or a certain police officer would be unlucky. After all, Val had a huge division. If they knew that a certain police officer had intervened in this matter, certain The police officer died soon, and he would die miserably.

The kid didn’t care about his bones in the wooden box at all, so Grandma Fu directly opened the box and took out a short red bone inside, exchanged a bone that was already prepared, and went in, and then brought the wooden box back to the police station. Put the wooden box back in place.

As for the little ghost, with his mother, he naturally did not return to the police station, but played with Mother Fu under the guidance of the mother ghost.l