Ghost Crossing

Chapter 162: In Love?

"Uh!" Fu Xiaowan was speechless, and then she thought it was really possible. She looked at the notice and said, "It's possible, but besides waiting, do you have any other way?"

The nomad replied with a smile: "Not really!"

Fu Xiaowan was speechless, but worried in her heart. The ghost was already resentful when he died. It would be terrible to let it go on. But she was not familiar with the lottery shop owner. She didn't know how to find him. I can't find the ghost, what can I do?

In desperation, she glanced at the lottery shop resentfully, and then was pleasantly surprised. She patted the nomad's arm excitedly and said, "I have it."

After being photographed, the nomad asked angrily, "What's the matter?"

"Look, notice!" Fu Xiaowan pointed at the door of the lottery shop.

The nomad looked at him and said in surprise: "Mobile phone number! I'll just write it down!" After saying that, he couldn't wait to get off the car, wrote down the contact number marked on the notice, and then happily returned to the car and raised his phone. Say: "When to contact the boss?"

"No hurry, the boss must be very busy now." Fu Xiaowan was not in a hurry to call. If today is the first seven, the boss is likely to worship the deceased. Well, even if you don’t worship, he will accompany the murderer. People, there must be no time to deal with idlers.

"Listen to you!" The nomad shrugged indifferently, put down his phone and asked, "Where are we going now?"

"Go to the police station!" Fu Xiaowan thought for a while and decided to let Xing Jun participate. At this time, like the nomads, she believed that the deceased was murdered because of the 10 million prize. This kind of thing naturally requires the police to solve the case. .

"OK!" The nomad turned his car and headed straight to the police station with a gesture.

Originally wanted to call, but the police station was not far away, so Xiao Wan went straight to see Xing Jun.

Xing Jun has not been seen yet.Fu Xiaowan, who had just got off the car at the door, met Li Meng by chance. Li Meng was taken aback when she saw Fu Xiaowan, and then a flash of fear flashed in her eyes. For this woman who could see ghosts, she was a little scared in her heart. Moreover, she appear.Does it mean that ghosts have appeared again.

Fear flashed by.Li Meng's expression immediately became serious, and the presence of ghosts meant that there were dead people, and Fu Xiaowan came to the police station specially.Explaining that things must be unusual, she immediately greeted the two of them, and then led them to find Xing Jun.

Although he was in awe of ghosts, Li Meng was still unwilling to get along with Xing Jun and Fu Xiaowan.Especially these days, she found that Xing Jun was a little abnormal.She often wanders inexplicably, and sometimes smirks suddenly. This looks like a legendary love, which makes her alarm bells.

But she didn't know who Xing Jun became like this.It is impossible to ask directly, so she can only pay attention to Xing Jun silently in a depressed mood, and then she is not.She didn't realize that Xing Jun was looking for anyone, and no stranger came to Xing Jun.This makes her very inexplicable. Xing Jun seems to be in love, but it seems that she is not in love. If she is really in love, it is impossible for the two parties not to meet. The woman should also be curious about Xing Jun’s working place and will take a look. No woman came to the police station to find Xing Jun.

Thinking of the end, Li Meng only came to one conclusion, that Xing Jun was unrequited love, which made her feel uncomfortable. The man she liked didn't know when she had a sweetheart. What can we do?

(Actually, Li Meng once confessed to Xing Jun in person, but was rejected because of the hurtful sentence, "I always treat you as my sister!")

So at this moment, seeing Fu Xiaowan coming to the police station to look for Xing Jun, Li Meng couldn't help but guess, is it Fu Xiaowan who Brother Xing likes?

Bingzhu wanted to find out who Xing Jun had a crush on, Li Meng took the two to find Xing Jun and did not leave, but planned to listen.

The nomads were a little dissatisfied when they saw this, because they were talking about ghosts, how could this woman listen.

Fu Xiaowan didn't think much, because Li Meng already knew that she could see ghosts, so he said directly to Xing Jun: "I have a case here, you can check it out."

