Ghost Crossing

Chapter 178 Ghosts in the Office (10)

With Anma's support, Fu Xiaowan could do better, and she began to communicate with Anma quietly.

The banquet lasted for 3 hours. During this period, Ding Hong made many business partners, and his face that had always been smiling almost cramped.

The crowd gradually dispersed, and the banquet finally came to an end. Zhao Lei and Ding Hong walked side by side to where An Ma and Fu Xiaowan were.

Ding Hong was thinking, I don’t know what Fu Xiaowan and Mrs. An have been talking about. They have been talking for so long. Also, is the Zhong family that Fu Xiaowan said before, the legendary Zhong family?It must be, otherwise the old lady An would not be so excited. It is incredible. It turns out that Fu Xiaowan is the heir of the Zhong family. If this identity is said, the protagonist of today's banquet will become Xiaowan!This woman was really hidden before!

And Zhao Lei, with the gleam of gloom in her eyes, the woman named Fu Xiaowan actually chatted with the old woman for a whole banquet for three hours, so long, I don’t know if the old woman said anything, and , This Fu Xiaowan approached the old woman, could it be that he had a different mind?

Seeing Ding Hong and Zhao Lei approaching, Fu Xiaowan gave An Ma a look and stopped talking, then stood up with a smile, walked to Ding Hong's side, took his arm, and said softly: "Go After so long, have you forgotten me!"

With such sweet words, Ding Hong felt goose bumps all over the place, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. He pleased: "It's my fault, it won't be anymore next time, but I think you have a good conversation with the old lady An What are you talking about?"

"We talked a lot!" Fu Xiaowan chuckled, and then said with a grieved face with her little hand covering her mouth, "Oh. After talking for so long, my mouth is dry!" After she said she let go and slowly He walked to the table, took a glass of juice, took a few sips gracefully, and then returned to Ding Hong with a pleasant expression.Take your arms.

Zhao Lei narrowed her eyes and glanced at Fu Xiaowan.My heart is very jealous, this Fu Xiaowan has exquisite features and charms.Even the posture seems so elegant and noble, that is to say, the voice is a little bit awkward, but men don't like to eat this set, but it is just a vase that eats by face!just.The vase robbed her of the limelight today.

Although he was jealous and hated, Zhao Lei was more concerned about whether the old woman had told about any scandals in the family.He walked quickly to An Ma's side and said sweetly: "Mom, look at you, I have been talking for so long. Aren't you tired?" The implication is that you and Fu Xiaowan have talked about something, you can talk for so long!

An Ma's face immediately showed a sad expression.I feel that the good mood has been destroyed by Zhao Lei, but I can't go the other way with Zhao Lei right now.I could barely raise a smile and said: "Not tired! Just chat for a while."

"Oh~" Zhao Lei made a meaningful voice, but did not continue to ask. That would have been too much, but at the moment she was very upset, because she vaguely felt that the old woman and Fu Xiaowan must have nothing good.

Seeing that Zhao Lei's expression was not very good, Fu Xiaowan was a little worried that Zhao Lei would have trouble with An's mother afterwards, so she relieved and said: "Yes, my aunt and I chatted for a while. It's a coincidence that aunt knew my grandma. "

Auntie!Screaming so affectionately, you will climb up the pole!Zhao Lei was dismissive and hated Fu Xiaowan more and more, but she was still very curious about Fu Xiaowan's words, and couldn't help but ask suspiciously: "Is that right? That's a coincidence. I wonder if your grandma is?"

Zhao Lei is really curious, because the person An Ma knows and still remembers, that means that person is definitely not ordinary. Could it be that Fu Xiaowan has any special background and identity?

The thought of this made Zhao Lei's heart more upset. If Fu Xiaowan really had any background, wouldn't it be a joke that she believed that Fu Xiaowan was a vase before?

Seeing a flash of jealousy in Zhao Lei's eyes, Fu Xiaowan was also happy to make her feel uncomfortable, so she smiled and said, "My grandma, used to be Zhong's chairman."

Chung?Zhao Lei looked at Fu Xiaowan in shock and shock, with an incredible look in her eyes, Zhong?Is it the Chung family?How could it be possible, she couldn't help but stared at Fu Xiaowan blankly and muttered: "Then you~"

"Me!" Fu Xiaowan's eyebrows were bent, and his eyes blinked brightly, "I am now the only heir of the Zhong family!"

Now Zhao Lei’s mind was completely frozen, her face was full of shock, but there was a look of resentment in her eyes, shocked that Fu Xiaowan turned out to be the sole heir of the Zhong family, resented that she became An’s controller Fei How much thought and hard work, who knows the sadness during the period?Fu Xiaowan, because of a good grandma, directly inherited a huge family business, and it was still the fabulous Zhong Group.

