Ghost Crossing

Chapter 135

The man is on the left and the woman is on the right, but on the opposite side, there are several beautiful women standing in the middle, looking at the left and right with hesitant and difficult to choose.

Upon seeing this, the robber raised his gun and asked displeasedly: "You guys, why don't you stand in line!" Of course, they used Thai because these women are Thai.

As soon as several women saw their guns pointed at them, they suddenly explained it nervously. Well, the translated meaning is that we don't know whether we are male or female because they have undergone sex changes and sex operations!

Feelings, these women are humans and demons, so it's no wonder that they are entangled with each other between male and female.

People who don't understand Thai are confused and worry about these women. How can they be so stupid? Only by listening to the robbers can you survive!

The person who understands Thai chuckled, but soon he covered his mouth and suffocated to laugh out loud, for fear of drawing the attention of the robber to himself.

The robbers were speechless after hearing the explanations of several women, and waved angrily to indicate that they could leave the men's team. Reason one, these people were actually men, at least on their ID cards.The second reason is that the appearance of a few people is good at a glance. It is not the woman you are looking for in the photo. Why bother to throw it in the girls team and check it again?

Several people and demons stood awkwardly in the boys' team. At this stop, everyone suddenly realized that their feelings were a specialty of Thailand!In an instant, many people laughed out loud.Some people even thought of a joke in a * trivial way. They shouted during the robbery. The man stood on the left, the woman stood on the right, and the human * demon * eunuch* was in the middle of the prison station!

Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya had already stood on the right side with their hands held hands. They were very nervous. Why did the robber suddenly act like this.Is there any special meaning?

After the grouping, the robber took the photos and started to check the photos one by one. There are still many women in the airport, and it will take some time to find out.

As soon as they saw the robber holding the photo and starting to find someone, Fu Xiaowan and his group of six people all raised their minds. Suddenly, there seemed to be something wrong with the robber.Why are you still looking for people with photos?

Think about it again.After the robbers appeared, the ghost group also appeared, but now the ghost group was dragged by a powerful female ghost, and the robber suddenly took out the photos and started searching for people.What does this show?This shows that the robbers and the ghosts behind the scenes are the same, this plan is really double guarantee!

The robbers were there, and Fu Xiaowan and the others couldn't fight against ghosts in a large scale. The situation was very dangerous.If their two sisters were killed by ghosts, the robbers would not need to kill.

after all.If robbers specifically find them to kill, fools know that the purpose of these robbers is not to steal money, but to kill, and it is easy to cause international conflicts.After all, Fu Xiaowan and several of them were Chinese, but they were killed at the airport in Thailand, and Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya's family background was still very hard.Things can't be good anymore.

But now the ghost group is stopped, and the robbers are exposed.Directly kill people. In the face of bullets, Fu Xiaowan will undoubtedly die. They can't deal with bullets.

Although I vaguely felt that the robbers came from Fu Xiaowan and sisters, Fu Xiaowan and the others did not move with a fluke. In case, if not, maybe the robber is going to kidnap a rich man!

When the nomad saw the robber looking for someone in the women’s pile with the photo, he was anxious, and he was ready to rush out as soon as his fist clenched, but he was caught in time by Rong Hongqian. When the man and woman were separated, Rong Hongqian kept paying attention So he lined up directly next to the nomad, and now seeing him looking like he was about to rush out, Limala stopped him.

Suddenly, the nomad turned his head and saw that it was Rong Hongqian. He was about to ask angrily, but Rong Hongqian covered his mouth with a bitter smile and said, "Don't be impulsive, I don't know what the situation is. , Now you rush out rashly, you are the one who died! Look for yourself, how many robbers, how many guns, and how many bullets there are!"

After Rong Hongqian said this, the nomad calmed down, but still lowered his voice and said worriedly: "What if the person he is looking for is Xiaoya and the others?"

Rong Hongqian shook his head and replied unsurely: "None of us can be sure about this. It's better to wait and see what happens! Also, if the robbers really came to Xiaowan and the others, we would all rush out and die. , Now I can only pray, the robbers did not go to Xiaowan and the others!"

"Pray?" The nomad repeated these two words disdainfully, and finally compromised. He didn't rush out anymore, but stared at Fu Xiaoya and the others. If, if the robbers really went to Fu Xiaoya and the others , Even if he died, he would rush to protect Xiaoya, if he really wanted to die, he could die together.

Not only the Nomad and Rong Hongqian were worried, but even Wen Hong and Fang Jing were extremely nervous.

At this moment, the robber came to Fang Jing. He looked at the photo and found that this Fang Jing was also one of the photos. The robber couldn't help but hesitate. It was also the person in the photo. Should we solve it together?Think about it again, forget it, the master didn't specifically instruct to kill this woman, he still didn't want to superfluous.

