Ghost Crossing

Chapter 166

"I said, Xiao Wan, why do we have to go to the award center?" Nomad said with an unwilling look, holding the steering wheel in one hand and yawning in the other.

Today is the day when the boss and Jiang Xinmei went to accept the award. The nomad originally thought that there must be nothing to do today, but who knew Xiao Wan suddenly said that he would also go to the award center.

The nomads don’t understand. Others are going to accept the award. What fun are they going to join in and watch others accept the award?Are you sad!

Fu Xiaowan had a worried look in his eyes, and said anxiously: "I don't know why, I always have a bad premonition, and why is Lai Erpi missing? Have you seen him?"

"Sixth sense! Well, I heard that a woman's sixth instinct is very accurate!" The nomad shrugged helplessly, and then thought for a while and replied, "I saw him go out when I was out for a drink last night. I don't know how to go. What did you do!"

"What did he do?" Fu Xiaowan asked with a frown.

The nomad shook his head with a "how do I know" expression.

"I always feel that something is wrong with this thing, but I can't tell where there is a problem!" Fu Xiaowan said worriedly. In fact, she really didn't know what was wrong, but there was a feeling of anxiety in her heart, as if something bad was about to happen. Especially, Lai Erpi left last night and hasn't come back yet, and doesn't know what to do.

Nomad had no premonition, and said lazily: "Then I want to see if anything interesting will happen today!" In other words, he didn't think there was any problem, it was purely because Fu Xiaowan thought too much.

Buttoning her nails, Fu Xiaowan sighed quietly and ignored the nomads. She rarely felt this way. I don't know why, but she was very upset since last night.

No words all the way.Driving quietly, abruptly, a cell phone chord sounded in the car, it was Fu Xiaowan's cell phone rang.

Fu Xiaowan was frowning all the time, when her mobile phone suddenly rang and frightened her. She took out her mobile phone and saw that it was Xing Jun's call.I wondered if there was any news from Xing Jun.He immediately answered the call.

Without waiting for Fu Xiaowan to speak, the phone crackled and said quickly. After listening, Fu Xiaowan's pupils dilated.He opened his mouth and said in disbelief: "What you said is true? Okay, I see."

After hanging up the phone, the nomad couldn't help asking: "What's the matter? Who called?" Fu Xiaowan's expression was so rich that he had to wonder what was said on the other end of the phone.That's why Fu Xiaowan showed such an expression.

"Speed ​​up, get to the award center as soon as possible!" Fu Xiaowan's eyes flashed with regret.After instructing the nomads to speed up, he said slowly, "It was Xing Jun's call. He investigated the information of Lai Erpi and his wife."

"Oh? What message?" The nomad's heart jumped, and a feeling of anxiety surged in his heart.The news Xing Jun said was definitely not good news, otherwise Fu Xiaowan would not show such an expression.Well, women's instincts are really terrible!

Fu Xiaowan glanced at the nomads angrily and said, "Lai Erpi. She used to be an out-and-out rascal, Jiang Xinmei. That is, his wife did not marry him voluntarily, but was married by a rascal. Later, I repented for a while, but since I gave birth to a daughter, it has changed back to what it was before. Later, Jiang Xinmei was born again, but she was still a daughter. This daughter was given away. Jiang Xinmei was distraught and beaten by Lai Erpi. After a meal, I lost my fertility. Later, Lai Erpi came to work here and brought Jiang Xinmei, but he didn’t have to worry about money, but Lai Erpi was obsessed with wine and lottery tickets. You know, lottery tickets. He kept keeping a bet number, and when Lai Erpi got drunk, he would attack Jiang Xinmei, sometimes even children!"

"Ah!" After hearing this, the nomad stared with surprise, his eyes widened, and he looked astonished. Obviously, he didn't expect this to happen!He lost his senses for a while and then said, "This Lai Erpi is simply a scumbag. Then what he said, is it possible that we are lying?"

"It's very likely!" Fu Xiaowan said with a wry smile, "The worst thing is that I seemed to say something to him yesterday that I shouldn't have said!"

"Uh!" The nomad was stunned and asked in a puzzled manner, "What did you say to him? The consequences are serious?"

"En!" Fu Xiaowan nodded reproachfully, and said the general content of the conversation with Lai Erpi yesterday, and then said annoyedly, "I am just teaching Lai Erpi how to strengthen himself! He must have a purpose to ask. I'm afraid he will absorb the yin and then deal with the boss. Plus, you just said that you saw him go out last night, and he hasn't come back yet. There are *eight*9, Lai Erpi last night Go out to absorb the Yin Qi."

The nomad thought so in his heart, but still comforted: "Maybe it's not what we think."

"I hope not!" Fu Xiaowan urged, looking at the scenery outside the window, "speed up."