It is said that people are more popular than others. Now Zhao Lei is almost mad, and she has a lot of hatred for Fu Xiaowan in her heart!I am full of reconciliation. Why does Zhao Lei have no good family background and have to fight for everything by herself?

The corners of her eyes twitched slightly, Zhao Lei took a deep breath, then calmed down her thoughts and said with a surprised look: "I didn't expect that Miss Fu was actually the heir of the Zhong family. I really don't know Taishan! Fortunately! I will be lucky! Mr. Ding, what a vision!"

Ding Hong's mouth twitched, and a smirk was considered an answer. Can he say that he also just knew the identity of Fu Xiaowan!He was also very surprised inside, OK!

"Polite and polite!" Fu Xiaowan raised her eyebrows proudly, and then pretended to sigh helplessly, "Hey, in fact, I don't want to be an heir. That would be too tiring, but who would make me the only heir? No way. !"

Fuck!When Zhao Lei saw that Fu Xiaowan was so cheap and behaved, she couldn't help but swear. She really wanted to ridicule a few words coldly. If you don't want to be the heir, don't be it. Many people want to be a pole. Windy talk!Not the heir of the Zhong family, can you be so chic?Where did you get the money to dress yourself up, and where did the qualifications come from me touted!

Seeing Zhao Lei's ugly expression like shit, she couldn't help feeling happy. She couldn't help but glanced at Fu Xiaowan. Seeing her eyes flashed with sly pride, she knew that Fu Xiaowan had deliberately said this to stimulate Zhao. Lei’s, yeah, with Zhao Lei’s disposition that no one could be better than her, she must be very angry now.It's not enough to be jealous and hateful to Fu Xiaowan!

But after all, it’s still at the banquet. If Zhao Lei is too gaffey, she will lose the face of An’s family. An’s mother said, “The banquet is over and I’m tired too. I want to go back to rest. Xiao Wan, come to my aunt’s house when I have time. Sit down. Auntie still has a lot to say to you! I am old. I love to remember those past events!"

Fu Xiaowan immediately replied respectfully: "I see, auntie, I also want to hear more about your grandma. I will definitely go to you when I have time."

An Ma nodded with a smile, and then patted Zhao Lei's hand back and said: "Xiao Lei, you and Xiao Wan are not much different in age. You can communicate more if you have the opportunity. You know?"

Zhao Lei had calmed down at this time, and the faint smile hung on her face and nodded: "Mom. I know. Miss Fu, how close our sisters will be in the future!"

This cheeky is a direct sister, but this is also a means of showing good!Most people are too embarrassed to directly refuse to show their favor in person.Don’t you become friends if you go back and forth?

Fu Xiaowan smiled and said: "Then the relationship is good, I can go to my aunt to chat. Then I can learn from Sister Zhao, and I will kill two birds with one stone!"

Then there was some flattery between the two women.After a few brief conversations about the number of each other, they went home.

Fu Xiaowan leaned back lazily. After talking for so long, she must have been somewhat exhausted, but she was in a very good mood, so the expression on her face was full of joy.

Ding Hong drove the car, looked forward steadily, and asked directly: "Mythical Zhong?"

"Huh huh!" Fu Xiaowan hummed lazily as an answer.

"But your surname is Fu!" Ding Hong is puzzled. The Zhong Group, of course, is the surname Zhong. Why is Fu Xiaowan the heir?

Fu Xiaowan rolled her eyes: "My grandmother's surname is Zhong, and so is my mother, but I am not. My mother is married, so shouldn't I just take my father's name?"

"Uh, I thought it would be a parent!" Ding Hong was still puzzled. This big company said that it would change the surname, is it too hasty!

"What's the matter? My grandma abandoned her when she founded the company, so she took her surname as her grandma. My dad said that she was a parent in name, but my grandma didn't make it mandatory for all future children to be named Zhong." Fu Xiaowan It doesn't matter if you twitch your lips.

Ding Hong raised his eyebrows, stopped struggling with this question, and then asked: "What have you talked about with Mrs. An?"

"It's nothing! Just talk about Li Juan!" Fu Xiaowan said depressed, and then said a general content. "At first, Auntie didn't plan to pursue Zhao Lei's affairs, but later I made it through, and then I talked briefly. Some things about Zhao Lei, we know ourselves and the enemy in a hundred battles! We know too little about Zhao Lei!"

Hearing that An Ma didn't intend to pursue Zhao Lei's crimes, Ding Hong turned his head and glanced at Fu Xiaowan unexpectedly, but immediately looked straight again and stared at the road in a puzzled way: "No, Old An What does the wife think?"

Fu Xiaowan explained An Ma's thoughts again, and he hushed: "It's hard for the two old people!"

