Ghost Crossing

Chapter 177

After a few minutes, Zhao Lei came in and announced the start of the banquet, and An Ze’s mother, the mother-in-law in Zhao Lei’s mouth, the protagonist of the banquet came out, dressed up, but no one could see it. , Old Shou Xing's complexion didn't seem to be very good, only because of this occasion he forced a smile.

Seeing the reluctant expression on An Ze’s mother (hereafter referred to as An’s mother), Fu Xiaowan couldn’t help but touch Ding Hong’s shoulder and whispered: “I found out, the old birthday star seems unhappy. It seems that Zhao Lei and An Ze The relationship between parents is not very harmonious!"

"Well, you can see it!" Ding Hong nodded his head, and then sighed with emotion, "You can't look good, who would have thought that Zhao Lei is a ruthless person, now she is a successful woman in everyone's eyes. "

"Hehe, yeah!" Fu Xiaowan reluctantly agreed with Ding Hong's statement. This is undeniable. Then she saw a child leaping to Zhao Lei's side, and Zhao Lei lowered her head to interact with the child. She got up with a doting look on her face. She touched Ding Hong again and said, "Look, that child, is Zhao Lei's son? He looks, um, really strong!"

The child is very sturdy, but the ugly thing is that he is quite fat, a fat baby.

Ding Hong glanced at the child, and said angrily: "It must be, otherwise, how could he appear on this occasion and run to Zhao Lei!"

"An Ze's child, the only heir of An's!" Fu Xiaowan stared at the child and said with great emotion that it was because of the appearance of this child that Zhao Lei was able to successfully enter An's home and did the following things.

"Well, who would say no? An Ze was originally an only child, and he died without getting married. It's pretty good to have a queen. An Ze's parents must hold this grandson as a treasure! As the child's biological mother , Zhao Lei naturally succeeded in controlling Anjia.” Ding Hong also felt that Anjia was a pity, being taken advantage of by such a woman.

Fu Xiaowan curled his lips and said in an angry voice: "Actually, there was still one in Li Juan's belly at the time. If An Ze's parents could be firmer and protect Li Juan. Then An's could have another offspring. And Li Juan, It’s better than Zhao Lei. Look at An Ze’s mother. You don’t have a good time."

Ding Hong shrugged and said helplessly: "Old thinking, the more wealthy the more important the offspring, especially the wealthy with few offspring, the descendants are more valued! As for Li Juan, it is a scandal, and An Ze cannot be blamed. My parents do not accept Li Juan. If it were my grandfather, I would probably not accept such a woman!"

"Also, just keep your minds conservative. My Fu family doesn't pay attention to this. My dad is a parent, and it is enough to give birth to a baby girl, as well as my uncle. The same, is also a daughter. There is no need for a son or anything. It's not just enjoying family happiness!" Fu Xiaowan hummed.

"Haha!" Ding Hong smiled non-committal. Although he agreed with Fu Xiaowan's words, he couldn't change the thinking of others.

"Let's go, let's see the old birthday star!" Fu Xiaowan grumbled her eyes, threw the wine glass to a waiter, and took Ding Hong towards the old birthday star Anma.

The old birthday star Anma sat quietly at a table, with a vicissitudes of life on her face, and it seemed that she was affected by her emotions, and no one around bothered her.

In this way, the actions of Ding Hong and Fu Xiaowan were very noticeable, and many people turned their attention to Ding Hong and Fu Xiaowan.

From this look, we found that Ding Hong was very young and Fu Xiaowan was also young and beautiful. Everyone could not help but talk about it, guessing which one it was from.

This naturally attracted Zhao Lei’s attention. When Zhao Lei saw Ding Hong and Fu Xiaowan walking towards the old birthday star, a hint of suspicion and impatience flashed in her eyes. She threw the child to the assistant beside her and asked the assistant to look after the child. Also walked towards Ann Ma.

However, Ding Hong and Fu Xiaowan are closer than Zhao Lei, so they walked to the old birthday star first, and Fu Xiaowan yelled sweetly, "Old Madam An, hello!"

