Ghost Crossing

Chapter 159 The Death of Two Skins

At this time, Lai Erpi was already a bit stunned, thinking all his heart, his wife would swallow his 10 million!As for leaving or something, it is naturally placed behind 10 million, because he has imagined more than once or twice. After winning the lottery, he has found a wife and gave birth to a son. As for Jiang Xinmei, she will raise it if she is honest. Anyway, she is rich and dishonest. If you dare to make trouble, kick it.

The child fainted, he turned around and wanted to continue to attack Jiang Xinmei, but when he was beating the child, Jiang Xinmei's consciousness came to a clear level. I don't know whether it was because of the gap that brought her back to her senses, or the child's crying. She recovered.

In short, Jiang Xinmei came back to her senses. She rolled her eyes blankly, and saw the child flying upside down, and then lying down on the ground motionless!

Jiang Xinmei suddenly exclaimed "child" and wanted to rush to save the child, but her scalp hurts and she couldn't make any further progress.

Lai Erpi pulled Jiang Xinmei by the hair with a grim look and continued to punch and kick, venting his anger.

But at this time, Jiang Xinmei no longer cowardly bears all this, just because of the unconscious child in front of her, regardless of the pain of her scalp, she suddenly stood up and began to resist.

With all-out resistance, Lai Erpi was drunk and a little unsteady, so Jiang Xinmei pushed hard, her scalp numb, and a bunch of hair was pulled off by Lai Erpi, but she also successfully pushed Lai Erpi away. Up.

Regardless of the pain of the scalp, Jiang Xinmei wanted to rush to the child to check on the child's condition, but Lai Erpi staggered to catch up again. He stretched out his big hand to grab Jiang Xinmei's hair.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Xinmei ran to the dining table in two or three steps, picked up a wooden stool and yelled at Lai Erpi: "Lai Pizi, what are you crazy about drinking!"

Lai Erpi took a look, yo.Jiang Xinmei actually picked up the bench, what's the matter, she's so courageous, she dared to resist!He shook his head vigorously, with a grin at the corner of his mouth, ready to rush up to continue his hands, to let Jiang Xinmei know what a husband is for!

Seeing Lai Erpi still rushed forward, Jiang Xinmei panicked.Also anxious.He closed his eyes and lifted the bench to smash Lai Erpi.

It hurts to remember this, and Lai Erpi was in pain, gasping with air-conditioning grinning.But this didn't make him sober, instead he became more crazy. His scarlet eyes stared at Jiang Xinmei, as if the woman in front of him was his homicide.He roared and charged up again.

Jiang Xinmei was frightened after hitting Lai Erpi. She actually hit Lai Erpi.Her hands began to tremble, and seeing Lai Erpi rushed up again, she suddenly turned around the table in fright.

Lai Erpi also started chasing around the table, Jiang Xinmei dodged embarrassedly.

The little man on the ground moved slightly.Weakly moaned*: "Mom! Mom!"

Upon hearing this shout, Jiang Xinmei was anxious, and the child's condition was very bad.She must take the child to the hospital as soon as possible, but she is in front of her.I'm crazy, what should I do?What should I do?

Anxious Jiang Xinmei gritted her teeth and decided to faint Lai Erpi, and then send the child to the hospital. Lai Erpi is thick and thick, and he can't die if he faints!Maybe I don't remember it after sober.

At the moment, Jiang Xinmei made a decision and directly swept the bench against Lai Erpi's head, but she did not dare to use all her strength, but reduced her strength.

With one blow, Lai Erpi was okay, he shook his head, and then yelled: "You dare to hit me!" Then he rushed over.

Jiang Xinmei was taken aback, bit her lip and increased her strength, before hitting Lai Erpi again.

The blow was effective. Lai Erpi shook his body, and then put his hands on the tabletop, and he became a little confused and shook his head desperately.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Xinmei seized the opportunity to hit Lai Erpi's back again, then dropped the bench, rushed towards the child, squatted down, picked up the child and rushed out of the house.

