Ghost Crossing

Chapter 173: There is a Ghost in the Office (5)

After thinking about it for a long time, Li Juan couldn't make a decision. Finally, she gave the choice to An Ze's parents. She ran to see An Ze's parents and told them that she also had a child in her belly.

Who knows, Anze’s parents said to Li Juan contemptuously after hearing the words: “Whose kind of child is this child, who knows, in this way, the child is born and tested by our family Anze’s, and we want the child. If If not, you should take the child as far as you can go!"

What do you mean by making Li Juan stay?Not from Anze?Want to test dna?Even if it is Anze's, it just accepts that the child does not accept her!why!Why!

Before Li Juan could ask to understand, An Ze’s parents sent someone to rush out, and Li Juan was driven out embarrassedly. Dongfang Xu went to the door angrily to ask for an explanation, but was scolded. Dongfang Xu knew why Anze's parents said these things.

It turned out that everything was because of Zhao Lei. Zhao Lei told An Ze’s parents that Li Juan had already had a relationship with Dongfang Xu. Now Dongfang Xu is still divorced for her, and is waiting for her by her side. He also released such words in the church. .

I have to say that the consequences of what Dongfang Xu said in the church were very serious. An Ze's parents asked about what Zhao Lei said was true, and they hated Dongfang Xu and Li Juan!

After Li Juan learned of the situation, she smiled bitterly and did not speak. She did not promise to be with Dongfang Xu, but silently admitted all of this. She left the child, and often went to the hospital to visit Anze, and kept calling for Anze. , I hope he can wake up.

Originally Anze's parents were not happy to see Li Juan visit Anze, but the doctor said that the calling of relatives is helpful to Anze's condition. Anze's parents naturally hope that their son will wake up, so they defaulted that Li Juan would visit Anze. .

One month's time.Li Juan went to visit Anze uninterruptedly, which made Anze's parents look at Li Juan with admiration.

After a long time, Anze's parents naturally had their own ideas. First of all, Dongfang Xu's family was no worse than Anze, and Li Juan had no reason to entangle Anze and not marry Dongfang Xu.Second.When Li Juan came to the hospital, she was very sick with morning sickness.An Ze's parents began to think, this child might really be An Ze's.Third.After Zhao Lei arrived at An's house, her style was not bad. Anze's parents were very dissatisfied with her, but it was in the face of the child.The two old men endured.

Moreover, the two elders are most delighted.An Ze actually reacted to Li Juan's call, and the doctor said there was a high possibility that he would wake up.

When everyone was expecting An Ze to wake up, An Ze died.This result made Anze's parents heartbroken. The white-haired person gave the black person away!

After Anze was buried, Anze's parents had mentioned to Li Juan that she would live in Anze to have a baby.But Li Juan refused, and she was still at work.But within a few days.Then came the news that Li Juan killed herself in the company toilet.

It turned out that Li Juan knew that An Ze was dead, and felt very painful. In the end, because of missing An Ze, she chose to take the child to find An Ze, hoping to renew her marriage with An Ze in the underground.

When Dongfang Xu heard the news of Li Juan's death, he wept bitterly for a day, and finally chose to leave this sad place and go abroad.

And Anze's parents sighed and regretted that they did not accept Li Juan's good daughter-in-law, while Zhao Lei triumphantly entered the wealthy family and became a wealthy wife.

The story ends here.

After listening to the story told by the cleaner, everyone hushed, but some people expressed doubts. The female man asked directly: "Auntie, how do you know so clearly?"

The cleaner aunty smiled bitterly: "Because I am Li Juan's mother!"

"Ah!" everyone exclaimed, even Ding Hong looked at his aunt in surprise. He was thinking just now that this aunt made up stories so good, as if he had experienced it personally, but now he heard that it was from the dead. Mom, Ding Hong is dumb, no one will make up a story that his daughter is dead!

"Hey!" The cleaner aunt sighed, and then said: "My daughter has always had the habit of keeping a diary, and keeps records of events every day, so I know so clearly."

"Auntie, don't blame me for talking nonsense, your daughter is dead, why does she become a ghost and wander here and not leave?" a certain man asked suspiciously.

The cleaner aunt shook her head helplessly: "I don't know. There is a mistress in our country. She suddenly ran up to me and said that my daughter was dead and her soul was trapped. That's why I came here as a cleaner and wanted to meet. daughter."

Goddess!Everyone looked at each other, and the female man curled her lips and asked: "Auntie, have you seen your daughter?"

