Ghost Crossing

Chapter 151 The Miner's Case (10)

Cao Zhuang accidentally triggered the resentment, but when he woke up in time, not only did it have no serious consequences, but it also made things easier. The director surrendered and things became simpler immediately.

Because it was already dawn, the director should have already surrendered. The nomad immediately called Xing Jun and asked him to see if there was a mine director who surrendered and got a positive answer. The nomad smiled.

Xing Jun also became curious, and asked if the matter was related to ghosts, and got a positive answer. Xing Jun said that he was speechless. There was a ghost, and it was much more convenient to solve the case. What a pity, why did he not have this skill!

The director surrendered himself, and everyone cheered. As for the sister Xia, everyone asked what Cao Zhuang meant. Cao Zhuang couldn't bear to have the couple go to jail, leaving a poor child, plus this sister Xia was only responsible for the money. The problem was that he was just an insider, and he hadn't done anything else, so he agreed to let Sister Xia go.

Five people, one surrendered, and one Cao Zhuang softly agreed to let it go. Then the lawyer and two bosses were next, and the next thing was simple. Because the director surrendered, all three people panicked.

They still don't know what happened, so the director suddenly couldn't think of surrendering himself!

Ever since, the three of them went to Sister Xia by appointment and asked what was going on. They went to the police station, yes, they didn't want to go to that place, they would have a guilty conscience.

This is a guilty conscience. They are more afraid of seeing the police, so they are naturally reluctant to go to the police station to ask the director for questioning.

At the director's house on the 3rd floor, Sister Xia sat in the living room with a vicissitudes of life, with three people sitting beside her.

Looking at Hui Ji, who seemed to be 10 years old overnight, the three looked at each other, and finally the major shareholder boss asked: "Axia. What happened to your family? Why did you surrender? What happened? ?" Could it be that there was an accident, such as a car hitting a person or something? It must not be the mine.

The three men looked at Sister Xia nervously, waiting for her answer. Sister Xia's answer made them speechless and surprised.

Sister Xia wiped her tears and said, "It's Cao Zhuang. He died and turned into a ghost to come to us for revenge. Jie'er was almost killed last night! For the child. Jianjun went to surrender!"

Cao Zhuang?Which one?The three of them looked at each other, what is this?Are these two dumb?

See the misty faces of the three.Sister Xia directly took out her husband's mobile phone and called up Cao Zhuang's photo to show them to the three of them: "It was him, the miner in the mine, who was paralyzed after the mine disaster. Then you killed him!"

"Axia. Don't talk nonsense about this!" When she heard Sister Xia's words, the boss's face changed.The two warned her not to talk nonsense.

Seeing the look of the big and small boss, Sister Xia reluctantly pulled up a smile and said indifferently: "If you don't say it, don't say it. Anyway, it's such a thing. Please ask for your own blessings. I think Cao Zhuang should not let you go. of!"

The faces of the three of them looked as if they were constipated, and they all looked at the phone. The picture shows a straight-looking man.Only, this man.already dead.

After a glance at the photo, the three of them were too lazy to say something to Sister Xia, so what else could they ask?She all said that the director surrendered because the ghost came to seek revenge on them, and asking no more results, but they couldn't accept the ghost.

What they worry about now is whether the director will bite them out, and the police will definitely come to question them.

After leaving the director’s house, the three people got together to discuss. The two bosses are not very knowledgeable after all, but there is a lawyer. The lawyer came to a conclusion after inquiring about the director’s various circumstances. What kind of definite evidence, the police will only investigate at best, but they can't tell everyone what it is.

The two bosses recalled immediately and found that the director knew about many things and participated in it. As for evidence or something, they didn’t know if the director kept any evidence, but most of the things were brought by the director, and they also It's just an expression of opinion.

In other words, the main points are the ideas of the two bosses, but it is the director who does the last thing. They are hidden behind the scenes.

Upon hearing this, the lawyer said helplessly that it is best for the director to have no definite evidence, otherwise he would have nothing to do. He was also very worried. After all, he knew all these things and was also an accomplice!

