Ghost Crossing

Chapter 169: A Ghost in the Office (1)

"Mom, mom, my uncle bought KFC for me. It's delicious. Get up and eat together!"

This sentence also passed into Jiang Xinmei's ears along the dream. Jiang Xinmei exclaimed with joy: "Baby! It's the baby's voice!" But she looked around but couldn't see the baby.

"Baby, be quiet. Mom is sleeping. When she wakes up, my uncle will buy another one for her to eat. These are all yours, okay?" Another sentence came to Jiang Xinmei's ears, and her body Trembling, he immediately looked at Lai Erpi to see what his expression and reaction were.

Unexpectedly, Lai Erpi didn't show any anger. Instead, he looked calm and relieved. He smiled and said excitedly: "Xinmei, did you hear that? It's the baby, and he! They are all with you in the hospital now, and they are all looking forward to your waking up!"

"What you said is true?" Jiang Xinmei asked half-believingly, her voice was correct. It was indeed from the child and the boss, and she couldn't see the people, so she couldn't be sure if they were talking, but Lai Erpi's words It's not like a lie.

"Really! It's true!" Lai Erpi nodded solemnly, and then said, "As long as you want to come alive, you will definitely get better."

"I, I know!" Jiang Xinmei finally nodded, with a firm idea in her heart that she must survive, for the sake of her child!

Yes, for the children!The baby can't live without her!She can't lose her baby either!

Seeing Jiang Xinmei's expression firm up, Lai Erpi smiled relievedly, and then said: "Xinmei, I'm leaving, I hope you will be happy in the future, and also about the little daughter. I'm sorry, I hope you can find the child come back."

Little girl!Jiang Xinmei's heart trembled, and her eyes instantly reddened. She looked at Lai Erpi with tears in her eyes, choked up and said, "But, I don't know where the child was sent!"

"Go to my parents! They sent the people, they know where the children are. But. Remember. Don't let them know about 10 million things!" Lai Erpi warned, not his cold blood, but his deep Deeply understand.The xinxing of his parents, if they know that they have 10 million, they will definitely come to compete for the money, and they will take it all for themselves greedy.Jiang Xinmei is so kind, she must be the one who suffers in the end.

Lai Erpi didn't want him to leave.Jiang Xinmei was harmed by his parents again. Moreover, both of his parents saved money, so it can be said that they will have nothing to worry about for the rest of her life.Since there is no shortage of money, he does not need to let Jiang Xinmei give some money.

"En!" Jiang Xinmei nodded repeatedly, indicating that she understood.Then more words came into my ears.It was all the conversation between the baby and the boss, and she couldn't help becoming a little anxious.She wants to wake up quickly.

Thinking about it this way, a bright light appeared and hit directly between the two of them. Lai Erpi smiled and stood in the aperture and stretched out his hand to Jiang Xinmei: "If possible, let me hug you again!"

Jiang Xinmei looked at Lai Erpi, hesitated, finally stretched out her hand, clasped her hands, and stood together in the aperture.

"En!" Jiang Xinmei's eyelids moved on the hospital bed, followed by a groan, and finally slowly opened her eyes. She rolled her eyes and looked around and found that she was in the hospital, and she couldn't help but remember Lai. Erpi's words were immediately stunned. Those just now were all true?Lai Erpi entered her dream to call her?

"Mom!" The child first noticed that his mother was waking up, and immediately rushed over with joy. The boss quickly hugged her with his hands and eyes, and looked at Jiang Xinmei and said, "You are awake!"

Then the doctor rushed to check on Jiang Xinmei, with a gratified smile on her face: "Wake up and there is no problem. You can be discharged from the hospital within one week of hospital observation, and will be checked every other week. Of course, if conditions permit If you do, I suggest staying in the hospital for one month."

Taking it for granted, the boss chose to stay in the hospital for one month. He was afraid that if there was no time for treatment, the money would not be a problem.

Jiang Xinmei was still very weak at this time and fell asleep not long after waking up.

And Lai Erpi was taken away by the nomads. Since Jiang Xinmei has woken up, Lai Erpi has no excuses to stay anymore. He followed the nomads with a look of relief.

But what Lai Erpi didn't know was that after he went to the underworld to report with peace of mind, Jiang Xinmei surrendered after being discharged from the hospital a week. She admitted that she had killed Lai Erpi by mistake.

Regarding Jiang Xinmei’s choice, the boss was very helpless, but he also held a supportive attitude, because he respected Jiang Xinmei’s choice, and he also understood that it was hard to let go of such a thing in his heart. If he surrendered himself, he would feel more comfortable. Got it.

