Ghost Crossing

Chapter 158

At that time, Jiang Xinmei was washing the changed clothes for the child, so she said to buy it tomorrow. Lai Erpi immediately became angry. She got up from the bed and confronted Jiang Xinmei with a meal, saying that the lottery will be drawn today. If she doesn’t buy it, it will cost 10 million. It was her fault.

That's why Jiang Xinmei went to the lottery shop to buy the lottery ticket despite her injury. After returning, she put the lottery ticket on the table and continued to wash the clothes.

After washing the clothes, Jiang Xinmei first coaxed the child to sleep and then climbed into bed to rest.

At dawn, Jiang Xinmei woke up early and was making breakfast, and the child also developed the habit of going to bed early and waking up early, playing around.

The drunk Lai Erpi also got up in a daze. He shook his face and washed his face. Then he checked the time. Before it was time to go to work, just take your time. Well, first check the lottery. , The prize was opened yesterday.

It was a quiet morning. Suddenly, there was an exclamation, and Lai Erpi laughed wildly: "Hahahaha, I won, I won, the first prize, my 10 million, my 10 million is here!"

As soon as Jiang Xinmei had prepared the meal and was about to serve it to the child, she was so frightened that she almost fell the bowl, but after hearing what Lai Erpi said, she was also pleasantly surprised. What, won the prize?really?

Lai Erpi jumped and jumped excitedly after correcting the number. Jiang Xinmei was also stunned. She felt a big surprise hit her head. Only the ignorant child didn't understand what was going on and saw no one cares about her. He walked directly to the table with his calf, looked at a lottery ticket on the table, laughed, picked up the lottery ticket and folded it.

Although the child is young, he is also sensible. Some things can be learned as soon as he teaches, so the child folded the lottery ticket in half and then tore it up.The lottery ticket was turned into a square and then folded awkwardly.

"The lottery, the lottery!" After ecstatic, Lai Erpi wanted to redeem the lottery, but immediately remembered that he didn't know where the lottery was, but he believed that he must have ordered his wife to buy it. He would never forget to buy the lottery if he would forget it!So Lai Erpi immediately rushed to Jiang Xinmei who was still in a sluggish state.A big hand stretched out and asked: "My wife. The lottery ticket!" Because of a good mood, they all called out his wife intimately.

Jiang Xinmei blinked her eyes and came back to her senses, her voice trembling and asked: "Really. Did you really hit it? 10 million?"

"Hmm! Really, look!" Lai Erpi was very excited at the moment, 10 million, how should he spend it.Haha!Excited to think about it!He handed the phone to his wife to see.

Looking at the numbers, it is indeed the familiar number.Jiang Xinmei ecstatically put the bowl on the table and said happily: "It's on the small table next to the bed! I'm going~" Take it!!

Before the last word came out, Jiang Xinmei stopped, her eyes widened and stared somewhere.The whole body became stiff, and the joy on his face turned into panic and disbelief.

As soon as it was placed on the bedside table, Lai Erpi immediately turned around to get the lottery ticket.But like Jiang Xinmei, he showed a shocked and dumbfounded expression.

The two adults are petrified.Staring at their eldest daughter with wide eyes.

At this moment, the child smiled, and then ran over to the two holding a rose, and said softly: "Mom, mom, look, I folded the rose!"

The eyes of the two people followed the roses in the hands of their daughters. Jiang Xinmei was most excited. She grabbed the roses and opened them. It was the familiar series of numbers. It's over, the lottery ticket was torn?

Jiang Xinmei’s heart fell from heaven to hell in an instant, her heart trembled, and she looked at Lai Erpi with anxiety. Seeing this, Lai Erpi grabbed the lottery ticket and looked at it. Then he let out a sigh of relief and said, “No, this one is not. This is the previous issue."

Lai Erpi often buys lottery tickets and naturally knows how to look at the lottery. So when he looks at the number of draws and the draw date, he asserts that the ruined lottery ticket is not the one that won the lottery. He immediately let go of his heart. Fortunately, he won. That one is not torn!

But the shock was enough. Lai Erpi glared at his daughter, then went straight to the small table beside the bed to find the lottery ticket.

Every time Lai Erpi bought the lottery ticket, he put it on the table and put it in a thick pile, so after he rushed over, he dig out the lottery ticket and started looking for it.

The one on the most surface is not. Lai Erpi’s heart speeds up involuntarily. According to reason, the one I bought yesterday should be on the surface, why not!

He didn't believe in evil and continued to search, and the more he turned down, the cooler his heart became. No, no, none of them, the latter are all stale, even more so.

This feeling of falling from heaven to hell instantly made Lai Erpi Ri's eyes red, and he unwillingly searched from the top to the bottom, not all of them were thrown on the ground, and finally it was lost, no!His eyes were bigger than cow bells, and he shouted at Jiang Xinmei with red eyes: "The lottery ticket!"

