Ghost Crossing

Chapter 149 The Miner's Case (8)

Fu Xiaowan said proudly: "It's a trivial matter, of course."

Upon hearing this, the nomadic three immediately showed big smiles. That's great. Xing Yun asked urgently, "What should we do then? Should we go back?"

"No need!" Fu Xiaowan shrugged and replied, "Remember the blood you collected when you treated my wounds!"

"En, remember, you want me to collect it all and put it in a bottle." Xing Yun rolled his eyes and said, the blood can no longer be used, but Fu Xiaowan asked her to collect it and put it in a bottle at that time. Very depressed.

"That's it. Didn't I leave a small bottle specially for you to keep?" Fu Xiaowan thought that there were some eggs and pain, and the blood that shed on her body was a treasure. She could use it to make potions. She didn't expect this at first. He lost a lot of blood in vain, and when I thought about it later, the blood that could be collected was pitiful.

Xing Yun froze for a moment, did not understand what Xiao Wan meant, and said suspiciously: "Yes, I am holding it, why? What is the use of this blood?" Xiao Wan's solemn mention of blood is enough to show that this blood is unusual. , But what use can a person's blood do?

Hey, that's not right, Xiao Wan is not a normal person, she is a ghost, this blood might really have a special effect!Xing Yun got excited at the moment, blinking her beautiful eyes quickly and waiting for Xiao Wan's answer.

Sure enough, Xiao Wan's answer did not disappoint her.

I only heard Fu Xiaowan say: "Oh, my blood can make potions, and you can see ghosts after you wipe that potion."

"Huh?" Xing Yun was stunned. It turned out to be this effect. It was too bad for the sky. She quickly said, "Then how to make the potion?"

Fu Xiaowan quickly told Xing Yun how to make the potion.As for how to find bull's tears, she can only scream, think of a way to go!

After listening to the method of making the potion, Xing Yun immediately said to the nomad: "I drove back to the hospital to get the blood, you guys will get the bull's tears!"

The nomad nodded with an ok gesture: "No problem."

Fu Xiaoya smiled with crooked eyebrows: "Drive carefully." As soon as Xing Yun leaves, he will be able to live with the nomads. Xiaoya said that she was very happy.

Xing Yun left.The nomads began to make bull's tears.The process was also very sad, but in the end, it was still successful to get bull's tears.

After Xing Yun returned from the blood collection, the three of them made a potion according to Xiao Wan's statement.

Busy all morning.Finally, the potion was made successfully, and the next step was to try the potion.

The nomads themselves can see ghosts, and this potion is naturally useless.Therefore, only one candidate can be selected from the two women, and Xing Yun is entangled in how to refuse.Fu Xiaoya raised her hand excitedly: "I, I, I, I will try!"

You can see ghosts after applying the potion. Fu Xiaoya said that her little heart is speeding up. It's such an exciting thing.How could she let it go? She had long wanted to see what a ghost looked like, but she didn't expect to see the ghost with a potion.Why didn't Sister Wan give her potion before!

Xiaoya volunteered to test the medicine, so the candidate fell for her.The nomad looked at Cao Zhuang who was floating on the side. Well, the image was not terrifying and wouldn't scare Xiaoya. He immediately put the potion on Xiaoya's eyelids without hesitation.

A cool feeling came, and Xiaoya's eyelashes began to shake. When she opened her eyes, she could see the ghost!So nervous, so nervous!

"Okay, open your eyes and have a look!" After applying the potion, the nomad signaled Xiaoya to open her eyes.

Her eyelids moved, Xiaoya opened her eyes as soon as she heard this, blinked her eyes quickly and looked up into the sky. Aren't all ghosts floating in the sky, of course she was looking for ghosts in the sky.

Cao Zhuang was always there, so when Xiao Ya opened her eyes, she saw Cao Zhuang in black and white.

I took a closer look, um, a black and white middle-aged man with short hair, 30-40 years old, his clothes, uh, looks dirty, but Xiaoya is not surprised when he thinks that he is a miner.

As for the others, it's nothing, it's no different from normal!Fu Xiaoya was very disappointed and flat-mouthed. Well, ghosts are not terrible things!Bai is excited!

As for Xing Yun, seeing Xiao Ya opened her eyes, her heart raised her heart. She fantasized about Xiao Ya's next movements and screamed when she saw the ghost.

However, the result did not seem to be the case, Fu Xiaoya showed a bored look, not afraid at all.

"Xiaoya, how is it? Did you see the ghost?" Xing Yun thought to himself, could it be that Xiaoya didn't see the ghost?No, shouldn't Cao Zhuang be here?She looked at the nomad suspiciously, and wanted to ask if the nomad Cao Zhuang was still there.

Fu Xiaoya shrugged and said, "Well, I saw it."

