Ghost Crossing

Chapter 155 The Miner's Case (End)

"My wife, I didn't laugh, I just had a toothache." The nomad opened his mouth aggrievedly and said, "Isn't it because you slapped me yesterday? Look, the teeth are almost broken."

Upon hearing this, Lawyer Lei was sweating, feelings and domestic violence, this woman still beats her husband, it seems that this man is also difficult, although he can't make money, he has no place in the family.

In an instant, Lawyer Lei made up a bunch of pictures.

The nomads do the laundry at home and do housework. Xing Yun brings tea, hands, and slippers to Xing Yun as soon as he gets home. Xing Yun’s is like a queen dowager who instigates the nomads. If one is dissatisfied, he will be directed to the nomads. Beat and scold again.

The cold is terrible, no wonder this man is looking for a young lady, such a woman can't bear it!

"You dare to say it!" Xing Yun saw that Lawyer Lei looked at him with a weird look, a look of a sturdy woman, and suddenly became angry, raising his palm and fanning towards the nomad's head.

Snapped!Snapped!Very rhythmic!

The nomad dodged in embarrassment and shouted while hiding, "Wife, wife, I was wrong, I'll change it!"

Seeing this scene, Lawyer Lei was very painful. This divorce was actually a good thing for this man. Who would dare to ask for such a wife!However, for the sake of money, men can bear it!

Lawyer Lei stood up big head trying to persuade him, but unexpectedly, he slapped his face with a slap, and his glasses flew out instantly.

In an instant, the three of them froze!

Lawyer Lei put his right hand on his cheek and stared at Xing Yun in disbelief. He was slapped by a lady?Hiss, it hurts!

Xing Yun stared at his palm in shock, and then quickly apologized: "Ah! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Lawyer Lei, I didn't mean it. Are you okay?" Then he took out a handkerchief and went to the lawyer at a loss. Wipe on the face.

However, the wiped position seemed to be high, and it was directly wiped on the lawyer's eyes, so that attorney Lei had to close his eyes in fright, and stepped back and waved his hand: "It's okay. It's all right. It's just an accidental injury!"

The nomad also panicked.Quickly picked up the lawyer's glasses.He handed the glasses back to the lawyer, nodded and apologized: "I'm sorry, sorry, we didn't mean it."

"It's okay. It's okay!" Attorney Lei is not a caregiver either. The two people were accidentally injured on impulse. He didn't have much trouble, but his face was a little painful.And the woman's strength is not too much, it seems that she is reluctant to fight too hard.There was no slap print on his face.

"It's all your fault, hitting you and hiding anything, or else you won't hit Lawyer Lei!" Seeing that Lawyer Lei is okay, Xing Yun immediately stared at the nomad with dissatisfaction.

The nomad smiled and scratched his head: "Wife. I know I was wrong, next time you hit me, I won't hide!"

Yes, one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer.It seems that there is still a relationship between the two people, but they have a conflict on impulse to divorce.Lawyer Lei couldn't help saying: "Divorce must be carefully considered. You should go back and think about it before you come back!"

Attorney Lei, who was slapped in the slap, is not in a bright mood anymore, and this couple should not be able to leave, so why waste your tongue!Simply drove people out.

Hearing that the two of Xing Yun nomads looked at each other and left angrily. Of course, Xing Yun took the lead and the nomads followed like a little wife.

As soon as they left the law firm, the two couldn't help but laugh, and the nomad even teased: "It's good for you, take the opportunity to hit someone!"

Xing Yunjiao explained: "I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it! However, it was a great game!"

"Okay, the next step is for Cao Zhuang to play. We just wait for a good show!" The nomad will not say that he deliberately hides from the lawyer.

Originally thought that Cao Zhuang would scare the lawyer for 10 minutes before returning until the potion expired, but to everyone's surprise, Cao Zhuang came in and came out.

Cao Zhuang explained to the nomad with a puzzled look: Lawyer Lei can't see me!

