Ghost Crossing

Chapter 176

"Nonsense!" Fu Xiaowan rolled his eyes, and then seemed to remember that although he belonged to the upper class, he had never participated in any activities or the like. It was only in terms of money and business. Those who belonged to the upper class did not. After living in the upper class, he rubbed his nose in depression and said: "Well, it's half, but I know other people!"

"Well, even if you can contact Zhao Lei, but the evidence, do you think you can find it? I think Zhao Lei is very ruthless. It is impossible to make her surrender or something." Nomad is not optimistic at all. This case is too long and there are no clues. Moreover, Zhao Lei dared to invite someone to seal Li Juan’s soul, and he dared to go to the toilet and tell Li Juan’s ghost a big bucket. Obviously, she wouldn’t even have any hell. If you are afraid, maybe you will invite people to kill ghosts!

Li Juan also had an'impossible' expression and said: "Turning himself in? Just Zhao Lei's temperament, I think it is impossible!" Obviously, Li Juan also thinks it is impossible for Zhao Lei to surrender. The woman is already crazy. Up.

Fu Xiaowan said in an unpleasant manner: "Being aspirational to others and destroying one's prestige! A little self-confidence, OK, there will always be a way!"

"Then what can I do? I don't seem to be able to help me like this?" Li Juan said angrily.

"You stay at my house for the time being. Leave Zhao Lei's affairs to me!" Fu Xiaowan doesn't want Li Juan to run to Zhao Lei. In her cognition, Zhao Lei knows someone who will be sealed, maybe There are also ways to deal with ghosts. Li Juan rushed to find Zhao Lei. Maybe something went wrong, so stay at home safer.

Li Juan hesitated for a moment and said with a look of expectation: "I can, can I meet my parents?"

"Of course you can!" Fu Xiaowan said with a smile, and then pointed to the nomad, "but he must be accompanied. You don't have to be alone!"

"Thank you!" Li Juan had no objection to the accompany of the important person, but after thanking her with gratitude, she looked forward to it. Let's talk to her mother this time.

(Li Juan’s ghost is different from other ghosts. She has a medium mirror, so as long as she is willing to show it in the mirror. People in front of the mirror can see her. But now that there is a mirror, there is no medium, unless there is a yin and yang eye . No one else can see her.)

When I heard that I was going to accompany Li Juan, the nomad asked Fu Xiaowan with a bitter expression: "What should I do with Li Juan?"

(Nomads can't hear ghosts. They use Fu Xiaowan's words to guess what Li Juan said, so Xiaowan said to accompany her. Suddenly, it feels bad.)

"Oh, nothing. Li Juan missed her parents!" Fu Xiaowan said indifferently with a shrug.

The nomad said bitterly: "Ah, where are her parents? Shouldn't they have to travel far?"

Li Juan immediately explained: "My mom worked as a cleaner in the company, my dad, my dad. He has already left! After I died, my dad got sick, and then left."Her tone became low, obviously.The death of her father was because of her. The death of her daughter made Li Juan's father distraught, so he left with excessive grief.

Fu Xiaowan glared at the nomad complainingly and cursed: "Just keep talking and stay with you."

Although I couldn't hear what Li Juan said, but seeing Li Juan's sad expression, the nomad knew that Li Juan's pain must have been mentioned, and the sad Bianbian mouth stopped talking, just oh.

"Li Juan, you are relatively weak now. At night, I will ask the nomads to take you to a place to stabilize your soul. As for Zhao Lei's matter, I will find someone to help solve it. You can wait for the good news with peace of mind." Fu Xiaowan comforted. , She didn't intend to let Li Juan participate in this matter. It was too dangerous, so she had to protect Li Juan.

"Thank you!" Li Juan looked sad and thanked. At this moment, she was in a bad mood. The joy of being released before had completely disappeared, leaving only endless self-blame, regret and sadness.

