Ghost Crossing

Chapter 164 Seeking wealth and killing lives (1)

At dinner time, Jiang Xinmei and the boss were picking dishes with each other. During this time, the boss stopped the chopsticks and asked, "The first seven days of tomorrow will be over. What are you going to do?"

Jiang Xinmei paused, her expression a little sad, and then reluctantly smiled: "In fact, it's nothing, just go and receive the award first, let's talk about the rest!"

"Do you need me to accompany you?" the boss asked worriedly, afraid that Jiang Xinmei would be too nervous to accept the award alone.

"No, I'll just go by myself. It's a child. I need your help to take a look. Besides, I don't know what to bring with me!" Jiang Xinmei shook her head, then said embarrassedly.

The boss thought for a while and said, "You can leave it to me, my child. As for what to bring, you just need to bring your ID card and lottery ticket.

"That's all?" Jiang Xinmei originally thought it was nothing, but now she suddenly thought, this is to get 10 million, a lot of money, she suddenly became a little nervous, will someone rob her?After hesitating for a moment, she said embarrassedly: "Otherwise, you should go with me!"

"Yes!" The boss agreed without hesitation, thinking of accepting the award tomorrow, the boss was in a good mood, and happily gave Jiang Xin plum dishes, and said with concern: "Eat more meat, look at you, too thin Up."

When Jiang Xinmei heard the words, her face was hot, and she sighed in her heart, yes, can she not be thin? After suffering for so many years, she glanced at the boss shyly, picked up the meat and chewed it slowly.

Lai Erpi, who was watching from the side, was so angry that he couldn't help it anymore and directly slapped the boss on the head, trying to teach this daring man.

But the boss wears a gold necklace, and Lai Erpi's current resentment is not very strong, and the yin qi is thicker than normal ghosts, so this shot.The boss just felt cold on his scalp, as if the wind was blowing. He touched the back of his head and smiled at Jiang Xinmei: "The weather is getting cold!"

Jiang Xinmei said with a smile: "It's autumn, it must be cold, remember to add clothes, and don't catch cold!" She also picked up vegetables for the boss, and also for the children.The child bowed his head and ate.Did not speak.

And Lai Erpi, with this shot, he flew out directly.The Yin Qi on his body instantly dissipated a lot. As the Yin Qi diminished, Lai Erpi only felt that he was tired and scared like never before, and he looked at the boss in horror.I thought, what's the matter?Why is it hurt!He is a ghost.Is there anything else that can hurt ghosts?

Gritting his teeth, giving the boss a vicious look, Lai Erpi shrank and hid away, not daring to mess around again.Because he felt that he would die, he would really die.Even if you become a ghost, there is still life and death!

after dinner.The boss invited Jiang Xinmei to go for a walk. Jiang Xinmei readily agreed, and then took her three daughters and started walking together.

Suddenly, the boss remembered something and said: "Speaking of which, I happened to go to the store this time, so I might as well go to the store to see what I want to buy!" Although there was a big prize, the boss understood that the money belongs to Jiang Xinmei Although Jiang Xinmei will be with him, it doesn't mean that he can use the money at will. Moreover, he can't sit and eat when he has money. The store still needs to be opened, even if it doesn't open in the future, it will be transferred.

The boss’s residence is not very far from the store, but it’s not very close. Let’s walk over for about 20 minutes, but since it’s a walk after a meal, isn’t the time just right? You can sit and rest in the store.

Jiang Xinmei smiled and nodded, then the three slowly walked towards the lottery shop.

"Huh! That's not~" In the car near the lottery shop, the Nomad was gorging with a bowl of Chaos he bought, but he looked at the lottery shop from time to time, for fear of missing people, but this time, he was surprised to see The boss appeared, and the ghost followed behind.

Chaos couldn't eat anymore, the nomad immediately put down Chaos, wiped his mouth indiscriminately, and stared at the three people and a ghost who were walking slowly.

