Ghost Crossing

Chapter 154 Miners Case (13)

"Boss, that's it for these two!" A man in a suit and leather shoes nodded and said with a bow.

The big boss lying on the hospital bed heard the words and nodded: "Well, you did a good job, let's go out first!" After speaking, he looked at the two men who can kill ghosts that he found.

One is an old man, his hair and beard are all white, especially the long beard, which really looks a bit fairylike; the other, very young, doesn't look like a person dealing with ghosts!

With frowning, the big boss glanced at the young man and thought, maybe this is a liar, but that's fine, just use it if you invite it, it's nothing more than a little money.

After a pause, the big boss said to the two of them: "You two, it's like this, my injury was caused by the evil spirit, so I want you to kill the ghost for me."

The old man glanced at the big boss and snorted: "It's just trauma, it has nothing to do with ghosts, don't lie to the old man! However, seeing your Yin Tang dark, it is indeed something unclean!"

Hearing this, the big boss's face was embarrassed. Well, these injuries were indeed caused by his own fright and embarrassment, but he was surprised when he heard from behind. This old man was right, well, it seems This old man is really capable and can deal with ghosts.

The attitude of the current big boss has also improved, and he laughed embarrassedly and said: "Just laughed, laughed, this injury, although it is not directly caused by a ghost, it is also caused by a ghost indirectly!"

"En!" The old man nodded slightly when he heard the words, and then said: "Tell me, what's the matter?"

"That's it!" The big boss immediately explained the little boss's experience in KTV and his own experience. Of course, he didn't say why the ghosts were looking for them.

After hearing what he said, the old man touched his beard and asked, "Don't be sloppy, this ghost. Do you know?"

The big boss immediately laughed with a guilty conscience. Seeing the old man's expressionless face, he said sullenly: "Well, actually, this ghost has something to do with us, so he came to us for revenge!"

As soon as the word revenge came out, the old man still didn't understand what was going on?Looking at the big boss with a look of contempt, "I don't want to pay attention to your messy things. As for this ghost. If you dare to harm people, I will naturally accept him."

The big boss twitched his mouth and nodded repeatedly.He smiled and said, "Then, this reward~" This old man is so embarrassed, why must he ask.However, it seems that he can solve the ghost.He is still good at flattering. This is an expert, and he might still need it in the future.

As for the young man beside me, I'm sorry.Long forgotten by everyone.

"No need! Money is something outside of the body!" The old man flicked his sleeves and refused the reward, which made the big boss feel that he was an expert.

The big boss thinks that such an expert.Don't offend, get in favor.If you encounter ghosts in the future, it will be easier to find people. He grumbled his eyes and said: "This is so embarrassing, otherwise, you always belong to the gym, I can make some small contributions to the gym."

Upon hearing the gymnasium, the old man was silent for a moment, and finally nodded slowly: "That line, the old man is from Derong gymnasium."

The big boss was overjoyed when he got the name of the gymnasium. It's great, knowing where the gymnasium is, everything will be fine. If you have any problems in the future, you can go directly to the old Taoist priest.

"I don't know, how is this old gentleman going to deal with that ghost?" At this moment, the young man next to him spoke, staring at the old man with scorching eyes.

This young man is a nomad. He came directly to the big boss according to Xiao Wan’s method. If the big boss can’t hire someone, then he can just put on the big show alone. If the big boss invites someone else, then he Just use it as a shit stick.

Hearing the nomad's words, the boss and the old man looked at it.

The big boss frowned. The old man should have real ability. Then, this young man, can he let him go straight away, but I don’t know if this young man has the skills, in case he is irritated if he leaves rashly. What should he do, um, be safe, and spend some money not to sin.

Without waiting for the big boss to think clearly, the old man looked at the nomads, and a glint flashed in his eyes. He looked up and down the nomads and sighed: "This little friend, you seem to be a little unusual. As for the ghost you said, naturally Yes, if he is more honest, if he accepts super power, if he is not honest, he will just be beaten up."

The nomad grinned, swept the big boss and said, "You are not right like this!"

Hearing this, the old man twisted his eyebrows into Sichuan words and asked: "What's wrong, the evil spirits will naturally kill people!"

"Devil?" The nomad raised his finger and shook his voice. "I can't see it. You guessed it. This ghost should have been killed by the boss in front of you. The ghost is just here to avenge revenge. It's nothing. Devil!"

"So what! Humans are humans, ghosts are ghosts, and there are legal sanctions for people who make mistakes. Ghosts cannot harm others without authorization. Naturally, I will take care of the ghosts who want to harm others." The old Dao said proudly. The look of breaking.