In the end, Lai Erpi’s death was judged to be an accident. In addition, Jiang Xinmei surrendered and was sentenced lightly. Jiang Xinmei betrayed a two-year imprisonment and a five-year probation. This result surprised Jiang Xinmei. She thought she was going to pay her life. She knew that. I surrendered at first, so why be guilty and afraid for so long.

As for the future, Jiang Xinmei really married the boss, and found a way to find her second daughter. The family of four lived happily, and the boss, after learning that Jiang Xinmei could not have children, was not depressed. The daughter is treated as her own child. As for the 10 million prizes, although there are not so many after receiving it, it is still a huge sum of money. The boss uses this money to run his business, his career is flourishing, and his family is getting better and better.

Later, the boss’s ex-wife wanted to come back after learning about this situation, but the boss didn’t accept her. Of course, this was just an episode. In short, Jiang Xinmei was reborn and Lai Erpi was reborn. It was a perfect ending.

---Ghost in the office---

Speaking of Ding Hong, he originally wanted to talk to Fu Xiaowan face-to-face, but there were so many things in the company that he couldn't spare any time. After he got used to it, it hadn't been a long time before he thought of Fu Xiaowan.

Because he had already contacted Fu Xiaowan by phone, Ding Hong had Xiaowan's phone number. At this moment, he was holding the phone with a look of longing in his eyes. With a slip of his finger, he found Fu Xiaowan's number and prepared to call it.

But at this moment, the phone rang, Ding Hong sighed helplessly, gave up calling Xiao Wan, and answered the phone: "It's me, eh? Is there such a thing? Okay, I see. I. Go over at once! You first calm down the emotions of the employees!"

After hanging up the phone, Ding Hong got up and left the office. Now he is going to the branch office to handle matters.

The branch plan was handled by Ding Weiren when he was still alive. At that time, the office location had been selected and the decoration had been completed. After Ding Weiren was arrested, this matter naturally fell on Ding Hong.But there are not many follow-up questions.Just after recruiting enough employees, the branch was established and the employees started to work.

But things didn't end so easily.I originally thought that the branch could smoothly enter the right track, but!An accident happened.

Everyone knows that all employees in a company are men and women. You have to say that they are all men.That's rare, at least your front desk clerk must be female!

Furthermore.This branch of Ding Hong does jewelry design, and there must be women who can design jewelry, after all.Only women understand the trend of jewelry. How many men will pay attention to the look and design of jewelry?Therefore, most of Ding Hong's branches are female employees.Men, yes.But that is a national treasure level.

But just because they are all women, the problem is, women are all timid, especially for ghosts and the like.

But unfortunately, the branch was haunted. The girl employees said that they saw ghosts when they went to the toilet. They scared the female employees not to go to the toilet alone. Even if they wanted to go, they would all go together. Would rather hold back than go to the toilet.

The haunted incident spread in the branch, and the female employees of the branch were terrified. Many of the faint-hearted even submitted their resignations, so scared that they didn't even want to work.

For this reason, the manager of the branch company had to retain employees with the benefits of increased wages, and also instructed male colleagues to take care of female colleagues. For example, female colleagues can go with them when they go to the toilet, chat outside the toilet, and transfer female colleagues. Attention or something.

But the effect was not good. More and more female colleagues said he was hell. Even the most courageous female man yelled in fright and just said nothing. It’s all right now, and stabbed a hornet’s nest. The most courageous female men were so scared, and the other girls followed suit and called out to resign, even if their wages increased!

The trouble was so big that the branch manager saw that he couldn't help it, so he could only report Ding Hong's haunting incident, hoping that he would solve it.

Ding Hong rushed to the branch office by car and walked in quickly. The manager had already been waiting outside the door. Seeing Ding Hong's arrival, he immediately stepped forward to greet him and shouted, "Ding Hong! You are here!"

"En!" Ding Hong just nodded indifferently, then entered the office, and saw a group of employees in the office gathered together with a look of fear on their faces.

The manager wiped Khan over, nodded and explained to Ding Hong, "Ding, you see, everyone said they want to resign, and I can't keep it!"

Upon hearing Mr. Ding, the girls raised their heads to look at Ding Hong. The older married people were amazed. It turns out that the manager is so young, so young and promising!And the young girls are young, handsome and golden men with their little hearts puffing up and speeding up!It would be great if she could be her boyfriend!

Only the female man, who is really a silk woman, didn’t feel at all when she saw Ding Hong, but raised her head and asked, “You’re the boss? Well, if I want to resign, you just criticize it. Come on, pay me a salary, I will leave immediately!"