Mom An didn't expect someone to say hello, so she showed a dazed expression, and then came back to her senses, raised her head to look at the two of them, and smirked: "Hello! Uh, people are old and have clumsy eyes, as if they have never seen you. Two of you, who are you?"

Ding Hong immediately said, "I am Ding Hong from the Ding Group."

"Oh! Ding family, okay, okay, they are all grown up like this!" Looking at Ding Hong's handsome young face, An's mother was a little lost. Through Ding Hong, she remembered her son. Back then, she His son is also so young and handsome, full of vigor, but now, hey!

After chanting, the old birthday star looked at Fu Xiaowan again. Seeing that Fu Xiaowan was well dressed and had a sweet smile, he couldn't help but feel better. He smiled and asked, "Is this little girl your target? Not bad, beautiful, and very temperamental!"

Fu Xiaowan burst into a sweet smile and said: "Good old birthday star, by the way, my name is Fu Xiaowan, the heir of the Zhong Group!"

"Zhong!" An Ma was shocked and looked at Fu Xiaowan in disbelief. She looked at Fu Xiaowan up and down, and then nodded in a daze, "Yes, that Zhong?"

"Hehe, old birthday star, you know the Zhong family, I thought the Zhong family had long been forgotten!" Fu Xiaowan smiled, and then nodded and said, "It's the Zhong family that you think in your heart!"

"God!" The old Shou Xing's face changed drastically. He stared at Fu Xiaowan without speaking. It took a long time before he stood up excitedly, took Fu Xiaowan's hand, and looked at Ding Hong anxiously, opening his mouth.

At this moment, Zhao Lei arrived. She glanced coldly at the overlapping hands of An Ma and Fu Xiaowan with a slight squint, and then smiled and said: "Mom, look at you, what are you doing so excited, be careful! "As she said, she stretched out her hand to Fu'an's mother and looked at An's mother with an unpleasant look in her eyes. She was warning An's mother not to cause trouble to her.

Seeing Zhao Lei appear, An Ma let go angrily, and then explained embarrassingly: "Not excited, not excited."

After Zhao Lei helped An Ma to sit down, she looked at Ding Hong and said with a smile: "President Ding, my mom is old and in poor health, let's not disturb her!"

Ding Hong laughed and said afterwards: "I just came over to congratulate the old birthday star, nothing else."

"You bother, let's go, I will introduce you to a few major customers, maybe you will have the opportunity to cooperate in the future!" Zhao Lei is a standard smiling tiger.Change the subject calmly.

"What are you waiting for, let's go!" Ding Hong said helplessly, and gave Fu Xiaowan a look that I didn't know.

Seeing the goal achieved, Zhao Lei wanted to lead Ding Hong and Fu Xiaowan away. She didn't want the old birthday star to talk nonsense and lost her face.

Unexpectedly, An Ma heard that Zhao Lei was about to take Ding Hong and Fu Xiaowan away.A little anxious.She stood up suddenly, opening her mouth to say something.

Upon seeing this, Fu Xiaowan directly pressed An Ma's hand and stopped her from speaking.Then she pushed An Ma down and said slowly: "I don't understand business matters, A Hong, you and Mr. Zhao go. I'll be here to accompany the old birthday star."

Because of the relationship with her back to leaving, Zhao Lei did not see An Ma's expression of standing up excitedly.When she heard Fu Xiaowan's opening, she turned around, frowned slightly, and thought for a while before saying: "That's OK. Miss Fu, please do it yourself. Mom, you have to entertain Miss Fu for me!" It means danger.

An's mother trembled when she heard the words, and then forced a smile and said, "I see. Go ahead!"

Zhao Lei was relieved after receiving An Ma's reply.After talking to Ding Hong, the two left the small corner and walked into a small group of people, and they soon chatted and laughed.

As soon as Zhao Lei and Ding Hong left, An Ma let out a big sigh of relief, and then looked at Fu Xiaowan in shock and asked, "You, are you really the heir of the Zhong family?"