Seeing that the robber stopped in front of Fang Jing, the other five people suddenly became highly nervous and stopped. Could it be that Fang Jing was the one they were looking for?

As soon as Wen Hong saw the robber stop in front of Fang Jing, he was dizzy and his mind went blank. How could he stop in front of Jing'er? What would the robber do to Jing'er?Jinger, will you die?

The word death appeared in his mind, and Wen Hong suddenly collapsed. He immediately moved to rush to protect Fang Jing, but an accident happened, and the robber paused for a moment. How about without the other Jing, and went on to compare with the next woman.

The feet were retracted in an instant, and his heart was beating wildly. Wen Hong raised his hand to press on his chest, scaring him to death. He thought, thought something would happen.

Not only Wen Hong was frightened, but Fang Jing herself was so frightened that her feet were soft and her whole body was trembling. The robber stood still in front of her. Does this mean she is dying?The heart almost stopped beating, breathing, and also held it.

When the robber hesitated and left, Fang Jing fell directly to the ground, her expression overwhelmingly shocked and grateful.

Wen Hong and Fang Jing felt fortunate, but the others were directly chilled.

The robber stopped in front of Fang Jing, which indicated that Fang Jing was in his picture, but the robber hesitated and left, indicating that the person he was looking for was not Fang Jing.Not Fang Jing, who else?

Female, and Fang Jing in the same photo, besides Fu Xiaoya and Fu Xiaowan who else!

The nomads couldn't stand anymore, their eyes were bloodshot, and they were about to rush over again. This means that Chong Xiaoya and the others came, and they are still watching what changes!Can't change it!

Rong Hongqian's heart is broken.Ninety-nine percent of the robbers went at Fu Xiaowan.But he still hugged the nomad tightly and prevented him from rushing over, because he didn't want to watch the nomad die.

It is not that Rong Hongqian is unfeeling, but that he is too rational.Right now a group of robbers are armed with guns, and the nomads rushing up are just giving away their lives in vain, so why bother!

The nomad was hugged and shouted angrily: "Let go of me!"

The actions of the two men instantly attracted the attention of the robbers.There were even robbers who aimed their guns at the nomads and wanted to directly kill the rioter.

Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya both felt cold after seeing the robber stopped in front of Fang Jing.Knowing that this time is really dangerous.

But seeing that the nomad wanted to rush out and was hugged by Rong Hongqian, and when some of the robbers were about to kill the nomad, both of them took a step forward in unison.

Fu Xiaoya was quicker and saw the Nomad being pointed at by a gun.Immediately shouted: "No!"

Fu Xiaowan also shouted immediately afterwards: "Stop!"

As soon as the two women uttered, all the robbers stopped their movements and looked at the two women. The robber who was looking for them was startled first.Then quickly looked down at the photo, yes.It was these two women who looked back at the two men who were making trouble and disobedient. They are also the men in the photo.

The robber blinked a little dazedly, some of them didn't understand what was going on. The good-natured man ran out to make trouble. If they didn't make trouble, the two women would not come out obediently.

But after seeing the last man Wen Hong also stand up, the robber slapped his head and suddenly realized that it was because he stopped in front of the woman just now.

Well, I made a mistake, no need to waste time looking for someone!

The robber waved his hand at the subordinate who was holding a gun to kill the nomad. He murmured a few words, and the man nodded obediently and put away the gun. It seemed that he was not planning to kill the nomad again.

Seeing that Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya took the initiative to stand up, the nomad suddenly regretted it. If it weren't for him to be so impulsive, the robbers might not have found the two women so quickly. He is really stupid. What he should do now is not to delay time. Waiting for the arrival of the police!

The nomad, under self-reproach, broke away from Rong Hongqian's hands and ran to Fu Xiaoya's side, with an apologetic expression: "I'm sorry!" I was so stupid that made you take the initiative to come out.

Fu Xiaoya shook her head pretending to be indifferent and said: "It's okay, I understand your intentions!" You are so worried about my life and death that you are so impulsive, how can I blame you?

Fu Xiaowan shook his head helplessly. Really, it could have been delayed for some time, but after such a disturbance, they had to take the initiative to come out, but that’s all, the results of coming out by themselves and being found out are the same, even if the police are delayed. It’s still okay for the robbers to kill them. There are many hostages in the airport!

However, Rong Hongqian hesitated for a while and returned to the team. He didn't want to die. If he died, his family would be sad. Moreover, he was not reconciled when he died so inexplicably. Expand your ambition!

Wen Hong and Fang Jing were also taken aback by this sudden situation. Fang Jing got up from the ground with a trembling, and looked at Fu Xiaowan, Fu Xiaoya and the nomad with a worried look, and then at Wen Hong, with inquisitive expressions in her eyes. .