"Uh!" Xing Yun didn't understand, why didn't he scream?Not afraid?Unscientific, she frowned and asked, "Don't you feel scary? Scary?"

Fu Xiaoya widened her eyes and asked puzzledly: "Ah? Horrible? Why is it so terrible? There is no difference between this ghost and a person. Oh, there is still a difference, that is, no color, black and white."

Xing Yun was speechless. The ghosts that Xin Xiaoya saw were not terrifying. Thinking back to the ghosts she had seen before, they looked terrible.

Seeing Xiaoya's lost expression, the nomad said angrily: "That's what Cao Zhuang was like before he was alive. It's naturally not terrible. You know, I saw him at the beginning and it is different from now." But at that time Cao Zhuang was different. It's not terrible.

"So it's like this!" Fu Xiaoya was stunned, then looked at Cao Zhuang again, and said silently, "I can see it, but it seems that I can't hear him. You are just like a nomad!"

The nomad nodded: "It seems like this, you can see but you can't hear. This potion is originally applied to the eyes, naturally it only works on the eyes!"

Xing Yun asked curiously: "How long will it last for this wipe?"

"I don't know, take a look at it!" Fu Xiaoya was confused when she heard this, yes, how long can this potion last?If it disappears soon, it won't scare anyone.

The three of them started counting silently, and began to talk about what those people would behave when they saw the ghost, they would definitely be scared to pee!

Long, ten minutes later, Fu Xiaoya suddenly said: "It's gone, it's gone, I can't see it." She touched her eyelids again."It's done."

"It seems that it will last for less than 10 minutes!" The nomad was a little helpless, the maintenance time was a little short, only 10 minutes.

Xing Yun also nodded discouragedly: "The time is short, but it's good to be able to see it. As long as you see it, those people will definitely be afraid!"

"It is certain that those bad guys will be scared when they see ghosts. It's just that. What I am not sure is how do we put the potion on those people's eyelids?" Fu Xiaoya quietly raised a big question.

Yes, this potion must be applied to the eyelids.However, now that the potion is in their hands, how can it get to the eyelids of those people?

Oops!The method is indeed good, but it is flawed.

"Yes. Xing Yun, aren't you a doctor? Look. Can you use your position to get this potion into the hands of those people, and let them take the initiative to drip the potion!" Fu Xiaoya is a ghost, and immediately came up with it. Come with an idea.

"This. It can be possible, but they have to come to see a doctor. I can't come to sell it!" Xing Yun said helplessly.

Hearing that Fu Xiaoya wilted.Yes, the patient does not see a doctor.How does the doctor prescribe medicine?

This is the nomad smiled and said: "I have a way!" Then he came up with a bad idea.

After hearing the nomad's bad ideas, the two women were dumbfounded. Is this all right?But then I thought about it and felt that this method was indeed feasible!

Fu Xiaoya patted the nomad on the shoulder and said, "I have a bad idea, but it should be quite effective. Just do it!"

Xing Yun couldn't help but smiled and nodded: "Yes, it is indeed feasible, then we have to figure out who we are going to start with!"

Thinking of the idea he had put forward, the nomad snickered and nodded, "It's easy, just ask the group leader. He must know who they are!"

Just do it!Nomad immediately called the team leader and asked about it. Then he found a pen and paper to write it down. After getting the list, he hung up the phone, holding the paper and showing a thief smile.

Five people were recorded on the paper. According to the team leader, one was a coal mine lawyer. Those contracts were drawn up by him. He was also an insider and a big accomplice. This lawyer got more benefits than him every time.

One is the coal mine’s bank account, the amount of compensation is finally verified and issued by her. Of course, the workers are all insured, but the compensation amount of this insurance is first recorded in the club’s hands, and then transferred to the miners. Hands.Therefore, she must be clear about the compensation, and she will be remembered as the wife of the director of the coal mine.

Then, the third one is the director of the coal mine. He knows what happened in the coal mine and has to deal with it.

The fourth and fifth are bosses. There are two bosses in this coal mine.

"Five!" Xing Yun glanced in surprise, a little depressed about this number, there are actually 5 people!

Fu Xiaoya curled her lips: "It's all bad guys, when will we do it!" Fu Xiaoya is extremely disgusted with bad guys, and she can't wait to punish them severely right away.

The nomad looked at the list and laughed: "Don’t worry, we always have to figure out where these 5 people are before we can do it. Moreover, we let Cao Zhuang scare them, but they don’t necessarily remember Cao Zhuang, they wouldn’t think of it. The compensation matter goes up."

"Nomad is right. We must first let these people know who Cao Zhuang is, so that they will be afraid when they see Cao Zhuang's ghost!" Xing Yun agreed with Nomad very much.

