Ghost Crossing

Chapter 160: Concealing the Truth

child!The boss was stunned and thought of the younger girl at the door. Yeah, the child is so young, is it going to lose both his father and mother on the same day?This seems too cruel!

However, not calling the police, it seems a bit bad!This is a life lost!

The boss hesitated, looking at the corpse, he didn't know how to choose.

Seeing that the boss was still hesitating, Jiang Xinmei immediately played the emotional card. She quickly lifted up her trouser legs and long sleeves, showed her tops to the boss, and complained: "Look, look at these, these are all second skins. He fights, for so many years, I have been suffering, Erpi always drinks, gets drunk when drunk, beats me when drunk, sometimes beats children, I have never resisted, this time, this time it was him I rebelled after the child had a concussion, but I didn't expect him to have such an accident, he would just die!"

When I saw the old and new scars of Jiang Xinmei’s injury, I thought of the doctor in the hospital saying that the child had a slight concussion, and remembering how Jiang Xinmei married Lai Erpi, the boss immediately gritted his teeth and made a two-word evaluation of Lai Erpi: "brute!"

Yes, such a man is not a beast. What is it?

At this moment, the boss hated Lai Erpi and felt that he deserved to die, and sympathized with Jiang Xinmei. The children are so old, then, how many years has she endured *domestic violence?

The more I think about it, the more I feel that Jiang Xinmei is pitiful. She has been harmed by an animal all her life. Now Lai Erpi is dead. He died well. When he is dead, Jiang Xinmei can start a new life and the child can live a good life.

Hearing the boss scolded the word animal *sheng, Jiang Xinmei cried sadly and said nothing!

That's right, Lai Erpi is a beast.It has harmed her for a lifetime, and it has harmed her daughter for a lifetime. Thinking of the little daughter who was sent away, Jiang Xinmei was so distraught that she cried and fainted.

Excessively frightened and physically injured, Jiang Xinmei couldn't hold it anymore and fainted.

The boss was shocked when he saw this.He hurriedly helped Jiang Xinmei and shouted: "Sister Jiang. Sister Jiang, what's wrong with you!"

The thumb squeezed the person hard, and Jiang Xinmei faintly slowed down.Wake up, look at the boss's worried face, tears continue to fall, begging: "Boss. Please, don't call the police."

"Okay!" The boss was also cruel.Responding to Jiang Xinmei's plea, Lai Erpi deserved to die, would he still harm Jiang Xinmei if he died?There are children, and the father is fine without the scum.Can not live without a mother.

The death of one person can harm the lives of two people.If the facts are concealed, Jiang Xinmei's mother and daughter can live a good life.Why not do it?

Emotion prevailed, and the boss chose not to call the police.

However, he also had concerns. Seeing Jiang Xinmei's expression of joy after hearing his answer, he hurriedly said: "It's okay if you don't call the police, but Brother Lai is like this, how do you explain it?"

Jiang Xinmei glanced at Lai Erpi's body, swallowed tentatively and said, "Erpi is always drunk, then, then he accidentally fell down when he was drunk, and then he went out. accident."

"This!" The boss was stunned for a moment, thinking that the reason is really good. If you are drunk, everything can happen. This explanation is reasonable, but he looked at the door and said: "That's OK, you just Put it this way! But what should I do now? The child is still outside!"

After wiping away the tears in a hurry, Jiang Xinmei stopped her tears and said: "You can't let the children see these. Then, if you take the children out to play, I will clean up at home."

"Can you do it? That's all right, you take your children to play, I will clean up, I am stronger than you!" the boss kindly proposed.

"This, this is unlucky." Jiang Xinmei was heartbroken. She was really struggling to deal with the corpse by herself, but the boss was just an outsider. It would be great to be able to agree not to call the police. Now she has to help her deal with the corpse. ,too big.

The boss waved his hand and said: "It's okay. I don't believe this. I don't believe this. That's it. I will clean up the house. Look at the child and don't let her in."

Jiang Xinmei gratefully looked at the boss and nodded: "Then, I will trouble you!"

Next, the boss began to clean up the room, but it was nothing more than to separate the corpse from the bench, then wash the blood stains, and then move the corpse aside to put it away, and took a white cloth to cover it.

After simple cleaning, the boss wiped off his sweat, sat on the bench at will, and rested.