What she didn't know was that the blow behind her caused Lai Erpi to stagger forward, and then hit the table with his head severely, then bounced back and fell back, but the back of his head was knocked on the ground. Throw it on the ground bench.

To make matters worse, because the bench was a little wobbly, Lai Erpi nailed a nail on the bench. After sitting for a long time and hitting it just now, the nail actually protruded.

Lai Erpi fell on the nail so he couldn't die, and then he stopped moving when he twitched.

The blood flowed down the bench, exuding terrible patterns on the ground.

She didn't even know that such an accident happened. Jiang Xinmei ran with her baby. She had no car and couldn't get a car for a while. At the end, she stopped the car while running, but she never stopped the car. She wanted to crowd the bus.

The KTV area is a rather chaotic area. Living nearby is noisy and chaotic, but the house is cheap, so Jiang Xinmei's family lives near KTV.

The lottery shop is not far from KTV.

Jiang Xinmei hugged her child and prepared to wait for the bus, and then passed the lottery shop. She was pleasantly surprised and rushed into the lottery shop immediately.

It was working time at this time, so there was no business in the lottery shop. When the boss saw Jiang Xinmei holding the child and ran in with a flustered expression, he hurriedly stepped forward and asked, "Sister Jiang, what's the matter with you?"

"Boss, boss!" Jiang Xinmei panted and yelled twice, then swallowed and quickly said: "Boss, you help me, save my child!"

The boss looked down and saw that the child's eyes were closed tightly. He was startled and he was so busy: "I see, you hold the child and wait outside, I will close the door first!"

Jiang Xinmei nodded gratefully, and then waited at the door holding her baby.

The boss quickly closed the door, and ran to drive the car, let the mother and daughter get in the car, stepped on the accelerator and went straight to the hospital.

With the help of the boss, Jiang Xinmei’s child quickly went to the hospital and was treated. The final diagnosis was a minor concussion. The problem was not very serious. After a prescription and saline solution, the child woke up and the condition was much better. The child was crying with tears when he saw his mother. This time it was too painful to be beaten.

The hospital asked to be hospitalized for observation for a few days, but the child was making a fuss about going home. When the doctor saw the situation, he was relieved, saying that it would be fine to check it every few days.Jiang Xinmei was thankful for taking the child home.

Of course, it was the boss who drove it. The boss should be a good person.

On the way, the child stopped crying, but the old man with swollen cheeks made Jiang Xinmei feel distressed, but the child comforted her mother in turn.Say it hurts.Seeing the boss is very sad, what a sensible child.

It takes some time to drive, so the boss asked curiously: "What's the matter with the kid?" He could see that he was slapped.But the boss couldn't figure out who would fight it.

Sister Jiang, who is nice and gentle, it is impossible to beat a child.Brother Lai?No, Brother Lai should be in a good mood now.I got 10 million, how can I beat my child!

Jiang Xinmei felt bitter, and then shook her head to say nothing.

But the child spoke first, and the child said pitifully: "It was Dad who beat him. Dad beat Mommy!"

Upon hearing this.The boss was taken aback, he slammed the brakes, then turned around and drove back.

Jiang Xinmei saw that the child actually said it.I feel a little embarrassed, after all, the ugliness of the family cannot be exposed.What's more, the boss himself is a fellow villager. She knows some things about her family. She feels a little embarrassed to see the boss. Now she is directly told by the child that she has domestic violence. This makes her feel so embarrassed.

But she was so embarrassed that she was confused by the boss's slam brake and U-turn, and looked at the boss inexplicably.

Upon seeing this, the boss said in a maddening voice: "Sister Jiang, that's why you are wrong. You are in the hospital. Why don't you look at the injuries."