"Mom!" The child was startled, hiding behind his mother at a loss, thinking that the father at the moment was so scary.

And Jiang Xinmei also jumped, stammering: "I, I, I, I put it on the table! Really, I really put it, I was washing clothes yesterday, so I put it on the table after I bought it! "

"On the table, on the table! But I didn't find it! My 10 million, 10 million, where did you lose it to Lao Tzu?" Lai Erpi roared wildly, unable to accept the fact that he kept the number for several years. It was finally won, but the lottery was not found!How does this make him not heartbroken!

"Me! Me!" Jiang Xinmei also panicked. She hurriedly pushed the child aside, and then quickly stepped forward and said, "I'm here!"

However, even if Jiang Xinmei came to look for it herself, she still couldn't find the lottery ticket!She knelt on the ground and picked up the lottery tickets on the ground one by one, and quickly understood where to look. When she picked up the last lottery ticket on the ground and looked at it, her eyes were full of panic and murmured. : "How come, the lottery, why is it gone, I just put it on the table!"

Not giving up, Jiang Xinmei looked through the lottery ticket again, but it was useless.

When Lai Erpi saw this, he was furious, and kicked Jiang Xinmei directly, and said fiercely: "Prodigal girl, where did you throw my 10 million! If you can't find the lottery ticket, I will kill you." !"

Jiang Xinmei was kicked to the ground without precaution, but she had no temper at all. Instead, she repeatedly replied: "I will find it, I will find it!" She bought the lottery ticket herself.So there must be, the one that my daughter tore is not the one that won the lottery, so the winning lottery ticket must be in the room, as long as you look for it carefully, you will definitely find it!It’s just that it’s clearly placed on the table, how could it not be on the table!

"That's it!" Lai Erpi was still furious.At this time his cell phone rang.It was the foreman who called and said why he hasn't come to work when he is late!

10 million are gone, Lai Erpi still has the heart to go to work.He yelled at the phone: "Last fart, I won't do it!" After speaking, he kicked Jiang Xinmei unwillingly, and then continued to look for him cursing.

What else can I do?How can he be willing to not find the lottery ticket!

The couple searched hard and rummaged the house.Frozenly could not find the lottery ticket, this time Jiang Xinmei dumbfounded.Lai Erpi is crazy!

Jiang Xinmei can't figure out where the lottery will go!10 million, if she were lost like this, she would be killed by Lai Erpi!

Sure enough, Lai Erpi couldn't find the lottery ticket.Suddenly took Jiang Xinmei to vent, and slapped it directly: "Where's my lottery ticket! Ah? What did you lose? Where did you get my 10 million!"

Slap left and slap right.From time to time, he raised his foot and kicked!

Jiang Xinmei, a weak woman who could not withstand such a beating, instantly became blue and swollen.The corners of her mouth were also bleeding, and many places on her body began to bruise. She held her head and begged: "I'm looking for it, I will definitely find the lottery ticket! Stop playing, stop playing!"

This time the beating was too intense, Jiang Xinmei also cried. The child was terrified, but seeing my dear mother being beaten, she still desperately rushed forward and grabbed Lai Erpi’s clothes and cried, "Dad, don’t you Beat mom! Don't beat mom!"

"Fuck you off!" Lai Erpi was pulled impatiently and slapped him directly. The child was knocked to the ground, his face instantly swelled, and he started crying, screaming incessantly: "Mommy mommy!"

Seeing that the child was beaten, Jiang Xinmei was very distressed, so she rushed forward and hugged the child and shouted at Lai Erpi: "What are you doing, she is your daughter, why did you do it!"

"I can't do it? I won't be able to do it! If I don't get my 10 million back, I will kill your mothers!" Lai Erpi said coldly, still not stopping.

At this moment, Jiang Xinmei is not afraid of the pain anymore, holding her daughter tightly, fearing that her daughter will be injured, letting her fists fall on her god.

I don’t know how long it’s been, Lai Erpi was tired from the fight. He was panting and his face was flushed. He checked the time and snorted coldly, “I’ll find it for Lao Tzu. Life!"

After talking about Lai Erpi, he left angrily. Instead of going to work, he planned to go to the lottery shop and ask the boss, did his wife buy the lottery ticket yesterday?Couldn't find the lottery ticket because his wife didn't buy it at all yesterday!Now I have met, my wife dare not admit that I didn't buy it!

It's no wonder that Lai Erpi thought so, because there have been such things, but because Lai Erpi didn't hit Jiang Xinmei at that time.

As soon as Lai Erpi left, Jiang Xinmei stroked the corner of the child's mouth with distress and asked, "Baby, does it hurt?"

"It hurts! Mom hurts too!" Although the child hurts, she also knows that her mother has been beaten more and should hurt even more, so she raised her hand to Jiang Xinmei's mouth with tears and wiped off the trace of blood.