Because Li Juan was in a bad mood, Fu Xiaowan and the nomad exited the room and let her be alone first. At night, the nomad led Li Juan to absorb the yin and stabilize the soul.

Fu Xiaowan contacted Ding Hong, saying that Li Juan had been rescued, and confirmed that the murderer was Zhao Lei, hoping that Ding Hong could help against Zhao Lei.

When Ding Hong heard that he could help, he readily agreed and expressed his willingness to cooperate, but he didn't know how to do it. In the end, Fu Xiaowan needed to come up with an idea.

Fu Xiaowan could only ask Ding Hong to come over to discuss the matter with her, and at the same time told Xing Jun about the matter, hoping that he could investigate Zhao Lei's situation. After all, after so many years, Li Juan doesn't know what Zhao Lei is now. Happening.And they don't even know Zhao Lei and don't know Zhao Lei at all. At this time, they naturally need the power of the police.

When Xing Jun heard that Zhao Lei had two lives in his hands, he was furious, especially when he heard Fu Xiaowan said that Zhao Lei even invited a mage to draw a talisman, not even letting go of the ghost of the deceased Li Juan. Hushing, thinking that this woman is too cruel, immediately promised to investigate Zhao Lei's current situation.

At night, Ding Hong was busy with company affairs and found her house at the address given by Fu Xiaowan. When he saw Fu Xiaowan's villa, he couldn't help but feel helpless. It turns out that Xiaowan's family is so good!Fortunately, she could not figure out how to find someone to act, but she also found such a cramped rental house.

Nomad and Li Juan went out, so Fu Xiaowan, Ding Hong, and Aunt Zhang, the nanny were left in the house. Aunt Zhang went into the house after serving fruit and tea, without disturbing the two of them to discuss matters.

"Xing Jun has passed Zhao Lei's latest information to me, take a look!" Fu Xiaowan handed the fax to Ding Hong.

The living room was silent. Ding Hong scanned the documents quickly. After reading all the information in a few minutes, he frowned, "Zhao Lei, there are some means. Anjia is now the master of the house, and all the enterprises that Anjia is in charge of. She's got her name!"

"En! Zhao Lei does have some brains." Fu Xiaowan was also very emotional. Zhao Lei is a woman who has been confused to the present level. Although she has done a lot of bad things step by step, she has to admit that she is indeed very smart and can play tricks. Small means!

"What do you need me to do?" Ding Hong was a little nervous. He thought he was rather dull, not very familiar with the world, and wanted to deal with a woman like Zhao Lei.He was a little nervous, wondering if he could help.

Seeing Ding Hong's unnaturalness, Fu Xiaowan sneered and said, "Are you nervous?"

"Uh!" Ding Hong blushed, but he nodded and said embarrassedly: "I'm afraid Zhao Lei will see something that will affect your plan at that time!"

"No need to be nervous, I have no plans for the time being. I just hope you will get close to Zhao Lei. It's good to deal with her. Then we will have eyeliner by Zhao Lei's side." Fu Xiaowan didn't tease Ding Hong, and said My own thoughts, "These are just some basic information from Xing Jun's investigation. We are not very clear about Zhao Lei's affairs, such as where she invited the mage from. How does she know that there is a soul after death?"

For Zhao Lei, what Fu Xiaowan cares most about is her understanding of ghosts.

Ding Hongning thought for a while.Then he said: "I still don't know the operation of the company very clearly, but vaguely remember that there seems to be cooperation with Anjia. I went back to look for it. I should be able to find a reason to meet with the people of Anjia, and then use cooperation as the excuse. , Maybe I can see Zhao Lei."

"How to get close to Zhao Lei. I can only rely on you. It is best to use business as the reason. It is not easy to cause Zhao Lei's suspicion. After you successfully approach Zhao Lei, I will approach Zhao Lei as your girlfriend, woman It’s easier to have a conversation with a woman, and then I will take over!” Fu Xiaowan did not intend to let Ding Hong directly target Zhao Lei. Ding Hong is too stupid, uh, how to put it. Be careful of what you reveal, and you will lose out.