"No, I'm fine!" Jiang Xinmei shook her head and said that she didn't want to go to the hospital. There were two reasons. First, it cost money to see a doctor. She just had some bruises and it would take a long time to heal. Second, the child just saw her. Look again, doesn't that directly indicate that there is a domestic violence problem in her family?

"Eldest Sister Jiang, did Brother Lai really caused the injury to you and your child?" The boss still found it unbelievable, and he also diverted Sister Jiang's attention by the way. He was also good for Sister Jiang. If you don't look at the injury, it's very It's easy to leave some sequelae, if there is internal injury, wouldn't it be worse.

Sure enough, Jiang Xinmei fell silent as soon as she heard this question, her eyes lowered and an expression that she didn't want to say much, she didn't speak, and she let her boss drive the car to the hospital.

The boss is really entangled, he really wants to know why, Big Brother Lai won the big prize, such a happy thing, why beat his wife and children!

After thinking and thinking, the boss came up with a very reasonable reason.

Brother Lai wanted to abandon Sister Jiang after winning the lottery. Sister Jiang did not agree to the divorce, so Brother Lai started!This possibility is very high!

Soon after returning to the hospital, Sister Jiang reluctantly went to see the injury, and finally refused to suspend the salt water. Instead, she prescribed some medicine and ended the treatment. She left in a hurry under the pity of the doctor.

Now the boss felt relieved and set off again to take the two home.

Originally, Jiang Xinmei planned to send the boss back to the lottery shop. She would just go back by herself, but the boss said that there was not much way. She insisted on sending it to the end. Jiang Xinmei couldn't make it through, so she followed the boss's instructions.

It took a lot of time to see a doctor and the journey back and forth. It was already afternoon, and the three of them also missed the lunch at noon. Jiang Xinmei was a little sad and grateful. After holding the child and getting out of the car, she invited the boss: "Boss, today Thank you so much. Look, it’s time for lunch too. Why don’t you stay and have lunch!"

The boss wanted to get rid of it. He also wanted to go back to open a store and do business. Although he has missed the best business hours (the rest time after lunch is also used to buy lottery tickets), he still made a loud noise before he opened his mouth. Come, he scratched his head embarrassedly and responded: "That's OK, then I'm not welcome!"

Seeing that the boss had agreed, Jiang Xinmei walked towards the house and pointed to the house along the way and said, "My house is right there!"

Because it was a bit difficult to hold the child, and the child refused to give it to the boss, Jiang Xinmei walked relatively slowly, but the boss walked ahead and looked at the surrounding environment curiously.

In an instant, I arrived at the house Jiang Xinmei said. The boss pushed the door and asked, "The door is not closed, Brother Lai is at home?"

Jiang Xinmei's face became stiff when she heard the three words of Big Brother Lai, and she gave a perfunctory gratitude. Since the door is not closed, Lai Erpi must still be at home.

"Brother Lai!" Hearing that the boss shouted immediately, and then the whole person entered the house, his face changed drastically in the next second, and he quickly left the house while reaching out to stop Jiang Xinmei and the child who was about to enter the door.

Jiang Xinmei, who was stopped, was very puzzled. She looked at the boss inexplicably and asked, "Boss. What are you?"

"Don't go in, especially don't let the children in!" The boss's face was pale, his pupils flashed with a look of horror, he swallowed, and then said: "Don't go in, call the police!"

Call the police?Jiang Xinmei looked at the boss with wide eyes and asked inexplicably: "Why?" Then she quickly guessed the reason and said, "Is there a thief at home?" After that, she wanted to enter the house to see what happened!

"No, no! Don't go in!" The boss was anxious.Stop Jiang Xinmei with all his strength.Then he looked at the child embarrassedly, his lips moved slightly and frowned, and said, "Yes, it's Brother Lai, he is dead!"

"What!" Jiang Xinmei exclaimed.Staring at the boss's face in disbelief, he looked straight at him. Seeing the boss's serious face, his heart sank suddenly, and he put the child into the boss's arms and said."Help me hug the baby."