The corners of her mouth twitched slightly, and Jiang Xinmei's tears fell down, but there was a child. She immediately sucked her nose and wiped the tears, then put her hands on the child’s arms and asked: "Baby, mom asks you, on the table Have you won the lottery ticket?"

At this time, Jiang Xinmei remembered that there was a child in the family. She didn't understand what the lottery was, and maybe she played the lottery.

"Lottery ticket?" The child asked, tilting his head ignorantly.

Jiang Xinmei quickly explained: "It's the paper on the table. Didn't you fold a rose? It's the kind of paper. Did you fold other paper?"

"Yeah! Mom, I also folded the plane, and there are several flowers!" The child smiled, and instantly forgot the horrible scene just now, and his mother was about to praise me.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xinmei was overjoyed, and she asked excitedly: "Good baby, tell mom, where is the plane? Where are the flowers?"

"Here here!" When the child heard that his mother wanted to see her folded airplane and flowers, he immediately shouted happily, and then directly took out a pile of paper from his clothes pocket, all squashed paper flowers.

At first glance, the paper flowers were completely flattened, and it was unsightly.The child pouted a little aggrievedly, Jiang Xinmei could no longer care about the child's emotions, and immediately took apart all the paper flowers for examination.

When it was taken apart, her forehead was sweaty, because the paper flowers had to be torn into squares to make them. If the winning lottery ticket was in this pile of flowers, wouldn’t it be torn too?The ripped lottery ticket cannot be redeemed!

After the last flower is opened.Jiang Xinmei was relieved.Great, the lottery is not in these flowers, the winning lottery should be fine.With a movement of her eyes, she immediately grabbed the child and asked nervously, "What about the plane! Where is the plane you folded? Where did you put it?"

"Fly!" The child blinked and said innocently, and then made a gesture of throwing a plane, feeling.After she folded the paper airplane, she couldn't wait to take off.

Fly!Jiang Xinmei pressed her eyebrows to her heart, and the lottery ticket would not be ruined if she folded the plane.The lottery ticket should still be intact, but the baby actually threw the paper airplane out, then.Where is the plane now?She grasped the child earnestly and asked, "Where did the plane fly?"

"Hmm!" The baby tilted his head and thought, then his little hand pointed out the window, and he actually threw the plane out of the window.

Jiang Xinmei felt tight when she saw this.This flying ghost knows where it will fly, though.Still looking for it!Immediately, she stood up and said to the child: "Hey, go to fold flowers, mother will be back soon!" After that, she ran out in a hurry, looking for a paper airplane outside.

As for Lai Erpi, he went straight to the lottery shop before entering. The shop owner smiled and went forward to congratulate: "Brother Lai, congratulations, congratulations, I won 10 million!"

"Ah! Oh! Yeah yeah!" Seeing the boss, Lai Erpi knew that his wife really bought the lottery ticket. What was depressing was that the lottery ticket was gone. It was really annoying. He was too embarrassed to tell the boss that the lottery ticket was lost. I can sneer and speak kind words.

"Why, don't you go to receive the award? I didn't receive this award!" The shop owner thought that Lai Erpi was here to receive the award, and said with a smile that he didn't receive the award. .

Lai Erpi went down the stairs and answered, "That's it, then I have to prepare to accept the award, you are busy, you are busy!"

When a customer came to the door, Lai Erpi took the opportunity to leave. The boss was very depressed, and he won such a big prize. Why didn't he mean to him?

Generally, people who win the jackpot will give the lottery lottery shop some benefits. The boss thinks, 10 million yuan, there is always a few thousand dollars for a small point, but Lai Erpi is so stingy and left directly, so the boss is a little speechless .

The boss doesn’t know, but Lai Erpi is not happy at all now. The lottery ticket is lost, and he won’t be able to get 10 million!

I wanted to go back to look for the lottery ticket, but I was very upset, afraid that I might not find it when I went back. After thinking about it, Lai Erpi moved to a small restaurant, and went away with alcohol.

After ordering a box of wine, Lai Erpi started to drink, shaking his head while drinking, looking disappointed and depressed.

Drinking, drinking, drinking high, my mind started to think, since my wife bought the lottery ticket, the lottery ticket must be at home, but why is it missing!

Suddenly, an amazing idea formed in my mind!

Could it be that he has always beaten and scolded his wife over the years, and his wife hated him and didn’t want to live with him, but because he was unable to have children, he could only commit himself to him. Now that he has won 10 million in the lottery, he has such a huge one. For the money, my wife also thought about it.

Are you worried about finding a man with so much money?Could it be that the wife got the money and hid the lottery ticket on the grounds of losing it, and then looked for a chance to divorce him, and own 10 million alone!