"It turned out to be like this!" Ding Hong was deeply moved when he heard the reason. Although he didn't agree with An Ma's thoughts, he could understand An Ma's thoughts. Everything was for the sake of setting up the family for future generations!

After feeling, Ding Hong couldn't help wondering how Fu Xiaowan persuaded her to succeed, and continued to ask: "Then how did you convince the old lady An!" It is difficult to change a person's mind, especially for older people, their minds. It is not easy to change.

When talking about this, Fu Xiaowan was so depressed that she wanted to vomit blood. She sighed for a while, and then said with a grieving expression: "This time I was bleeding heavily. I paid a great price!" She slowly paid for herself. The price is said.

Ding Hong was envious after listening, and said dullly: "It's so good, why don't you get a few talents and throw me here."

"Go!" Fu Xiaowan immediately cast a blank eye to Ding Hong, and said angrily, "If you want to be beautiful, you think talents are Chinese cabbage on the side of the road, if it weren't for ghosts, I would not be willing!"

"Stingy!" Ding Hong mumbled, and then said glumly: "Then what have you learned from the old lady An?"

Fu Xiaowan changed her posture lazily, and said with a bored look: "In fact, it's nothing, just some things Zhao Lei did." Then she repeated the news about Zhao Lei she got from An Ma. .

It turned out that after Zhao Lei led the child back to An's home, she started to have an accident because of An Ze. She stayed in An's home without any action until An Ze and Li Juan died one after another and Dongfang Xu also went abroad.She just threw the child to Ann's parents and mother, and went to further study by herself, learning about company management and other aspects.

When the child is more than one year old, she will call her mother, and she will return strongly, take the child back to her side directly, and never let Ann's mother get too close to the child.

quickly.The child was deeply dependent on Zhao Lei.No one except Zhao Lei.

Afterwards, Zhao Lei made a request to enter the Anshi Group Company. An's father and An'ma disagreed at the time and offered two reasons for objection.

One is that the child is still young.Since Zhao Lei wants to take a child, he can't go to work well, and he can't have both children and work, so he can only choose one.

two is.Zhao Lei has never studied business management and arranged to join the company.Small positions are inappropriate, and high positions are afraid of not being competent.

But Zhao Lei directly stated what she meant. First, don't worry, she will definitely take care of her work and children.Both are true. You can see her performance after joining the company. As for corporate management.Zhao Lei laughed even more and told Mom and Dad An.During the year of pregnancy and leaving the child, she had almost two years in total. She specially studied business management, so she is absolutely capable!

The meaning in the words is obvious, she doesn't like small positions, and only high positions are suitable for her!

An's father and An's mother were very hesitant, because they vaguely saw Zhao Lei's ambition, and they didn't want to just hand An's to an outsider.

Seeing the two people’s hesitation, Zhao Lei threatened directly. She did not marry An Ze. The child was on her household registration. As long as she wanted, she could take the child away at any time, and maybe she would marry someone else to prevent the child from getting married. Ann again.Maybe they will go abroad, so that Mom and Dad will never see their children again.

This threat is very effective. An’s parents and An’s mother have lost their son. Now An’s family’s blood is only An Rui, who is Zhao Lei’s son. If Zhao Lei really takes An Rui, then An’s family will have no future. Now, who will give to the Anshi, which they have worked so hard, in the end?

Thinking of this, Mom and Dad Ann compromised. Even if Zhao Lei is no longer a human being, it’s always good for her children. If An’s hand it to her, it will still fall into An Rui’s hands in the future, at most later. .

After hesitating for a moment, An’s father and An’s mother agreed to let Zhao Lei join the company, and indicated that An’s will also be handed over to Zhao Lei in the future, but they have one requirement, that is, Zhao Lei can be messy outside, but she absolutely cannot remarry. , And can't have children. There is only one descendant of An Rui, and Zhao Lei can only have one child.

There is only one child, everything after Zhao Lei is An Rui's, there is no need to worry that An's will fall into the hands of others.

Zhao Lei subsequently agreed to this request and did not feel that it was too much. Once she took over An's, she would focus on her work in the future. There is no time to regenerate children. You know, having a baby is a waste of time. She can't afford to waste more than a year!

As for remarriage, Zhao Lei doesn't bother to find someone to marry again. As long as she controls An's, she is a rich woman. It is not easy to have a man. Why find someone to tie herself?

Seeing Zhao Lei, he agreed to his request with one gulp, and Mom and Dad reluctantly arranged Zhao Lei into the company the next day.