Forcibly pushing the child to the boss, Jiang Xinmei rushed into the house in a hurry.A glance away, she saw a scene that shocked her.

Lai Erpi lay straight on the ground, his head resting on the bench, with blood.It extends from the bench to the ground, and there is already a pool of blood on the ground.

After shock, Jiang Xinmei was stunned looking at the corpse.Standing at the door blankly, not talking.No action.

Upon seeing this, the boss knew that Sister Jiang was terrified and that it would be difficult to get in with the child, so he could only open his mouth and shout: "Sister Jiang, Sister Jiang!"

With this shout, Jiang Xinmei shook her body and recovered her senses. Her eyes were filled with panic. She suffocated her breath and rushed to Lai Erpi's corpse in the next second, with complex eyes extending her hand to explore. The sniff of the second skin.

The result is obvious, there are no surprises and surprises, no breath, and then touch the skin, it is already cold!

How could it happen, how could it die?

Jiang Xinmei's eyes floated, she guessed something from Lai Erpi's death, a very serious matter.

Although I couldn't see what Jiang Xinmei did after entering, the boss still saw Jiang Xinmei rushing into the room. He shouted anxiously: "Sister Jiang, don't mess around, don't spoil the scene, call the police first!"

Hearing the boss's shout, Jiang Xinmei's hand trembled and called the police!

Yes, she accidentally killed Lai Erpi, what should I do?She killed someone!

Thinking of the word murder, Jiang Xinmei's hands began to tremble, staring at Lai Erpi's body with a look of horror, she quietly stepped back, her pupils wandering in her eye sockets.

Her breathing became short, Jiang Xinmei swallowed hard and began to think about what to do.

Call the police, she murdered, killing pays for her life, she should pay for her life!

However, the child is still so young. If she is imprisoned and Lai Erpi is gone, who will take care of the child, poor baby, she is still so young, will she lose her father's love and mother's love?

Thinking of the hardships that the child will face in the future, Jiang Xinmei hesitated. She didn't want her baby to be scolded for no parents or parents, and she didn't want her to be sent to an orphanage.

As for the relatives and family members who will take care of the children, it is an extravagant hope. Who is willing to accept such a small girl?Even if he accepts it, there will be no good days.

No, she can't go to jail, for the sake of the child, she can't go to jail!

By the way, there are still 10 million. If she goes to jail, this 10 million will be taken away. With this 10 million, she can raise her child to a talent by herself!

With a sudden change of mind, Jiang Xinmei glanced at Lai Erpi's body, and made a decision with her fist tight, not to report the crime. Lai Erpi died and died, no matter she died, she would never be beaten again, and the child would not have to be beaten. Now, with another 10 million, she can live without marrying in this life!

However, Jiang Xinmei thought of the boss at the door. He saw Lai Erpi's death. If he didn't call the police, he would definitely doubt it. What should I do?

If I knew it, I would not invite the boss home for dinner, so no one would know the cause of Lai Erpi's death.

How to do!How can this boss's mouth be sealed!

Jiang Xinmei looked bitter and didn't know what to do.

At this time, the boss outside the door was a little anxious, he put the child down, and then asked the child to stay still, the child nodded sensibly, and then played at the door, the boss immediately entered the house when he saw Jiang Xinmei. With a frowning face, he thought Jiang Xinmei was still sad for Lai Erpi's death, so he stepped forward to comfort.

"Sister Jiang, don't be too sad, you should call the police! This way, the murderer can be caught as soon as possible!" The boss said with regret, then seeing that Jiang Xinmei still had no response, he took out his mobile phone from his pocket. Call the police yourself.

When the beep sounded, Jiang Xinmei was shocked, grabbed the boss's mobile phone, and shook her head pleadingly, "No, don't call the police!"

