Ghost Crossing

Chapter 132 Hotel Fire

The 6 people did not pack their things, but immediately opened the door and ran out. Fu Xiaowan took Fu Xiaoya and shouted to the others: "Go downstairs!"

When the elevator was on fire, it was impossible to ride. Six people rushed to the top of the stairs, only to find that the top of the stairs was crowded with people and all fled down.

There were too many people, and Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya were washed away, but the nomad who had been watching Xiaoya saw it and grabbed Xiaoya, holding her in his arms and continuing to charge down.

Rong Hongqian unexpectedly got together with Fu Xiaowan. Fang Jing and Wen Hong had been hugging each other, but they were not washed away.

There are too many people, and you are going downstairs again. The most taboo thing at this time is pushing. If you fall at this time, you can wait to be trampled to death!

The nomads protected Xiaoya strongly, for fear of her being injured, the eyebrows and eyes of Xiaoya who were protected by him were crooked, and the eyes were full of sweetness. The feeling of being protected is really good!

at this time!

"Wow~" The baby's cry sounded, resounding across the floor.

Hearing this cry, Fu Xiaowan's body trembled and she looked back abruptly. Rong Hongqian asked suspiciously, "What's the matter?"

Fu Xiaowan frowned and replied: "There is something!" She wanted to go back, but the crowd rushed down. How could she go back alone?I can only go downstairs along the crowd, worrying, there is a ghost, is it because someone deliberately caused the fire?

Rong Hongqian was half-dead when he heard that, ghosts appear now, wouldn't it be too easy to harm people!Right now he pulled Fu Xiaowan down and ran down: "Don't be impulsive, you can't do much in the current situation, so protect yourself first!"

Pushed by the crowd, it is difficult to move, how to communicate with ghosts, the most feared is.If this ghost is an evil ghost and can't communicate, he can't let go of his hands and feet when he starts to move.

What Rong Hongqian said was right, and Fu Xiaowan hesitated for a while and continued to flee along the crowd obediently.

Fang Jing and Wen Hong naturally couldn't hear this voice, nor did Fu Xiaoya. Among the six, except Xiao Wan.There are nomads who can see ghosts.But I couldn't hear it either, so the nomads didn't hear the crying, and they still protected Xiao Ya and ran down.

And the little ghost sent by Wall is directed at Fu Xiaoya.Waer planned to trip Fu Xiaoya with a little devil, let Fu Xiaoya be trampled to death, and then appeared and grabbed Fu Xiaoya's soul, but Waal did not expect it.Nomads can actually see ghosts, and they have tools to deal with ghosts.

These nomads carry them with them.Even when he was sleeping, he ran away after a fire, and he still had props to deal with ghosts.

When the little devil appeared and rushed towards Fu Xiaoya, the nomad immediately saw the little devil's actions.Without thinking about it, the nomad immediately stretched out his left hand to stop the imps.

The little ghost wanted to rush to Fu Xiaoya's side and bit her foot, but was stopped by both hands.The sharp teeth snapped on the nomad's left arm.

The target character is not a nomad, so he took a bite and immediately let go and backed away.Staring hard at the nomad, it knows that the nomad can see it, otherwise it won't stop it.

The master only asked him to bite the woman in front of him. He didn't say that anyone could see it. The little ghost stared at Fu Xiaoya with big scarlet eyes, ready to rush to bite again. The task the master explained must be completed!The big deal, the big deal will kill this man too!

"Ah!" The nomad cried out in pain. Seeing the kid stepped back, he immediately retracted his left hand, hugged Xiaoya with his left hand, and reached into his trouser pocket to get the pistol with his right hand.

At this moment, he is extremely grateful that his habit of carrying weapons with him has not changed, otherwise, Xiao Ya will be more fortunate today!

The ghost in front of me was clearly directed at Xiaoya. When did Xiaoya provoke such a ghost!

The nomad was shocked, but Fu Xiaoya was inexplicable. Hearing the nomad cry out and immediately asked: "Nomad, what's wrong with you?"

