Ghost Crossing

Chapter 145 The Miner's Case (4)

When the nomad entered the clinic with a black line, he heard Xing Yun's voice in a hoarse voice asking a woman about something. Xiaoya jumped up and rushed over with joy when he saw him.

"Nomad, why did you come here!" Fu Xiaoya received a call from the nomad saying that she would come. It has been a long time now, and she is a little anxious.

"Don't tell me, I waited for the car for an hour." The nomad thought of the feeling of riding in a car, his face immediately became a little uncomfortable, and he hurriedly stopped thinking about the feeling of riding in a car. Fortunately, he had a car when he went back, otherwise he would suffer again.

Seeing Nomad's face, Fu Xiaoya snickered. It seemed that Nomad's experience of riding a car was not very good.

Seeing that Xing Yun was still busy, the nomad took Xiaoya from the side door to the top of the stairs. He looked around and asked in a low voice, "How is it? Have you talked to the village chief?"

"No!" Fu Xiaoya replied weakly, and then said with embarrassment: "You don't know, the village head is very happy when we say that we want a free clinic, we have no chance to speak, and the village is busy. Chang looks like a good person, very much loved by the name of the village. We don't know how to say it anymore. Could you tell him directly, "Your son is not a good person, so go and persuade your son to change his evil spirits? That's too cruel, we can't do it!" "

Three black lines crossed, and the nomad said silently: "You haven't even spoken about your feelings yet!"

Rolling her eyes, Fu Xiaoya asked angrily: "What about you, did you call the team leader? What was the result? Did you fail?" How could you contact them so soon and say you want to come to the village without fail?

Feeling the bridge of his nose with a guilty conscience, the nomad spoke out the conversation between himself and the group leader, and Fu Xiaoya giggled.

Fu Xiaoya joked: "It's not that you are stupid, blocking your own words."

The nomad was speechless and weakly said: "Then we can only start from the village chief. And I think, according to your statement, the village chief should not know what the group leader is doing. If he knows, we don’t need us. Persuade, he will take the initiative to find the team leader."

"It will definitely be, but that's not so good! You see that the village chief is so old. If you know that your son is an accomplice or a bad person. How sad it would be!" Fu Xiaoya still thinks this kind of thing is coming to an old man. It was too cruel, she couldn't do it.

If a woman is emotional, then a man is rational.The Nomad took the opposite view and retorted: "Why don't you think about what the group leader did, and sooner or later he will be exposed. If the case is found out, his crime will be more serious, but if the village head can persuade the group leader Come out to testify. On the contrary, you can commit a crime."

"What you said is right~" Fu Xiaoya pouted slightly with a reasonable expression on her face.

"It was right!" The nomad shook his head helplessly, woman.It's just too emotional. They came to investigate Cao Zhuang this time, and the team leader couldn't delay the matter.Now I can't bear to make the old village head sad, but I will find it out.Isn't it about breaking the old man's heart?

Although Fu Xiaoya is too emotional, she is not a fool. After listening to the nomad's words, she has changed her mind and feels that she should start with the old village chief. However, she still can't bear it, so she coquettishly embraced the nomad's arm and smiled. : "That's OK, then this matter will be left to you."

Uh!The nomad stared at him, feeling very depressed, and divided into two groups to act, but in the end the matter fell on him for Mao, but, seeing Xiao Ya’s bright smile, he nodded bitterly, who let him The other party is Xiaoya!

"Hehe! You are so kind!" Seeing that the nomad agreed, Xiaoya was full of happiness, and then curiously asked: "Then how do you plan to talk to the old village chief?"

The nomad touched his chin for a moment, then his eyes fell on the long line. When he saw a man with only one left hand, his eyes lit up, he had an idea, and he raised his mouth confidently and said, "I have It's a solution!"

There is a way!When Xiaoya heard this, she immediately showed a look of worship and looked at the nomad and asked, "What is the solution?"

"You'll find out later, go, and enter the clinic." The nomad took Xiaoya and prepared to re-enter the clinic. Then he paused and asked embarrassingly, "By the way, where is the village chief?" His method was good. But the parties must be there too!