Girlfriend!Ding Hong showed a gloomy look in his eyes, again pretending to be a target.

Seeing Ding Hong's weird look, Fu Xiaowan couldn't help being taken aback, and asked incomprehensibly: "What's the matter? Why are you looking at me like this?"

"No, it's nothing!" Ding Hong was ashamed to say that you had let me pretend to be a boyfriend before, casually passing by, and then said: "That's OK, I will go back to the company tomorrow to see if I have any cooperation with Anjia, and then I will find opportunities See Zhao Lei."

"Well, don't you stupidly lose money for Zhao Lei!" Fu Xiaowan couldn't help but remind, for fear that Ding Hong would lose money.

Ding Hong glanced at her speechlessly, and said angrily: "I'm not that stupid yet. If I can cooperate, I will cooperate. If I can't cooperate, I will definitely give up."

"Haha!" Fu Xiaowan smiled awkwardly, then pursed her lips, and said without a word: "Li Juan will go to see her mother tomorrow. Her mother will do cleaning in the building of your branch?"

"En!" Ding Hong nodded, and the sympathy flashed in his eyes. "Auntie didn't know that Li Juan was out of trouble. I will tell her the good news later. Haha, if she knows that Li Juan is going tomorrow I will be very happy to see her!"

Fu Xiaowan nodded slowly, then remembered a little, and said, "Oh, yes, you can't see Li Juan without a mirror."

Hearing this, Ding Hong was taken aback and murmured: "Is that so? Didn't the aunt see Li Juan?"

"Wait for me!" Fu Xiaowan got up and pedaled upstairs. When she came back, she held a small bottle in her hand, the size of an eye drops bottle. She said distressedly: "Take this medicine. Save a little bit and you can see it by putting it on your eyelid."

"It's so amazing!" Ding Hong took the potion with a curious look on the baby, showing an expression of eagerness to try.

"Save a little bit, it's precious!" Fu Xiaowan couldn't help but remind when she saw it, it was all made of her blood, but it was very precious!

Ding Hong curled his lips and collected the potion. "I will give it to auntie."

After the conversation, the room was quiet, and the two of them didn't know what to say. They turned their eyes grunting, and finally Ding Hong broke the deadlock helplessly: "It's not too early, then I'll go back!"

"Ah, good!" Fu Xiaowan hurriedly got up and said embarrassedly: "I will send you!"

Ding Hong pursed his lips and said irritably: "No, you can rest!" What to send, the car is in the yard, and the car is only sent to the yard. It's such a small distance, and it's less than a minute. Is it necessary to send it? .

When Ding Hong left, Fu Xiaowan stared at the door panel and muttered silently: "It's really awkward!"

The next day, the nomad took Li Juan out early in the morning to see Li Juan's mother.

On the other hand, Ding Hong went to the company and inquired about the cooperation projects with Anjia, and valued the projects with Anjia. Fortunately, the cooperation projects are quite large and there is a perfect reason to meet the chairman of Anjia.So Ding Hong took advantage of the situation and asked to meet. The secretary immediately contacted him, and then responded in the afternoon to meet, and Ding Hong could also spare time to meet.

Ding Hong immediately stated that he would meet in the afternoon. The secretary quickly told the settlers about the time and place of the meeting, and indicated that it was Mr. Ding himself.An Jia heard this.It was immediately reported to the chairman, and An Jia quickly responded, and Chairman Zhao came forward.That is Zhao Lei.

In this way, the An’s and Ding’s agreed to meet in the afternoon to discuss cooperation. Ding Hong immediately reported the good news to Fu Xiaowan, which was praised by Fu Xiaowan.Feeling happy.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, Ding Hong and Zhao Lei officially met.