"It's true!" Fu Xiaowan nodded vigorously.

An Ma's eyes showed awe, but she still tentatively said: "Then do you know what is special about the Zhong heir?"

Fu Xiaowan scratched her nose, then lowered her body to reach An Ma's ear and whispered, "Ghost!"

After just saying a word, Fu Xiaowan got up and looked at An Ma with a smile on her face. She was very emotional. Originally, she just wanted to try it. After all, the Zhong Group has been hidden for a long time and is rarely known. Most of the people who knew had dealt with ghosts. Unexpectedly, An Ma knew about the Zhong family.

An Ma, who heard the ghost words, immediately believed Fu Xiaowan’s words before and hushed: "So, you are really the heir of the Zhong family. Unexpectedly, I will see the descendants of the Zhong family again in my lifetime. ."

"Who of Zhong's have you seen all the time?" Fu Xiaowan couldn't help but think of her grandma. The mother's generation is missing. It should be the grandma who wants to come to Ann to meet her.

Next, An Ma probably explained the story with the Zhong people.

In fact, it is very simple. It is related to ghosts. When she was young, An Ma was very beautiful and talented. She was entangled in a ghost by a lonely soul. She fell ill all day and almost died.

And Dad An met Grandma Fu by chance, and Grandma Fu saw Dad An's body is yin, so she followed him to find An Ma, to drive away the ghost for An Ma.

An Ma hushed after telling her little story: "At that time I almost died."

"It's really grandma, I didn't expect you to meet my grandma!" Fu Xiaowan said with emotion, thinking that the world is so small. An Ma had met grandma and met her again, so she really had a relationship with Zhong!

"I don't know if the elder sister is okay now?" Ma said excitedly. She always wanted to thank Grandma Fu, but she never saw Grandma Fu again, so she didn't know she was dead.

Fu Xiaowan pursed her lips, a look of longing flashed in her eyes and said, "Grandma, she's gone!"

"Sorry, I don't know!" Mom An was very sorry when she heard that Grandma Fu was dead.

"It's okay, she's alive in another form now!" Fu Xiaowan shrugged, showing a look that didn't mind.

Another form?An Ma was taken aback for a moment, then came to understand, and said suddenly: "You mean, that kind of form?"

"En!" Fu Xiaowan nodded, and then asked again, "Mrs. An!"

An Ma immediately interrupted Fu Xiaowan's words, looked at her with the kind eyes of her elders and younger generations, and said, "Call me auntie!"

"Okay, Auntie!" Fu Xiaowan changed her words immediately, and then said suspiciously, "It looks like you didn't have a good time?"

After sighing, An Ma couldn't help but look at Zhao Lei in the distance, and then said with a depressed expression: "It's all bad housework, it's shameful to say it!"

Fu Xiaowan's eyes showed sympathy and said, "Auntie, can you tell me if you don't mind?"

"This!" After all, the ugliness of the family should not be exposed. An Ma hesitated for a moment, and suddenly remembered that Fu Xiaowan was a descendant of the Zhong family. Her eyes lit up, staring at Fu Xiaowan in surprise and asked: "Did you know something?"

"I know a little bit. I met Li Juan!" Since An Ma knew about the special nature of the Zhong family, Fu Xiaowan didn't need to hide it and admitted directly.

"Li Juan!" Ma's eyes widened in surprise, and she stood up directly, then realizing that she had too much reaction, she sat down angrily, then lowered her voice and asked: "Li Juan said something to you. ?"

Fu Xiaowan looked at An Ma dumbfounded.She obviously asked the question first.Why is it being asked back now, but respecting the elderly, she still spoke first: "That's it." Then.She told about the haunting of the company, and then she went to rescue Li Juan and learned something about it.

After listening to Xiao Wan's words, An Ma trembled all over.With Xiao Wan's comfort, he finally stabilized his emotions, and gave Zhao Lei a grit.Then he said fiercely: "Okay, what a Zhao Lei, he is so vicious."