Without much talk, the nomad stepped on the accelerator, and the car rushed forward like a flying arrow.

At this time, Jiang Xinmei was receiving the award smoothly at the award center, but there were some procedures, so she was waiting.

Outside, the boss sat in the car and waited leisurely. This time he had learned how to behave. He turned off the fire and pulled out the key. The car would never move again!

Thinking that Jiang Xinmei was receiving 10 million inside, he was so excited that he couldn't help lighting up a cigarette again, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

"Tick, tick!" What the boss didn't know was that the oil was leaking under his car at this time, and the oil was dripping on the ground. Don't underestimate the drip, there was already a puddle of oil on the ground before long.

Lai Erpi Jijieyin smiled, glanced at the oil stains on the ground, and then looked at the gradually shortening cigarette in the boss's hand, muttering: "Wait a while, wait a while, and wait until you are done. This cigarette, then dropped it on the ground, I will put the cigarette into the oil, and then, bang! The car can burn, this time, immortality will make you lose a layer of skin!"

After speaking, he stared at the cigarette in the hands of the boss, wishing to go up and blow a few breaths so that the cigarette was consumed faster.

As for the boss, after lighting the cigarette, he occasionally pecked it twice, instead of smoking it all the time, he pinched it between his fingers and let it burn spontaneously.

Finally, the expectant moment has arrived. There are only cigarette butts left in the cigarette, and the boss has not paid attention to the situation of the cigarette until he notices that his fingers are hot.Only when he realized that the cigarette was gone and almost burned himself, he quickly flung the cigarette butt and threw it out.

A short cigarette butt fell on the ground, and then a bullet landed more than 2 meters away from the car.

Lai Erpi's eyes moved with the cigarette butt, and he looked at the distance.Some helpless.The farther the distance, the more Yin Qi is consumed, but.It's okay, he can afford it.

Then, Lai Erpi stretched out his hand, and a cloud of yin air swept towards the cigarette end.Then rolled back wrapped in cigarette butts, as if the wind was blowing.The cigarette butts were rolling, getting closer and closer to the greasy stain on the ground.

Lai Erpi's expression became more and more excited, more and more ferocious!Jie Jie's triumphant laugh was already in his mouth, and the scene of the car suddenly catching on fire appeared in his mind.If the oil stain is connected to the fuel tank, if it can be burned to the fuel tank suddenly, even if the boss finds it out in time.When the car exploded, the boss was immortal and disabled!

distance.Shorter and shorter, the cigarette butt has now rolled to a position less than half a meter from the car. As long as Lai Erpi works harder, his conspiracy will succeed.

Regardless of such a short distance, Lai Erpi paid a great price. He is just a new ghost after all. He is not very proficient in using Yin Qi, and he does not absorb a lot of Yin Qi in one night. Control the cigarette butt to roll within half a meter. His Yin Qi has shrunk a lot, and even vaguely has a tendency to not be enough, but only a little too close. Why is Lai Erpi willing to give up, so he insists on moving the cigarette butt.

"Hahaha! Alright, soon!" Lai Erpi excitedly controlled the cigarette butt, completely ignoring the surrounding situation. His heart was on the cigarette butt without noticing it. An aunt wearing environmentally friendly clean overalls handed it. Grabbing the broom and the dustpan in one hand came over.

Gululu, the cigarette butt was a little closer, and it was about to roll onto the oil stains.

Lai Erpi's hands were shaking with excitement, and he was about to work harder.

then!Then the cigarette butt disappeared.

A broomstick appeared in front of him, and he directly moved the cigarette butt over. The cigarette butt rolled into the dustpan under Lai Erpi's dumbfounded sight. He looked up with a stunned look and saw an aunty cleaner.

After sweeping the cigarette butts, the aunt knocked on the car window and said cursingly at the boss: "Sir, look at you, how can cigarette butts be littered, how dangerous!"

The boss apologized with embarrassment on his face: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it on purpose. If I burn my hands, I will throw it away. Not next time!"

Seeing the boss's attitude of admitting so many mistakes, the aunt felt very comfortable, and then she reminded her with broken thoughts: "It's not that I said you, it's really dangerous. Just now, the cigarette butt was by your car and it almost burned. Your car. It’s all leaking oil, why don’t you repair it? If the cigarette butts roll into the oil and the car burns, it’s not you who are unlucky! Really!"

Talking and walking, the aunt quickly picked up the tools to continue cleaning.

what!Oil spill?The boss was slightly startled, quickly opened the door of the car and got out of the car. He looked down and looked down. Sure enough, a pool of oil stains on the ground. It has been a while since parking. The scope of the oil stains is quite wide. At the position, he couldn't help but shudder, and the cigarette butt fell nearby. If the oil stains continue to spread and the cigarette butt has not been wiped out, the consequences will be terrible!