Wen Hong was also very entangled, but Fu Xiaowan helped Fang Jing and him a lot. It seemed a bit ruthless not to go out and face him together, but the result of going out is likely to be death!He doesn't want to die!For a while, Wen Hong hesitated, but when he saw Rong Hongqian returning to the team, he made a decision, and Chao Fang slowly shook his head.

Fang Jing saw Wen Hong shook her head and immediately understood what he meant. Don't go out, feeling guilty in her heart, but she still listened to Wen Hong's opinion and silently drilled into the crowd.

Fu Xiaowan and the others didn’t notice or think about the choice of the three. Even if they noticed it, they thought it was nothing. After all, everyone is not very familiar with them. They can’t live and die together, and even if they are willing to come out together. In the face of death, Fu Xiaowan was also unwilling to see such a situation. Life is not easy.Why die in vain!

The robber looked at the two women happily, thinking that he would be able to complete the task that the master told him immediately. The next step was to kill the woman on the left. As for the extra man, the robber ordered the nomad to start Pulled away forcibly.

The master didn't explain that he wanted to kill this man too, he didn't want to make the master angry after doing it!

Unbeknownst to Val, his order prevented the robber from taking action on the other four people in the photo.I knew it would be like this.He will directly order all to kill, so that Fu Xiaowan and others feel distressed first.

The nomads were forcibly pulled away, punching and kicking the robbers.But two fists are hard to beat four hands. How could he beat several people alone, he was quickly suppressed, and the robbers saw him so dishonest.There were a few men who wanted to kill this noisy man directly, but they were all stopped by the bandit leader.I had no choice but to tie up the nomad, and by the way, his mouth was also blocked!

Although Fu Xiaoya felt sorry for the nomad being beaten, she saw that the robbers did not kill him.I was relieved in my heart, it's better to be hurt than to die!

Fu Xiaowan made no comments on the nomads being taken away and tied up, and looked straight at the head of the robber and asked, "What do you want?"

The robber glanced at the two women.Admiringly, the two women did not cry.She was not so scared to cry and cry for mercy, nor was she so scared to sit on the ground and pee, but rather calm, such a woman was truly unique.

Admire and admire, the master still needs to listen, he coldly replied: "Don't worry, I will send you to see the king!" After he said, he took the photo and looked at it, his brows gradually frowned.

Hearing the words of the robbers, the two women were a little desperate, and the nomad struggled in pain. He couldn't do it to watch Fu Xiaoya die.

The three Wen Hong and the others showed pity and sympathy, but they still did not do anything to save people?Sorry, they are not special police or heroes in the movie, they can fight against bandits!

Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya held hands tightly and waited nervously for the next move of the robber. Fu Xiaowan looked at the female ghost eagerly. If the female ghost can solve the group of ghosts as soon as possible and save them, it would be great.

At this time, the female ghost has already solved most of the group of ghosts, only a few are still fighting stubbornly. When seeing the actions of the robbers and the second daughter of Fu Xiaowan coming out, the female ghost was frightened suddenly. The bandit also wanted to kill Xiaowan. Then she thought about it. She understood that a shameless person like Wall could be used to kill people by any means. This time, both ghosts and people were used, just to kill Fu Xiaowan.

After being shocked, the female ghost naturally wanted to rush to protect Fu Xiaowan, but no matter how she was entangled by the remaining ghosts, she could not go to protect Fu Xiaowan, so she could only pray silently, praying that she could catch up to save others.

The atmosphere at the airport became tense in an instant. It goes without saying that Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya were tense. They are the parties, and they may die in the next second, and the four people in the same group, Wen Hong and the three can't bear to turn their heads away. The nomad stared stunned, with only one thought in his mind, what should he do if Xiaoya died?

Not only them, but the onlookers were also waiting to see what the robber would do next. Those who knew Chinese knew that the robber was going to kill these two women, secretly sympathizing with these two hapless beautiful girls, and those who could not speak Chinese. He looked at the head of the robber and the two women inexplicably, wondering what would happen next.

And what is the head of the bandit who is most concerned about at this time?Everyone is waiting for his next step, but he hasn't done anything, staring at the tangled face of the photo, seeming to be embarrassed.

One of his men stepped forward and reminded: "Boss, what are you thinking? The police are here, now they are shouting!"

Awakening the dreamer with a single word, the robber cleared his throat and asked, "Where is the left?"

The subordinate who was asked was stunned, what?Where is the left?Why did the boss ask this!With an inexplicable expression, the subordinate blinked and replied: "This way!" After finishing speaking, the subordinate swayed his left hand and pointed to the left as a demonstration.