Slightly squinted, the nomad took a closer look and confirmed that the man is the boss, and the woman, who has never seen her, has a little girl next to her. She doesn’t know her identity. She looks like a family of three, but she is separated a little apart and a little strange. It's not like a family.And the ghost followed behind the boss, with a look of deep hatred, but the resentment around the ghost seemed a bit unstable!

Staring at the three of them, he took out his mobile phone and called Xiao Wan: "Xiao Wan, pleasantly surprised, the boss is here, there is a pair of mother and daughter beside him, and the ghost is following behind!"

"Oh?" Fu Xiaowan was surprised. Today is the first seven days, how come the boss will show up? Could it be that he has nothing to do with the ghost, frowning quickly said: "Try to delay the time, I will rush over now!"

"Okay, come on!" At the end of the call, the nomad raised his eyebrows and looked at the three of them, thinking, how to drag out the three!

At this time, the boss and Jiang Xinmei's mother and daughter arrived at the lottery shop. The boss opened the door quickly, and then led the two in to rest, and he began to check which goods were missing and it was time to enter.

Looking at the busy boss, Jiang Xinmei felt more and more that this man was good and was serious about her work.

Seeing the boss opened the shop, the nomad's mouth stretched, and he laughed. Isn't that afraid of delaying time? Just go in and buy the lottery ticket.

After thinking about it, the nomad got out of the car and walked directly to the lottery shop.

Seeing the guests, the boss hesitated for a while and then said: "I'm sorry, this shop is closed today, you see, the computer is not open, the lottery ticket can't be sold!" He said and pointed to the black screen computer to show the truth No power on.

"Oh, so, can I buy the scratch-off type?" The nomad didn't make it difficult for the boss, and smiled and made his request.

"Hey, it's you!" The boss also recognized the nomads at this time. Wasn't it the last time the guest came to receive a 3,000 yuan bonus? You can do business without turning on the computer. If you have money, you are a fool. The boss immediately pointed out. The counter said, "All the scratchers are here. The denominations vary. See for yourself. Which one do you want?"

Slowly walking to the counter, the nomad glanced at the counter. There were 2, 5, 10, and 10 yuan, different types.

He glanced at it casually, poked his finger at the glass and pointed to the one that pointed to 5 yuan and said: "It's about this kind. Give me 20 tickets first. I can scratch here, right? If you close the door in a hurry, Then I will take it home and shave it!"

The boss was shocked and looked at Jiang Xinmei.I hesitated a bit, but I thought about it. Anyway, there were only 20 photos, and it was finished in a while. Even if the door is closed, there is no need to rush for a while, so he nodded: "No problem, you can scrape!"

The nomad shrugged.Then grabbed a dime from the table.Start scratching.

In order to delay time, the nomads scraped very slowly, scraping one by one.The boss couldn't help laughing.

Time passed bit by bit, 20 scratching prizes, it took more than 10 minutes, which was already very slow.You know that scratching is just a step in the past. How many seconds can it take?It's not bad that nomads can delay this long.

20 sheets of 5 yuan.After spending 100 yuan, most of them didn't win, but there were one or two prizes, not much.There is a total of 35 yuan, which is still a loss.

The nomad handed the winner to the boss, and said angrily: "Only 35. Lost."

"This 35, do you want to continue buying? Or?" Scratch prize is like this.Once you get a small denomination, the boss will ask you if you want to use the money to continue to buy scratch-off prizes, which can be regarded as a marketing tool.

"Go on, there are 7 of 35, I'll give you 100, you can give me 27!" The nomad took out another red ticket and continued to buy, otherwise how to delay the time, besides scratching the prize, he has nothing Other reasons!

The boss immediately took out 27 more and handed them to the nomad. Then he looked at Jiang Xinmei apologetically. It was a walk in the beginning, but he started a business and kept Jiang Xinmei waiting, feeling a little sad.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Xinmei smiled and shook her head, saying that she didn't mind.