The nomad asked Xing Yun immediately: "Are you sure that the potion has been put on the lawyer's eyes?"

Xing Yun nodded vigorously: "Of course, I felt it with my fingers. I definitely felt it!"

"That's weird, Cao Zhuang told me, Lawyer Lei still can't see him!" The nomad was suspicious, and the potion was smeared on, so how could he not be seen?

"Ah? Can't see? How could it be?" Xing Yun was surprised when he heard this, the potion has expired?impossible!

The nomad is also at a loss: "I don't know, forget it, let's get back to the car first! I will call Fu Xiaowan later and see what's going on?"

The two immediately returned to the car. In the car, Fu Xiaoya waited with her chin in her hands. Seeing the two came back, she immediately opened the door and asked excitedly: "How is it going?"

"Not very good, the potion seems to have expired, and the lawyer can't see Cao Zhuang!" Xing Yun explained helplessly.

"Huh?" Xiaoya asked in exclamation after hearing the words, "how could this be?"

The nomad took out his cell phone and dialed Xiaowan's number: "I don't know, ask Fu Xiaowan to see what could cause the potion to fail."

The call was quickly connected, and the nomad pressed the PA button and asked: "Fu Xiaowan, does your potion have a shelf life?"

The other end of the phone was obviously stunned, and then said in a gloomy tone: "How is it possible? There is no expiration date."

"But, sister Wan, we wiped the potion on the lawyer, but he still can't see Cao Zhuang!" Fu Xiaoya shouted immediately.

There was silence at the other end of the sentence, and then he asked: "It should be impossible! By the way, this lawyer, does he wear glasses?"

"Yes, I brought it. Why, these glasses have an impact?" Xing Yun immediately replied.

"That's it. Wearing glasses will have an impact, and you can see when you take off the glasses!" Fu Xiaowan didn't expect this kind of unexpected situation. She used to wear glasses to avoid ghosts.

"So it's like this!" The nomad felt very interesting after hearing this. Then he could also wear a pair of glasses and then no ghosts could be seen.

Fu Xiaowan smiled and said, "Yes, that's it, you can try if you don't believe it."

"I will try if I have a chance!" Nomad pursed his lips, and then said, "Now that we know the reason, we have to find a way to get the lawyer to take off the glasses. How to do it?"

"Sister Wan, let's continue. You have a good rest!" Fu Xiaoya immediately said to the phone when she saw this, and then decisively ended the call.

On the other end of the phone, Fu Xiaowan stared at the phone with beautiful eyes, very speechless, emotional, and the call was just to ask such a question, okay.She was heartbroken.When will the wound heal? She is really bored and crazy.

The excited trio sent Xiaoya to the next step.

Staring at her innocent and cute smiling face, Xiaoya jumped into the law firm and knocked on the office door.Sweetly asked: "Excuse me, are you recruiting people here?"

Attorney Lei's eyes suddenly brightened, what a pure chick, she should still be a student!

Glanced at the office.Attorney Lei touched his chin, and his thoughts changed sharply: Although the firm is small, no one needs help.But it's okay to ask a little girl to clean and tidy up the files. As for the salary, I just need to open a little less.

"Call, call! Come in and sit down!" Lawyer Lei immediately waved towards Xiaoya.Let her in.

Xiaoya smiled and entered the office. After sitting down, she turned her head restlessly to look at the office.

Attorney Lei smiled and asked, "What degree? Is it a law study? Do long-term and short-term?"

"A university, still in school. It's not a student of law, but a summer job. It's not long, can it?" Fu Xiaoya blinked and said innocently.

Sure enough, she's still a student girl, a short-term job, and she'll be paid a month's salary. Not much, just as a little beauty around her, if it can develop, maybe it can continue!

Attorney Lei's eyes curled up and he said embarrassedly: "In the short term, you don't know how to do it. You can only clean and tidy up the documents. The salary will not be too high!"