"Reason?" Ding Hong's eyes were full of coldness, and his tone was cold and brief.Although Ding Hong took over the company, he was still very introverted, but he had to do these things, so he bit the bullet and came here boldly. The brief talk was not indifferent, but he was afraid of saying that he would be too guilty. His indifference and arrogance are just to conceal his timidity and anxiety, he does not want to be seen by others as his lack of confidence.

The female man wrinkled her nose and said, "I have told the manager many times for the reason. It is haunted here! If it is not haunted, why would I be willing to give up such a high-paying job!" Speaking of later, the female man became a little dissatisfied with this job. The salary is really high, because it is a new company and the treatment is very good. She is not willing to resign. However, there is a ghost if she does not resign. She is afraid that she can make money and spend her life!

The manager chuckled, and said with a stern face, pretending to be angry, "Xiao Yan, it's not that I said you. How outrageous is that you said that? Where is the ghost in this world! There must be a ghost, why didn't I see it? !"

"No, manager, it's really a ghost!" Although the female man felt that her reason was really outrageous, she didn't lie, she really saw it!very scary!

Not only the female man, but the other female colleagues also agreed with a pleasant expression: "Yes, yeah, manager. Boss, we saw it too, it's true! It's really a ghost!"

The manager could only laugh, and said helplessly to Ding Hong: "Mr Ding, look at this, I can't help it! Only female colleagues say hell, we men haven't even seen ghosts. !"

A male colleague also immediately agreed.Said that he really didn't see it either.

In other words.Only the female colleagues saw the ghost, but none of the male colleagues.

At this time, a girl murmured dissatisfiedly: "Of course you boys won't see it. Because the ghost is in the women's bathroom, and you don't go into the women's bathroom, how can you see it?"

"That's it! You guys have the ability to enter the women's bathroom!" The female man immediately yelled, and then said with disdain."Maybe your men will feel frightened when they see ghosts. It's worse than our girls!"

Hearing that, the boys and the manager were immediately embarrassed. Go to the women's bathroom?What a shame?

Ding Hong waved his hand, and everyone instantly calmed down.They all looked at him, waiting for the boss to speak.

With so many eyes on him, Ding Hongton felt Alexander.Then he coughed: "It seems that the problem lies in the haunted women's toilet! As long as you make sure that there are no ghosts, will you be able to stay to work?" After he finished speaking, he glanced at the girls.

The girls were silent for a moment.The female man nodded as the first example: "Of course, there are no ghosts. What else can we go! But I'm sure there must be ghosts in the women's toilet!"

"Yes, there must be some. Could it be that someone died here? That's why the ghost wandered in the toilet?" A girl timidly expressed her thoughts. She bit her head to speak because she wanted to cause Ding. Hong's attention, got his favor!

At this time, an older woman seemed to suddenly think of something and exclaimed. When everyone looked at her, she faltered and said: "This, in fact, something happened in this building, it seems dead. Once a woman, I also listened to other people, not sure whether it was true or not, now thinking about it, maybe the ghost in the toilet is the dead woman!"

"Okay, don't make any noise!" Ding Hong stopped the topic loudly, and then said, "It's easy to make sure there are no ghosts, and go to the women's bathroom."

"Ah!" The women were surprised, and the boss wanted to go into the women's bathroom to hell!

"Huh?" The men were surprised. As men, the boss wants to enter the women's toilet?

Ding Hong's face was hot, he understood the impact of his words, he was a little shy in his heart, but his face was blank and said: "Is there a problem? Everyone go in, I want to see, you see What does the ghost that arrived look like!"

Go in all!The employees of the company were all stunned. The girls were scared, didn't they? They would go in even if they knew there was a ghost in the toilet?Can you not go?The boys are a little embarrassed. Will this first experience of entering the women's bathroom be realized in the company?

However, due to the boss's words, everyone was afraid and afraid, embarrassed and embarrassed, and finally they all agreed.

The girls thought, anyway, if so many people go in together, there should be nothing wrong, right?

The boys thought, it was not him who went in alone anyway, everyone went in, embarrassed everyone!

"Let's go!" Seeing that everyone had agreed, Ding Hong immediately turned around to go to the toilet, feeling very depressed, ghost?Are you kidding me!The problem with the branch is because of this?

However, for some reason, according to Ding Hong in the past, he would definitely reject this cognition for the first time. There can be no ghosts, but today, Ding Hong is a little uncertain, as if there are really ghosts!

Throwing this ridiculous idea into his mind, Ding Hong took a step forward.

"That, boss!" The female man raised her hand weakly and called to Ding Hong.

Ding Hong paused, looked back at the female man, raised his eyebrows, and made a nasal voice full of questions: "Huh?"

The female man smiled and rubbed her hands and said: "This, you can only see it at night, and you can't see it during the day!"