But after sitting, he unexpectedly saw a lottery ticket, and then he moved in his heart and quickly picked up the lottery ticket and looked at it. Isn't this the one that won 10 million?

10 million!The boss's heart moved instantly, and money symbols appeared in his eyes.

But immediately he shook his head vigorously and whispered: "You can't do such a wicked thing!"

After speaking, he glanced at the lottery ticket with distressed eyes, then put the lottery ticket back on the table, got up and left the room, he was afraid that he could not help taking the lottery ticket into his own after sitting for a while!

Faced with 10 million, who can be unmoved?

After leaving the house, the boss saw Jiang Xinmei, who was a little lost with the child, and felt soft. This woman is already pitiful enough, and she can live a good life again with 10 million. If even 10 million is taken away by him, Isn't it too pitiful!

Seeing the boss coming out, Jiang Xinmei's eyes lit up, and she silently asked what happened.

The boss nodded to Jiang Xinmei, indicating that it was done. Jiang Xinmei brought the child over and whispered, "Thank you, thank you."

Rubbing his nose angrily, the boss said helplessly: "I don't know if I'm doing this right."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xinmei was a little frightened, for fear that the boss would regret it.

Seeing her showing fear, the boss smiled bitterly and said: "Okay, I will do what I promised you. Don't think too much about it, take good care of your children."

"Thank you. Really thank you!" Jiang Xinmei didn't know what to say except thank you.

"Cuckoo~" At this time, the boss's stomach made a noise, breaking the embarrassment in front of him.

The boss is embarrassed, this is really hungry!

Jiang Xinmei looked at the boss in shock, and then quickly said, "I'll cook for you! Just take it, just as thank you!"

Do nothing.Jiang Xinmei felt uneasy, and she was still a little scared thinking that Lai Erpi's body was still in the house.

"Okay!" The boss nodded after thinking about it.

After entering the house, the boss took the initiative to take the children so that Jiang Xinmei could cook. Jiang Xinmei gave him a grateful look and then looked at the table.It was originally the location of Lai Erpi's body.But at this time, the corpse has been cleaned up, the blood in that place.It's gone.

Previously, because of fear of being arrested, the fear was not so serious, but now, the boss has agreed not to call the police.Jiang Xinmei looked at the table on the ground where the corpse passed by, and her heart was chilling.Feeling that the room was terrifying, I glanced around the room again, looking for the whereabouts of the corpse, and saw something under the bed.I immediately understood that the corpse was tucked under the bed, and my heart jumped suddenly, thinking.Never sleep at home at night, especially the bed.Don't touch it anymore.

Withdrawing her gaze, Jiang Xinmei was about to cook, but suddenly the corner of her eye swept over the paper-lottery ticket on the table. She was stunned. She couldn't help but glanced at the lottery shop owner secretly, and then quickly put the lottery away.

After receiving the lottery ticket, Jiang Xinmei went to prepare the food, but while preparing the food, his mind kept thinking about things.

She thought that the boss was really a good person. She sympathized with her and promised not to call the police. Before, he sent her and her child to the hospital for free, and he kindly sent her mother and daughter back. Now he is helping her clean up the body.

Wait, pick up the corpse. The lottery ticket is on the table. The boss can't miss it. That is to say, the boss saw the lottery ticket, but he didn't take the lottery ticket as his own!

After washing the vegetables, Jiang Xinmei was moved inexplicably, and there was an inexplicable emotion in her eyes. She quietly turned her head and glanced at the direction of the boss again, seeing that he was playing with the child patiently, and her heart was very warm.

What a good man!If, if the child’s father, her husband is how good the boss is, he will definitely be very happy.

Perceiving a scorching gaze staring at him, the boss looked at Jiang Xinmei. Seeing her staring at him in a daze, he raised a smile to Jiang Xinmei.

With this smile, Jiang Xinmei's heartbeat speeded up, and she turned her head in a panic to stop looking at the boss, but her heart was bumping like a deer, and a blush on her face quietly climbed up.

This meal can be said to be the happiest meal Jiang Xinmei has eaten in the past few years. The atmosphere in the house has always been warm and ambiguous. From time to time, she raised her head and glanced at the boss secretly, and then immediately lowered shamefully. Head steak rice, forget to pick up the vegetables, just eat the white rice.