"The village chief, the village chief is in the clinic, that's the old grandfather on crutches inside!" Xiaoya answered without thinking, wondering what the nomadic way was.

The nomad breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good." After finishing speaking, he took Xiao Ya's little hand and entered the clinic. When he glanced away, he saw the village head with a very kind eyebrow, which gave him a good impression.

There are many people in the clinic, nomad, Xiaoya, Xing Yun, old village head, homeowner, old doctor, and patients. There are a lot of people and the house seems a bit crowded, but everyone didn't care about it.

The homeowner and the old doctor are going to be in the shop. The old doctor cooperates with Xing Yun. After Xing Yun prescribes the medicine to the patient, the old doctor immediately goes to get the medicine, then packs the medicine to the patient and explains how to take it.

Although the homeowner doesn't understand pharmacology, he still has no problem finding medicine. After all, he buys the medicine, and he is responsible for collecting money and finding medicine.

The old village chief couldn't help much, but he didn't leave either. He just watched with a smile. He was so relieved!This free consultation was really a great thing, and it brought a lot of convenience to the village name.

You know, some old people are reluctant to go to a big hospital, regardless of serious illness or minor illness, they will spend money as soon as they go, and they have to sit in the car for a long time, and they are so tired.

As for some women, because they have to take care of their children, they are habitually dragging when they are sick, and they will become seriously ill.

The village benefited so much from this free clinic, the old village chief was so excited!

Because the nomad said that there was a way, Xiaoya kept looking at him eagerly, waiting for his action, but waited and waited, after a while, the nomad hadn’t spoken yet, she leaned a little impatiently and started to fight. Sleepy, you know, she didn't close her eyes all night last night, she couldn't fall asleep, the smell was so smoked that she couldn't stand it, and she felt almost poisoned.

Finally, the man who the nomad saw that the man who had lost his right hand entered the clinic, he immediately cheered up and glanced over the old village chief inadvertently.

The man's entire right arm is gone. In summer, he has short sleeves or he can't see his arms. The short sleeves swayed and looked sad.

Xing Yun was also startled when he saw the man.Then he asked about the condition.

The man recounted his situation. In fact, the wound on his right arm was itchy recently. He didn't dare to scratch it. He bought an ointment for anti-inflammatory, but it relapsed again within a few days.

After checking the wound, Xing Yun asked about the man's living environment.Finally, he said: "Your wound is infected by bacteria. It will be better if you put on anti-inflammatory ointment, but your home environment is too humid and dark, and bacteria are prone to breed. So the inflammation has not been eliminated. In your case, continue to apply anti-inflammatory ointment. Can no longer live in a dark and humid place. You must change to a ventilated and dry environment."

"That's it?" The man was a little surprised.He thought it was serious, but as a result, he only had to change the environment.Then he can borrow his uncle's house temporarily.

Xing Yun smiled and nodded: "Yes, that's it, not serious."

Seeing that Xing Yun's tone was so positive, the man felt relieved a lot.He was really afraid of something wrong with his arm. It was fine, he stood up and asked for an anti-inflammatory ointment.

Just when the old doctor took ointment to the man.The nomad spoke: "My buddy, your hand. When was it hurt?"

The man smiled bitterly and said, "It's been a year. I was buried underneath during the mine disaster last year, and my arm was crushed to death. That's why it is now."

Hearing the voice of the nomad, Xiaoya woke up and forced her energy to see what the nomad would do.

The words of the nomads also successfully attracted Xing Yun's attention. Her beautiful eyes flashed, and she seemed to understand the purpose of the nomads. She also joined the ranks of the nomads and asked the man: "It's been a year, you shouldn't be used to it!"

"Fortunately, how much used to it now!" The man laughed at himself and raised his left hand and shook it. "In the beginning, his left hand couldn't even eat food, and he had to help his wife to dress and undress, but now he can alone Do this."

The man's words made everyone in the room show sympathy. The right hand that had been used for decades suddenly disappeared, and the left hand was used for everything, which was equivalent to learning all over again. It was awkward and inconvenient to do anything.

The old village chief sighed with a rare sigh, and said with complicated eyes: "This Aping brought you into the mine to work, and I don't know if it is good or bad!"

Good, fortunately, the salary is good, the village has become richer, and everyone's life is easier.