"It's okay, I don't mind if you have less." Fu Xiaoya's eyes lit up and she quickly said that she didn't care about the salary.

"That's okay, then you can come to work, mainly responsible for hygiene and sorting out documents, receiving guests and so on!" Lawyer Lei was also happy.

Fu Xiaoya grinned, and said happily: "Great, boss, shall I start working now?"

"Okay, let's start today, and today will count as one day's salary for you!" Attorney Lei thought, one more day is one day of contact, maybe you can really get this girl!

(, these men who write are very *sexy!)

"Really? Thank you boss!" Fu Xiaoya immediately jumped up happily, and then stared at the lawyer's glasses and said, "Ah, boss, your glasses are a bit dirty, I'll wipe it for you!" After that, she stretched out her hand. Go and take the glasses off the bridge of the lawyer's nose, then take a tissue from the table to wipe them carefully.

When I took off my glasses, everything was blurred. Attorney Lei stared blankly at the white figure in front of him without saying anything. Instead, he felt that this girl was really cute, and a girl who hadn't been involved in the world was good, innocent.

"By the way, what is your name?" Lawyer Lei stared at Fu Xiaoya's direction with wide eyes. Although he couldn't see clearly, he still stared in the person's direction accurately and asked.

"Me!" Fu Xiaoya raised her head and looked at Lawyer Lei, thinking, why Cao Zhuang hasn't come yet? By the way, can I see Cao Zhuang with such myopia?Even if you can see it, will you be scared?

"Huh, is there a visitor?" Suddenly, Lawyer Lei said suspiciously, staring at a certain place very incomprehensibly.

Fu Xiaoya almost couldn't help but smile. Okay, emotional myopia has such benefits. When a ghost comes, only a vague ball is seen, and it is not a ghost at all.

At the moment she was surprised and asked: "Huh? A visitor?" She hurriedly turned her head to look, and replied puzzledly: "No! No one came in!"

Attorney Lei was dissatisfied when he heard this, and pointed his hand somewhere and said, "Hey, isn't there someone else?"

"Where?" Xiaoya turned her head and looked again, and finally said nervously, "Boss, don't scare me, there is no one else here except you and me."

"How is it possible! There is clearly a group shadow here, right there!" Lawyer Lei was unhappy. Although he took off his glasses to see things clearly, it doesn't mean that he is blind. Why does this girl open her eyes and tell lies? Is it a gang? Liar?

"Boss, don't frighten me, shouldn't you? Didn't you see a ghost!" Fu Xiaoya shivered with fright, immediately turned and ran away while holding the glasses. Yes, she ran away with glasses. , "I won't do this job!"

"Hey, hey! Give me back the glasses!" Lawyer Lei silently watched the man run away, and squinted slightly.Oh, the other person is still there.

No, if it's a group, shouldn't we go together?Could it be that he misunderstood!

Wait, but the girl just said that there is no one else, so what is he seeing? Is there a problem with his eyes?

At the moment, Lawyer Lei stood up.Approaching the dark shadow.When he came directly to the black shadow, he narrowed his eyes and took a closer look, which was silly.Directly kick back two steps and fall directly on the ground.

"Cao, Cao Zhuang!" Lawyer Lei's small eyes widened, and he shouted two words in disbelief.

Anyone with myopia should know that the eyes are slightly narrowed with tears.With the closer the distance, things are still very clear.So Lawyer Lei saw clearly just now and also saw Cao Zhuang's ghost.

"Damn! There's a ghost!" After Lawyer Lei called out the name of Cao Zhuang, he was frightened when he saw a dark shadow floating towards him.As soon as the body turns, it starts to crawl.

With a crackling noise, Lawyer Lei was awkwardly crawling and trying to stand up because of his blurry vision, and dropped a bunch of documents.The tea cups on the table and waiting for a bunch of things were all torn off, and it made them feel rhythmic.

The movement is big.In addition, Fu Xiaoya did not close the door when she went out, so she almost attracted a group of onlookers.