"No! I don't know why. Many people say they have seen my daughter, but I can't see her!" The aunt said with emotion, and then she said, "In fact, I was the first I didn’t believe in the goddess’ words, but a colleague of Juan’er called and said that it’s haunted here and it’s in the toilet, so I think it should be Juan’er, and then came here to work."

"Auntie, we just want to go in and see if we can see the ghost, cough cough, and see your daughter Li Juan, otherwise, you can go in with us!" The female man sympathized with the aunt and couldn't help but propose to let the aunt go in.

Although they don't know why Auntie can't see ghosts, they have actually seen it. If they do, they can tell Auntie.

"This!" The aunt hesitated for a while, and finally nodded expectantly: "Well, let's go in together."

Finally, the group entered the women's toilet, but this time it was the aunt of the cleaner, not Ding Hong.

The light in the toilet is bright, there is no such gloomy atmosphere in the ghost film at all, the light of the identity is yellow, and it is flashing, the toilet is old and broken, and there is a fishy smell. There is nothing at all!

The toilet was very clean and spotless, and there was a vague smell of detergent as soon as I entered.

"How is it? Have you seen any ghosts, eh, Li Juan?" A man asked excitedly, but he kept looking at the women's toilet, evaluating the difference between men's and women's toilets. For the first time in his life How fun is it to form a group into the women's bathroom?

After the girls came in, they cowered at first, and some even closed their eyes tightly, for fear of seeing horrible things, but also bold.Like a female man, maybe she is so bold, her eyes are bigger than cowbells, and she is scanning everywhere in the toilet.

The boys are looking at the toilet excitedly with their eyes wide open, looking for ghosts by the way, while the girls should close their eyes. Only three women are looking for ghosts with their eyes wide open.

And these three girls.One of them is the cleaner aunt.She looked around with a look of desire, and then the color of expectation on her face dimmed and became lost.Obviously, no ghosts were seen.

The female man also rolled her eyes, and finally said helplessly: "I didn't see it!"

"I remember, the last time I saw it was after going to the toilet. Then wash my hands!" another woman with open eyes recalled meticulously, walking to the sink as she said.Then stared at the mirror in front of the sink, nodded and said with certainty, "I saw it in the mirror before!"

"Yes, yes, I saw it in the mirror too!" The female man quickly agreed.Then I walked to the mirror and stared at the mirror without blinking.

As soon as these words came out, everyone shouted and gathered around the mirror.More than a dozen pairs of eyes stared at the mirror hotly, and even the girl who had closed her eyes opened her eyes.Because I heard the female man say that I didn't see any ghosts, I was not so afraid and dared to open my eyes.

"Nothing! Just bare mirrors, and ourselves!" a man pushed the frame of the mirror and muttered.

A girl swept down the mirror and dodged her gaze. Then she swept down the mirror again. After confirming that she did not see the ghost, she was relieved, stared at the mirror, and then said: "It's not true, will it be? Many people, so scared that ghosts dare not come?"

The female man clapped his hands violently and said, "It must be the case. There are too many of us, and then what, the yang is too heavy, especially for men, the yang is much heavier than our women, so the ghost dare not appear."

Hearing everyone on the left and the other ghost on the right, the cleaner aunt was very unhappy, but she didn't correct anything, because everyone was telling the truth. What she should care about now is not this, but whether the ghost of her daughter will appear.So when the female man said that there are too many ghosts and dare not show up, she hesitated and said, "Otherwise, a few people will go out." There are many people and a lot of yang, then go out a few, maybe less!

"I'm going out!" As soon as this was said, a girl raised her hand excitedly and said that she wanted to go out. Although she did not see the ghost now, if the ghost came out after a few people went out, it would be very scary. She had to escape early. This terrible toilet is good.

Immediately afterwards, several girls raised their hands one after another. None of the boys raised their hands. Obviously, they are not afraid of ghosts who have not seen them.

Originally, the aunt wanted to go out with a few men. After all, are men more yang, but now all the girls who want to go out are different from what she hoped. She couldn't help being a little disappointed, but she couldn't say anything, but said quickly : "Then please go out and wait!"

You can go out, these girls obviously relaxed a lot, and then consciously gathered together, you pull me and I pull you, ready to go out together.

At this moment, the female man's scream sounded.

"Ah!! Ghost!" The sound of horror spread into everyone's ears, and then everyone shot their sights at the female man, and their sights naturally fell on the mirror.

It turned out that everyone's attention was gone from the mirror because they said that they were going to go out, but only the female man reached out and touched the mirror with a grin. Then he was horrified to find that there was an extra dark shadow in the mirror.