Fu Xiaowan patted Anma on the back and comforted: "Auntie, don't get too excited. Take care of your body!"

After taking a deep breath, An Ma calmed down her emotions, and then she said, "You have committed sins. What crimes have been committed in my An family's previous life, this life will make it so miserable!"

No words.Fu Xiaowan didn't know how to comfort him. An family was indeed miserable.

After swearing, An's mom felt better, and then murmured: "Where is Li Juan now? Is she okay!"

"She is fine now, I have asked her to take her to see her mother!"

"Just save it, hey, An Jia owes Li Juan too much!" An Ma said regretfully, isn't it?An Ze and Li Juan got married, and left the bride at the wedding, and even had children. However, Li Juan had An Ze’s child but was insulted as someone else’s, and was later killed by Zhao Lei. The soul is sealed.

Fu Xiaowan suddenly felt a little weird when she heard An's mother's tone. She asked incomprehensibly, "Auntie, don't you plan to ask for justice for Li Juan? And your son!" Because of An's tone , It seems that there is no strong hatred and the feeling of seeking justice for his son, but a feeling of self-pity and giving up.

"Just ask for justice?" An Ma was taken aback, then her lips moved twice, and she sighed quietly, and explained to Fu Xiaowan: "If it were 3 years ago, I would still have this idea, but now, I I really don't want to settle down again!"

Fu Xiaowan found it incredible that An's mother's son, Li Juan who almost became a daughter-in-law, and the poor child in Li Juan's belly were all because of Zhao Lei's death, but An's mother didn't want to pursue it?What is this?

As if perceiving Fu Xiaowan’s incomprehension, An Ma smiled bitterly: “I’m 60 years old, and I can’t stand the toss. Ze’er is dead, Li Juan is also dead, and my unformed grandson The granddaughter is gone, all dead, and people cannot be resurrected from death. If I insist on seeking justice for them now, Zhao Lei will be over. When she is over, we will be over."

At this time, Fu Xiaowan seemed to understand what An Ma meant. Yes, An Ze is dead, Li Juan is also dead, and the child is also dead. Only An Ma, An Dad, Zhao Lei and Zhao Lei’s are left in the An family. Children, there are only four people left in the family, but An Ma An’s father is old, and Zhao Lei is left in the family. If Zhao Lei is arrested, there will be only the elderly and children left in the house. How can the house continue to be maintained? Go down?

Seeing Fu Xiaowan's silence, An Ma smiled bitterly: "You said that my wife and I are both so old, who knows how many years we can live. An Jia is now supported by Zhao Lei. Without Zhao Lei, An Jia had long praised. , And Rui Er, my fat grandson, he will kiss Zhao Lei, and we can’t control him. To be honest, after the death of our two old guys, everything is left to Rui Er, but Ruier is still so young, without Zhao Lei's care, what should he do?"

Hey, An's mom is really right. If Zhao Lei enters, An's family will really be over. Wait for that kid to grow up and take over the company?Yeah, that's so young!

Fu Xiaowan also showed a look of helplessness on her face. She originally thought that Anma would be filled with righteous indignation and want to kill her relatives righteously after knowing all the truth. Although Anma and Zhao Lei may not have a good relationship, they can be regarded as relatives, but she did not expect Yes, An Ma had to worry too much, and she didn't even want to pursue everything before.

Seeing that Fu Xiaowan’s face was a little ugly, An Ma sighed with tears, and grabbed Fu Xiaowan’s hand and said, “If Li Juan’s child could be born back then, I would recognize it as a girl. At least after I settle down, I will You don't need to put all your hopes on Rui'er and Zhao Lei. It's a pity, it's a pity that Li Juan didn't escape."

Fu Xiaowan couldn't help frowning and reluctantly persuaded: "But, are you going to let Zhao Lei go on like this? She tried her best to enter Anjia, and now she has successfully managed everything for Anjia. Moreover, she has killed her. Three lives died, your son, Li Juan, and the child, three lives, and these three people can be said to be your relatives, so you can bear it? You really want to let Zhao Lei go ?"

