Ghost Crossing

Chapter 150 The Miner's Case (9)

At the moment, Sister Xia told her what Xiao Dai called today.

After listening, the director sneered his nose and said, "This little Dai is really dazed. You can tell this kind of thing, just ignore him."

"Husband, who is this Cao Zhuang?" Sister Xia hasn't figured out what is going on with Cao Zhuang yet?

"Who else, isn't it just the paralyzed one who died some time ago!" The director said indifferently, and then his mind became active again, he robbed his mobile phone and threw it on the sofa, and took his wife directly to Walking to the bedroom, he said as he walked: "Let's continue with what we did just now!"

Sister Xia blushed and did not refuse this time, and she wrapped her hands around her husband's neck in a shy manner.

However, before the two started to do shameful exercises, an accident happened.

Cao Zhuang finally found the director's house according to the address. He had already entered the director's house and waited. Who knew that the blessed director came back in the early hours of the morning.

Next, he listened to the conversation between the two of them, and when he heard the disdainful tone and appearance when the director talked about him, he was suddenly angry.

Is his life so worthless in the eyes of these people?When it comes to his death, the director has no guilt at all!So disgusting, so disgusting!

In an instant, with endless resentment, Cao Zhuang's whole body became gloomy, staring at the two with scarlet eyes, and when they saw the two enter the bedroom, he followed directly in.

Seeing that the two were still thinking about exercising, Cao Zhuang was so angry that he rushed forward and punched the director. The fist hit the director's back accurately.

"Ouch!" The director was in high spirits, suddenly his back hurt.She wailed and fell directly onto his wife, her huge body almost suffocated sister Xia.

Sister Xia only felt that there were stars in front of her, and her breathing was not smooth, especially her chest, she was suddenly pressed down, the pain was terrible at the moment, and her tenderness disappeared immediately.Turn into anger.She twisted the director's arm vigorously and cursed: "To die, you crushed me to death, don't get up!"

"It hurts!" The director's back hurts like a cramp.Now, my wife gave me a 360-degree twist, and my tears almost burst out. I hurriedly explained, "My wife. Loosen, loosen. I didn't mean it, I seem to have a twisted back. It hurts terribly!"

"Twisted? Twisted early or late, twisted now!" Sister Xia questioned, but when she saw the sweat on her husband's head.I immediately became nervous, this way, it seems that it is not a pretense.She quickly released her finger and said, "What's wrong. Does it hurt? You work hard and turn it down!"

I really want to push her husband away, but she really doesn't have that much energy. Sister Xia can only let her husband take the initiative.

"Slow down, slow down!" Next, with the help of Sister Xia, the director turned over and lay on the bed, groaning and crying for pain.

"What's the matter, why suddenly my back hurts!" Sister Xia was also distressed. Since the conditions were better, her husband has not even had a small problem of cold and heatstroke. Why did her back hurt so much today!

The director grinned and replied, "I don't know either!"

Sister Xia rolled her eyes and said without angrily: "You must be too fat because of lack of exercise, so your physique is poor! Come on, turn over, I'll rub it for you!"

"No way, no, it still hurts, I feel, this pain seems to come from the bones, so pressing it is useless!" After a while, the director still felt pain.

"What should I do? Go to the hospital!" Sister Xia was also terrified when she saw this, and decided to send her husband to the hospital, but if she wanted to send her, she really didn't have the strength to support her husband.

The director didn't know how to hurt him, but he knew that his wife couldn't help him, so he said, "You go call the security guard and ask the security guard to come and help."

"Okay!" Sister Xia immediately responded, and jumped off the bed after she finished speaking, ready to call the security guard to ask him to come and help.

"Wait a minute!" Then he picked up the microphone and prepared to dial, the director interrupted his wife's actions again, and said embarrassedly, "Clean yourself up before calling!"

Feelings, both of them are undressed at the moment because they want to exercise. Although they are not young, no man wants his woman's body to be seen by other men!

Sister Xia blushed when she heard that, put down the phone and put on her husband's clothes, changed her clothes and put on herself, and then prepared to call.

However, just picked up the phone, and suddenly, the light bulb flickered and flickered, and the light on the landline buttons dimmed immediately.

The scene frightened the two of them. Sister Xia raised her head to look at the light bulb, which was still flashing, and then looked down at the landline buttons. She pressed them all, and her heartbeat began to accelerate. She swallowed and pressed the buttons with her fingers. There is no response at all.

"Husband!" Sister Xia didn't respond after pressing the phone several times. She was terrified, her face changed, and she jumped onto the bed in two steps and was nervous next to her husband.

After all, the director is a big man, he believes in science, he is not superstitious, and yells angrily: "What are you talking about? Isn't it because the voltage is unstable!"