At this time, the nomad had taken out the gun and fired it at the imp.

With a sound of "bang!", the frightened crowd became more and more panicked, and screams continued to sound.

It's no wonder these people are crazy. They caught fire, but now there are gunshots. Can they not be afraid!

The little devil didn't expect that the nomads had weapons that could hurt it. He was hit directly and let out a stern cry, his eyes flashing with jealousy stopped the fight, and he retreated and hid in the dark.

Seeing that the nomad had taken out a weapon and shot somewhere, Fu Xiaoya suddenly understood that there was something, and this thing wanted to hurt them.(The kid is just here to hurt you~(^o^)/~)

She grabbed the nomad's left arm nervously, and shouted in fear: "Nomad, are you okay?"

Knowing that there is a ghost, the nomadic cry just now can explain it, the ghost hurt the nomad!

"I'm fine, go downstairs quickly, we must meet Xiao Wan as soon as possible!" The nomad stared at the imp, as long as the imp rushed over, he wouldn't mind another shot!

Fu Xiaowan naturally heard the gunshots, her eyes condensed, and she pulled Rong Hongqian into the corner of the stairs, refusing to go down anymore.

Because it was the farthest side, the pushing down had little effect, and the two stopped steadily at the corner.

Rong Hongqian asked suspiciously, "How can there be gunshots!"

"I don't know, but it is certain that something has happened. We are waiting here, hoping to meet Xiaoya Fangjing and the others as soon as possible!" Fu Xiaowan shook his head with a worried expression, and kept looking at the crowd, hoping to see the familiar Figure.

Hearing the gunshots, Fu Xiaowan was very worried because he didn't know exactly what happened above. Perhaps because the crowd was crowded, some people took out guns to kill others in order to find a chance to escape.However, it may also be a nomad. Fu Xiaowan knew that the nomad carried a gun, but this gun was not a real gun, but a modified version of a toy gun. The bullets in it were also special and contained special powder that could suppress ghosts.

Although it is not a real gun, the sound of the gun and the weight of the gun are similar to those of a real gun. So Fu Xiaowan also secretly guessed whether it was a gun fired by a nomad, and did the nomad encounter any danger?

Rong Hongqian could only smile wryly when he heard this, thinking to himself that being with Fu Xiaowan is a special excitement.

Because the little ghost was afraid of the nomad's bullets, he had not dared to pounce on it again, but the master began to urge it, and it struggled to open its blood basin and rush towards the nomad.

Although the target task was Fu Xiaoya, she didn't solve the man in front of her.It had no chance to attack that woman at all. The little devil was not stupid. He immediately turned his target to a nomad, planning to solve the nomad first and then attack Fu Xiaoya.

The nomad continued to run down while protecting Xiaoya, while keeping an eye on the kid's actions. The gun in his hand was also aimed at the kid.Once the little ghost dared to jump over.He immediately made up a shot, in short, don't let the kid hurt Fu Xiaoya!

Xiao Ya was anxious.The nomad has been injured, and he is still confronting an unknown ghost. What if he gets injured again?You must meet up with Sister Wan as soon as possible. Sister Wan is a ghost rider.There must be a way to deal with ghosts.

With this thought in her mind, Xiao Ya pulled the nomad and ran down.He shouted anxiously: "Sister Wan, where are you? Sister Wan! Sister Wan!"

At this moment, the little devil rushed forward, the nomad's eyes condensed, and he aimed at the little devil again and shot.

There was a "bang".The people around were so scared that they screamed loudly. Some people were afraid that they wanted to survive, so they pushed directly at the slow-moving person in front.Good luck because someone in front of him didn't fall, but continued to flee with a curse.Unfortunately, because it happened to be at the corner and there was a gap, I fell directly and wanted to get up, but because the people behind me pushed and couldn't get up for a while, I gradually slipped down, screaming for help, but the call for help gradually After being submerged, only the wailing of pain was left, the wailing disappeared, and a living person was trampled to death.