After a day of trepidation, the police came to ask about the miner’s death and compensation, but the two bosses obeyed the lawyer’s advice and resolutely stated that they did not know. They were all left to the director to handle these things. They were very busy, so there was no time. Take care of these little things.

To the surprise of the three people, the police left after inquiring, and did not detain them forcibly. What was explained, it means that the director has no evidence. That’s great. It seems that they can escape. As for the director. , Huh, it's just a fool, don't surrender after a good day, fool!He also said that he was looking for revenge, and his mind was flooded.If there are ghosts to avenge, then why don't they come to them!

The three felt that they were all right, so they relaxed.

As for the director, he was locked in. As for the sentence, no one cares.

At night, the three of them were completely relieved. The big boss was very excited. He suggested that the three of them sit down to have a meal together and discuss the future. After the director's affairs, they were shocked a lot and felt that they could be a thousand years later. Be careful, this time the director didn't care about saving the evidence, but what about next time?If someone keeps the evidence, wouldn't they be out of luck?

Since then, the three people sat together to have dinner. Of course, a box was opened, with only three of them, and before the discussion, everyone consciously piled up their mobile phones to ensure that no one took the opportunity to record or something.

I have to say that the director’s surrender made the three of them vigilant, for fear that anyone would secretly use hands and feet to retain evidence, but it’s too late now, and it’s useless for them to be cautious, because soon they will step into the director. Following in the footsteps, take the initiative to surrender.

Eating and drinking, while talking about things to pay attention to, all of a sudden it was night, it was already dark, it was 7.8 o'clock.

Put the chopsticks.The big boss waved his hand in a very good mood and left, and KTV continued to go chic.

After all, a lawyer is a lawyer and can find various ways to evade legal sanctions. He said a lot of precautions, saying that as long as these are done, there will be little responsibility for any problems in the future.Plus having money.At that time, you can negotiate directly with the plaintiff in private, and there will be no serious consequences.

In the luxurious ktv box, three men and a group of women are having fun.The atmosphere is very lively.The three men are naturally big and small bosses and lawyers. As for women, they are princesses in KTV, and the rich bosses are not stingy.At one call, 6 princesses were called, all of them were devil-like figures.Angel's face.

At this time, there were three people sitting in the box next door, one man and two women.It was the nomads Xing Yun and Xiao Ya.

There is no obvious change between Nomad and Xiaoya, but Xing Yun is different. At this moment, she is wearing a tight black sequined short skirt.Her tall white skin was perfectly revealed, and the hottest was the two balls on her chest.Although nothing is revealed, the scale is really one word: big!

Such a dress, such a figure, but a high-cold temperament on his face, it is fascinating.

However, Xing Yun's mood was very bad at this time, just because of what she was wearing and what to do next, she really couldn't be happy.

Look, look, what is this wearing, she is a pure white angel, not a demon, how can she wear such clothes!

Also, why is the plan proposed by the nomad finally implemented by her?

With a sullen face, Xing Yun stared at the huge screen blankly. At this moment, silence is better than sound. She is very dissatisfied and unhappy now!

"Cough cough!" The nomad coughed awkwardly, pushed Xiaoya, and then turned to Xing Yun's mouth and signaled Xiaoya to come on.

Xiaoya also glanced at the screen speechlessly, eh, the screen is a mv screen, or a blast of dance music, inside are beautiful women in cool clothes dancing their bodies, all kinds of beautiful movements!

However, there was no sound in the box because the sound was turned off.

Yeah!Xiao Ya cleared her throat, and gently poked Xing Yun's arm with her finger. The elasticity was so good!

"What are you doing!" Xing Yun asked coldly, not even giving Xiaoya a corner of his eye.

Xiaoya chuckled and said, "Xing Yun, don't be angry. Actually, I think, you look good in this body, so you look good!"

"I'll wear it for you!" Xing Yun was not happy at all, this dress looks good!

"This!" Xiaoya scratched her head awkwardly, her eyes turned and smiled, "I can't wear dried bean sprouts!"