The big boss was sweating and emotional. This young man is also a powerful master, but fortunately, fortunately, the old Taoist thoughts are toward people. If he is toward the poor dead ghost, then he can only wait. The ghost came to harm.

The nomad deliberately turned aside the old Dao and sneered: "Who told you that this evil spirit is here to harm people? He just wanted to kill his murderer and surrender, waiting for legal punishment? You can ask, this boss murdered How many people have gone, how many wicked things have been done, and now it’s not like eating, drinking, sleeping, living in a hospital is so luxurious!"

sweat!The big boss was speechless, and continued to wipe his sweat, thinking: What is this young man, he seems to know a lot about me!And what I mean by this is that I'm on the side of the ghost, damn, the old Taoist won't be brainwashed by him and leave me alone!

Lao Dao glanced at the senior ward and frowned slightly: "I can't manage these things. I'm only responsible for collecting ghosts and don't let him harm people!"

"Okay, then I tell you, this ghost is not harmful, do you still want to accept him?" Seeing the old-fashioned thinking is so stubborn, the nomad simply spread his hands and asked directly.

"This!" The old way hesitated, he glanced at the big boss, knowing in his heart that the big boss is definitely not a good person, but.Is this ghost really harmless?He looked suspiciously at the nomad and asked, "You keep saying that this ghost is not harmful, what evidence do you have to prove what you said."

"Evidence, of course!" The Nomad smiled with white teeth, and then said, "Do you know why Boss Zhao invited people to collect ghosts and only invited the two of us?"

"Why?" The old way is also very strange. Although there are not many people in this world who can deal with ghosts, there are not many people, at least the people in his gym.In addition, the brothers and disciples are all traveling to experience.It stands to reason that there should be a lot of people in this big city, but Boss Zhao didn't invite anyone else.Only find him.

The nomad snapped his fingers and said, "Because everyone except you and me was stopped by ghosts. As for you, it was an accident."

Bad ghost!The veteran eyeballs were instantly bigger than cow bells.This man actually knows the ghost, this this this.The identity of this man!

Shocked in his heart, the old man asked hurriedly: "Who are you?"

"I don't know, have you heard of the transitional ghosts!" The nomad turned his eyes and revealed the identity of Fu Xiaowan.

A listen to the ghost.The old man shook his body, and then immediately frowned and retorted: "As far as I know, all ghosts are women!"

"That's right. Duguiren are all women. I'm a friend of Duguiren. Duguiren is currently injured, so I handed it over to me." Nomad nodded proudly, and he didn't lie.However, the name of Duguiren is really easy to use, you know this old way!

"So that's it!" The old way suddenly realized, no wonder he could call the ghosts, if it is a ghost, it can indeed do this, since it is a ghost, then this ghost is absolutely harmless, just for redressing the ghost. The background is hard, so he better not participate in this matter.

After thinking about it, Lao Dao looked at the nomad, his face softened, and smiled and said, "This is really flooding the Dragon King Temple. It turned out to be a friend of Ghost Crossing. I won't participate in this matter." After speaking, he looked at the sluggish big boss and said coldly, "This is the end of the matter, and you don't need to pay any more."

After saying this, the old man smiled at the nomad and left the ward.

Go away?The old Taoist priest just left!The big boss has been petrified.

What did these two people say?Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, so esoteric and terrifying topics.

The big boss was still shocked by what he heard, and saw that the old Dao left without looking back. He was immediately stunned. He realized that the door closed sounded, and he suddenly regained his senses and shouted: "Master Dao, Master Dao, you Don't go, the price is easy to negotiate!"

However, people have already walked far away, even if they haven't gone far, they won't pay attention to him when they hear this.

The big boss’s mouth is still 0-shaped, and I think it’s incredible. This is too reversal. How well, the leader left. Yes, it was this man. He said a lot of things to the leader. Long gone.

His eyes became angry, and Boss Zhao glared at the nomad, but the next second he changed his face and begged: "Master, master! Save me, I don't want to die, how much do you want, ask a price, I will give!"

It's not that Boss Zhao is cowardly, but that people like the Taoist are all subdued to this man, so what can he do as an ordinary person?Moreover, listening to the conversation just now, this person can still mobilize the ghosts, that is the legendary tauren, annoying the man, will there be tauren to hook his soul!

"Don't want to die?" Nomad raised his eyebrows and stared at Boss Zhao with a playful smile.

Boss Zhao nodded like a little chicken, his eyes were full of pleading, who wants to die?