But it's bad, it's the mining disaster. From time to time, there are mining disasters. Many men have been injured in different degrees, severely dead, and tragically disabled, and they continue to mine without problems.

When the man heard the old village chief’s words, he immediately replied: "The village chief, what you said is wrong. It is a good thing for Brother Dai to take us to make a fortune. As for the injury in the mine disaster, it is not what Brother Dai wants to see. Uncomfortable."

After hearing the man’s words, the nomad Xing Yunxiaoya and the three of them looked at each other with helpless eyes. It seems that everyone is still good as the leader of this group, leading them to make a fortune, but what they did not expect is that this group Long cheated them for money and lost their interests.

A sneer flashed in the eyes of the nomad, and he asked directly: "No one wants to see this mine disaster, but in a situation like you, buddy, the compensation should be a lot, and there is no need to worry about livelihood."

Upon hearing the compensation, the man felt better and nodded in agreement: "Yes, fortunately, the compensation is quite large. I have paid 150,000 in one lump sum. No, I have built a new house."

"150,000?" Xing Yun was startled, surprised, "Why is it so?"

When the man heard this, he opened his eyes and asked, "Is it still less? A lot. At that time, my monthly salary was only 4,500, and 150,000 I would earn 3 years!"

When Xing Yun heard this, he was very angry. The man's entire right arm was gone. He should be a grade 5 disability. His salary was 4,500 at the time, which is less than 150,000.

The nomad was also stunned. He said in disbelief, "It's only 150,000? You only have 150,000 without a hand?"

Seeing Dr. Xing’s angry face, and hearing the nomadic unbelievable tone, everyone in the room felt that something was wrong. The one-armed man was a little overwhelmed. Under what circumstances, could it be said that the compensation was really less?

The village chief asked directly: "Why, baby, do you mean that 150,000 is less? How many should there be?" The village chief was very uneasy, because he had asked his son about compensation. My son said that these compensations are reasonable, but now, the situation seems to be different. The compensation is less!

what happened?Is the son really unaware, or is it that the son deliberately concealed the facts.

Seeing that the nomad did not answer, Xing Yun said quickly: "Without a hand, at least grade 5 disability, the standard of the one-time disability subsidy for grade 5 disability is 16 months' salary. , You said that your salary was 4,500 a month, which means that you can get a one-time disability subsidy of 72,000 yuan. Also, if you keep the labor relationship with the employer, simply put it, if you are still a worker in a mine , The mine should arrange appropriate work for you. If it is difficult to arrange a job, the mine should give you a monthly disability allowance. The standard is 70% of your salary. 4500 times 70% equals 3150 yuan, and the mine also needs Pay you various social insurance premiums in accordance with regulations."

Xing Yun talked too much, and it sounded like a bunch of numbers. The old village chief and others were a little dizzy and didn't understand how it was calculated.

Seeing everyone looking confused, Xing Yun can only continue to say: "According to your situation, you should have terminated your labor relationship with the mine. In other words, you are no longer a worker in the mine, right? "

The one-armed man understood this sentence, and nodded again and again: "Yes, my hands are like this, how can I continue to work in the mine."

After receiving the man’s answer, Xing Yun nodded slightly and said: “You choose to terminate the labor relationship with the mine. Then, in addition to giving you 72,000 yuan, the mine will also pay you a one-time work injury medical subsidy and a disability employment subsidy.”

Everyone is still looking at Xing Yun blankly, what kind of subsidy is this, don't understand.

In the end, the old village head became anxious and said directly: "Doctor Xing, just be more blunt, then how much compensation should I get?"

Xing Yun frowned and said hesitantly: "I don't know how much it is, but it's more than 150,000. The medical department I studied is not the law department. The understanding of these is not very clear. But I only know one thing, work-related injuries. Compensation is based on the level of disability. The more severe the injury, the higher the compensation. If the labor force is completely lost, the subsidy must be paid until the endowment insurance can be obtained, that is to say, you will be responsible until you are old!"

What, you have to be responsible until you get old!How much does it cost?Everyone felt that their brains weren't enough, and they didn't understand how much compensation would be paid, but they only knew one thing, that was a lot of money.l