"Then what are we going to do?" Fu Xiaoya felt boring when she heard that she had to prepare first. With so many preludes, when can we get to the topic, she is only interested in the topic.

"It's not how we do it, but how the group leader does it!" The nomad smiled, um, how to say it, it was very sinister, and Fu Xiaoya was dazed to see.

Fu Xiaoya secretly scolded the nomads for looking so evil, but she liked it, and quickly asked: "Why are you involved with the team leader again? What do you want him to do?"

"It's very simple, the team leader is also an insider, we can do this!" The nomad laughed and said his thoughts.

I have to say, it's a good idea again, but it's the group leader who pits it. It's time to test the group leader's acting skills.

After listening to the nomads’ method, Fu Xiaoya and Xing Yun immediately urged the nomads to call the team leader as soon as possible.

Nomad was urged by the second daughter to call the group leader and asked the group leader to do something.

After the group leader listened to the nomad's instructions, he stayed immediately, what?Want him to do this?

But thinking of Cao Zhuang's ghost, how dare the team leader refuse to agree.He agreed to follow suit.

After hanging up the phone, the team leader frowned and smiled bitterly. What's the matter, come on, act!

Immediately, the team leader found the accountant's number and called it out, saying he was afraid of ghosts.Women must be more afraid.It's okay to start with a woman.

The call was answered quickly, and it was a slightly older woman's voice: "Xiao Dai, what can I do?"

"Sister Xia!" The group leader grunted his eyes.He sorted out his emotions and put on a look of horror, and said in a fearful tone, "Sister Xia. I, I want to discuss something with you!"

"What's wrong? Your voice doesn't sound right!" Huiji also heard the group leader's tone of voice.He asked kindly, and then said, "What's the matter, let's talk about it!"

"That's it. Look, can you tell the director that the wages of the miners have risen." The team leader is also smart.Take the opportunity to raise wages.

On the other side of the phone, Sister Xia was very dissatisfied and said, "Xiao Dai. It’s not that I said you. The wages in our mines are already very good. You can compare yourself, where the wages are so high. Don’t do this again mentioned!"

"No, Sister Xia, you, listen to me!" The team leader swallowed in horror and said, "I had a dream last night. I dreamed that the dead Cao Zhuang came to me. He said he found himself down there. The salary is less, and the compensation is less. Come to me to settle the account!"

"Cao Zhuang? Who? The salary is our mine?" Sister Xia said that she didn't know Cao Zhuang, too, she did not remember a little miner!

When the team leader heard this, his heart felt a little cold. The one who was killed by you had no impression at all, really, he had no conscience!

There was a sense of sadness in his heart, and the group leader suddenly felt that he was really a bastard before, how could he do such a wicked thing? Fortunately, fortunately, he didn't get too deep, he still has a chance to change!

Sniffing his nose, the team leader reminded: "It's the miner who was paralyzed by the mine accident some time ago!"

Sister Xia naturally understood who the team leader was talking about, and she cursed in an angry voice: "It's just a dream. You think too much. If you do it, scare yourself, I'm still busy. Hang up first!" After she finished speaking, she snapped up and hung up the phone. After putting down the phone, Sister Xia still murmured a few words in dissatisfaction. She felt that the group leader was really ill, and she ran over in a dream. Tell her to raise her salary!

After a call was hung up, the team leader was not discouraged, and immediately called the director again. Instead of raising the salary this time, he directly posted a photo. It was a photo of Cao Zhuang before he was alive. Then he asked: " Director, do you remember this person?"

The director was drinking. When he received the call, he looked at the photo again. He was a bit familiar, but he didn't remember who it was. He said with a big tongue: "I've seen it. What's wrong?"

"Director!" The team leader said in a grieving cry, "This is the paralyzed miner who died. I dreamed of him last night, and he said he wants me to settle accounts!"

"En? What?" The director shook his head in a daze, listened a little, and cursed grinningly: "Xiao Dai, are you confused and dreaming of ghosts? Settling the accounts? What are you doing? What you do, you really have to settle the account, then you should come to me, you have to, don't be fooling around, I'm still drinking!" After speaking, he hung up the phone.

After these two calls, the team leader grinned silently, that was enough.

It was night, and the nomad asked Cao Zhuangpiao to go to the director and Huiji’s home to see the situation, and waited for Cao Zhuang’s news. The two women were also looking forward to the news, so the three people crowded in a room and waited silently. Talking about it, I dozed off at the back.

Xing Yun and Xiaoya fell asleep by the bed, and the nomad yawned to cover the two of them with quilts, and then settled in the chairs and waited.

No way, he couldn't hear Cao Zhuang talking. In case he fell asleep, Cao Zhuang would not notice when he came back, so he could only wait with his eyes wide open.