I saw that the black shadow was taller than everyone else, because she was hanging in the air. Everyone saw that the ghost’s legs were on their heads, and the mirror was so big that there was a whole wall above the sink, so everyone except to look. The head can also be seen from the legs, and the head is already on the roof. In this way, what else can the suspended black shadow be besides a ghost?

"Ah!" At this time, the boys screamed like the girls, and everyone's voices uttered together, causing the ground to shake.

"Damn! What a ghost!" This was the manager's voice, his voice trembling. Obviously, he didn't believe in the nonsense of female employees, but now he has witnessed it with his own eyes!

"Quickly get out!" A girl pushed and hurried, wishing to run out immediately.

"What are you afraid of, so many of us are still afraid of a ghost!" Seeing everyone in chaos, Ding Hong roared out of fear in his heart.

However, no one can hear what he said at the moment?The crowd rushed towards the door in a rush, hating to have many legs coming out.

As for Ding Hong, he was pushed by the crowd because he was on the edge.He staggered a few steps directly into the toilet, but went deeper into the toilet.

At this time, only the cleaning lady was the happiest and excited, she burst into tears instantly, stroking the mirror and shouting painfully: "Juan'er, my Juan'er."

Within a few seconds, only Ding Hong and the cleaner aunt were left in the toilet, and all the others ran out.

Outside the toilet door.Everyone screamed.

"I'm going. It's so ghostly, it scares me to death, no. I want to resign too!" A male colleague said with lingering fear, thinking of the hanging shadow just now, his legs were weak.

"Me too, I will not do it. Too bad, I don't want to be short-lived!" This is a superstitious person.I feel unlucky to encounter ghosts.

"Stop arguing, don't talk about you, I want to resign too, it scares me to death!" The manager said in a cold sweat.Then he was taken aback, glanced at the crowd and asked in shock: "Where is Mr. Ding!"

"Uh! Is it still in the toilet!" One person said uncertainly, and then everyone's eyes shot towards the toilet.

"Gudong!" The manager swallowed.Tremblingly, "Ding is still inside. What should I do?"

"I won't go in anyway, what happened to the boss, and we have no obligation to take care of him. Anyway, the letter of resignation has been given to you long ago, and I will settle the salary tomorrow!" A woman ran away after she finished speaking. Everyone knows that female ghosts only appear in the women's toilet, and they will not appear in other places, so women are not afraid now, just want to leave this ghost place as soon as possible.

As soon as this woman left, many employees immediately followed and left. Obviously, they thought the same as the woman. They were not related to Ding Hong. They were even strangers after resigning. It is impossible to get scared for him. .

Some people were still hesitating, thinking that the boss also went to the toilet to keep them, and now it seems too impersonal to leave the boss like this, but seeing so many people leaving, they finally left with cruel heart. In the end, there were only two people left, one was a manager and the other was a female man.

The female man felt that it was too unsympathetic to leave the boss. Although she did not dare to enter the toilet, it was okay to wait outside. Seeing the manager whose body was shaking like chaff, she asked silently: "Manager, since you are afraid Why don't you leave?"

The manager reluctantly pulled out a smile and said: "If something happens to Mr. Ding, how can I explain it to you? It's a ghost?" Feelings, because he contacted Ding Honglai branch. If Ding Hong had an accident, he must be in trouble. , The explanation is not clear, and he was transferred from the headquarters, so resignation is not that simple.

"Oh!" The female man replied clearly, and then trumpeted both hands and shouted into the toilet: "Boss, how are you?"

Upon seeing this, the manager also shouted: "President Ding, are you okay, come out soon!"

The door of the toilet is the kind that will automatically close, and after opening, it will close again by itself. After all, it is a female toilet. It is a protection*, so at the moment, neither of them can see the inside, and the building materials here are very good. Soundproofing is also good, so they can't hear what's going on inside, so they can only shout out.

"I'm fine!" Ding Hong's voice came out from the toilet. He sounded very calm at first, but after listening carefully, he could still hear the voice trembling. Obviously, he was also scared!

It's fine!The manager and the female man unanimously breathed a sigh of relief. The female man murmured, "Speaking of which, we only saw ghosts, but nothing happened. Then, is this ghost harmless? Just like in a movie, she has The grievances, but there is no way to avenge her, so she shows up from time to time, looking for someone to help her avenge her grievances?" A female man is a female man, and there is no ghost floating in front of her, and she starts to think about it.

The manager rolled his eyes and said: "You have watched too many movies. How can there be any grievances? Didn't you listen to the cleaner's aunt? Her daughter committed suicide because her beloved man died because she couldn't bear it!"