Dried bean sprouts!Xing Yun and Nomad's eyes unconsciously looked at Xiaoya somewhere, and then they nodded silently, well, it was indeed dried bean sprouts!

Xing Yun's mood suddenly improved, and he snorted without speaking.

The nomads thought to himself that Xiaoya's is actually not small, but compared with Fu Xiaowan and Xing Yun, it is indeed incomparable.

The expressions and actions of the two made Xiaoya immediately irritated, and she stood up with dissatisfaction and said, "I still have room for development!"

"Puff!" Xing Yun couldn't hold back anymore, he laughed, and his chest jumped up and down.

The nomad is a silent nose, but in his heart he thinks that there is room for development, isn't it all his welfare in the future?

After speaking, Xiaoya blushed and gave the nomad a shame, then changed the subject: "I haven't played enough in the box next door, why don't you leave!"

"Cao Zhuang hasn't come back yet, just wait!" the nomad said helplessly, and then proposed, "Otherwise, let's sing a few more!"

Xing Yun reluctantly cast his mouth and nodded in agreement. Otherwise, it would be boring to sit and wait. Besides, if you spend money and don't consume it, wouldn't it be a waste of money.

The random three people also started to sing and cheered.

It was almost 11 o'clock in this play, when Cao Zhuang appeared, and the nomad directly pressed mute, and the two women reacted immediately and could act.

After brushing, the eyes of Nomad and Xiaoya immediately focused on Xing Yun, the corner of Xing Yun's mouth twitched, he got up and took a glass of red wine out of the box.

"Hiccup!" As soon as he got out of the box, a man walked up slowly. He seemed to be drunk, and there was a young beauty beside him, who was walking in a mess. No way, this man was too fat. How can a beauty be able to hold it, let alone wearing high heels!

There was a smell of wine, Xing Yun frowned immediately, and then followed the direction of the two, but suddenly, she turned around suddenly, because of her sudden movement, all the red wine in the glass was poured on. man.

Because of the drunkenness of the man, his body was slightly down and his face was facing the ground, so the red wine was poured on his face for granted.

With this splash, the man suddenly awoke a lot, and the beauty who was supporting him was also shocked. The beauty stared at Xing Yun and cursed: "How do you walk!"

The man was also angry, he was splashed, raised his head, his anger disappeared instantly, beautiful woman!

Xing Yun twitched his eyes and quickly stepped forward to apologize: "I'm sorry, sorry, I didn't mean it!"

"Sorry!" What's the use!The beauty wanted to answer the conversation, but was interrupted by the man before she finished speaking.

The man smiled and waved his hand and said, "It's all right, just wipe it!"

The beauty was speechless, and the parties didn't care about it. What else could she say, so she could only stare at Xing Yun angrily, thinking, which mother's young lady actually looks so good!

At this time, Xing Yun seemed to have to take out a handkerchief to wipe the man's face, and apologized as he wiped it: "I'm sorry, I'll wipe it for you!"

The man let Xing Yun wipe his face with a pig-like look, thinking to himself, beautiful women are beautiful women, this smells so good!

If Xing Yun knew what a man was thinking, she would definitely be very depressed. She spent the whole day in the hospital. If it smelled, it was the smell of the medicine. It smelled terribly unpleasant.

A glass of red wine is not too much, and it will be wiped out in one go. The man secretly sighed that it was a pity, just splash more.

"Wait, there are still some eyes here, you close your eyes!" Xing Yun threw the handkerchief into the trash can at this time, and took out another tissue, but the tissue was wet.

As soon as the man heard that he could continue to enjoy the service of the beautiful woman, he immediately closed his eyes obediently and thought to himself, this beautiful woman is also a princess, and she looks like she is dressed, why didn't he meet him?

"Okay, I'm sorry!" Xing Yun immediately turned and entered the box after speaking, looking at the pig face, she wanted to punch it!

The beauty is gone, the little boss smashed his lips with regret, then looked at the princess next to him, yes, compare it, it’s incomparable, he shook off the princess’s hand in angrily Dang to the toilet.

The princess was angry, stared fiercely at Xing Yunjin's box, scolded a few words angrily and went back to the box.l