The souls of the dead immediately emerged from the *, looked around blankly, and continued to join the journey of escape, because the last thought in life was to escape, escape!So at this moment, the soul body also continues the thoughts it had in his lifetime, and continues to flee.

The kid was clever this time. Seeing that the nomad pulled the trigger and immediately dodged without being hit, he grinned triumphantly, and continued to pounce, this time it went straight to Fu Xiaoya, because the nomad had no weapons, the kid was not afraid Him.

To make matters worse, the nomad shot this time, which caused the people around him to be overwhelmed. He was pushed hard, his feet were stomped, and his body was weightless. The gun was thrown out directly by himself. There was Xiaoya in front of him. After he fell, Xiaoya gritted his teeth and supported his body. He quickly stood up, and at the same time directly hugged Fu Xiaoya and turned around, protecting Fu Xiaoya with his body.

Because the gun fell, the nomad had no weapons to deal with the little devil, and the little devil had already rushed in front of Fu Xiaoya, the fishy mouth was about to bite Xiaoya, and the nomad could only use her body as a shield to protect Xiaoya.

"Hiss!" The nomad took a bite on his shoulder, and the nomad sucked in the air, and stubbornly protected Xiao Ya and continued running down, silently praying that Fu Xiaowan would be nearby, otherwise he would suffer a lot. .

Val, who looked calmly at all this in the crowd, smiled, this time should be successful!

There is a long scar on Vaal's face, and the ghost raising is affected by the Yin Qi, the whole person looks very gloomy and evil, this smile makes his face even more hideous and terrifying.As soon as the fleeing crowd passed by him, they felt cold all over, and they couldn't help but distance themselves from Var, so Var walked on the stairs very comfortably without any rush.

Originally, seeing Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya being washed away, Vaal felt that Fu Xiaoya’s soul would be taken away. For the nomads, he didn’t think there was anything worthy of attention, but he didn’t expect that this man could actually see the kid and deal with it. The bullet of the ghost, the little ghost couldn't get close to Fu Xiaoya for a while, which made Val very angry.

Seeing the little devil cringe and dare not step forward, Var forcedly ordered the little devil to rush up, and then saw the little devil dodge the bullet, and the gun in the man's hand was accidentally thrown off, and he laughed wildly in his heart. He too!

Without weapons, the nomads can only use their bodies to protect Xiaoya. She was bitten by imps everywhere in her body, which can be said to be bruised all over her body.

Fu Xiaoya didn't understand what was going on at first, thinking that the little ghost was attacking the two of them, but then she found out that the nomads changed positions with her from time to time or forced her to the other side. Only then did she understand that the ghost was distinct. It was for her, and the nomads actually used their bodies as physical shields to protect her!

For a moment, Fu Xiaoya felt that her nose was a little sour, her eyes were a little hot, and her heart was even warmer. At this time, she realized that Nomad is a good man. Although she has no money and loves to quarrel with her, she is really right. She is good, she obviously has no money, and she still spends a month's salary to buy her a necklace, she is always fighting with her.But it protects her in action.

Tears filled her eyes, but Fu Xiaoya managed to endure her tears. She is now running for her life, how can she escape after crying? The nomad has been injured several times, and her body will definitely be overwhelmed. She must find Sister Wan as soon as possible.

Sniff your nose.Fu Xiaoya let go of her throat and continued to shout: "Sister Wan! Sister Wan. Where are you?" Although her voice was loud, it was hoarse.

The situation of the nomads was really not so good at this time, and he was bitten by imps in many places.He is not afraid of pain, but the problem is that his body is getting heavier and heavier.I feel weaker and weaker.

If the little devil came for him, the nomad would definitely push Fu Xiaoya away decisively.He led away the little ghost, but the little ghost came from Fu Xiaoya. No matter how weak he was, he had to protect him by her side, even if it affected the speed of his advancement.