This is the first time Ding Hong has seen Zhao Lei.From Li Juan's affairs, Ding Hong had a general idea of ​​Zhao Lei, thinking that Zhao Lei should be a woman of this type, such as high-spirited, nouveau riche, and prudent.After suddenly getting a huge amount of money, he should be dressed up in splendor, oh.No, it's just that you wear luxury.The kind that you bring anything expensive.

However, to Ding Hong's expectation, Zhao Lei dressed very elegantly. She looked very capable and concise. She did not wear any luxurious and valuable items on her body. Even her makeup was light makeup. There was no triumphant expression between her eyebrows and eyes, only calmness.

At first glance, Zhao Lei gave people the feeling that she was a self-improving strong woman, and her first impression was very good.

What kind of things would such Zhao Lei do?Ding Hong couldn't help muttering in his heart, feeling a little unbelievable.

Zhao Lei didn't know what Ding Hong was thinking, and greeted with a faint smile, and then sat down and Ding Hong began to discuss cooperation.

Ding Hong had to put his mind away and talk about cooperation seriously, and Zhao Lei surprised him more and more with this talk.

Talking eloquently, with brains, such a woman is extraordinary!

Had it not been for Li Juan to learn about Zhao Lei, Ding Hong would really not believe that Zhao Lei had done those terrible things.

However, although I know that Zhao Lei is not a good thing, I have to say that this cooperation for this purpose has huge profits and is worthy of cooperation. Ding Hong also signed the contract and cooperated with Zhao Lei.

After the contract was signed, Zhao Lei was obviously relieved, showing a satisfied smile, and then smiled calmly: "Ding President, happy cooperation!"

"Happy cooperation!" Ding Hong stood up and shook hands with Zhao Lei.

While shaking hands, Zhao Lei hesitated for a while, and then said with a smile, "By the way, Mr. Ding, that's it. Tonight is my mother-in-law's 60th birthday. I want to invite you to participate. I wonder if you are free?"

Originally, Zhao Lei sent invitations, but it was Ding Weiren who invited him. Now Ding Weiren has gone in. Ding Hong is replaced by Ding Hong. Ding Hong didn’t know about it, so Zhao Lei invited again. Of course, she didn’t say anything stupid I sent the invitation, but it was for Ding Weiren at the time, and now it’s changed. I will invite you again.

"Tonight? Of course I'm free." Ding Hong's eyes lit up. He didn't expect that someone would bring a pillow when he fell asleep. With such a good opportunity, he could take Fu Xiaowan with him.

Zhao Lei showed a satisfied smile and nodded: "Welcome very much. I will ask the secretary to send you the banquet address and time later."

In this way, cooperation was negotiated. Ding Hong not only made a profit in his career, but also unexpectedly got the opportunity to get close to Zhao Lei, and he could just as well take Fu Xiaowan with him.

Afterwards, Ding Hong called Fu Xiaowan to inform her of the good news and remind her to attend the banquet in the evening and remember to prepare in advance.

Fu Xiaowan was very surprised. She didn't expect to see Zhao Lei so soon. She was not ready at all, but she still agreed with excitement and immediately went to prepare evening dresses. After all, she had never been to such an occasion before. , There is no such grand evening dress.

After buying a black long evening gown, Fu Xiaowan dressed it up again, finally waiting for Ding Hong's arrival.

Ding Hong also dressed up, and then a gentleman came to pick up Fu Xiaowan. When he saw Fu Xiaowan in a long evening gown, he couldn't help but exclaimed, "You are so beautiful today!"

For women, the praised beauty must be happy in her heart. Fu Xiaowan is no exception. She smiled sweetly and then praised: "You are also very handsome today."

"Let's go! Time is almost up!" Ding Hong put away his stunning expression, and the gentleman reached out his hand.

Fu Xiaowan handed out her hand gracefully, took Ding Hong's arm, and the two rushed to the banquet venue.

The banquet has not yet started. People who have been invited enter the venue one after another. Everyone who enters will be greeted warmly. Then they will be divided into small groups and chat with each other, waiting for the beginning of the banquet.