But because he and the bandit leader were face to face, the bandit leader raised his right hand and swayed to the right after seeing him: "Oh, this way!"

Those who understand Thai were speechless. The head of the bandit had an irrelevant question at such a critical juncture. Where is the left?That's fine, after the person pointed to the left, he actually pointed to the right. The feelings, the leader of the robber, is a person who does not distinguish between left and right!

The subordinate who was asked was also stunned, and hurriedly explained: "No, the hand holding the chopsticks is the right hand, the right hand is the right, the other hand is the left hand, and the left hand is the left!" Well, this explanation is perfect, such a boss. You should not be mistaken!This man nodded secretly, and praised his witty explanation!

The head of the robber was stunned when he heard the words, and then nodded: "I see! Go back and tell the police that if we have hostages in our hands and don't want to die, please be quiet and let me debut. We will leave when we are done!"

The subordinate nodded quickly and ran out to pass a message.

After the man left, the robber muttered, "The one holding the chopsticks is the right hand, the one who does not hold the chopsticks is the left hand, and the left hand is the left!" he said as he raised his hand.

When he said that the hand holding the chopsticks was his right hand, he raised his left hand. When he said that the hand not holding the chopsticks was the left hand, he silently put down his left hand and raised his right hand, and then complained inexplicably: "What? It's wrong, it's still here!"

It turned out that the head of the robber turned out to be left-handed, and he was still a left-handed person. He held the chopsticks with his left hand. Then, according to that man, his left hand was the right hand.

I have to say that this is a perfect misunderstanding!However, no one was going to explain at this time. After the head of the robber determined that his right hand was on the left, he picked up the photo and raised his right finger on the photo.

This finger, of course, refers to Fu Xiaowan!The robber looked at the woman in the photo, then looked up at Fu Xiaoya and Fu Xiaowan, and compared them and confirmed it. Well, this is the woman!--The person he confirmed was Fu Xiaowan, not Fu Xiaoya as Wall said!

Putting away the photo, the head of the robber picked up the pistol to aim at Fu Xiaowan's heart, and directly and decisively pulled the trigger.

"Bang!" With the sound of a gunshot, Fu Xiaowan was shot and fell down, blood gurgling out of her chest.

"Sister Wan!" Fu Xiaoya whispered hoarsely, dragged Fu Xiaowan's backward body, tears falling down.

Fu Xiaowan breathed hard and the wound was sore, but she showed a bright smile and said weakly to the sky, "Thank you, thank you!" After she closed her eyes, the whole book was finished. It's over, hahaha, thinking so beautiful, and closing his eyes, Fu Xiaowan fell into a coma.

Fu Xiaoya cried and became a tearful person. She hugged Fu Xiaowan in a panic and shouted: "Sister Wan, don't die, don't die!"

The robber watched Fu Xiaoya crying with rain, and felt a little unbearable. What a poor child, but thinking of Qiantu, he still sneered and said, "Don't cry, it's your turn in 5 minutes!"

Hearing the gunshots, Wen Hongfang Jingrong Hongqian couldn't help but look back. He saw Fu Xiaowan falling softly and being held by Fu Xiaoya. His heart was very sour, Fu Xiaowan, is such a strange man about to die like this?

Compared with the pain, despair and sympathy of these people, the nomad laughed in relief, suddenly twitching his whole body like a madman, but from the look, he was still laughing. Why?Fu Xiaowan was shot and he could still laugh.

The reason is all because of the mother ghost's action. It turned out that when the robber was entangled in the left side, the mother ghost solved the last few ghosts. The mother ghost immediately floated to Fu Xiaowan and prepared to help, but unexpectedly grabbed The bandit confirmed the left side and shot directly.

When the shot was fired, the mother ghost hadn't floated to Fu Xiaowan's side, and naturally couldn't block her bullets, but she still worked on the robber, and she directly moved the robber's hand with her yin.

In this way, the robber originally aimed at Fu Xiaowan’s heart. At this moment, because of the mother ghost’s shot, the quasi-mind was deviated. Fu Xiaowan’s heart was fine, and as a ghost-crosser, his body was not destroyed, and his soul could return Physically and without damage to the heart, Fu Xiaowan was able to come back to life again. This is why Fu Xiaowan said thank you after she fell, because Fu Xiaowan knew that the act of the mother ghost saved her life.

As for the nomads, seeing the mother ghost shot, he was naturally excited and happy. With such a powerful ghost, Fu Xiaoya must be fine. As for Fu Xiaowan, the mother ghost shot before the robber shot, although Xiaowan was still shot. But it shouldn't die anymore.

You should know that when Fu Xiaowan had his soul out of his body in the hospital, nomads had also seen him. The nomads vaguely understood that Fu Xiaowan was very special and should be able to return to his body after his soul out of his body.l