And Zhao Lei is also very interesting, knowing that the two of them are still worried about her and dare not let her handle many things. She is a little difficult to do in the company, so she made an amazing decision and went for sterilization. In other words, she will never have children again!And she also took out a contract, which stated that if she remarries Zhao Lei, An's will be handed over to An Rui, and she will no longer be a member of An's.

These two actions of Zhao Lei surprised An’s father and An’s mother, but she was relieved, and the power that was stuck in her hand was slowly released to Zhao Lei. This made Zhao Lei a fish in the water, and soon Use his own means to completely control the company.

As for the child, Zhao Lei is also very attentive and takes the child to the office every day. Of course, she also takes a nanny to take care of the child. She occasionally cares for the child, which is considered to be a work child.

In this way, An's father and An's mother slowly let Zhao Lei go, and the two of them stayed at home all day long to watch the news and play Tai Chi.

As for Zhao Lei, after taking full control of An's, the child also obeyed her, relying on her alone, and gradually revealed the fox tail, and his attitude towards An's parents and An's mother became arrogant, and she made a mockery of the two elders from time to time. , Do not let the two elders approach An Rui.

This is not because there is a contradiction between the three, but Zhao Lei has a sense of inferiority. She has obtained everything about An's by means. She has a feeling in her heart that the second elder just looks down on her and even hates her in his heart, wishing her to get out After a long period of time, Zhao Lei couldn't stand it any longer. He was always picky towards the two elders, and became disrespectful when speaking, and even gave the children some abusive language.

And Dad An, on one weekend, went to visit the child, but the child suddenly said: "I am not dead, you don't always come to me, you will hate you when you see it!"

At that time, just such a sentence made An's father suddenly stunned, and blood rushed to his brain for a while, and he fell down.

Dad with high blood pressure was so angry that the child had a stroke. He went directly to the hospital and was diagnosed with a stroke. The rest of the day could only lie down. He could talk and think, but his hands and feet would keep trembling and unable to stand. Unable to walk, people have to wait for it to urinate.

Ma An was very sad, but she couldn't say anything, what can she do?To blame Zhao Lei?and then?She couldn't bear being scolded by Zhao Lei, or being said by the child.She can only silently take care of her wife who has suffered a stroke. She lacks everything materially, but she suffers mentally.

In fact, An's father and An's mother are the same age, and their birthdays are only one month apart, but Zhao Lei did not hold a birthday party for An's father, only for An's mother.Because Zhao Lei felt that Dad An, who had a stroke, was attending the banquet, which left her face dull, so she passed away An’s birthday and held a banquet for An’s mother directly.

As for this banquet, An's Ma had no right to refuse and had to participate. That's why An's Ma was very depressed at the banquet, because she was not happy at all.

After listening to this, Ding Hong said in disbelief: "This Zhao Lei is really too ruthless, not only ruthless to others, but also ruthless to herself. Moreover, there is a bit of psychosis!"

Fu Xiaowan snorted, and then sneered and said: "There are more perverted ones. These are just what Zhao Lei did in An's home. She is even more disgusting in life."

"There is something more perverted? Uh! What else did Zhao Lei do?" Ding Hong couldn't think of anything else Zhao Lei could do!

"Didn't Zhao Lei be sterilized, and he signed a contract to no longer marry?" Fu Xiaowan said casually playing with his nails.

Ding Hong nodded his head and gave a good grace, indicating that he already knew this.

Fu Xiaowan chuckled, and said in a very contemptuous tone: "It stands to reason that I must be busy at work, have to bring children, be sterilized, and decided not to marry again. Whatever I think, Zhao Lei should be single, very arrogant. There will be a man."

"Yes, right!" Ding Hong said unconvincingly, because through Fu Xiaowan's words and tone, he guessed that the next words must have something to do with men.

"Haha! But Zhao Lei is really amazing. She took control of An's in a short period of time. She has both work and children, but there is still time to find a man, and there is more than one!" Fu Xiaowan said with a grunt. What's more disgusting is that she also took all those men home, wrapped them up, and kissed me and those men in front of the children!"

"Ah!" Ding Hong was stunned and found it difficult to accept such a situation. He said with difficulty, "Isn't it, Zhao Lei and many men in front of the children? This is too much! Uh, such a horrible thing." , You heard it from Mrs An too? Then Zhao Lei is too shameless, is it so shameful that everyone knows it?"

"That's not true!" Fu Xiaowan said irritably, "Zhao Lei is not a fool. How embarrassing is so embarrassing that everyone knows. Auntie will know that this is also heard from her grandson, kid. There is no taboo in the mouth, and I say everything, so I missed it."

"Oh!" Ding Hong showed his original expression. He really thought that Zhao Lei was already arrogant to this point in Anjia, and he wanted to come, Zhao Lei's life style is so bad, if the old lady An knows, she can let it go. Now, that's too incredible.l