An Ma touched her tears and said helplessly: "Otherwise, what should I do? Let Zhao Lei die, and then Anjia will be destroyed?"

"Auntie, how can you think like that? Without Zhao Lei, Anjia would be destroyed? An enterprise as big as Anjia, wouldn't it be impossible to survive without Zhao Lei? Look at me, the Zhong Group, I have never managed it. Anything in the enterprise, Zhong is not good!" Fu Xiaowan felt that she had to persuade An's mother, otherwise she really wanted to deal with Zhao Lei, An's mother will inform Zhao Lei in advance, and it will be in trouble.

Thousands of calculations, but I didn’t expect that Anma would be willing to let Zhao Lei go. Fu Xiaowan regretted telling Anma about it, and now I have to worry about Anma’s affairs about Li Juan. Wouldn't Lei be prepared!

Hearing Zhong, An's eyes flashed hesitatingly, but in the end she still shook her head and said: "It's not the same, An's can't be compared with your Zhong's."

Crazy!Fu Xiaowan jumped her feet with anger, and finally gritted her teeth and said, "Speaking of which, Auntie, you are worried that An's will be destroyed. You are worried that Zhao Lei will leave and An's can't continue to operate. That's fine. I'm going out. He called out a few people and inserted them into An's, and let them work for An's until your grandson grows up and can take over the company, and I will withdraw them again! It's okay!"

This proposal is really bleeding, because people in modern society are more and more open-minded, no longer doomed to give birth to sons, most of the family are only children, so there are not many talents available to the Chung family. Now they need to send talents. For An's, Zhong's pressure is much greater.

Although Fu Xiaowan is bleeding out, there is no other way. Only in this way, Anma will be relieved. Moreover, Anma's grandson is also 3 years old. If he is trained now, he can start taking over the company at the age of 17-8. Maybe it could be earlier, that is, more than 10 years, and it will pass after a while.

Ahem, she was not the one who did the job anyway, she was scolded by Zhong's relatives at most, but she was a ghost rider, and everyone complained at most. She would still support her in action!

And An Ma, when he heard Zhong's willingness to send someone into An's, her eyes lit up and she asked a little excitedly, "Are you serious?"

"Really! Really can't be true anymore!" Fu Xiaowan gritted her teeth, bleeding in her heart.

An’s mother was very heart-stricken. She didn’t worry that Zhong would take the opportunity to annex An’s. Even if it was annexed, it would be good for An’s, because Zhong is a legend. In the end, An’s family will only benefit and will not suffer. , She can also avenge her son!

Hate, how can you not hate it!Originally Anma suspected that Li Juan’s death was caused by Zhao Lei, but Zhao Lei had perfect alibi, so she pressed this doubt to the bottom of her heart, but now, Anma knew that Li Juan was indeed the cause of Zhao Lei. The dead, even more viciously sealed Li Juan's ghost, even her son Anze was angry to death by Zhao Lei's words, how could she not hate it?

After condensing her eyebrows for a moment, An Ma still hesitated to make a decision. She said depressed: "This An's is all right, but what should he do with Rui Er? He only kisses Zhao Lei now, and no one else wants it. I am afraid that Ruier will not be able to accept it then!"

Rolling his eyes, Fu Xiaowan said angrily: "Auntie, it's even more wrong for you to think like this, you think, those who are close to Zhu are red and black are black. Under Zhao Lei's education, what will your precious grandson be like? And ah, Ruier is still young now, as long as Zhao Lei leaves, you and your uncle will take him personally, then Ruier will definitely be close to you! If you personally educate yourself, can you still watch Ruier not become a talent in the future?"

This was a complete heart attack. A flash of hatred flashed in An Ma's eyes, and then turned into a firm color, and nodded vigorously: "You are right, Rui Er really can't give it to a woman like Zhao Lei."

Upon hearing this, Fu Xiaowan showed a relieved smile.l