If anyone pays attention to the nomads at this time.He would definitely be taken aback, because he was bleeding for no reason and there was no wound.The blood gurgled out, but fortunately, the amount of blood shed was not much.It's just going out little by little, otherwise, the nomad will probably fall due to excessive blood loss.

His movements became stiffer and his reaction slower and slower. The nomads struggled to support him. When he saw the imp attacking again, he wanted to act as a meat shield again, but found that his hands were so painful that he could not move. The kid is about to pounce on Xiaoya.

The nomad's eyes were red, but he found sadly that this time, he couldn't protect Xiaoya, he could let Xiaoya protect herself!He quickly shouted: "Hide behind me!"

It was a pity that it was too late. The moment he spoke, the little devil had already reached Xiaoya's side, grinned proudly at him, and lowered his head to bite Fu Xiaoya.

"Wow!" The little devil could not bite Fu Xiaoya, but was grabbed by one hand, and then threw it towards the wall fiercely. The little devil screamed in fright, not understanding what was going on.

"It's okay!" Fu Xiaowan looked at the nomad and asked with a worried look. Rong Hongqian stepped forward and hugged the nomad with interest.

Fu Xiaoya only felt a cool breeze, and when she looked back, she saw Fu Xiaowan. She suddenly rushed into Xiaowan's arms with grievance and fear, and choked: "Sister Wan, you are finally here!"

"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid! I'm here!" Fu Xiaowan slapped Xiao Ya's back distressedly, and then glared viciously at the kid on the wall who was ready to attack.

Fu Xiaowan’s arrival made Fu Xiaoya feel relieved instantly. After crying, she immediately remembered that the nomad was injured, and said in a panic: "Nomad, the nomad is injured in order to protect me, look at him!"

Seeing Fu Xiaowan's appearance, the nomad's tense heartstrings finally loosened, and the whole person stepped down instantly, putting all the weight of his body on Rong Hongqian, and smiled weakly and comforted: "I'm fine!"

Seeing the nomad, whose eyes were so weak that he could hardly open his eyes, also said to comfort herself, Fu Xiaoya's heart was about to break, she stepped forward and took the nomad's arm, doing his part to support the nomad, her expression was moved. color.

"Have you seen Fang Jing and Wen Hong?" Fu Xiaowan motioned everyone to hide in the corner, and asked anxiously. Fu Xiaoya and the nomads were attacked, and the nomads could protect themselves, but if Fang Jing was also attacked, they could just Dead.

"We are here!" Before the words came, Fang Jing and Wen Hong appeared in sweat, but there was still some distance, and they waved their hands desperately on the upper steps.

In three or two steps, the two of them squeezed to the corner with the crowd and joined Fu Xiaowan.

When they saw the nomad with a tired and weak face being supported by Rong Hongqian, both of them were stunned. Their eyes were full of incomprehension. Wen Hong wanted to ask what's wrong, but Fu Xiaowan didn't say anything. Interrupted.

Only to hear Fu Xiaowan say in a heavy tone: "Don't talk, you follow me."

Stern tone, serious expression, everyone understands that something big happened!No longer talking, one by one dragged downstairs.

"Wow!" Seeing Fu Xiaowan staring at him fiercely, the little ghost knew that this was also a woman who could see ghosts, and seemed to be more powerful than the man just now. The man just now lost his weapon, so he could only use * to stop him. , But this woman was able to catch it directly and threw it out fiercely. The little devil who had never encountered such a thing immediately shouted and asked the owner for help.

"Damn it, how come the ghost crossing is nearby!" Waal's expression of chagrin, the so-called once being bitten by a snake for ten years, fearing the ropes, facing the ghost crossing, Wal never dared to fight with ghosts, so now Just let the kid come back and stop attacking.

Because Duguiren could see ghosts, Vaal didn't dare to use ghosts to monitor Fu Xiaowan. This made him not know that Fu Xiaowan was waiting nearby.

And because of the large number of hotel guests.Most of the people who came to travel were wealthy people, and there were a lot of gold and silver jewelry on their bodies. Except for the small ghosts who could swiftly avoid them, other ghosts would only get in the way and be damaged when they came out, so Val only sent a small ghost.