"Boss Zhao, do you know? If you are killed by a ghost, you can't go to hell. You can't be reborn as hell. There are only two results waiting for you. One is to be swallowed by other ghosts and disappear completely. Yes, be a lonely ghost for a lifetime." The nomad began to fool people.

Swallowed?Be a lonely ghost?Boss Zhao fought a cold war and felt that these two endings sounded terrifying. He shook his head repeatedly: "No, no, I don’t want to be like this. Didn’t you just say that this ghost is not harmful? Then how could I be ghosted? Killed?"

I have to say that the big boss's brain is really good, otherwise he won't make so much money.

The corner of the nomad's mouth was lifted, and he laughed: "Of course you will not be killed by ghosts, but after you die, you will enter the eighteenth hell in hell. Whatever you commit, you will be punished. I see you in this life. There is more to do."

Go to hell!Knife Mountain Pan!Boss Zhao's pupils shrank and his body trembled.

Yes, there are ghosts, so there must be eighteen levels of hell.He has done so many sins, wouldn't he be going to hell after death?

His hands began to tremble, and the big boss no longer knew what to think. He didn't know before, but he was not afraid of it, but now he knows that these do exist and they are all real.He was scared.

He could not imagine being tortured in hell after his death.It's scary to think about it, like going up the knife and going down to the pan.

"What? Afraid?" The nomad said sarcastically, and then threw out a good news."Actually there is another way!"

There is a way?The big boss was overjoyed and hurriedly asked, "What can be done?"

The nomad jokingly said: "What I just said about going to hell is that people who have not been punished by law before they died, if they are punished by law. Then after going to hell, the crime will be reduced a lot. Even the crime is eliminated. , You can reincarnate directly."

Being punished by the law, this meant that he should surrender himself!

The big boss looked stiff and hesitated.This ghost and hell sounds terrible, but it's all after death.And the man just said that Cao Zhuang's ghost will not kill him.At the most it is frightening.

So, is it necessary for him to worry about things after death?He should take good hold of now, should he enjoy, should he have fun?

The big boss, whose bones were already broken, had such absurd ideas. Seeing the big boss’s struggling look, the nomad sneered, raised his foot and turned and left the ward. He also said what he said, and the ghost killers were also driven away. The next step depends on how the big boss chooses.

If he is fooled to surrender, then everything will be fine. If he doesn't surrender, then there is still some fun. And that little lawyer, well, it's time to scare him.

As for the little boss, hey, if you scare a little more, you will definitely surrender.

The big boss was still struggling with how to choose, and didn't notice the nomad's departure. When he gave up thinking discouragedly, he looked up and found that the master was gone, and he suddenly wilted.

How to do?Can't invite people to destroy ghosts, does he really want to surrender?No, he doesn't want to. He is still young and has a lot of good days!But if you don't surrender, Cao Zhuang's ghost will continue to pester him!

His eyes darkened, and the big boss clenched his fists and didn't know how to choose. Suddenly, his fists were loosened. He laughed and said to himself: "It's a fool. Since Cao Zhuang can only scare me but can't kill me, I Why worry about his existence and ignore him."

In a blink of an eye, the big boss had already made a decision. If Cao Zhuang would kill him, he would naturally choose to surrender. But now that he knows that Cao Zhuang will not kill him, what else is he afraid of, he will become Cao. Zhuang's scare is a prank.

After waiting for a day, the nomad who didn’t see the big boss surrendered naturally understood the big boss’s choice. He smiled bitterly at the two women and said, “I didn’t expect that Boss Zhao’s mind is really extraordinary. He is not afraid of ghosts, and he is not afraid of going to hell. !"

Xing Yun was also surprised and sighed: "Really, I am not afraid of death. Perhaps, he thinks it is better to grasp the present, and he doesn't bother to care about things after death!"

"There is definitely a problem with this person's thinking!" Fu Xiaoya felt incredible, ordinary people would have been frightened by such a fright, but this big boss is really not an ordinary person!

"Then next?" The nomad raised his eyebrows and glanced to the side of Cao Zhuang, smiling evilly.

Upon seeing this, the two women also grinned.

Xing Yun pursed his lips and said with a smile: "How do I feel that we are having fun!"

"Yes, and it's so hilarious to have fun!" Fu Xiaoya took it quietly.

Nomad laughed: "Next, isn't it just for fun! Don't worry about the little boss. He originally wanted to surrender, but he was probably persuaded by the big boss. If the big boss surrendered, the little boss must also be scared to surrender immediately. ."

"Then, start with the lawyer and the big boss? Which one first?" Fu Xiaoya was eager to start.