As soon as Sister Xia heard this, she immediately retorted: "Why is the phone broken?"

"The line is aging, what are you afraid of? I can't use a mobile phone to call on the landline. Oh, I'm going to die of pain. You are still scaring yourself here!" The director is so painful that he has become dissatisfied with his speech and feels like a woman. , Is timid, and the light bulb flashes twice and scared like this, virtue.

"I, I'm afraid!" Although Sister Xia was very worried about her husband's body, she still couldn't help being afraid. She glanced at the door timidly, and only felt that there seemed to be something terrifying at the door. She immediately retracted her gaze, crying and said: " Husband, otherwise, you can bear it, wait until tomorrow morning to go to the hospital, maybe, maybe you will be fine after you sleep!"

"You timid girl!" The director was so angry, but he was helpless, his wife was afraid to get the mobile phone, the landline was no longer available, and he couldn't get up and do it himself, what can he do!He could only curse angrily, then closed his eyes and said, "What are you waiting for! Turn off the lights and go to sleep!"

Enduring the pain, the director closed his eyes and went to sleep. Maybe he would really feel better when he got up!

As soon as she got her husband's affirmative answer, Sister Xia immediately pressed the light switch, and she was relieved.It won’t flash when the light is off!

However, the panic continued. The light was turned off, but the light bulb was still on and flickering. At the same time, an air-conditioning hit.Sister Xia shivered with fright.Two eyes widened and almost cried out and said, "Old, husband!"

"What's the matter?" The director opened his eyes and squeezed his anger and asked with a low growl. He was willing to take a rest.Why is my wife bluffing? Can you take a good rest?

Holding her husband's arm tightly, Sister Xia said fearfully: "The light, the light is still flashing! Me. I'm obviously off!"

When the director opened his eyes, he found that the lights were still flashing, but he thought his wife hadn't turned off the lights yet.At this moment, I was a little surprised when I heard my wife say this. Then I comfortably raised my right hand and hugged my wife and said, "Okay, let's see how scared you are. It must be a wiring problem. Call a maintenance worker to fix it early tomorrow morning. That's it, good. Go to sleep!"

"Husband, will it be? It will be a ghost!" The more Sister Xia thought about it, the more scared she became, and she asked in fear.

"What nonsense, what the hell is there!" The director rolled his eyes, thinking that today is really enough to suffer, but his wife must be unable to sleep like this, so how can he still sleep?

After thinking about it, the director said: "In this way, if you are afraid, go to your son's room to sleep!"

"But, but I dare not go there alone!" Sister Xia was moved, but she couldn't do it if she wanted to go there alone!

A mouthful of old blood almost squirted out, and the director rubbed his eyebrows helplessly: "What should I do? I can't get up, and I can't send you there. Otherwise, close your eyes and don't think about it, and you will fall asleep slowly!

Sister Xia twisted for a while, and finally closed her eyes obediently, but she couldn't help thinking, is there really a ghost? Didn't Xiao Dai say that he dreamed that Cao Zhuang went to him? , Is Cao Zhuang turned into a ghost to avenge?

After a shiver, Sister Xia opened her eyes and said in horror: "Husband, it is Cao Zhuang. It must be Cao Zhuang's ghost who came to us for revenge!"

"Enough!" The director was angry. The more he thought about it, the more he even pulled in the dead miners. After taking a deep breath, he calmly said, "Help me up and I will send you to my son's room!"

She was full of fear in her heart. Sister Xia didn’t care about her husband’s uncomfortable feeling. She immediately went to help her husband. The director got up with difficulty. His back hurts badly and his forehead was sweating, but he felt much better than before. It seems that a good night's sleep is really good!

With the support of Sister Xia, the director moved slowly out of bed, and then the two slowly moved towards the door. There was no way, they didn't dare to walk too far!

Just when it was about to reach the door, the door closed automatically without any wind!

"Ah!!!" Sister Xia really broke down this time!There is no wind at home, how could the door close automatically? This is not what a haunted is!At the moment she screamed directly, and the magic sound immediately came out through the wall, and directly shocked many residents to wake up!

The director also trembled, and the pain in his back was forgotten. He was also nervous, and the light bulb flashed. He could say that the line was aging and the voltage was unstable, but this door was suddenly closed by himself. He really couldn't explain it.

"Don't call, don't call!" Although I am afraid, but the owner is a man after all. He swallows his saliva and calms his wife, but he is thinking in his heart, could it be said that it is really a ghost, but how could it be possible? The existence of this kind of thing?

If so, why didn't anyone come to him for revenge before, but now this Cao Zhuang is here.