When I thought that my car almost burned up, or even exploded, while I was still in the car, the boss felt terrified, and then he frowned and became puzzled. That's not right, because the cigarette butt burned, he threw it far away. .

After looking at the place where the cigarette butts were thrown out, the boss looked down at the place where the cleaner aunty had just cleaned, his eyes widened gradually, and he murmured, "What's going on here? Is it the wind? Or?"

Reminiscing about the previous car breakdown on the road, the boss just felt a chill in his back and his hair was terrifying!He looked around in horror, and then he dared not stay in the car anymore. He ran to the entrance of the award center to wait.

Lai Erpi floating by the car was so angry that his whole body was shaking like a chaff, angrily waiting for his aunt to leave, cursing secretly: The damn cleaner, broke my plan!

Seeing that the boss got out of the car and went to the door to wait, Lai Erpi was even more furious and talkative woman. If she doesn’t remind the boss, if the boss stays in the car, he might still have the opportunity to continue, because the boss I will definitely still smoke, just another cigarette butt.

But now, the cleaner remarked that the boss ran away, how can Lai Erpi's plan continue!

I have worked so hard for so long and consumed so much Yin Qi.It was finally destroyed by a cleaner!Lai Erpi almost fainted with anger!

Taking a deep breath, calming down the anger, Lai Erpi stabilized his emotions, then glanced at the oil stains on the ground and flew towards the boss. What else?His most important people ran away, so naturally they could only follow.Think of a way to do it again.

The boss at this time became more anxious.The cigarettes were one after another, but this time he had learned how to do it, and he would press it out every time he smoked one.Then he threw it into the trash can. Seeing this situation, Lai Erpi became even more angry.

But soon, Lai Erpi found a chance to do it again.

This time.He came cruelly, and he found that the driver of a car was drunk.The route the car drove was crooked, scared passers-by to evade, and even someone called the police directly.

Drivers who are driving under the influence, if there are problems with the car again.It was an absolute accident that killed someone!

With a smile, Lai Erpi floated towards the drunk driver's car.

Get into the car.I looked at the driver carefully and confirmed that he was not wearing any gold ornaments or the like.I was relieved and looked at the car again. It looked like a cow breaking, but the driver was dressed very plainly. I thought it was not the owner of the car, but the driver. I thought it would be 13 when the boss was not driving!

Erpi has also seen this kind of thing. Drivers on the construction site often do this. Fox and Huwei drove the boss's car to go for a drive and pick up girls!

No gold jewelry, suitable for starting!Lai Erpi grinned, and then stretched out his hands and attached them to the driver's hands. In an instant, Yin Qi penetrated into the driver's hands. The driver's hands were controlled by Yin Qi. As soon as the steering wheel hits, the car tilted to the side of the road. , The direction is surprisingly aimed at the boss.

"Ah!" Seeing the car rushing to the sidewalk, passers-by were so scared that they screamed and ran away embarrassedly.

It's hard for the boss to notice such a big movement. He was smoking a cigarette, and when he saw a car rushing towards him, he suddenly screamed "Mom" and ran to the award center with soft hands and feet.

In the award center, Jiang Xinmei's award was finally successfully handed out. With a smile on her face, she was holding the child in her hand to go out. Who knows, she saw the boss running inside in a panic, very puzzled. We went forward to ask what happened.

But there is no need to ask, she will know what happened in the next second, and she saw a black car rushing in, the rotating glass door made a click, and then it shattered, and the car was also deformed. However, the momentum remained unabated and ran into the boss.

The boss ran back with strength and speed up. In order not to be directly hit by the car, he ran the S-shaped route very cleverly. However, depressed, the car seemed to recognize him and he went to the left. The car also went to the left, he went to the right, and the car went to the right, chasing him hard!

What's the matter with him, is he here to kill him?The boss is depressed!

But after seeing Jiang Xinmei, he suddenly became anxious and shouted: "Get out of the way!"

Jiang Xinmei was indeed frightened. The hand holding the child was shaking and her feet were soft. She looked at the boss and the car rushing in horror. She was stupid and could not move at all. How could she dodge?

"Damn it!" Seeing Jiang Xinmei's look, the boss knew that she was terrified and would not dodge at all. Then he thought that the car seemed to only chase him and hit him, as long as he changed the route, the car would follow. If he changes lanes, he won't bump into Jiang Xinmei!

Thinking about it this way, the boss gritted his teeth and turned and ran away in a different direction.

But what surprised the boss was that the car didn't follow him anymore this time. Instead, it slammed into Jiang Xinmei. This cognition made the boss gossip, shouting "No!" in shock, and turned back to Jiang Xinmei. Rushed over, planning to save Jiang Xinmei.

