Ghost Crossing

Chapter 174 Ghosts in the Office (6)

Li Juan shook her head disappointedly, then nodded again, and then made a drilling gesture, and pointed at the edge of the mirror.

Ding Hong's inspiration flashed and said quickly: "You mean, you can't get out, you are trapped in the mirror!"

Li Juan immediately nodded like a chicken pecking at rice, indicating that it meant.

Seeing her daughter nodded, the aunt stretched out her hand to touch the mirror and said, "How can I get out?"

At this time, Li Juan shook her head in despair, and her aunt's face changed suddenly when she saw it: "Why can't you get out?"

Ding Hong disagreed, but asked, "Don't you know how to get out?"

Li Juan nodded immediately, and then looked at Ding Hong with a pleading expression, begging for his help.

"Uh!" It was the first time that the ghost responded with hope. Ding Hong licked his lips and asked, "Can you break the mirror?"

When she heard that she was about to break the mirror, Li Juan immediately showed a frightened expression and shook her head violently. In other words, it was not feasible to break the mirror.

Ding Hong rubbed his brows and said helplessly: "Then I don't know how to get you out!"

The aunt looked at Ding Hong pitifully. The others had been scared away when they saw his daughter. Only this man was still there, and he was not afraid of her daughter, communicating with her daughter. At this moment, Ding Hong is the aunt and Li Juan. The life-saving straw, she pleaded: "Sir, you help me, help my daughter!"

"But I really can't do anything!" Ding Hong replied embarrassedly. He wanted to help, but how could he help?

"Puff!" The aunt knelt down, pleading with her head, "Please, help us!"

Ding Hong hurriedly went to help her aunt, embarrassed: "Don't do this. If I can help, I will definitely help, but I don't understand this. I don't know where to start! Also, Li Juan, you too Don't kneel, get up!" In the mirror.Li Juan also knelt down and begged like her aunt.

The aunt is a woman after all.Not as strong as Ding Hong, he was taken aback by him, but he kept begging.

Ding Hong is one head and two big.What's all this, he just wants to keep the staff, why is he making trouble to help the ghost?He really couldn't help, but the aunt helped her up.Li Juan in the mirror continued to kneel, with an expression of kneeling forever if you didn't agree.This makes him very helpless.

In the end, Ding Hong couldn't help but think that since there are ghosts, there are Taoist priests, right.Didn’t the aunt just say that there is a goddess in her village, so Ding Hong immediately said to the aunt: "Auntie. You can go to the goddess, maybe she knows how to get your daughter out!"

Goddess!The aunt was taken aback.Then she nodded happily: "Yes, why did I forget the goddess." Then she slapped her head and quickly took out her mobile phone to make a call. A bunch of dialects appeared, Ding Hong said that she couldn't understand it at all, but Before long, the aunt hung up the phone and said with a pleased smile: "I have asked my relatives to find the goddess!"

After waiting for about 10 minutes, the phone rang, and the aunt couldn't wait to answer the call, but the face that was originally full of expectations changed and became disappointed.

Seeing the change in his expression, Ding Hong understood that it was not good news.

Sure enough, after the aunt hung up the phone, she cried and said with a sad face: "The goddess said that she had nothing to do. She also said that if the mirror carrier is destroyed, my daughter will die too!" After speaking, she sobbed and looked at Li Juan with tears. Crying: "My poor Juaner!"

Li Juan didn't show a surprised look when she heard that the mirror was ruined, she seemed to have known this situation a long time ago, but she twitched her mouth with a wry smile.

This!Ding Hong was speechless. Fortunately, he also figured out a way to break the mirror. As a result, if he broke the mirror, Li Juan would die. Well, Li Juan was already dead and turned into a ghost. Could a ghost still die?

With a loud "bang", the toilet door was kicked open, shocking Ding Hong and auntie, they both looked at the door in amazement, only to see a man in a police uniform rushing in.

"President Ding, are you okay!" Then a head poked out and it was the manager. He was relieved to see that Ding Hong was fine.

It turned out that the police arrived just now. Seeing the manager and the female man at the door of the toilet, he immediately questioned and learned that the two of them were the people who called the police. After listening to the movement in the toilet, they noticed that there seemed to be only slight conversations in the toilet. , There is no so-called feeling of fighting, can not help but feel a little confused.

When the female man saw this, she continued to lie, saying that there was no movement inside, maybe something went wrong!

As soon as he said this, the police kicked the door open. Unexpectedly, there were only two people in the toilet, a woman dressed as a cleaner, and a young man in a neat suit. They were stunned. Where did the fight go?I can't see it at all!

Several police officers walked in and looked at the two people in the toilet. They found that the woman was crying. Although the injuries were not visible, there must be a problem. A police officer immediately asked, "Auntie, what happened?" Directly assert that the woman's crying was caused by the man.