Xing Jun smiled bitterly: "Let's talk about it, what's the situation!" In fact, he was complaining in his heart. Fu Xiaowan must have said that there was a case after seeing a ghost, but why didn't he come back after asking the ghost directly? Maybe she still depends on her ability to communicate with ghosts to solve the case.

Moreover, Xing Jun was inexplicably guilty when he saw Fu Xiaowan, so he looked at Fu Xiaowan a little evasively.

Fu Xiaowan was not aware of this, she just expressed her suspicions and thoughts: "That's it, I suspect that someone is making money and killing him. A few days ago, it was not a 10 million grand prize. The winner has already been killed. ."

As for Li Meng, she had originally suspected that Xing Jun was interested in Fu Xiaowan, unrequited love, so seeing that Xing Jun was a little afraid to look at Fu Xiaowan, her heart sank suddenly and felt that she was right.

Just looking at Fu Xiaowan's expression, she didn't seem to notice this. Li Meng felt somewhat relieved. He loved and hated Fu Xiaowan.

Xing Jun raised his eyebrows and asked, "Tell me the details!" Speaking of the case, Xing Jun was energetic and no longer avoided Fu Xiaowan's sight, but looked at her with a serious face.

Next, Fu Xiaowan told her and the nomad's guesses. In fact, she didn't know much, most of them were based on guesses. The only thing that can be determined is the dead.

After listening, Xing Jun said silently: "So, you didn't communicate with the dead at all. Everything is just your guess. The only thing you can be sure of is that there are only two points. One is that someone has died! Yes, the deceased has something to do with the owner of the lottery shop."

, Fu Xiaowan rubbed his nose angrily, and then he laughed: "You can say the same, but we must have guessed right at the time of death."

A drop of cold sweat slipped from his forehead, and Xing Jun coughed and nodded his head: "This may be correct, besides this, do you have any other information? For example, the name and address of the deceased?"

"No!" Fu Xiaowan shrugged and explained, "I saw the ghost then, and never saw him again."

As soon as Li Meng heard this, he snorted and said angrily: "One is that no one has reported the crime, and the other is that no corpse is found. You ask our police to investigate the case just because of your word. How to investigate?"

This tone was clearly targeted. Fu Xiaowan couldn't help but frowned and glanced at Li Meng suspiciously. She was surprised to find that there was obvious hostility in her eyes. She was astonished. When did she offend this woman? Are you police?

Thinking left and right, Fu Xiaowan couldn't think of the reason.Finally shook his head helplessly.Decided not to want to, anyway, there is nothing to do with her, Xiao Wan directly looked at Xing Jun and said coldly: "Anyway, I told you about the matter. You decide if you check."

Xing Jun smiled helplessly: "Check, of course, give me the address of the lottery shop, I will investigate. As for the ghost~"

Fu Xiaowan pouted her lips and answered, "I will continue to track down the ghost, but I may not find it. Because he is not following the lottery shop owner now!"

"Xing team!" Li Meng saw that Xing Jun did not hesitate and agreed to investigate. He felt more and more that the object of his crush was Fu Xiaowan, and he was very unhappy, persuading him."We have insufficient police force now and can't tell anyone to investigate other cases."

At this moment, Fu Xiaowan was really upset.Xing Jun agreed, what does Li Meng mean?If you hate her, you don't have to interfere with the case. He frowned and glanced at Li Meng, and his voice became cold and said: "Xing Jun, let's contact if there is anything, I'll go!"

After speaking, he really got up and left. The nomad was a little behind. He glanced at Li Meng coldly, and a hint of sarcasm flashed through his eyes, and then said to Xing Jun: "Captain Xing, then I'm leaving too, right. Last time, thank you for sending Dr. Xing home, and get together again if you have a chance."

The nomad is not Fu Xiaowan, he is in love after all, and he can see at a glance what is going on with Li Meng. It is nothing more than treating Xiaowan as a rival, so the words are full of targeted meaning.

