Ghost Crossing

Chapter 143 The Miner's Case (2)

Seeing that He Hua had been suspicious, the nomad stopped to say more. He stood up and said: "We were only trying to comfort the patient, but we didn't expect that the person has already left. I hope you will accept these things. Show our hearts, we should go back too."

He Hua refused to accept it, but at the end of the nomad's insistence, she accepted the things, but because of this, she was more grateful to Xing Yun. Such a good person would be more responsible for the patient, and she was not at ease. Specially came to visit the patient!

In order to express her gratitude, He Hua sent the three out of the village. If it weren't for seeing the three of them already in the car, she would continue to send them.

It made the nomads and others sweat profusely. They didn't want to leave yet, but what flowers were to be sent, they had to act like they got into the car and left the village, but when they said goodbye at the end, Xing Yun gave another business card to indicate if they encountered any difficulties. You can find her and she will try to help.

After He Hua returned, they fired a carbine back and asked about other things around the village.

The nomads and others asked about the situation of other people in the mine disaster, but the final conclusion was that their compensation was reasonable and there was no problem. Finally, the three of them had no choice but to drive to the county to find a hotel to stay in. There is no hotel in the village, they can't sleep in the car, right?

And He Hua, after sending off the three of them, she returned home and immediately told her old mother about her doubts. She believed that she was not as clever or as knowledgeable as her old mother, so it is best to ask her old mother. The old mother has been in bed rest because of Cao Zhuang's death.

Zhang Feng, after hearing He Hua’s doubts, his old face suddenly wrinkled into folds, and he sighed, "Actually, I have thought about this problem a long time ago. But what can I do? Ah Zhuang is gone, and we have nothing to do. The evidence has no background, it can't beat that group of people."

He Hua was shocked after hearing Zhang Feng's words!It turned out that the mother-in-law had always felt that there was a problem with Cao Zhuang's death, but she just didn't say it.One can imagine.As a mother, knowing that her son's death was not an accident, she can only endure all this in silence.How bitter is the mother-in-law?No wonder.No wonder she has been sick for so long, how can she not get better, how can she get better when she feels so depressed.

He Hua blamed herself very much.She blamed herself in a weeping voice: "Mom, I'm so stupid. I don't even know this, I have caused you to suffer alone!"

"Stupid boy, it's not your fault, let's talk about it. You know, it's just another person's pain and sadness, why should I tell you this!" Zhang Feng is a good mother-in-law, and she is also very satisfied with her daughter-in-law.The two get along well, so the conversation is like a mother and daughter.

"No!" He Hua shook her head.She reconciled and said, "Mom, I am not reconciled. Cao Zhuang was killed in this way. I can't let him go so unjustly, let's appeal!"

Zhang Feng lowered his eyes when he heard the words and said helplessly: "Difficult, what shall we take to appeal? Do you have evidence that Zhuang's death was murdered? Even if there is, do you think we can fight those people? Mom sees too much. It’s not that this has never happened in the mine before, and people have also reported it, but the final result is, hey, sinning!"

Upon hearing this, He Hua was stunned. She asked suspiciously, "Mom, you mean this happened before? Why haven't I heard of it?"

"That was many years ago!" Zhang Feng sighed, quietly talking about the past, "Just aunt Dalian in the village, do you know?"

He Hua nodded quickly: "I know, she, her reputation is not very good!"

"Actually, that's not what she wants, it's really forced by life!" Zhang Feng sympathetically explained the affairs of this aunt Dalian, "In fact, she originally had a happy family, and her man was with us. Like Ah Zhuang, he is also a miner. After the two got married, they had a good life and soon had children. However, afterwards, her man had a mining accident and became a vegetable. He was worse than A Zhuang and had to be hospitalized. , The cost is very expensive!"

He Hua felt a little bit emotional when he heard this. This vegetative man was worse than paralyzed. He was in a coma and couldn't do anything, even talk.

Zhang Feng continued slowly: "At that time, A-Lian didn't know how to compensate, so she got 500,000 yuan at a time. The 500,000 yuan at that time was really a huge sum of money, which is more than our current 500,000 yuan. A lot more, but Alian’s man’s condition is more serious. He has to stay in the hospital and can’t be discharged, hospitalization and medical expenses, as well as hiring a nurse who specializes in his care. It also costs money. In addition, Alian’s child can also be checked out suddenly. What kind of skin disease, you need money to treat, and that 500,000 yuan, just two people have spent all the treatment."

He Hua suddenly widened her eyes and sympathized with aunt Alian. It was really misfortune that didn't come singly. Even if her husband became a vegetative, the child also got a skin disease. It was really pitiful.