"Ah!" the aunt immediately made a blank voice, then shook her head and said: "I'm fine!"

Are you okay to cry into this virtue?The police were very speechless, but the parties said it was okay. What he could say, he could only persuade: "Don't bear with something, the problem of domestic violence is very serious!" After speaking, his contemptuous eyes swept towards Ding Hong, feeling, He believes that the two in front of him are in a mother-child relationship. The mother was beaten by his son, but he still defended his son.

No wonder the police think so, after all, this idea is the most reasonable.

Domestic violence?The corner of Ding Hong's eyes twitched, and he glanced at the policeman who said this speechlessly, feeling very frustrated. Does he look like a scum?

The aunt was taken aback for a while, and then realized that the police had misunderstood, and quickly waved her hand to explain: "No, no, you misunderstood. I, I just, um, just, I cried when I was sad when I thought of my dead daughter, and This gentleman is fine!"

The police didn't expect it to be like this, and his face suddenly appeared embarrassed, but he quickly changed the subject and asked the manager: "Didn't you say someone was fighting? What about people!"

The manager suddenly sweated profusely, glanced at the female man, and said: "This, this!" He was wronged, not what he said, how can I explain it now!

The female man immediately made a relief: "You are late, everyone who was fighting is gone!"

(⊙﹏⊙)b!The police were it?I'm late!As expected, a fight for 10 minutes is almost the same, he said depressed: "We are too slow to get out of the police, and we will improve next time!" After speaking, he waved his hand to signal the withdrawal of the team.

(Ahem, I don’t agree with the lying behavior of female men, please don’t learn.)

The police evacuated quickly.Ding Hong and others couldn't laugh or cry.The police don't know, they know, it must be the female man and the manager who are worried.But I didn't dare to come in, so I chose to call the police, but this is a big lie!

"President Ding. Come out quickly!" The manager grabbed the door and didn't let it close.Shouting to Ding Hong timidly, the female man also poked her head out and asked: "Boss, is that ghost still there?"

Auntie heard the words and looked at the glasses.There was nothing else in the mirror except her and Ding Hong's shadow. It seemed that the police showed up and Li Juan left. She murmured regretfully: "Go!"

I'm gone.The stone in the female man's heart fell, and she said with a relaxed expression: "Just leave. Boss, Auntie, come out quickly, don't stay in the toilet all the time!"

The cleaner aunt quickly wiped away her tears, cleaned herself up, looked in the mirror reluctantly, and then went out of the toilet with Ding Hong.

Only when she walked to the door and closed the toilet door, the aunt couldn't help crying again, saying that Juan'er was suffering.

Her crying made the female man and the manager very inexplicable, is this self-defeating?What's the fate?

Ding Hong was upset by the crying, and he just slipped out: "Auntie, don't cry, I'll find a way for you about this matter!" If it's a big deal, I will pay some money to find someone, Taoist?Monk?It should be possible, or folk goddess or something?

Upon hearing this, Auntie was extremely pleasantly surprised. Thanks again and again, the female man and the manager looked at each other. What can the boss think of?

What the 4 people didn’t notice was that not far from the corner, the policeman blinked his eyes in astonishment. It turned out that the policeman was about to take the elevator back to the police station, but he was in a hurry and asked the others to return first. He waited, he went to solve the problem first, but when someone expected to turn to the toilet, he heard what the female man said, and suddenly stayed.

ghost?The police linked the cause and effect, and then came to a conclusion that the police did not call the police because of a fight, but because of haunting!The police suddenly wondered, what are these things, superstition!What a ghost!Watching too many ghost movies caused them to be out of police in vain.

Being fooled, the police thought depressed, and then glanced at the 4 people who were still chatting at the toilet door, went directly to the bathroom on the first floor, and then went back to the police station angrily, and told the other colleagues who went to the police station. Guys, others are too depressed to learn about this situation. This is a waste of police force!And also made up lies!What kind of people are these people, no quality!

And Ding Hong, after agreeing to help the aunt, let the manager and the female man get off work first, and asked the manager to give a notice to let the employees go to the headquarters temporarily, and then return to the branch office after the ghost matter is resolved.

For this result, the female man was naturally happy and immediately notified other colleagues of the news. As soon as those colleagues heard this, they immediately stopped resigning and went back to the company to help move things, some essential supplies such as computers. Just move to the head office, just use it first.

After handling things well, Ding Hong was tired to find a hotel to stay, and began to think about how to help Li Juan and how to make her soul come out of the mirror.

Thinking about it, Ding Hong fell asleep, but in his dream, he dreamed of many things.

Probably because of the excitement of seeing a ghost today, Ding Hong actually dreamed of his experience after becoming a soul. That is to say, Ding Hong remembered what happened in the hospital, and remembered Fu Xiaowan and others.