"Uh!" The female man was taken aback, smirked and did not speak, and then shouted: "Boss, you can come out if there is nothing wrong, do you still want to chat with ghosts?"

There was no answer in the toilet, and the two couldn't help getting nervous again. The female man said uneasyly: "Otherwise, let's call the police!"

"Okay!" The manager immediately agreed, and then took out his mobile phone to call the police, but he didn't know what to say after the connection was made. Could it be that the boss was trapped in the toilet by a ghost?

Seeing this, the female man grabbed the phone and said, "We have someone fighting in the toilet. Come on, the fight is terrible, it's bleeding!" After speaking, she reported the company address and hung up the phone.

The manager was dumbfounded, looking at the phone that was plugged back, he was speechless. This is too much to lie!

In the toilet, it was another scene.

The cleaning lady cried so that her eyes were blurred, but she still stroked the dark shadow in the mirror, and the dark shadow did nothing, just floating there, only the pair of dark eyes fixedly looking at the cleaning lady , His eyes are full of pleading.

Ding Hong licked his lips, suppressed his fear and said to auntie: "Auntie, is this your daughter?"

"Yes! Yes! That's Juan'er!" The aunt nodded repeatedly, and then shouted in choking, "My poor Juan'er!"

Looking at the beautiful shadow in the looking glass, Ding Hong swallowed and said: "Why, why do I think she has something to say!" Although the person in the mirror did not move, the eyes were silently speaking. What a general.Ding Hong himself didn't understand why he felt this way, but it happened that he felt that way, and he even said it.

When the aunt heard this, she sniffed her nose with tears in her eyes, and then started crying: "My Juan'er, tell mom if you have anything to say! You give mom a dream! Mom is willing to do anything. You did it!"

To dream?The corner of Ding Hong's eyes twitched, and he glanced at Li Juan's ghost again. He couldn't tell the strangeness in his heart. I don't know why. At first seeing ghosts was indeed a little scared, but now, he seems to feel nothing. Experienced in general, yes, this is the feeling, he seems to have seen ghosts!

The person in the mirror finally moved after hearing Ding Hong’s words. She seemed very excited. The image in the mirror was getting closer and closer, as if a ghost was about to come out of the mirror. When it was closer, the eyes became more obvious and excited. , There is still a glimmer of hope.

Seeing the ghost approaching, Ding Hong couldn't help taking a step back, and the aunt was shocked at the moment, and her hand touching the mirror immediately moved away, but she quickly realized that even if it was a ghost, it was her daughter. Ah, she believed that her daughter would not harm her, so the auntie said hurriedly: "Juan'er, are you going to come out?" Then she moved a little to the side to make way for Li Juan.

Under the two nervous eyes, the ghost stood in front of the mirror, at the same height as a normal person, and no longer suspended. In this way, Auntie and Ding Hong could directly see what the ghost looked like.

A very delicate woman, she really feels very suitable to be a wife, and she feels like a good wife and a mother.

Auntie had tears after seeing it clearly, obviously, it was indeed Li Juan.

Seeing the ghost standing in front of the mirror and no other actions, the aunt suddenly became anxious: "Juan, come out! Go home with your mother!"

The ghost shook her head, and then she gestured with her fingers, as if she was explaining something. However, neither Ding Hong nor Auntie could understand what she meant.

The aunt watched for a long time, then shook her head and said, "Juan, what exactly are you making? Mom can't understand! Can't you talk?"

Ding Hong just guessed and asked, "Are you saying that you can't get out?"

Ghost immediately turned his gaze to Ding Hong, no longer looking at his mother, and nodded happily, indicating that Ding Hong was right. Then she stretched her finger and pointed aside.

Seeing her daughter nodded, the auntie cleaner immediately stopped speaking, but looked at Ding Hong eagerly. After all, he could guess what the daughter meant.

Looking in the direction of his fingers, Ding Hong saw nothing, except for the things in the toilet. He smiled helplessly and shook his head: "There is nothing here!"

Seeing that Ding Hong hadn’t guessed what she meant, Li Juan was anxious. She stretched out her left hand and pointed her fingertips on the leftmost edge of the mirror, and then floated to the right, pointing her right hand at the extreme right edge of the mirror. , And then clicked on each of the upper and lower places, and finally returned to the mirror, looking at Ding Hong blankly, hoping that he would understand her meaning this time.

Ding Hong looked from left to right and from top to bottom, and finally frowned for a moment. The female ghost pointed the mirror up and down, left and right, what does it mean?After thinking for a while, he asked suspiciously: "It's this mirror. Is there any problem?"