What is going on here?Lai Erpi obviously only wanted to kill the boss, so why drove to hit Jiang Xinmei again?Was he lost his mind by resentment, and even killed his wife and children?

actually not!The reason was simply that Lai Erpi's yin was not enough, and he could no longer control the car.

Lai Erpi’s yin qi was almost exhausted when he originally controlled the cigarette butts. Now he controls the car directly. Although the time is short, the consumption of yin qi is also very large. In just a few seconds, his yin qi is consumed. It's not enough, and the body has faded a lot, and there is a vague tendency to dissipate.

When Lai Erpi saw his wife and children, he naturally wanted to go around, but he couldn't control the car anymore. He could only show a look of horror. He watched the car hit his wife and children, just like the boss. "No!" rushed towards his wife and children, trying to save people, but they were dead. He couldn't save Jiang Xinmei and the child at all, because he couldn't touch a living person.

And the boss can save Jiang Xinmei, but only if he can rush to Jiang Xinmei, how can a car be as fast as a car.

Seeing the car rushed in front of Jiang Xinmei, the boss was still some distance away from the mother and daughter, a flash of despair flashed in his eyes, and he shouted, "Xinmei!"

At this moment, the child tugged Jiang Xinmei's hand timidly, and shouted in fear: "Mom!"

The eyeballs moved, Jiang Xinmei came back to her senses, but in a moment, she made a great move that a mother should do. She pushed the child out, and the child staggered a few steps away, and Jiang Xinmei took a few steps away.

Don't underestimate the distance of these few steps, it just saved the child's life.


In the end, the car ran into Jiang Xinmei, and Jiang Xinmei flew out amidst the exclaims of the crowd, and then fell parabolic, hitting the ground fiercely.

Jiang Xinmei only felt a pain all over her body, her eyes were dark, and for the last second, what she thought was, could this be retribution?Coming so fast!

The person was hit, but the car still didn't stop, and it slowly hit a pillar on the side before it stopped, with another bang.

This unexpected incident left everyone staying, time seemed to be frozen, everyone paused for a second, and then the award center boiled like boiling water.

The child was the first to speak out. When she saw her mother flying out, she cried in shock, crying "Mom Mom!", rushed towards Jiang Xinmei, pushed her mother with her little hand, and saw her mother lying in a pool of blood , She was so scared that she couldn't stop crying, she would only call the word mother.

The boss then reacted and rushed over, hugged the child, prevented the child from shaking Jiang Xinmei's body, and quickly took out the phone, trembling and broadcasting 1*2*0, he quickly said I yelled at the location of the accident, and then hung up the phone and shouted to Jiang Xinmei: "Xinmei, Xinmei, can you hear me? Don’t sleep, don’t sleep, hold on Live, I have called an ambulance, and the ambulance will come soon, hold on!"

"Don't leave, I want to run away after hitting someone!" At this time, a roar sounded, attracting everyone's attention.

It turned out that the driver of the car climbed down from the car. When he saw that he had driven the car into the prize collection center and hit someone, he was so frightened that he woke up from the alcohol and wanted to sneak away sneakily, but was seen by the sharp-eyed staff , I stopped immediately.

The driver’s actions caused public outrage. A group of people gathered around and restrained the driver. Some people called the police, and some called the ambulance. In short, there were still many kindhearted people at the scene. The enthusiastic people even stepped forward to ask about Jiang Xinmei’s situation. The boss and the children provide comfort and care.

And Lai Erpi, with a look of regret and self-blame, kept muttering on the side: "How could this happen, how could this happen?" Obviously, he had never expected his wife to hit him, and it was difficult to accept.

At this time, Fu Xiaowan and Nomad finally rushed to the award center, and they were dumbfounded when they were close.

The nomad stared at the destroyed door and muttered, "God, what's the matter?"

What an accident!Fu Xiaowan snorted in her heart, and got out of the car and rushed into the awarding center. She saw a group of people surrounded somewhere, and the sky above the crowd was an unsteady Lai Erpi.

Seeing Lai Erpi, Fu Xiaowan's heart sank suddenly, and she quickly walked to the crowd and squeezed in. Then she saw the boss holding the child by the side, and on the ground, there was a woman lying on the ground, that was Jiang Xinmei!

The anger burned instantly, Fu Xiaowan immediately turned her eyes, glaring at Lai Erpi, and even had an idea to kill Lai Erpi, and let his soul fly away, but Lai Erpi's words made her decide to let him go, because Lai Erpi Erpi's expression of regret said how this could happen. Obviously, it was not his intention to cause Jiang Xinmei to have an accident, it should be an accident.

Thinking about it, the person Lai Erpi wanted to harm should be the boss, but somehow became Jiang Xinmei victim! l