Uh!Ding Hong was immediately full of black lines. Fortunately, he wanted to solve the matter as soon as possible, so he went to the toilet immediately, but he was told to wait!

The manager also said embarrassingly: "Boss, this is the case. The company has just started, and everyone needs to work hard together. So during this period, there are occasional overtime work at night, but I always pay for overtime!"

The employees also nodded, yes, there is indeed overtime pay!

With a twitch of the corner of his mouth, Ding Hong pinched the bridge of his nose and said helplessly: "How late?" You know, it's only 1 o'clock at noon, waiting for dark?How long do I have to wait?His time is very precious. I originally wanted to spare my time today to meet Fu Xiaowan, but in the end it was spent in the branch office!

The male colleagues immediately shot their gazes at the female colleagues, because only the female colleagues were the only ones to hell, how do they know what time?

Female colleagues also look at me, I look at you, and finally everyone talks about determining the time with uncertainty.

"I saw it at 10 o'clock in the evening!"

"I am earlier than you, I am more than 9 o'clock!"

"I am past 8 o'clock!"

"I, I don't remember what time it is, it's getting dark anyway!"

"I, I, I, maybe I was the earliest. I saw it after dinner, when the sun just set! It was about 6 o'clock?"

In the end Ding Hong made a helpless conclusion: "Then let's wait until it gets dark! You go to work first, and if you want to resign, you must stay and talk tomorrow!"

The boss voluntarily went to the women's bathroom to hell. The girls were so embarrassed to make trouble again. After hesitating for a while, they nodded and agreed, and went back to their seats to get busy.

The boys naturally started to work dumbfounded, and felt a little depressed thinking of going to the women's bathroom at night.

Of course, in fact, everyone is not thinking about work at all, just thinking about going to the women's bathroom tonight to find ghosts.

The manager naturally didn't dare to neglect the boss, and took Ding Hong to his office. Ding Hong took a look at the current situation of the branch by the way and looked through the documents.

Time passed quietly. In an instant, it was evening. The manager looked at the time and asked Ding Hong: "Ding, you see, the time is almost up, are you going out to eat, or should I order a takeaway?"

The manager hasn't been so uninterested, and told the boss to go hungry to the women's bathroom to find ghosts.

Ding Hong closed the documents, rubbed his eyebrows, looked up and looked out the window, and saw that the sky was already dark, and he said: "Call for takeaway, by the way, more! Let's eat together!"

Generally, the company has a meal supplement for overtime work. It is stipulated that a meal is 15 yuan. Employees can choose to add money to eat, or buy instant noodles, and leave the rest of the money. Most of them are a la carte, Ding Hong It means that the company paid for the employees to have a big meal.

"Understood!" The manager got the order, and then asked cautiously, "I don't know what Mr. Ding's taste is?"

What if he ordered a bunch of dishes and Mr. Ding didn't like any of them, wouldn't he be dizzy?

"Just lighter!" Ding Hong was not polite, and said his request. He didn't want to wait for the meal to be red!

"Okay, I'm going to order now!" The manager walked out with a smile and asked the other employees about their tastes. After that, he got a business card from an employee and started ordering the meal.

Because the manager's taste is heavier, he can only ask for the help of the employees for the light taste that Ding Hong requires.

The manager is also generous. Anyway, the company pays the money and the boss is here. You can't look too petty. He ordered a lot of dishes, including soup, desserts and everything.

Such a generous move made the employees cheer.

But after the cheers, everyone was embarrassed, because after the meal was delivered, everyone was very depressed. As for why?Isn't it because the boss is here, everyone is very restrained!

Ding Hong didn’t know how to communicate with the employees. He bowed his head and ate, but he didn’t say a word, and his expression remained serious from beginning to night. This made the employees too nervous and dared not eat. Something was too loud, and naturally I was very depressed.

The manager couldn't laugh or cry when he saw it. He didn't dare to speak out. He ate very slowly, for fear that his own food would be too bad and the boss would resent him.

Fortunately, Ding Hong lowered his head and ate fast, and he realized that the atmosphere was not right, so he speeded up and wiped his mouth and said that he was done well. Everyone went back to the office after slow use.

As soon as he left, the employees breathed a sigh of relief. The female man looked at the office door and screamed after confirming that it was closed. She shouted directly: "Oh my god, I'm exhausted, I don't have such a lady's food. Over dinner!"

After she said it, she started to eat, the taste was very indecent, but when she looked at the way she was eating, she felt that her appetite was greatly increased, as if there were some delicacies of mountains and seas before her eyes.

There are one and two. Everyone quickly let go and eat, talking and laughing, and the atmosphere quickly became lively.l