The crowd onlookers were dumbfounded and looked at Lawyer Lei who was performing a one-man show inexplicably. They saw this lawyer running away in embarrassment, waving his arms and screaming and shouting: "No, don't kill me. Let me go!"

After a while, he shouted: "I was wrong, I don't dare anymore. I'll surrender, can't I surrender? Don't come near me, ah~~"

Well, the position was constantly shifting, making a mess in the entire office and smashing things on the ground.

"Is it a lunatic?"

"I think it's mental illness!"

"This is still a lawyer, who would dare to invite him."

"What are you doing?"

"I called for an ambulance, but unfortunately I don't know the phone number of the mental hospital, otherwise I would call it directly!"

"Haha, you are great!"

"Look at me, I have filmed it all, and send it to my friends circle, hehe!"

Finally, the potion's time limit passed. Attorney Lei opened his eyes, grunting, and looked around. To his surprise, he found that the black shadow was gone. He sighed with relief, loosened his tie and sat on the ground with a sullen face, leaning against him. desk.

Why did you leave?Did you let him go?No, that's not the case. He just said that he had surrendered and the ghost disappeared. Then, did Cao Zhuang leave when he heard him surrender?

With a big hand to his face, he smiled bitterly. This life was in vain. I didn't expect that there were ghosts in the world.

"It's over? You are not crazy? Then you can pause and upload it!" A man at the door said with a grin.

"Let's go, let's go, nothing to see!"

Hearing this voice, Lawyer Lei looked suspiciously at the door. Although he couldn't see who it was, he could see that many people gathered around the door and were now dispersing.

Attorney Lei was suddenly embarrassed, all this, this, was all seen just now?Was it taken as a video and uploaded?This can't work!

"What are you doing? There is nothing good to see. Let’s go. Let’s go. And you, the video was deleted for me. If you dare to upload indiscriminately, I will sue you carefully. You are infringement. Let me tell you. I’m a lawyer, I understand. Law!" Attorney Lei Huoly got up and rushed to the door yelled.

When I arrived at the door, I heard the sound of the ambulance, and then the sound stopped nearby. Then a group of angels in white rushed up and asked: "Who called 120, where is the patient?"

"He!" Everyone pointed their fingers at Lawyer Lei without hesitation.

The angels in white were taken aback, and said puzzledly: "He? He's alive, he doesn't seem to be sick!"

"Yes, there are! If you don't believe it, you have mental illness!" The man who took the video immediately squeezed the crowd and rushed to the angels in white to show the video to them.

In just a few seconds, the angel in white understood what was going on. He looked at Lawyer Lei and said, "We are not responsible for the neurosis! We are gone and waste our time." After that, he was ready to flash.

Lawyer Lei's face went dark, and he snatched the man's cell phone, and deleted the video under the man's scolding. Then he turned back to the office and closed the door, making him blind.

Everyone looked at each other, then dispersed, each went to each mother.

Only the man whose video was deleted became angrily and immediately dialed 114 to inquire about the psychiatric hospital and reported that there was a neurosis here, and then he laughed and left.

After Lawyer Lei closed the door, he glanced at the messy office.He sighed, and then his eyes became hollow, what else to sort out, he should surrender later.

After Director Dai, the lawyer became the second person to surrender. The little boss immediately went to visit the prison when he learned about it, and learned that he too was hell.Frightened.He immediately stayed in the police station and said he would surrender.

In the end, only the big boss was left.He is still struggling.

But soon, the big boss couldn't hold on.

All sorts of strange things happened around him, and they were things that science could not explain. Of course he guessed that Cao Zhuang's ghost had caused the ghost.But he knew what was the use, he couldn't stop Cao Zhuang!

The company is in a mess.My wife also ran to the hospital crying, saying that she was haunted.

The business and family were in a mess, and the big boss was very upset, so he asked the nurse to push him out to bask in the sun.But the wheelchair suddenly broke down, and he overturned the car with others, hurting him more!