The next day, after Ding Hong woke up, he recalled the dream of last night, and a clear smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. It turned out that this was the case.

Remembering the life of the soul, Ding Hong found that everything can be explained clearly, but what he is most depressed now is that he forgot about the life of the soul before, and Fu Xiaowan and others treated him as a stranger. It's too unfeeling!

However, seeing that Fu Xiaowan helped him so much, Ding Hong said that he didn't care about that. Now, he wanted to go to Fu Xiaowan and tell Fu Xiaowan that he remembered everything.Then, the ghost in the company, Li Juan, can also ask Fu Xiaowan for help.

This time, Ding Hong had the perfect excuse to find Fu Xiaowan. He also temporarily left the company's affairs and contacted Fu Xiaowan directly.Tell Fu Xiaowan to meet at a time.

Fu Xiaowan was a little surprised when he received a call from Ding Hong saying that he was going to meet, but he thought, the one who should come is to come, so let's see you!

Cafe!Ding Hong arrived early, with a faint smile on his face.Look at the door from time to time.See if Fu Xiaowan is here.

Fu Xiaowan entered the coffee shop on time, then walked straight to the agreed position, and saw Ding Hong sitting there.She seemed to be in a good mood, she couldn't help but raised her eyebrows, walked over and sat down slowly.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward at first.Because I don't know how to speak, but in the end Ding Hong spoke first.Throw out an amazing news directly: "I remember!"

Fu Xiaowan was taken aback for a moment, and didn't understand what Ding Hong was talking about, but then reacted, looking at Ding Hong in surprise and asked, "Did you remember?"

"En. Why, don't you want me to think of it?" Ding Hong suddenly felt a little uncomfortable seeing Fu Xiaowan's reaction.Did he remember that Fu Xiaowan was not happy at all.

"No!" Fu Xiaowan chuckled.I touched my nose and thought to myself, why suddenly I remembered, now one more person knows about her, hey, the secret that so many people know is still a secret?

Ding Hong rolled her eyes, and then asked, "Did you find out about my uncle first?"

"En!" Fu Xiaowan confessed directly with a shrug, and then explained, "I saw your grandpa, so I knew it, and then I went to the police. Oh, it's Xing Jun. I know him well."

Ding Hong smiled bitterly: "I will help you once, and you will help me once, even if we are even!"

Fu Xiaowan smiled: "Yeah, you helped me once, and I helped you again. It's really even, how are you doing now? Is the company going well?"

"It's okay! Even though I'm not familiar with it, I can count on it!" Ding Hong nodded lightly, then smiled: "By the way, I'm here this time, I have something to ask you for help."

"Oh? What's the matter? Let me go to your company to help or something!" Fu Xiaowan immediately made her request, but she didn't want to go to work.

"No!" Ding Hong glanced at her speechlessly, and then said: "How can I afford you, it's like this, there is a small problem in my branch."

Fu Xiaowan raised her eyebrows and joked: "They are all branch offices, and their careers are booming!"

Ding Hong confessed her anger and continued, "The branch is haunted, and all the employees are clamoring to resign!"

"Haunted!" As soon as he heard the ghost characters, Fu Xiaowan's hippie smiley expression suddenly closed, and he asked solemnly: "Tell me more!"

Ding Hong didn't have any appetite, and immediately told about Li Juan's affairs, and also explained how she was trapped in the mirror.

After listening to Ding Hong’s narration, Fu Xiaowan twisted her eyebrows into a ball, and said in surprise: "From what you said, Li Juan’s soul should have been sealed in a mirror. The mirror is her soul carrier. If the mirror is destroyed Now, the soul will disappear with it."

"In the mirror?" Ding Hong caught these words, and then asked: "You mean that Li Juan's soul was sealed off deliberately. That is to say, Li Juan is not at all. Self/kill!"

"En!" Fu Xiaowan looked very solemn, nodded and said: "It seems that Li Juan's death is a big problem. Not to mention murder, even ghosts are let go, and I don't know who it is, so cruel! What a grudge!"

"I think it should be the woman named Zhao Lei. She has the greatest motivation!" Ding Hong immediately expressed her thoughts. In Li Juan's story, there are only a few people, except for Zhao Lei. People from will start with Li Juan!

"It's possible!" Fu Xiaowan nodded, but immediately said, "Didn't Li Juan tell you who caused her?"

Ding Hong said in a dull voice, "I can't hear her, I can only watch her gestures. It's hard to guess what she means."

"What are you waiting for, I'll go see Li Juan!" Fu Xiaowan immediately stood up full of enthusiasm. She was worried that if something went wrong with the mirror, Li Juan would be over, so hurry up and protect the mirror.