But the nomads also saw that Xing Jun didn’t feel that way towards Fu Xiaowan at all. However, when Xing Jun saw Xiaowan today, his eyes were a little evasive, as if seeing Xiaowan a little unnaturally, and then he thought that the last time they met and separated was the last meeting. , Xing Yun is drunk and Xing Jun is escorted.

The nomad thought of an interesting thing instantly. What kind of virtue would Xing Yun be drunk?After Xing Jun escorted her back, what happened?

Although it is not clear what happened, what is certain is that Xing Jun's unnaturalness today must be due to Xing Yun, and Xiao Wan is a good friend of Xing Yun, so Xing Jun will have such a momentary discomfort when he sees Xiao Wan. natural.

Xiao Wan is a good sister of Xiao Ya. Xiao Wan was inexplicably targeted. As a man, the nomad naturally wanted to avenge her, so he deliberately mentioned Xing Yun to Xing Jun. First, he tried to find out if Xing Jun and Xing Yun weren’t. What happened, secondly, stimulate Li Meng!Let her understand that you are targeting the wrong person.

After speaking, the nomad paid attention to the expressions of the two of them. Sure enough, he saw a look of embarrassment on Xing Jun's face. He only heard Xing Jun pinch his nose and said, "Okay, get together again next time!"

As for Li Meng, his expression also changed, a look of doubt and surprise flashed in his eyes, Doctor Xing?who is it?Male female?When did Brother Xing party with Fu Xiaowan?There is also this Doctor Xing. When Brother Xing mentioned her/his look, there was something wrong. Could it be that what happened between Brother Xing and this Doctor Xing?

"Haha!" The nomad cast a look at Li Meng and let out an unclear laugh, which made both of them embarrassed.

Xing Jun is embarrassed, does the nomad know anything?How else would you suddenly mention Xing Yun?

And Li Meng was even more embarrassed. How did she think that the nomad laughed only when she noticed her jealousy?

Outside the police station, Fu Xiaowan had waited in the car for a while, only to see that the nomad was late, and curiously asked, "How did you come?"

The nomad fastened his seat belt and grinned, "I'll help you out!"

"En?" Fu Xiaowan blinked blankly, and asked incomprehensibly, "Help me out? What is it? How did it come out?"

"Haha!" The Nomad thought of what happened just now, still feeling very interesting, and said after starting the car, "Do you think the policewoman is a little bit against you? I don't want Xing Jun to be involved in your affairs!"

"So what? The ghost knows what nerves the woman has made!" Fu Xiaowan replied in an angry tone.

With his cheeks bulging, he was obviously depressed, and the nomad smiled and said: "You didn't see it, does the policewoman like Xing Jun?"

Fu Xiaowan rolled her eyes and said: "I knew it a long time ago! But what's the matter with me, I am not her love rival!" She immediately stared at the end of her sentence, and said incredulously, "Should not, she thought that I was with the punishment What does Jun have. That's why it is aimed at me!"

"Bingo!" The nomad snapped his fingers, "that's it."

"That's really a disaster!" Fu Xiaowan shook his head dumbfounded, feeling that she was really unlucky. She and Xing Jun had nothing to do with Li Meng's misunderstanding.

"Then you are wrong, I found something more interesting!" Nomad smiled.Don't finish talking.Hang Fu Xiaowan's appetite.

Fu Xiaowan squinted at him and said angrily: "If you have something to say!"

"Cough cough!" The nomad coughed a dry cough, and then said, "Did you not realize that Xing Jun looked unusual when he saw you today?"

"No!" Fu Xiaowan shook his head decisively.

Uh!The nomad was speechless, so he could only continue to say dullly: "You didn't notice but I noticed. Xing Jun saw that you were a little bit guilty, so I was a little embarrassed!"

"En!?" Fu Xiaowan was startled, puzzled: "Really? Is there? Why?"