"The child's illness was healed, but A-Lian's man was still not well. A-Lian couldn't afford the medical bills and finally had to be discharged from the hospital. Not long after, her man died." Zhang Feng hesitated. Then the tone became a little sympathetic, "The man is gone, he has another child, and he is still a boy. A-Lian can't remarry. In the end, she somehow walked on a crooked road and got mixed up with some bachelors in the village. ."

(In the country, it is easy to remarry if you have no children or a daughter after you divorce, but if you want to marry a son, few men are willing to raise a son for others, so it is difficult for A-Lian to remarry.)

"What happened later? When did she appeal?" He Hua finished listening to the story, but couldn't help but ask after hearing the story.

Zhang Feng calmly continued: "Later, A-Lian heard from a bachelor. According to her man’s situation, the mine has to pay for medical expenses all the time. A-Lian immediately understood that the original 500,000 was less, so she ran away. Going to the mine to make trouble and asking those people to pay her husband’s life. But at the beginning she agreed to receive a one-time compensation of 500,000. Those people ignored her at all, and they directly let her throw her out of the mine and warned her not to make trouble."

"A-Lian was not reconciled, so she went to ask a lawyer for the money in exchange for the body, because the compensation was indeed unreasonable. In the end, A-Lian won the case. The court ordered the mine to pay additional compensation. I don't know the exact amount."

He Hua nodded with relief, and then asked suspiciously: "It turns out A-Lian won. But why is she still like this now?"

Zhang Feng's expression was dark, and he said with a heavy tone: "Do you think it will be useful to win the case? Those people are not going to pay any money at all. They keep refusing to give money, and finally threaten A-Lian, saying that if they dare to make trouble, they will You're welcome. Those people are too ruthless. They actually attacked a child and sent someone to beat the child. A-Lian made trouble once. They beat him once, and they were so smart that they didn't hurt the child, the poor child. Finally, crying for his mother to save him, A-Lian worried that those people would kill the child. Finally, she had to give up.

Hearing this, He Hua shook her hand and said incredibly: "It's too lawless, although I don't understand this. But I also know that now is a society under the rule of law, and everything is protected by law. Why doesn't A Lian Take the children directly to the police to sue these people!"

Zhang Feng wailed and explained: "You think A-Lian doesn't want to, but she's afraid. She doesn't have the money to take her children out. What if she tells her once? Lose a little money at most, and then be treated more inhumanly. ."

Silent, He Hua knew that her mother-in-law was right. Unless she can get the full compensation and leave the village, she can't escape the palms of the demons as long as she stays in this village.

Seeing He Hua understood these sinister things, Zhang Feng said leisurely: "The situation of A-Zhuang at the beginning, I did not think about A-Lian's affairs. It was not until A-Zhuang died that I suddenly remembered that our family and the original A-Lian The family situation is so similar. I only hate those people for being too clever and too ruthless. We dare not provoke them. In addition, A Zhuang is already dead, and those of us who are still alive have to live well. So, Mom didn’t take this I'll tell you something."

He Hua's tears slipped directly, and she said unwillingly, "But, let's forget it? Those people have done so many unreasonable things, but they have escaped legal sanctions every time. There used to be Aunt Alian, now With our family, there may be other people who will be persecuted like this in the future."

"Then what do you want? We can't fight those people. Do you want to see Le'er being persecuted?" Zhang Feng is still afraid. She doesn't want to see her grandson being persecuted. A-Lian's child was bullied. , Almost got autism, and later A-Lian gave up, and the child gradually became cheerful, otherwise, I still don't know what it will become.

"Happy!" As soon as He Hua heard her son's name, she was silent. Her child is just like her heart. How could she bear to see the child being persecuted, but just let those people continue to commit crimes, she Hate it.

Suddenly, He Hua thought of Doctor Xing. Her eyes lit up and she said to her mother-in-law: "Mom, if we ask for help, we will ask Doctor Xing. She must know a lot of powerful people and should be able to deal with those wicked people."

Doctor Xing, Zhang Feng pondered for a moment and said embarrassedly: "People in the city are different. They should know more and have better ways. However, Dr. Xing and our family have no gratitude and no grievances, so why are they involved in such a dangerous thing."

"Mom, I know that this is a bit selfish, but Dr. Xing is a good person, otherwise she wouldn’t have any problems with being strong, and she would not come to see her. He was murdered by someone, maybe he would be willing to help us redress the justice." He Hua expressed her thoughts with hope.

Zhang Feng helplessly said: "Don't think so well. In this world, there are no such good people. Besides, don't other doctors go to work? How can I take care of these nosy matters?"