Seeing the interaction between the two of them, the nomad smiled and asked the boss while scraping the prize: "Boss, is this your wife and child?"

The boss and Jiang Xinmei immediately looked at each other awkwardly when they heard the words. The boss scratched his head and said embarrassedly: "This, the revolution has not succeeded yet!" He can't directly say yes, it can be said that it is not, and he is afraid that Jiang Xinmei will think about it, for fear of her wronging. So I said it in this way, which can not only explain the relationship between the two, but also express my feelings to Jiang Xinmei.

After hearing the boss's words, Jiang Xinmei gave the boss a shy look, but did not refute, but bowed her head pretending not to go to coax the child.

When the nomad asked this question, he had been paying attention to the ghost’s look and behavior. After the boss said this, the ghost looked very excited, pointed at Jiang Xinmei and said something angry at the boss. It’s a pity. The nomads can't hear it, but the ghost is very dissatisfied.

His eyes flashed, and the nomad had a guess in his heart. This woman and child should be the ghost’s wife and child, but now they are with the boss, squinting his eyes slightly, his heart is slightly disdainful for Jiang Xinmei, thinking that she is not a good woman. .

The boss and Jiang Xinmei did not notice the nomad's mind, and because of the nomad's problem, the two seemed a little embarrassed and a little embarrassed. The boss smiled at the nomad and stopped talking, and the nomad continued to scratch the prize.

"Squeak~~!", a harsh sound rang in my ears, and a few people in the lottery shop were all shivering. Unconsciously looking out of the shop, I saw a beautiful woman stepping down from a red sports car. , And walked towards the lottery shop.

It's Xiaowan!The nomad's mouth twitched, so fast, this is a drag racing here!

The boss took a look at Nomad. He recognized that the person was one of the women who came to receive the prize with Nomad last time. He looked at the sports car and he was amazed. Luxury cars, as a man, he is very good about cars. Those who are interested have always wanted to own a good car, but unfortunately, they are not willing to afford it and cannot afford it.

"Come!" Nomad Chao Xiaowan nodded, and then the corner of his mouth pounced aside.

Fu Xiaowan swept away from the corner of his eyes and saw the angry ghost on the side. He squeezed the corner of his mouth and walked to the nomad and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Play! How many do you have?" The nomad directly pushed the rest of the scratching prize on the desktop and asked Xiao Wan to help scratch it. Wouldn't it be a waste to throw it away after spending the money?

"Not interested!" Fu Xiaowan replied coldly, then walked directly to Jiang Xinmei, squatted down and said to the child: "This child is so cute, how old is it?"

The baby looked at Fu Xiaowan innocently, and said with a sweet smile: "The baby is 4 years old this year, big sister, you are so beautiful!" Don't look at the children, the aesthetics is still very good.

"Hehe, the baby is also very beautiful, and she will definitely be more beautiful than me in the future!" Fu Xiaowan was in a very good mood. The child was innocent and innocent, and could not lie. She was praised for being beautiful by the child, and she was naturally happy.Very proud.

Jiang Xinmei touched the child's head with a doting look on her face and smiled without speaking.

"Really? Hehe, mom, mom, the baby will be as beautiful as the big sister when he grows up!" The child was happy when he heard it, giggling and acting like a baby.

Fu Xiaowan smiled and stood up.A glance flashed in his eyes.Sure enough, this woman and child are related to ghosts, and ghosts will follow the boss entirely because of them.

Different from nomadic.Fu Xiaowan could hear ghosts. She said that just now. Lai Erpi immediately said triumphantly: "That is, my wife is a village flower. Of course the child will be a beautiful woman too!" But he looked at Fu Xiaowan and thought. Whispered.But, no matter how beautiful she is, she shouldn't be as pretty as this one, she's not at the same level at all!