Jiang Xinmei's actions were really suspicious, so the boss showed a look of astonishment. He looked at Jiang Xinmei in disbelief and asked, "Why?"

Seeing the boss's surprised and skeptical expression, Jiang Xinmei bit her lip and knelt on the ground with a puff.

The boss felt cold when he saw this, and the suspicion became certain. He looked at the corpse and then at Jiang Xinmei who was kneeling. He pointed at the corpse with trembling fingers and asked Jiang Xinmei: "Sister Jiang, you, should you? , Brother Lai, shouldn't you kill it!"

"Yes!" Jiang Xinmei admitted with difficulty, but after spitting out the word, she immediately shook her head and explained in a flustered manner, "No, no, boss, you listen to me to explain, I didn't mean it, you listen to me!"

Looking at Jiang Xinmei, who was still wounded on her face, the boss was entangled. In his perception, Sister Jiang was a good, gentle and gentle woman, how could she kill?Perhaps, there is really something hidden in the matter, let's listen to it first!

He was so surprised just now that he thought Jiang Xinmei killed Brother Lai for 10 million!But now that I think about it, it shouldn't be like this. If so, why should Jiang Xinmei invite him to the house and let him see the body?

After understanding, the boss hurriedly helped Jiang Xinmei and asked, "Sister Jiang, take your time to say, what is going on?"

Seeing that the boss was no longer in a hurry to call the police, and she was calm to listen to her explanation, Jiang Xinmei's tears fell, and she choked to explain: "It's actually like this. Didn't I buy the lottery ticket last night, but I won 1,000. Million!"

The boss nodded, yes, he knows this, can he not know the lottery he sells!

Seeing the boss nodded, Jiang Xinmei cried: "When I got up in the morning, Erpi got the number right, and said that I won the first prize. There was 10 million. I was also very happy at the time, but the lottery ticket was gone. We rummaged the house. No lottery was found!"

The lottery is gone!The boss opened his mouth and was shocked, 10 million, since it's gone!

At this moment, the boss seemed to understand the reason why Jiang Jiang and the children were on his body. The lottery was gone, and Brother Lai would be happy. He must be so angry that he would be rough with his wife and children.

"Later Erpi went out, and I continued to look for the lottery ticket at home. It turned out that the child folded the lottery ticket into a paper airplane and flew out. I found the paper airplane and found the lottery ticket. Then I waited for Erpi to come back. But, I didn't expect. After Erpi came back drunk, he immediately started to hit me, and even if he hit me, but he also started to hit the child and knocked the child out. I saw that the child was fainted, so I was anxious and took the bench to hit him. I took the opportunity to hold the baby and ran out!"

Sniffing her nose, Jiang Xinmei looked at her boss with tears in her eyes and said, "I met you later, and it will be like this when I come back."

The boss stringed the cause and effect together, and finally said silently: "So, after you beat Brother Lai, you went out. I don't know that Brother Lai had an accident."

"Hmm!" Jiang Xinmei nodded and said with tears: "I really don't know. I just want to take the child to the hospital quickly, so I hit the bench a few times. I didn't expect it. I didn't expect him. Will~"

With a faint sigh, the boss understood what was going on.

Nothing more than that, the winning lottery ticket could not be found. Big Brother Lai became angry with his wife and children, and Big Sister Jiang unexpectedly killed Big Brother Lai for the sake of her children's resistance.

Seeing the boss's expression loosened, Jiang Xinmei quickly climbed to the boss, came to the boss in a few steps, pulled the corner of his clothes and pleaded: "Boss, I really don't know it will become like this, and I don't want to die. , This is an accident, really an accident."

"I know." The boss replied helplessly, then looked at the corpse entangledly and said, "But, Big Brother Lai is dead, this, if you don't call the police..."

"No, you can't call the police!" Jiang Xinmei yelled and explained quickly, "If I call the police and I kill someone, I will definitely be arrested by the police. Erpi is also dead. What about my poor child? ?" l