He Hua was unwilling to flatten her mouth and stopped talking, but she had already made a decision in her heart. She wanted to contact Dr. Xing and beg her. If Dr. Xing was willing to help, she had no choice but to admit her fate.

He Hua made a secret decision, and she called Xing Yun while her mother-in-law was asleep.

Here, Xing Yunzheng, who was staying in the dilapidated hotel, was picking up on the quilt with a look of disgust. The phone rang suddenly. She looked at it and said that it was a landline, and immediately answered. When she heard the voice of He Hua, she immediately spoke softly. Asked: "What can I do for you?"

On the other end of the phone, He Huayu begged: "Doctor Xing, I know this call is a bit abrupt, but there is something I want to tell you, I hope you can help me!"

Xing Yun hummed softly and agreed and said, "Say it, as long as I can help, I will help you!" In fact, she already knew what Hua was going to say in her heart. What Nomad said today was a spark Line, as long as he has a little bit of trouble, he will be suspicious, and will want to avenge her husband.

After hesitating for a moment, He Hua said about the compensation: "That's it. I think there is a problem with Cao Zhuang's death. After he was sent back directly, those people told me that they would pay 500,000 yuan in one lump sum, and later on. No longer paying other expenses, Cao Zhuang felt that the compensation was unreasonable, so he decided to ask you for help. But before he had time to find you. Cao Zhuang died. Thinking about it now, I feel a little weird. So, I hope you can help. help me."

Xing Yun directly summed up He Hua: "What you mean is that in order to reduce the damages, the mine wants to end up with a one-time compensation of 500,000. But Cao Zhuang disagreed, and the mine did something to Cao Zhuang. Caused his death, didn't it?"

He Hua immediately replied, "Yes, yes, yes, that's what I meant. I am a womanly family. I don't know any law, I don't know anyone, and I don't know how to defend Cao Zhuang. So, Doctor Xing. Can you help? Help me?"

"Of course!" Xing Yun immediately replied. This answer made He Hua overjoyed, and He Hua thanked him with excitement: "Really? Ah, Doctor Xing, thank you so much, you are such a good person! So what, I need to do it. What? What should I do?"

"For the time being, you don’t need to do anything. You just need to keep the matter secret. Don’t let others know that you want to appeal, especially the people in the mine, understand? Also, the original compensation contract, you should prepare for it. Give it to me." Xing Yun felt that He Hua was already pitiful enough. She had better not come forward directly on this matter. In case of failure, He Hua would be implicated and the consequences would be more serious.

After all, this society is still relatively realistic. The death of a village woman and the death of a genius graduate, a modern popular doctor, compare the two, it must be that the latter is more influential. People who want to come to the mine dare not rashly. Xing Yun and others started, but it was easy to do something with He Hua.

When I heard that I didn't need to do anything by myself, He Hua was taken aback, and then replied gratefully: "Okay, I won't tell you, the contract is in the drawer, but, how can I give it to you?"

Leaving the village to find Doctor Xing, He Hua didn’t have the ability. First, she didn’t know the way and wanted to find someone in a big city. She thought she would get lost. Second, the child’s mother-in-law could not do without her. There is no one to take care of the two, and once she leaves the village, the mother-in-law will guess her intentions and will definitely stop her then.

"No hurry, just keep it, and I will personally pick it up." Of course, Xing Yun will not let He Hua deliver it in person. She will go to the village again.

After thanking him again and again, Lotus hung up the phone, her heart surging with excitement. Dr. Xing is really a good person, and he is willing to help. If Dr. Xing can help, Cao Zhuang's affairs should be able to be redressed.

With her fists clenched, He Hua ran into the room and secretly took a look at her mother-in-law. Seeing that she was sleeping calmly, she quietly took out the compensation contract. After Dr. Xing came, she gave the contract to Dr. Xing. .

He took the contract and left the room silently. What He Hua didn't know was that just after she left the room, the old man Zhang Feng opened his eyes, and his eyes filled with vicissitudes were filled with emotion. Hua wants to give it a try, then give it a try. If she can avenge her son, it would be a good thing. If she can’t, she will sell the old house and take her grandson and daughter-in-law to hide outside. She doesn’t believe it. A group of wicked people will come to the door.

After thinking about it, the old man closed his eyes again, and as his eyes closed, a tear slipped from the corner of his eyes. Who can understand the pain and tolerance in the old man's heart?

As for Xing Yun, she immediately told Nomad and Xiaoya of the matter after the phone was hung up, her expression was very sad.