"Think about it, when did we finally meet Xing Jun. How did we separate!" The Nomad did not say directly, but left these two questions for Fu Xiaowan to think for himself.

How did the last meeting separate.Fu Xiaowan blinked and thought about it, wasn't it just now when she met Xing Jun last time, but it certainly didn't mean that it was just now. The last time she hurt her party.Then, Xing Jun sent the drunk Xing Yun home and separated like this.

and many more.Xing Yun, Xing Jun!Fu Xiaowan's eyes lit up.Excitedly said: "You mean that there is a situation between Xing Jun and Xing Yun!"

"Huh huh!" The nomad raised his chin proudly, but he observed carefully.

"Yeah! Are these two guys going to have sparks!" Fu Xiaowan was so excited that he thought to himself, how did the cold-hearted Doctor Xing vs the dull workaholic criminal police come?

The nomads poured cold water at the moment: "Xiao Ya has me, and Xing Yun has also met Xing Jun now. It seems that several friends around you have partners, and you? Don't plan to find them?"

Oops!Fu Xiaowan's enthusiasm extinguished in an instant, and she muttered unpleasantly: "This love is something you can meet and you can't ask for. I'm a type of love rather than abuse!"

Rolling his eyes, the nomad asked silently: "Dare to ask, what kind of man can you like? Wouldn't it be too bad? You are not afraid of becoming a golden saint (leftover woman)!"

"Hey hey hey!" Fu Xiaowan was unhappy, staring at the nomad in dissatisfaction, "Of course I have my own set of standards, but why should I tell you, it won't be you anyway, as for the Saint Seiya, I'll be it. , I’m not afraid, even if I don’t marry all my life, I’ll live happily and smartly!"

"Yes, yes, a person's happiness and chicness!" The nomad sneered, and then asked, "Shall we go back now?"

This is too fast to change the subject!Fu Xiaowan snorted sullenly, then looked at the time and said, "If you don't go back, let's go to the lottery shop again."

"Yes!" The nomad shrugged his face and it didn't matter. Anyway, he was a bodyguard, and Fu Xiaowan would do whatever he said, no matter what.

The car came to the lottery shop leisurely again. Regrettably, the door was still not opened. Fu Xiaowan looked back in disappointment and said: "It seems that we won't open the door for business today, forget it, go home!"

"No problem!" The nomad immediately followed the order again, and went back home!

In the police station, after the two left, Li Meng did not leave the office immediately, but frowned and wondered, Doctor Xing, who is it?

Xing Jun saw that Li Meng hadn't left, and asked suspiciously, "Xiao Meng, what else do you have?"

"Ah? Oh! No! It's okay!" Li Meng suddenly returned to his senses, and shook his head again and again, but his face clearly showed an expression of hesitation, and the forehead also said clearly, I have a problem, I have a problem. !

"If you have anything to say!" Xing Jun frowned in dissatisfaction, his temperament is straight and straight, he doesn't like those crooked intestines, tired!

As for the targeted remarks made by Li Meng just now, Xing Jun didn’t care, because Li Meng’s words were not wrong, no one reported the crime, and no corpses were found or affected other people and society, just because Fu Xiaowan said there were ghosts and dead people. To investigate the case, it is indeed difficult to explain to the boss, so Xing Jun's idea is to investigate the case privately by himself and not report the case for the time being.

Biting his lip, Li Meng's eyes flickered at Xing Jun, and finally he asked unwillingly: "The Doctor Xing that the nomad just said? You know?"

Asking this question, Li Meng's eyes fixed on Xing Jun, wanting to see what was happening.

Xing Jun was stunned when he heard the words, a touch of embarrassment and embarrassment appeared on his face, but he quickly got upset and reprimanded in a deep voice: "It's working time now. If you don't talk about personal matters, your work is done?"