This night, a disturbing incident occurred in a residential building in the city. The residents on the third floor of this building had a big quarrel. It was not only noisy, but also the sound of ping-pong-pong. It can be seen that the playing was very intense and noisy. In the back, other residents had to notify the property to come, and the property went to the door for adjustment before it became quiet.

So, the question is, what exactly are the residents on the third floor noisy?Not going to sleep in the middle of the night makes so much noise.

It turns out that the residents on the third floor are the homes of Sister Xia and the director. They made a lot of money, so they bought a house in the city, although it was not a villa.But the value of the house has room to increase, and it is more expensive than the villa in a small county.

As for quarreling?Let me speak slowly.

It is said that the director came back almost early in the morning after he went out, the child had fallen asleep, but she would remember that sister Xia was not asleep yet. Seeing that her husband had not returned, the anger in her heart was rising, and she waited for the director. Come back and let him kneel on the washboard.

It's not that Sister Xia doesn't want to sleep.Not her husband who is willing to wait for the late return.She is really worried. It makes sense for men to go bad when they have money. How could a husband return so late in the past?Now, almost every night when I come back in the early morning, I come back with the smell of alcohol, and I come back drunk.

Drunk is not scary.What Sister Xia fears most is seeing the lipstick mark on her shirt and the smell of perfume on her body.Yes, yes, she is afraid of her husband cheating!

Days are getting better and better, but sister Xia's heart is getting higher and higher.I'm afraid that one day Xiao and Sanhui suddenly come to the door, and then her husband wants to divorce, she can't stand the torture.Therefore, Sister Xia has to wait for her husband to come back every night, so she can be at ease by checking carefully.

As for what to control men’s money, I’m not afraid that men will be messed up.That's bullshit. Now the technique of men hiding private money is so superb, how can sister Xia know whether her husband is hiding private money!

As a wise sister Xia, although she is sensitive to money, she also knows that her husband and the bosses have a good relationship. If the boss gives her a year-end bonus and reports a fake amount to her, she is useless.

No, Mrs. Director came back again drunk. As soon as he entered the door, he took off his shoes with disgusting drunken hiccups, and then staggered in. He saw his wife guarding the door with a stern face and smiling hands. Yang, walked to his wife's side and hugged her, and then took her cheek and kissed her to please her: "My wife, you are so kind, waiting for me again, well, hurry up, pour me a glass of water, it will heat me to death Up!"

After finishing talking, the director let go of Sister Xia and staggered to the sofa and sat down, pulling her tie with her right hand.

"Huh!" Sister Xia touched the kissed cheek without angrily, the anger in her heart subsided a lot, and she just hugged so close, except for the smell of smoke and alcohol, she didn't smell the perfume. This made her feel better, so her complexion naturally improved a lot.

When you feel good, everything will be fine. Sister Xia poured a glass of water for her husband, and then she carefully checked his clothes.

When the director saw this, although he was drunk, he still shook his head helplessly. He was very helpless with his wife's actions, but he didn't say anything. If the wife can feel at ease doing this, let her do it. Check him anyway. Lots of meat.

No, there is no perfume, and there are no suspicious traces on the clothes. Just check the phone at the end.

Sister Xia directly reached out her hand and pulled out her mobile phone from her husband's pocket, and then looked through all the records of the phone, information, chat, and so on.

"Huh, comfortable!" The director who drank a glass of water was very comfortable, stood up leisurely, and glanced at his wife who was looking at the phone intently: "My wife, I'm going to take a shower, take your time!"

"En!" Sister Xia didn't lift her eyelids, she just responded. When the director saw this, she shook her head and went straight to the bathroom.

After the shower came out, the director became more sober. Seeing his wife still staring at the phone, he walked up and hugged his wife depressedly and said, "My wife, have you finished reading it? It's too late, we should go to bed!" Touched Gao Feng and rubbed it.

After eating, drinking, and rinsing, the director started to move.

"Go go!" Old sister Xia blushed, she slapped her irregular hand away angrily, then raised her phone to her husband and asked curiously, "Who is this man?"

At this time, there was a picture of Cao Zhuang on the phone screen, which was sent to the director by the team leader.

The director angrily touched the back of his hand that had been photographed, glanced at the photo, blinked and thought about it, then looked at the display, and hummed angrily: "Oh, it was sent by Xiao Dai, said yes, said yes One is named Cao Zhuang."

"Cao Zhuang!" Sister Xia was a little surprised when she heard these two words.

"What's the matter? You know?" The director immediately looked at the photo suspiciously and asked.

Sister Xia shook her head and said: "I don't know, but Xiao Dai also called today and told me about finding Cao Zhuang!"

The director was surprised, and asked puzzled: "What did Xiao Dai say to you?"