As a result, the typical psychology of stealing an axe has formed. Everyone has heard the story of throwing an axe, that is, someone who lost his axe, and then suspected that it was the neighbor next door, and then looked suspicious of the neighbor no matter how he looked at it!Doubtful!But in the end, the axe was found, and the neighbor did not steal it at all. When I look at the neighbor later, I don't feel suspicious at all.

At this time, Lai Erpi had this kind of psychology. The more I thought about it, the more I felt that it was like this. He was so bad to his wife, and his wife must have disliked him. Now that he sees the big prize, he wants to leave him, and wants to swallow a huge sum of money!

Yes, that must be the case, or how could the lottery be gone!He has a wife and children at home. The children are ignorant and don't know what 10 million means, but his wife knows, so there is no one else except Jiang Xinmei who can hide the lottery ticket!

Thinking about it, the anger in Lai Erpi's heart surged. He even dared to swallow his 10 million, and even wanted to leave him. It was a wishful thinking. This nasty lady dared to treat him this way!

Suddenly standing up, Lai Erpi took out 100 and patted directly on the table, yelling at the checkout, and before he could even find money, he staggered and rushed home.

At this time, Jiang Xinmei was holding the baby and kissing with joy, and said to her kiss: "Good boy, now our family can finally live a good life!"

It turned out that after Jiang Xinmei ran out and looked for it, she actually found the lottery ticket. The plane made up of the lottery ticket was hung on a small tree. She happily went forward to pick up the plane and open it for verification. That's right. This is it, and the lottery ticket is intact, you can redeem it, 10 million, and finally found it!

But after kissing, Jiang Xinmei's smiling face froze, her brows darkened and she became a little uneasy.

10 million, it can indeed change their family's life, but the problem is that this money is too much, and it can completely change the life of a family.

She can no longer have children, even if she wants to give birth to a son for Lai Erpi, she has no chance!

But Lai Erpi!He must still want a son in his heart. He didn’t have money before, so he didn’t divorce her and marry another woman, but he got 10 million. Now that Lai Erpi has money, he can marry a wife again. Maybe, maybe. He would kick her, then marry another woman, and let another woman give him a son.

The hand touched her cheek silently, her skin was rough and dull, now she is a yellow-faced woman, who else would marry her?

Moreover, there are also daughters. Even if Lai Erpi continues to recognize her daughter, she can have a son later, her daughter will definitely not have a good life!

Thinking about it, Jiang Xinmei couldn't help but worry, but she couldn't help but sighed and said quietly, "Baby, with these 10 million, your father is leaving us!"

"Wow! You really want to swallow my 10 million!" At this moment, the door was kicked open with a slam, and a figure walked in, surprisingly Lai Erpi.

It turned out that Lai Erpi hurried back and walked to the door with a rousing brain, and then came to the door silently, eavesdropping on the situation in the house, but whoever thought it would hear such a sentence.

(Because I was at home, the door was not closed, and there was no noise nearby, so Lai Erpi heard Jiang Xinmei's words.)

Originally, Lai Erpi suspected that his wife wanted to embezzle 10 million yuan and then divorced him. Now that he heard such a sentence, he took it for granted that he confirmed this suspicion. That's right, Jiang Xinmei just wanted to leave him, leaving him with his 10 million yuan!

Lai Erpi's red eyes stared at Jiang Xinmei viciously, not knowing whether it was because of drunkenness or anger, and entered the house in a vicious manner, and rushed to Jiang Xinmei in threes or twos, and started without saying a word.

Jiang Xinmei is still in a state of confusion, because of Lai Erpi's words, why can he swallow 10 million?She hadn't thought about it that way, she just thought that Lai Erpi would abandon her after having this 10 million!But why does Lai Erpi say she wants to swallow 10 million?

Before she could figure it out, a slap came over, slapped her with gold stars, and all thoughts were shot out of her mind, and her mind crashed on the spot.

"I told you to swallow Lao Tzu's 10 million! I told you to leave Lao Tzu! Lao Tzu killed you!" Lai Erpi was furious, under the anesthesia of alcohol, he was very ruthless and couldn't listen to Jiang Xinmei's words.

The first slap made Jiang Xinmei slap her eyes with gold stars, and the second slap made Jiang Xinmei's ears scream!Next, Jiang Xinmei became confused and couldn't even speak for mercy.

When the child saw this, he burst into tears again. Seeing his mother looked terrifying, he jumped up and grabbed Lai Erpi's leg and shook fiercely, "Dad, Dad, don't beat mom! Mom hurts!"

The trousers were pulled, Lai Erpi immediately placed the target on the child, looking at this immature face, he did not pity at all, but slapped it down.

It's just a child. How could it be able to withstand the full slap of an adult from Lai Erpi. Suddenly, the child was flew away and flew out for a certain distance, and fell softly to the ground without any sound.l