But Li Meng's heart sank, not because of Xing Jun’s words, she felt her self-esteem hurt, but because of Xing Jun’s expression, her nose was a little sour, and her eyes looked at Xing Jun with a grimace and said, “No, I’m here. Just go!" Turn around and leave after turning around, but after turning around, a firmness flashed in her eyes, Doctor Xing, well, I will always find out who you are!See how sacred you are, you can even make Brother Xing heart!

As soon as the person left, Xing Jun breathed a sigh of relief, and then there was an embarrassment and embarrassment on his face again. He scratched his head depressed, and then let out a long sigh. Obviously, his mood was not very good, and he didn't know what he was struggling with.


Xiao Wan and Nomad have returned to the villa. As soon as they entered the house, Xiao Wan went upstairs. Nomad raised his eyebrows and sat on the sofa, turned on the TV and watched it. As for what Xiao Wan did, the nomad expressed his move. I can think of it by moving my toes. I must have called Xing Yun. Xiao Wan's expression along the way is very wonderful. If he is not scrupulous about his presence, I guess I will call Xing Yun directly and force a confession!

Sure enough, as soon as Fu Xiaowan entered the room, he closed the door and immediately called Xing Yun, completely forgetting that it was Xing Yun's working time.

After waiting for a while to get the call connected, Xing Yun's angry voice came: "Xiao Wan, what's the matter? I'm at work now!"

"Ah, I forgot, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Fu Xiaowan apologized with embarrassment, sticking out his tongue.

Xing Yun on the other end of the phone rubbed his temples with a look of exhaustion, but when he heard Xiao Wan's words, he shook his head with your expressionless expression and asked, "What's the matter? Call me in such a hurry!" Aren't you in a hurry, even if she is at work, she keeps calling.

Fu Xiaowan was originally embarrassed and thought it disturbed Xing Yun to go to work, but when she heard what she said, she immediately discarded the embarrassment, and asked with a grinning thief: "To be honest, you were drunk that night. Jun sent you home, did something happen?"

There was a silence on the other end of the phone, and then Xing Yun's annoyed and angry voice came: "How did you know?"

"Haha!" Fu Xiaowan was happy, her thief eyes rolled around, planning to talk, and then grinned and said: "Today I went to the police station to find Xing Jun, he told me!"

"What!" Xing Yun's voice immediately became surprised, and then angrily said, "How can he tell you that he obviously promised me not to say it, it's really hateful, it's the police, there is no integrity at all!... .." Then, the broken thoughts mode was turned on, and she kept crackling about Xing Jun's badness, such as lack of manners, lack of honesty, etc., degrading Xing Jun to nothing, which shows that her heart is against punishment. How angry Jun is.

Fu Xiaowan covered her mouth and snickered, listening to Xing Yun's complaint, she was curious about what happened that night, why was she so excited!

Swearing, Xing Yun regained some sense and stopped complaining. Then he seemed to understand something, his face changed instantly, and then when he listened carefully to the phone, there was a faint laughter, her mouth twitched, anger Shouted: "Xiao Wan, you lie to me! Xing Jun didn't tell you at all, did he?"

At this time, Xing Yun's cold face was full of blush, he felt embarrassed, and also exposed a shameful thing.

"Hahahahaha! I laughed at me!" Fu Xiaowan laughed loudly, and then giggled, "Well, Xing Jun did not say anything, but I guessed it, hehe, what happened that night? Come and listen!"

Biting his lip vigorously, Xing Yun snorted angrily, and said angrily: "Nothing happened!"

"Cut, come on, who was swearing in that crackling for so long just now, I wondered, Xing Jun is such a dull workaholic, how could he be the person you are talking about without manners and integrity? Hehe, To be honest, did he take advantage of you?" Fu Xiaowan raised an eyebrow and joked.

"I didn't say anything just now!" Xing Yun rejected what he said just now, but his face was still flushed. If Fu Xiaowan was in front of her at this moment, she would definitely tease her greatly.

A group of crows flew over his head, and Fu Xiaowan blinked in amazement. Is Xing Yun playing a rogue?What I said was denied!He snorted and laughed again.l