Now the big boss understands.Cao Zhuang really couldn't kill him, he might torture him.As long as he doesn't surrender, Cao Zhuang will make him feel bad!

How can he enjoy the blessing if this continues?How to make money?Why are you still with your family?

In addition, I heard that the lawyer and the little boss had surrendered, and bit him out, and the police began to come to investigate the case. He was physically and mentally sick and surrendered.

No, as soon as he surrendered, those weird things stopped.

As for how the court will follow up, the nomads and others don't care!

He Hua's family learned that the big boss and others had surrendered. They were ecstatic, and they went to report the crime, and the bosses and bosses all pleaded guilty.

The He Hua family received another large sum of compensation.

This incident spread in the village all of a sudden, and many villagers also appealed, saying that the compensation was unreasonable, etc. The bosses of all sizes recognized it!

In the end, their property was frozen to compensate and compensate these villagers.

In this way, five people, four of them entered, only one sister Xia was safe, but she just knew not to report it, and the crime was not serious, and Cao Zhuang agreed to let her go, and the matter was over.

The nomads Xing Yun and Fu Xiaoya happily finished the work and took Cao Zhuang back to find Fu Xiaowan.

Cao Zhuang thanked everyone again and again, and finally went home to visit his family once, and then went to the underworld to report.

The miner's case is now over, time flies, and Fu Xiaowan's best is almost done, and he can go out and move around freely.

But the summer vacation is coming to an end, Fu Xiaoya is about to start school, and Xing Yun has already ended his vacation and went back to the hospital to work.

Inside a large hot pot restaurant.

Fu Xiaowan, Fu Xiaoya, Nomad, Xing Jun, Fang Jing, Rong Hongqian, Wen Hong, and Xing Yun all gathered to have dinner to celebrate Xiaowan's recovery.

Fu Xiaowan drank the herbal tea comfortably and ate the meatballs and sighed again and again: "Cool, my stomach can suffer these days, and I can finally eat with my stomach open!"

"Don't eat too much, or your stomach can't stand it!" Xing Yun shook his head and laughed and reminded him that the taste was mild for a long time, and suddenly it became hot and cold, and it was easy for stomach pain.

"Sister Yun, you can let Sister Wan eat, otherwise she will be unhappy, hey, look, I brought stomach medicine, everyone will get one after eating the hot pot, so as not to have stomach pain!" Fu Xiaoya smiled and shook her. Box of stomach medicine.

The nomad smiled uncontrollably: "You have your stomach medicine ready, so talented!"

Fu Xiaoya raised her eyebrows triumphantly: "That is, be prepared."

Fang Jing raised her cup a little shyly and said to Fu Xiaowan, "Xiaowan, I respect you, and I want to say sorry and thank you!"

"It's okay, I'm sorry, thank you, everyone is friends!" Fu Xiaowan understood what Fang Jing meant, and then toasted to Rong Hongqian and Wen Hong, "You two are not allowed to say this! Otherwise I will not Happy! Today is here to be happy, don't say those disappointing words!"

"Well, let's not say, I will respect you too!" Rong Hongqian was originally embarrassed, but now he has let go a lot, and raised the cup to do it first.

Naturally, because Wen Hong was toasting a cup with his girlfriend, he didn't expect Xiao Wan to invite them. He thought that Xiao Wan was already dissatisfied with them.

The atmosphere eased, and everyone chatted while eating and drinking. Because it was in the box, there was no need to worry about being heard by others, so everyone talked about ghosts. Fu Xiaoya talked about Cao Zhuang's things vividly and how to make Cao Zhuang. Things that scare those bad guys made everyone laugh.

During the period, Xing Yun felt a little lost when he heard about Cao Zhuang, and began to drink non-stop, while Xing Jun, because of his personality and unfamiliar with everyone, so bored his head and did not chat. The others were happily talking and eating, except for Xiaoya, everyone drank a little too high. l