After hearing this, Fu Xiaowan naturally understood the relationship between the mother and daughter and the ghost.And he also confirmed the previous guess in his heart. The deceased won the big prize, and his wife and children and the shop owner were killing him.Killed the dead, ready to elope with a huge prize.

shameful!Fu Xiaowan is the same as Nomad.There was a deep sense of disdain for Jiang Xinmei, and she felt that such a woman was shameful.

Fu Xiaowan gave Nomad a wink, and glanced at the ghost, conveying his meaning.

The nomad blinked his eyes and thought for a while, and then he understood what Fu Xiaowan meant. With a grin, he said loudly, "By the way, boss, why are you not in business today? It's not that you have lost a lot of business!"

"It's a bit urgent, no way, haha!" A stiff color flashed in the boss's eyes, and he was somewhat sensitive to this day.

The nomad continued: "That's a pity, you won a 10 million first prize here. There must be a lot of people who come to buy lottery tickets, but you closed your business!"

10 million jackpot!The boss couldn't help but look at Jiang Xinmei. Jiang Xinmei trembled, lowered her head and dared not make a sound. Who knew that the 10 million lottery ticket was on her body!

The boss chuckled and said, "Yes, isn't this something urgent? No way! Hehe!"

Only Fu Xiaowan kept staring at Lai Erpi’s expression. Sure enough, when Lai Erpi heard 10 million, he immediately waved his arms excitedly and said, “That’s my 10 million. I kept the number for a few years and finally won. Up!"

"By the way, that 10 million, did anyone claim the prize? It seems that I haven't heard of anyone claiming the prize. Don't the people who bought the lottery know that they won the prize!" The nomad's mouth curled up, and he joked, "If this is missed It will be a tragedy after the time for redemption!"

The boss said perfunctorily: "Then I don't know, maybe the person who bought the lottery ticket hasn't claimed the prize yet."

Jiang Xinmei was thinking in her heart that the lottery is still time-limited, but she is going to pick up the prize tomorrow. The lottery is definitely not expired.

"Haha! It's finished, it's a pity that I didn't get any of them this time. It's really bad luck. I don't know which lucky guy is so lucky and got 10 million!" The nomad looked hushing, why wasn't it me? The expression of regret in 10 million.

Hearing the nomad mentioning 10 million over and over again, the boss felt a little unhappy. He looked at Jiang Xinmei anxiously, and saw that Jiang Xinmei’s head was almost down to her chest. His distress was so bad that he complained about the nomad. Which pot is really not open and which pot is raised!

Feeling dissatisfied with the nomads in his heart, the boss wanted to rush people and said, "Are you still buying? If you don't, I will close the door."

The nomad raised his eyebrows and waved his hand: "Don't buy it. I'll buy the lottery ticket next time. Maybe you can win the jackpot. This scratching prize is not exciting!"

You're boring, you scratched more than 40 sheets at once?The boss looked speechless.

"Don't buy it? Let's go!" Fu Xiaowan cast a glance at the ghost, then turned and left, and the nomad followed him and went out.

As soon as the person left, the boss immediately walked to Jiang Xinmei and asked with a worried look: "Xinmei, are you okay!"

"I'm okay!" Jiang Xinmei was relieved when he heard the footsteps and left. When she raised her head, she immediately answered when she saw the boss's expression of concern and a warm heart.

"That's good, what the person just said, don't take it to your heart, let's go, I'll take stock!" The boss quickly cleaned the table, threw the scraped scraps of nomads into the trash can, and then closed the door, three People walked back slowly.

The three of them walked, because the two adults did not speak just now, and their hearts were heavy.Without noticing it, a car faintly followed behind them.

"This vigilance is too bad!" The nomad said in contempt, such a luxury car followed behind, and no one noticed it. If there is something bad guys are going to do, wouldn't these people just finish the game? ?

"It's not that what you just said made them distracted, otherwise they won't be able to find it!" Fu Xiaowan sneered.