Of course, the owner also thinks of Cao Zhuang that the group leader said, thinking that even if a ghost comes for revenge, only Cao Zhuang is the only ghost, but he has murdered more than one life, why no ghost came to him before, this Cao Zhuang is here, it's unscientific!

"Ghost, husband, there is really a ghost!" Sister Xia's face turned pale, obviously scared.

At this time, the director did not know how to explain, he could only hold his wife's hand and said, "Don't be afraid, I am here! Be quiet, the child is still sleeping!" I have to say that the director knows his wife's weakness. The child is her life.

Sure enough, as soon as she heard the child, Sister Xia immediately calmed down, and then nervously grabbed her husband and asked: "Husband, this ghost, won't you go to Jie'er!"

"No, no!" The director almost jumped up when he heard this. What if the ghost goes to his son?That is not only the lifeblood of his wife, but also his lifeblood!

But as soon as I finished speaking, the light bulb stopped flashing, the room returned to normal light, and even the lights of the landline buttons turned on.Ready to use.

This situation made both of them stunned. Hey, what's the matter, why is it all right now!

The director tentatively turned the doorknob, and the door was opened easily.

The two looked at each other for a while, a little bit astonished, how come they all recovered suddenly.Is that ghost gone?

But the next situation almost stopped their heartbeat.

Only a squeaking sound came from my son's room.Then the son's cry sounded.

"Jie'er!" Sister Xia's eyes widened, and she rushed to her son's room with a quick response.All fears were left behind by her, and there was only one thought in her heart, so there must be nothing wrong with her son!

The director reacted slowly, but he almost lost his soul after reacting.Feelings are not that ghosts are gone, they are for the son!It must be their words that caused the ghost to shift the target!Right now, he dragged his fat body and rushed over.

"Dad. Mom! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, crying.

"Jie'er, don't be afraid. Mom is here!" Sister Xia rushed to her son's door for the first time, the speed was almost enough to participate in the World Cup.

However, although people have arrived.The door couldn't be opened, and she turned the doorknob but still couldn't open it.Suddenly, the door was locked, how could this happen!

You know, the son is still young and will not lock the door by herself, and naturally she will not lock the child in the house, so at the moment the door is locked, and sister Xia's heart suddenly sank to the bottom of the sea, cold.

At this moment, the director also ran to the door and saw his wife directly sluggish, and said angrily: "Why are you still standing stupid? Didn't you hear your son crying?" After speaking, he squeezed his wife and turned the doorknob. .

This turn, I was dumbfounded, because the door was locked, he looked at his wife in amazement and asked: "Why did you lock the door!"

"I didn't!" Sister Xia was awakened by this questioning, she immediately refuted it loudly, and then shouted in a hysterical voice: "It's a ghost, it's a ghost! What to do, what to do, Jie'er, my Jie'er! "

The director's mind was stunned for an instant, but he quickly got the action, and he ran back to the bedroom to find a bunch of keys, and then rushed back quickly to find a key to unlock, but the door remained the same. The key is useless if the lock does not open.

Seeing this, Sister Xia broke down directly and cried out: "Jie'er, my Jie'er, what should I do if something happens to you!"

"Yu!" The keychain fell directly to the ground, and the director also knocked on the door with a painful expression on his face and shouted: "Cao Zhuang, Cao Zhuang, I know it's you, I beg you, if you want revenge, come at me, don't Hurt my child, he is still young, he doesn't know anything! I beg you!"

When I heard her husband’s words and the violent knock on the door, Sister Xia also woke up, and immediately knelt down and shouted at the door: "Cao Zhuang, our husband and wife can’t help you. We will kowtow to you and admit your mistakes. , You let my child go! Please!"

"Squeak!" The door opened. Yes, the door suddenly opened. The cry of the child became more and more obvious. The two looked at each other without saying a word, got up and rushed into the bedroom.

I saw my son shrinking on the bedside and crying, beside the bed, there was a mess, and the lamp was directly broken to pieces.

"Jie'er!" Seeing that her son was okay, Sister Xia burst into tears. She put her arms around the child's head and started crying. The director was also trembling when she saw her son. If this lamp hit the child, it would be What kind of consequences?

He raised his head and looked at the room. There was no one else in the room except the cries of his wife and children, and himself, but he knew that there was a special existence in the room, a ghost, a ghost who came to revenge.

Looking at the crying wife and children, the director's eyes were full of regret, and he raised his head and said to the air: "Cao Zhuang, I don't know if you are still there, I just want to say, thank you, thank you for letting go My child, I was wrong, I am crazy, don't worry, I will surrender myself, just beg you to stop pestering my wife and children!"