As the host of the banquet, Zhao Lei had a gentle smile on her face and warmly greeted everyone who came in, and then let the waiter into the venue. Seeing that the banquet time would come, and the people would almost arrive, her heart I couldn't help feeling proud. Look, she, Zhao Lei, is finally a high-level person. She can invite so many celebrities to come. Her hard work has not been wasted!

Fu Xiaowan and Ding Hong arrived late, but they weren't the last to come. They were just a few from the bottom. They walked gracefully towards Zhao Lei.

Zhao Lei saw Ding Hong coming, and a flash of joy flashed in her eyes. The Ding Group is a better company than Anjia. This cooperation has brought her a lot of profits. After Ding Weiren was arrested, she was still worried. Whether the cooperation with Ding will be affected, but the successful signing of the contract today makes her very pleased.

Now, Ding Hong can show face to attend the banquet, which makes her even more proud, thinking in her heart that one day, An's will develop into a more powerful enterprise than Ding's in her hands.

"President Ding, welcome, you are really timely here, I'm worried that you won't be here!" Zhao Lei said with a smile, and then glanced at Fu Xiaowan from the corner of her eye, and the smiley eyes flashed in her eyes. A gloomy color passed.

Ding Hong laughed and said, "I'm not late, right? My girlfriend has been dressing up for a long time. Let me introduce you to my girlfriend, Fu Xiaowan."

"Miss Fu, hello, hello, Mr. Ding, your vision is so good, Miss Fu is so beautiful!" Zhao Lei still smiled and said something complimented, but she said it. At that time, his eyes flickered.

Hearing that, Ding Hong just smiled, and Fu Xiaowan said with a sweet smile: "Where, Mr. Zhao is a beautiful woman, and she is so capable, how can I compare!"

After hearing this, Zhao Lei's eyes flashed a smug look, and then stretched out her hand and smiled: "Don't blow the cold wind outside, go in and sit down. The banquet will begin soon."

Later, a waiter stepped forward and led Ding Hong and Fu Xiaowan in.

After the person entered, Zhao Lei's smile disappeared instantly, and she snorted with a heavy nasal voice, which made her look very dissatisfied. However, she soon regained her signature smile, waiting for the last few guests, and then entering the venue. .

Ding Hong and Fu Xiaowan were led by the waiter to a large lawn. The lawn was luxuriously decorated, with good wine, food and music, and many people. Ding Hong glanced at will and touched his nose and said helplessly: "Yes. Some seem to know each other, but most of them don't know each other!"

"Come slowly, when you completely take over the company, you will know these people sooner or later!" Fu Xiaowan said casually, and then said with some uncertainty: "Is that Zhao Lei just now? It feels incredible. what!"

"Right!" Ding Hong replied with a look of approval, "I felt incredible when I saw her in the afternoon. Zhao Lei's impression is really so good. I can't imagine what she did before!"

"Haha, nothing more about appearance, this Zhao Lei is very good at superficial skills, I can feel that she is jealous of me!" Fu Xiaowan made a disdainful comment after confirming that the person just now was Zhao Lei.

Hearing this, Ding Hong asked incomprehensibly: "Oh? Why didn't I feel it, she still praised you for being beautiful! She also kept smiling."

Fu Xiaowan curled her lips and said: "A woman's instinct, she glanced at me when she was talking to you. Although it was fleeting, I saw her dislike. I have never met her, but she has Such an expression shows that she is jealous of me and that I am more beautiful than her!" Xiao Wan raised her neck proudly, and being beautiful is also her capital.

Ahem, is this narcissism?Ding Hong touched his nose speechlessly without speaking.

"Come on, have a drink." Fu Xiaowan then picked up two glasses of red wine from a passing waiter, handed one to Ding Hong, and then said, "Let’s go, since it’s here, don’t let it go. The chance to meet more people will be good for you!"

Ding Hong took the wine glass without comment, and then walked towards the crowd with Fu Xiaowan. These people might become business partners!l