Then the two rushed to the branch office in a hurry. Because it was daytime, Ding Hong was naturally embarrassed to enter the women's bathroom, so Fu Xiaowan went in alone.

After checking again and confirming that there were no outsiders in the toilet, Fu Xiaowan came to the mirror, reached out and tapped on the mirror lightly, and whispered: "Li Juan, are you there, Li Juan?"

After waiting for a few seconds, a black mist appeared in the mirror, and then the black mist gathered together to form a figure. He stood in front of the mirror and looked at Fu Xiaowan curiously.

Seeing Li Juan appearing, Fu Xiaowan breathed a sigh of relief and shook her hand to say hello: "Hi, hello, I'm a ghost crossing, I'm here to help you!"

Upon hearing this, Li Juan showed an expression of excitement, her entire face and two palms on the mirror, with an expression that I wanted to go out.

"Huh, can't you talk?" Fu Xiaowan saw Li Juan only making gestures and expressions, but she didn't speak, and couldn't help wondering whether Li Juan couldn't talk, and she shouldn't.

Li Juan immediately shook her head and nodded again. Then she opened her mouth as if she was talking, but no voice came out. Seeing Fu Xiaowan's dazed expression, she immediately slumped her shoulders in discouragement, with a look of embarrassment.

Fu Xiaowan saw that Li Juan opened her mouth clearly, but no sound came out. She scratched her head for unknown reasons, and then said: "It seems that you can talk, but you don't know why the sound can't come out. It should be because of being sealed in the mirror. Right!"

Li Juan nodded angrily, apparently thinking so too.

"Don't worry, I will find a way to get you out of the mirror, and when you can communicate with me, we will talk about you again!" Fu Xiaowan said helplessly, unable to communicate, she naturally didn't know Li Juan's grievance. I can only get Li Juan out first.

Li Juan nodded excitedly. She didn't know if Fu Xiaowan could rescue her, but it was worthy of happiness if someone was willing to help her, wouldn't it?

Next, Fu Xiaowan looked around the mirror, reached out to touch the edge of the frame, and muttered, "Fortunately, it can be removed."

After that, Fu Xiaowan went out of the toilet and suggested to Ding Hong: "This mirror is very important, just in case, you find a way to remove this mirror and move to my house."

Ding Hong's head hurts, huh?Remove the mirror!Well, he curled his lips and said, "No problem, I will solve the mirror matter. Can you get Li Juan out? And, have you asked who the murderer is?"

Fu Xiaowan spread her hands and shrugged her shoulders helplessly: "There is no way yet, but I will try to find a way. As for the murderer, I can't hear Li Juan's words. The voice is cut off by the mirror. Wait until Li Juan is rescued to find the murderer. , It’s not too late anyway!" Li Juan has been dead for so many years, and it’s not too late to wait longer.

"Okay, then I will get this mirror back for you first!" Ding Hong is already thinking about replacing the mirror in the name of redecorating the toilet.

"Come on, don't break the mirror!" Fu Xiaowan cautioned, she didn't want the mirror to be a problem.

Ding Hong is a person who does what he says. He immediately contacted the property and proposed to renovate the toilet. The property was very inexplicable. However, they were willing to donate money to renovate, and they readily agreed.

After that, Ding Hong invited the decorator, took the mirror off carefully, and sent it to Fu Xiaowan's house. As for the subsequent renovation of the toilet, he didn't ask about it. Anyway, the money was given, and the decoration must be better than before. .


The mirror was carried into Fu Xiaowan’s house. The nomad looked at the mirror inexplicably, and then asked Fu Xiaowan: "What are you doing? Get a mirror like this back, why? It’s going to be decorated?"

Fu Xiaowan smiled and said, "No, this mirror, um, is very special." Then she told the delivery staff to put the mirror in a guest room downstairs.

special?The nomad crawled into the guest room curiously and kept looking at the mirror, looking left and right. I didn’t think there was anything peculiar about this mirror. Finally, he looked behind the mirror and saw a bunch of ghost symbols, and his eyebrows were surprised. Provoked, it really is a special mirror, is there still a symbol behind it!

"How is it? Can you see that something abnormal is coming?" Fu Xiaowan walked in leisurely and couldn't help teasing when he saw the nomad spinning around in the mirror.

The nomad touched his chin, nodded and said: "It's a bit unusual, is it a talisman painted behind this mirror?"

"Fu?" Fu Xiaowan was surprised. She hadn't seen what was behind the mirror. When she heard the words of the nomad, she immediately turned to look behind the mirror. As expected, she saw a lot of patterns painted on the back of the mirror. Mystery.

She stretched out her hand to touch the ghost symbol, and muttered, "Could it be that these symbols have sealed Li Juan in the mirror?"

"En? You said someone was sealed in the mirror?" Although the voice was small, the nomad heard Fu Xiaowan's words and touched the mirror curiously.l