Perceiving Jiang Xinmei's abnormality, the boss is a little confused. Is Jiang Xinmei still worried about him calling the police?She didn't dare to pick up the food anymore, she couldn't help but laughed. She picked up a piece of meat and put it into Jiang Xinmei's bowl and said: "Why don't you eat vegetables, don't worry about that, I can do it! "

Jiang Xinmei's face blushed suddenly, and then she realized that she was eating rice. Seeing the meat cut by the boss, she felt happy. When she was just married, Lai Erpi treated her like this, but everything changed later. She never enjoyed this treatment again.

Now, the boss has actually picked up food for her, plus she was so touched before that, Jiang Xinmei is completely moved.

She didn't marry Lai Erpi because she liked Lai Erpi. She was forced to marry Lai Erpi. Although she was moved by her life after marriage, she only accepted Lai Erpi instead of loving him.

She had never been in love before or after marriage. Jiang Xinmei felt the feeling of heartbeat for the first time at this time. Her whole heart was tied to the boss. She stared at the meat in the bowl. She bit her lip, and plucked a piece back with courage. Meat to the boss, whispered: "You eat too!"

After speaking, she bowed her head shyly, not daring to see the boss.

The boss didn't think there was anything at first, but now, he was dumbfounded and noticed Jiang Xinmei's abnormality.

This is, shy?Could it be that!Sister Jiang treats him~~ The boss has a kind of unspeakable feeling, but he still has the majority.

This is like a person who knows that he is crushed by others, and he will definitely feel a little bit happy in his heart, and feel that he has a good charm. Moreover, if someone who has a crush on him is in love with him, then his heart will definitely bloom.

At this moment, the boss was very happy, picked up the meat in the bowl and ate it, in a good mood, and thought it tasted great.

The atmosphere immediately warmed up, and the boss secretly looked at Jiang Xinmei, and began to calculate.

The boss is actually younger than Jiang Xinmei, but from the outside, he still looks a little older than Jiang Xinmei. In appearance, he is so-so, not handsome, not ugly.And Jiang Xinmei, although the skin is a little dark and the person is very thin, but the facial features are indeed very delicate, otherwise it will not be called a village flower, will not be entangled by Lai Erpi.

And the boss, of course, was married, but he was already divorced. The reason is simple. He took his wife to the city when he got married. The bustling city instantly tempted his wife, and his wife didn’t wait for him to spell it out. I chose to leave him after a career, and left with a rich man.

After his wife left, the boss vowed to make a lot of money, making his wife regret it. Now, he has opened a lottery shop and the business is pretty good. He is standing in this city. Although he is not a millionaire, he can be regarded as a good one. It is well-off.

And he didn't rush to find his wife again, because his ex-wife really hurt him, so he didn't get married again.

The boss at the moment looked at Jiang Xinmei, but thoughts in his heart.

Although Sister Jiang is older than him, she looks very beautiful. Don't look at her now that her complexion is dark and yellow and looks like a woman with a yellow face. As long as she takes care of it, her skin will change back, and she will be a beautiful woman.

And there is one more thing, 10 million lottery tickets, Lai Erpi is dead, this lottery ticket will naturally belong to Jiang Xinmei, and if he is really with Jiang Xinmei, then this 10 million, hehe~ naturally, he will have his share. Up.

How do you think about this sale, oh no, how do you think about it, being with Jiang Xinmei is a very cost-effective thing.

As for the child, the boss glanced at the girl next to him secretly, thinking, anyway, it's a girl, it's nothing, it's a big deal to have another son.

The boss at this time didn't know that Jiang Xinmei had no fertility, and it was impossible to have a son, but even if he knew it, it didn't matter. Nowadays, science and technology are advanced. You can get one directly by test tube. Anyway, there are 10 million.

The boss, who was almost seduced by 10 million, is still in his heart. This is a good thing. Whenever you can find a good wife, Jiang Xinmei is a good wife and mother.Secondly, he can also directly become a rich man!

After thinking about it, the boss’ attitude changed, a soft smile appeared on his face, and he served Jiang Xinmei with vegetables. This move made Jiang Xinmei happy, and silently accepted his disguised gesture of goodwill. The two of them are like a couple and enjoy. With a warm meal.l