Nomad and Xiaoya knew that Xing Yun had the deepest feelings about Cao Zhuang's affairs. After all, Cao Zhuang was her patient, and it was also because she said she wanted to help, that Cao Zhuang wanted to appeal, which led to the killing.

The two did not comfort Xing Yun anymore, because the more comforted this kind of thing, the more self-blame, just like when people are wronged, the more someone comforts, the more wronged they want to cry.

In order to divert Xing Yun’s mind, the Nomad directly talked about the case: “There is no evidence in Cao Zhuang’s house. If you get the contract, you don’t need to go to his house again, so as not to cause trouble to Cao Zhuang’s family. I'm going to find the team leader. I asked Cao Zhuang. He said he didn't know where the team leader lived!"

Xiaoya asked curiously: "Why? Didn't I hear that the team leader is also from the village?" This is the news that everyone has heard today. The team leader is also a person from the village, but he mixes better and has a little savings. Now, it's a great man in the village.

Xing Yun didn't feel strange at all, and said directly: "It's normal if I don't know. This group leader doesn't live in the village anymore. The village name doesn't know where he lives."

The nomad nodded affirming Xing Yun's words: "Yes, Cao Zhuang said, the team leader has long bought a house in the county seat, and has always lived in the county seat. Everyone just knows that he lives in the county seat, but they don't know where he lives. "

"That would be difficult. The county town is big or small, and it's not easy to find someone!" Xiaoya complained sadly.

"Maybe, we can go back to the village and ask, maybe someone knows where the team leader lives." Xing Yun felt that blindly searching is better than asking purposefully. There are so many people in the village, maybe there is one. Others know it.

"This is not so good. I go to the village blindly to ask questions. It is easy to get rid of the snake. What if the team leader hears that a stranger is looking for him and dare not show up?" The nomad disagrees with Xing Yun's method. Although the team leader is not big A wicked person, but he is not a good person, if he knows that a stranger is looking for him, and they dare not show up for fear of causing trouble, how would they find someone?

"Then what to do? Is it blindly looking for someone in the county town?" Xing Yun heard that his method was rejected, a little helpless and wondering what else could be done.

The nomad still shook his head: "This is definitely not okay. It would be a waste of time to find no one."

Fu Xiaoya saw that the nomads can't do the left and the other can't, and snorted dissatisfied: "This is not okay, that's not okay, nomad, what can you do?"

Hearing this awkward twitching, the nomad replied embarrassingly: "I haven't thought of a way yet."

Suddenly, the two women couldn't help rolling their eyes, and then both fell silent. The three frowned and began to think about how to find the group leader.

At this time, Cao Zhuang came back. He watched his wife, children and old mother all fall asleep, and only came back to find three people. This small county is also a hotel, so he went directly to the hotel to find people, except for this hotel. He lived in another place, and he also told the nomads that this family does not need to find a place to live elsewhere, so he arranged to meet at the hotel.

I went in and looked at each room. Soon Cao Zhuang found the room where the three of them were. Seeing that the three of them were all frowning, he took out a cell phone and spoke to the cell phone. For a while, then pressed again, and finally handed the screen to the nomad's eyes.

The nomad was thinking, suddenly a shadow appeared in front of him, and he was startled. He looked up at Cao Zhuang and he was relieved. Then he looked down at the phone screen and saw a few words: Are you here? doing what?

It turned out that because nomads could not hear ghosts, they proposed a method of writing. Lao Ding had done this before, but Cao Zhuang could not write. He would only write his own name and a few Arabic numerals, and others. I can't write words, so paper and pen are naturally not good.

Later, Fu Xiaowan thought of a good way and burned a smart phone directly to Cao Zhuang, and it has the function of converting speech to words. As long as Cao Zhuang said, the phone will automatically translate into text. Of course, although Mandarin may not be standard and the words are wrong, But I can still understand the general meaning, so I can communicate.

After reading the question, the nomad directly replied: "We are thinking about how to find the team leader."

Looking for the team leader?Cao Zhuang nodded suddenly, then spoke to the phone for a while, and handed it to the nomad.

The village leader is the father of the group leader. He did not go to the county with the group leader, but he still lives in the village. You can go to the secretary, and then you can find the group leader. Also, I have the phone number of the group leader. You can Find the team leader directly by number.

After reading these words, the nomads are embarrassed, and the village chiefs in front will not say anything. They don’t know, so they didn’t think that this method was not their problem. However, they didn’t expect to call the group leader directly. After the call was made, the team leader would not be found. Well, it must be because Cao Zhuang was not there just now. They didn't expect to find Cao Zhuang to ask the team leader for news, so they didn't think of this way.

The nomad found an excuse to comfort himself, and then told Xing Yun and Xiaoya two ways. l