The action failed, and Val did not stay much, he immediately put away the kid.Turn upstairs back to the guest room to pack things.The action is revealed, the ghost crossing will definitely look for the murderer, and he must hide his edge.

Fu Xiaowan kept staring at the little ghost.Thinking that the little devil would attack again, but unexpectedly, the little devil screamed and escaped!It disappeared in an instant.This made her very inexplicable, but she became more vigilant in her heart.I carefully observed the surroundings, for fear that a ghost would come out from which corner to hurt people, but the strange thing was that no ghost appeared.

Until 6 people left the hotel safely.When she came to the lawn, Xiao Wan relaxed, and she was puzzled.What's the matter, why did she show up.The ghost ran away!Is this kid afraid of her?why?Is it because you know she is a ghost crossing?

But how did this little devil know that she was a ghost, there is no lettering on her face!

Fu Xiaowan was very depressed, since she was no longer in danger, she began to treat the nomads.

Nomads’ injuries are all bitten by little ghosts. Bites are not a serious matter. The main problem is that Yin Qi enters the body. She must expel the Yin Qi from the nomad’s body as soon as possible, otherwise the internal organs of the Nomad will be damaged by Yin Qi. At that time, the nomad's body is crossed, and then he will become weak and sickly.

Of course, you have to rely on the help of ghosts to eliminate the yin qi. Fu Xiaowan does not have any ghost equipment on his body. (The yin-qi tools are used to deal with ghosts, which will be referred to as ghost equipment.) Otherwise, they can be eliminated with ghost equipment. So now, Fu Xiaowan He set his eyes on the ghost.

These ghosts died because of stepping on them. They followed the last thought in their hearts and floated out. As soon as they left their last wishes, they found out that they were dead, sadly looking for their relatives.

For tourism, most of them come with relatives, friends or colleagues. Those who travel alone are a few.

"Woo, I escaped and scared me to death!" Most of the people who escaped from birth were grateful that they could survive.

"Child, my child, my child hasn't come out yet. My child and I have been separated. Who can save my child!" A woman found out that the child was not around before she was happy to escape. Suddenly burst into tears.

There are also small couples who come to travel. After the man escaped, he found that he had left his girlfriend. Some men immediately turned and rushed back, trying to find his girlfriend, but the crowd that swarmed out blocked his way. Even if he can't get in, he can only return to the lawn with a gray expression of worship, praying silently for his girlfriend to come out smoothly.

There are also men who find that their partner has not come out, their faces are pale and sad, but they have no idea of ​​going back to save others.

At the moment of life and death, human nature seems a bit sad and ridiculous, but at this time, no one judges these.

The hotel staff had already reported the fire alarm and the ambulance. At this moment, there were many ambulances on the lawn. When they saw the injured, they were immediately taken to the ambulance. If there was no injury, the hotel staff calmed and comforted the crowd. it is good.

The nomadic anomaly also attracted rescue workers. They wanted to take the nomad back to the hospital for treatment, but Fu Xiaowan refused. A joke, can the hospital eliminate the yin qi?

When the paramedics saw that the injured friend's friend refused to allow the injured to receive treatment, they were very puzzled, but they saw that the nomads were just a little bit tired, and there were no major wounds, so they let them go. Many of them, the ambulance personnel had no time to chat with Fu Xiaowan's group.

The lawn is too noisy. Although there are ambulances and staff to comfort them, many people who have just escaped are still crying and no one pays attention to what other people are doing.

This made it convenient for Fu Xiaowan to act. She went straight to talk to a ghost, hoping to help eliminate the yin air.

This is a foreign ghost. Fortunately, Xiao Wan's English is quite good. I talked with the ghost. Although the ghost was surprised, he was very gentleman agreed, but begged Fu Xiaowan to do him a favor. It was a last wish. Will not refuse, after the negotiation, the foreign ghost will be brought back to the nomad.l