As soon as the words were finished, the lights turned on by themselves, and the director and sister Xia raised their hearts when they saw it, but after waiting for a while, nothing happened, and the two of them breathed a sigh of relief.

The child, crying and crying, gradually fell asleep. Sister Xia settled down and the child cleaned the room and then took the director to the living room to talk.

The director said that he decided to surrender, hoping that his wife can take good care of the children and stop doing those things. It is better to work steadily, and it is best to change jobs altogether.

When Sister Xia heard this, she burst into tears, and she cried violently, but she didn't know how to answer. She didn't want her husband to surrender. The husband was guilty of surrender, and she didn't know how she would be sentenced. How can she live with the child alone.

But if you don't surrender, if the ghost doesn't give up, if you do something to the children, they might as well die.

Then, the property knocked on the door, admonishing the two to be quieter, and they had seriously affected the surrounding residents.

The husband and wife could only converge when they saw it, and went into the bedroom to continue the discussion. The director was determined to surrender. After this experience, he didn’t want to come again. The heart couldn’t stand it. Do it again. Don’t wait to surrender and he can just hang up. , I was scared.

Sister Xia silently wiped her tears and couldn't say anything. She didn't know what to say, but she said surrendering herself. Please, I don't know if it is dead or alive if she enters. If she lives, she will probably be locked in her life.If you don't surrender, she and the child are in danger!

There was nothing for the whole night, and the two cried and sighed and repented, and sat until dawn.

As for why the director’s back suddenly no longer hurts, because after Cao Zhuang punched the director on the back, the yin energy entered his body, the director naturally felt bad, but the owner was hung with a thick gold necklace, and Cao Zhuang was also because of this. Wounded and knocked out.

Cao Zhuang was so frightened that he didn't dare to do anything again, but he was not reconciled to leave like this, so he created a terrifying environment to scare the two people.Because of his resentment and anger, he learned how to use Yin Qi. The light bulb flashed and the landline couldn't be used because of his work. Even closing the door was also his masterpiece.

After hearing Sister Xia’s words, Cao Zhuang immediately changed his goals and wanted to attack the child to frighten the child, so he pushed the lamp, and the lamp fell and became shattered. Surprisingly, the child could see it. He was so scared to cry.

Hearing the child crying, Cao Zhuang calmed down immediately, because he thought of his child, who was also such a small child, his heart suddenly softened and he did not hurt the child.

But the child saw a dark shadow floating in the air, so scared to death, he kept crying.

And the director, after the yin energy entered the body, the gold on his body took effect. He continued to slowly eliminate the yin energy. Although it was slow, it still had some effect. When he heard the child's cry, he was shocked, because he was worried. Child, the flame rose instantly, that is, the yang qi increased instantly, and the yin qi was naturally drained out, and the back didn’t hurt anymore. But at this time, the director never remembered that his back hurts. Forget about it.

When the director said that he would surrender himself, Cao Zhuang's grievance weakened a bit, and he left with satisfaction. He had to go back and tell the nomad about this good thing.

When Cao Zhuang was gone, the child felt relieved, and fell asleep crying.

The thing is so bad, the husband and wife did not quarrel at all, but Cao Zhuang frightened the two men, and the director decided to surrender.

It is said that Cao Zhuang's unexpected resentment broke out, making things smoother, and he leisurely went back to the nomad to report the good news.

It's just that when he returned to the hotel, the waiting nomads were already asleep. There was no way. The director went home early in the morning. There was a lot of trouble, plus the journey time back, how could the nomads wait to live? Ah, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Seeing the tired three people, Cao Zhuang's trace of resentment disappeared. He looked at the three people gratefully, and silently floated to the side to wait.

At dawn, Xing Yun was the first to wake up. Seeing that the nomad was asleep on the sofa, he kindly picked up a piece of clothing and put it on him, but at this move, the nomad woke up.

The lack of sleep caused the eyes to be bloodshot. The nomad rubbed his eyes and said hoarsely: "Damn, I accidentally fell asleep!" After speaking, he immediately looked behind Xing Yun, where there was Cao Zhuang.

Seeing that the nomad wakes up, Cao Zhuang tells everything about last night.

The nomads were stunned after hearing this. Cao Zhuang almost became a resentful ghost, so dangerous. Fortunately, the director wore a gold necklace, which made Cao Zhuang unable to proceed. Fortunately, the child aroused Cao Zhuang's The kind heart allowed Cao Zhuang to wake up in time. Otherwise, if Cao Zhuang became a resentful ghost and killed someone, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Wiping a cold sweat, the nomad told Xing Yun and Xiaoya of Cao Zhuang's experience. The two women were also surprised and scared. Fortunately, nothing happened!

However, as the three of them were grateful after listening, they were also excited.l