Xing Yun suggested: "Since the big and small bosses have seen Cao Zhuang, then the lawyer can't be left behind, so let him do it first!"

The three have always agreed that the next person will be a lawyer, so the three of them discussed how to scare the lawyer, and incidentally discussed the gameplay of the big boss.

At a certain law firm, Lawyer Lei was sitting leisurely at his desk and playing computer games. There was nothing he could do. He didn't receive a case. So if you have a lot of time, you don't know what to play, so you can just play small games to pass the time.

Suddenly, a phone call came, and Lawyer Lei answered the phone excitedly, and then said the location of his office, hung up the phone, tidyed up, and waited for the customer to come.

Ten minutes later, a pair of men and women appeared, with angry expressions on their faces.

"Two, what do you want to consult?" Attorney Lei looked at the two and immediately thought that this case should be a divorce case. The two are going to get a divorce and then fight for property!

Sure enough, the woman-that is Xing Yun, glared at the man-nomadic, snorted and then looked at the lawyer and said, "Lawyer Lei, this is the case. I am a doctor with a high monthly salary. This is my husband, unemployed. A homeless man. When I married him, he didn’t have a car or a house. He didn’t have a car or house. He ate mine, lived in mine, and used mine. It can be said that I raised him, but he was good. He was busy at work. At that time I went out to find a woman, and not once or twice!"

The nomad murmured dissatisfiedly and explained to the lawyer: "Lawyer Lei, I can't blame me. You know, man, there are many needs. Look at her, stay in the hospital all day, and sometimes go to the emergency room overnight. I won’t come back. I’ll just go out and find someone to vent."

Lawyer Lei took a look at Xing Yun, looked at it, and after the appraisal, she was a beautiful woman, with high income and high IQ!Look at the nomads again, one piece of silk, nothing looks like, no IQ, no income.

With a pity, a lot of flowers are stuck on the cow dung!What a pity, what a pity!

"Look, he admits this, he didn't look for a woman once or twice!" Xing Yun stared, angrily pointed at the nomad and said, then slowly said, "I am a person with a cleanliness, materially. I have a cleanliness mentally, I can't bear to be with this dirty man again, I want to divorce!"

The nomad immediately showed a panic look, stretched out his hand and grabbed Xing Yun's arm and shouted: "Wife, wife, I was wrong, you give me another chance, I promise, I will never look for another woman again. "

"Dirty is dirty!" Xing Yun pushed away the nomad's hand with a look of disgust, then looked at Lawyer Lei and asked, "I just wanted to ask, in a situation like ours, my family's income source is all from me. I bought all the houses and cars, plus he cheated, do I still need to share the property with him after a divorce? I don't want to give him a penny! Those are my hard-earned money!"

A look of contempt flashed in Lawyer Lei’s eyes, and then, without looking at the nomad, asked Xing Yun: “When you talk about finding another woman, do you mean living with another woman, or do you mean looking for a little sister?"

"Look for the little sister!" Xing Yun immediately replied.

"Did you buy your house and car before marriage or after marriage?" Lawyer Lei continued to ask.

"I bought the house before the marriage, and the car after the marriage!" Xing Yun replied directly, but added, "The money for the car is all mine, he has no money!"

Lawyer Lei said sympathetically: "The house you bought before marriage belongs to your personal property and does not need to be divided, but this car and your current deposits need to be divided! Of course, your deposits before marriage are still yours, as long as you Can show relevant evidence to prove that the money was what you had before you got married!"

"What!" Xing Yun roared, and then scolded, "Why, I earned the money, and besides, he is sorry for me, he is looking for a woman, how can I divide my property!"

"This prostitution, cough, cough, it doesn't count. If your husband lives with another woman, he is at fault, and he can be less divided in property." Lawyer Lei smiled bitterly, and he was also depressed. Ah, such a scumbag, don't go to the little sister in front of a beautiful wife, it's silly, but this idiot can also divide the property, which makes him envy and hate!

Seeing this, the nomad grinned silently. Seeing this, Xing Yun didn't get angry, slapped his palm on the table, stood up suddenly, pointed at the nomad and cursed: "You still dare to laugh, you are very Sorry, you want to divide the property? Dreaming? The big deal is not to get divorced. From now on, I will not give you a penny. I have to spend money to earn it myself!"

Attorney Lei hesitated after hearing this, this woman is sturdy!But not divorcing seems to be bad for her. Is it because she has been dragged down by a scumbag all her life?But divorce, and the hard-earned money has to be distributed to scumbags. It seems that he is not reconciled!l