"Being a guilty conscience!" The nomad raised his eyebrows and made a look of disdain.

This was nearly half an hour. Because the boss and Jiang Xinmei were on their minds, they walked a lot slower. The 20-minute journey took half an hour to get there.

Seeing that the residence had arrived, the boss came back to his senses, opened the door and entered the house, and then the three of them disappeared from sight.

"You! Why do you want to follow them?" After the three disappeared, Fu Xiaowan and Nomad were about to leave. Unexpectedly, the ghost of Lai Erpi appeared suddenly and stared at them suspiciously, but immediately Lai Erpi was helpless. He said to himself: "Really, no one can see me, I can't get an answer even if I ask!"

"Because of you!" Fu Xiaowan looked at Lai Erpi unexpectedly and replied directly.

"En?" Lai Erpi was stunned, apparently he didn't react. He looked at the nomad and Fu Xiaowan again, and pointed to his nose blankly and said, "Is this answering me?" Then he denied his own. Thought shook his head and laughed at himself, "I really think too much, how could it be possible!"

"Nothing is impossible! I'm just talking to you! Mr. Ghost!" Fu Xiaowan said dubiously.

"Huh? Ah! You can see me? You heard me talking!" Lai Erpi became excited instantly, his inverted triangle eyes flashed with excitement and incredible light, and his head stretched forward and directly reached Fu Xiaowan. In front of you.

Looking at the enlarged human face, Fu Xiaowan twitched the corner of her mouth, and stretched out her hand to block her face and said silently: "Sir, can you please stay away from me?"

"Ah! You can really see me!" After confirming this information, Lai Erpi was ecstatic, and then surprised, "Who are you? Why can you see me? And why are you following my wife and children? ?What do you want to do?"

"You ask so many questions at once, how can I answer?" Fu Xiaowan smiled, and then slowly said: "I can see and hear. I am a ghost rider, who specializes in serving ghosts. I will help you complete your last wish. You go to reincarnation with peace of mind and follow your wife and children, naturally because of you, I want to help you fulfill your last wish."

Last wish!A glint flashed across Lai Erpi's eyes, and then pretending to be happy: "Really? Can you really help me?"

"Of course, you can talk about your last wish first! Is it revenge? Did your wife and child and the lottery shop owner conspired to kill you to win 10 million in prizes?" Fu Xiaowan directly said her thoughts, in her heart , This kind of speculation is the most reasonable, so I never thought about other possibilities.

After listening to Fu Xiaowan’s words, Lai Erpi’s eyes flashed suspiciously, and he asked curiously: "How did you know that I won 10 million? Oh, yes, I forgot. If you can hear me, then I am You must have heard what was said in the lottery shop." First asked the question, and then answered it by himself. Lai Erpi murmured for a while and then sighed. There was silence for a while before speaking again.

"Actually, most of what you said is correct. I kept 10 million in the number that I kept for a few years, because I often go to the lottery shop to buy lottery tickets, and I know the boss too, plus I am a fellow, so sometimes I can’t go. When I was in the lottery shop, I asked the boss to directly make a bet for me, and then go get the lottery the next day.” Lai Erpi was silent for a moment just now, it was a disguise, in fact, he was thinking about how to make up the story.

Then his eyes changed and he became angry and said: "Who knows, if the winner was drawn this time, the boss would not admit it, and told me that he didn't play this lottery ticket for me, and I didn't pay. , I’m justified in any way, the boss didn’t admit it, and I didn’t make any mistakes, but then there was news, saying that the big prize was opened, and it was his lottery shop. Is that necessary? It must be that he played the lottery and he won the prize. Take it for yourself!"

Fu Xiaowan and the nomad showed such expressions when they heard the words, no wonder the boss wanted to murder the dead, because it turned out that he had the lottery ticket that he won the jackpot for himself.

Seeing that the two of them didn't doubt their statement, a smug flashed across Lai Erpi's eyes and continued to flicker.l