Ghost Crossing

Chapter 181 Ghosts in the Office (13)

Zhao Lei is speechless, why did Zhong choose heirs so hastily?Regardless of gender?Do not look at strength?Just look at the time of birth?As long as it is the eldest son and daughter!That Fu Xiaowan became the heir was completely a rung*shi*lucky, and she was born earlier.

The corners of her eyes twitched, and Zhao Lei felt very depressed. If she was born in the Zhong family, it would be fine. In terms of her age, she would definitely be the eldest daughter, but according to Fu Xiaoya, wouldn’t the Zhong family be young Started desperately having children?After all, the eldest son and the eldest daughter are heirs. If you want to have an heir, don’t you have to start getting pregnant early?

Seeing the shame of Zhao Lei, Fu Xiaoya laughed loudly, clutching her belly and smiling: "Sister Zhao, are you thinking, there must be many descendants of the Zhong family, so many children!"

"Isn't it?" Zhao Lei asked with a puzzled face, she was right!Don’t Zhong people want to be heirs?

Fu Xiaowan laughed and explained: "Sister Zhao, you are wrong about that. Our Zhong family is not a baby-making machine. In our family, there are very strict regulations. First of all, regardless of male or female, in order to give birth to offspring, they must be married. Age; secondly, the marriage partner must be strictly examined by the elders; secondly, it must be a natural conception, and no other methods can be used; finally, each couple can only have one child."

With so many requests, Zhao Lei was stunned to hear, Zhao Lei said blankly: "With so many requests, only one can be born? Wouldn't it be enough to have a son if you have a daughter?"

Fu Xiaoya said angrily: "Sister Zhao, are you still patriarchal? Boys and girls are the same now. And, as you said, you can have a son. Now the technology is so advanced. It's a daughter. If you don’t want it again, just destroy it."

"Haha, no, no, I don’t have a patriarchal attitude. I think my daughter is very nice, caring and well-behaved. Not like a son. It takes a lot of energy, and it’s naughty, but. Now the old man’s thinking is not all about wanting a son. Huh!" How can Zhao Lei admit that she has this kind of thinking? She can only push her off to the older generation.

"That's true, the older generation's thinking is more patriarchal!" Fu Xiaoya agreed with her.

Zhao Lei's eyes flashed and glanced at her son.If it weren't for the fact that she gave birth to a son, and it wouldn't be so easy to come and be accepted by Anjia!

"Master. Phone~" At this time, Fu Xiaoya's cell phone rang, and she pouted slightly and took out her phone to take a look, and then did not avoid Xiao Wan and Zhao Lei.Just pick up the sound.

Not ten seconds later, I saw Fu Xiaoya stand up with a surprised look, and then exclaimed: "Mom. What you said is true? OK, OK. I'll tell Sister Wan, well! We'll do it right away. go back!"

Fu Xiaowan immediately asked with a puzzled look: "What's the matter? Is it related to me?"

Zhao Lei also pricked up her ears, wondering what happened to Fu Xiaowan and surprised Fu Xiaoya so much.

Fu Xiaoya didn't worry about Zhao Lei's presence, and said with a panic: "Sister Wan, come home with me, my mother just told me that Uncle Xiong's son is back!"

"What! Uncle Xiong's son?" Fu Xiaowan also showed a shocked look at the right time. Huo Di stood up, with an unbelievable expression, a panic flashed across her face, and immediately said to Zhao Lei: "Sister Zhao, it's really amazing. Sorry, I was suddenly in a hurry, so I will go back first!"

Without waiting for Zhao Lei to ask anything, nor for Zhao Lei to answer, Fu Xiaowan ran away in a hurry, and Xiaoya followed closely, leaving Anjia without even having time to say hello to An Ma.

Zhao Lei was left with an inexplicable look. Zhao Lei looked suspiciously at the backs of the two who had left, and couldn't help muttering curiously: "Uncle Xiong's son is back, why is Fu Xiaowan so nervous? Could it be that~" The eyes flashed. With a touch of energy, she quickly got up and went to An Ma.

Seeing Xiaoya and Xiaowan gone, An Ma's eyes flashed a smile. Xiaowan had already talked to her yesterday, and next, it was time for her to act.

Seeing Zhao Lei approaching, An Ma asked with an incomprehensible expression: "How did Xiao Wan and Xiao Ya leave? Is there anything urgent?"

"Oh, there was a phone call, and I said that I was leaving in an emergency!" Zhao Lei explained afterwards, and then stared at An Ma with scorching eyes and asked: "Mom, how much do you know about the Zhong family? You know Does Fu Xiaowan have a strong uncle?"

"Uncle Xiong?" Mom An was taken aback, frowned for a while, and said unsurely, "I don't know much about Zhong's affairs, but the uncle Xiong you mentioned, I seem to have heard Fu Xiaowan's grandma say before. , It is said that she has a nephew who ran away from home, saying that she went out to start a business by herself, and his name was Xiong. What's wrong?"

"Run away from home? How old is he, if he has children, how old should he be? Mom, you can tell me more specifically!" Zhao Lei became a little anxious, feeling that she had accidentally learned a great secret. .

An Ma glanced at Zhao Lei with a weird look, and then pursed her lips for a while and recalled: "I'm really not very clear, but according to age, if this uncle had children, he would be older than Fu Xiaowan. A little bit, but I don’t know when someone will have a child, I’m not sure about that!"

"It must be!" Zhao Lei ignored An Ma's uncertain tone and directly affirmed her own thoughts, her eyes shone brightly. According to Fu Xiaowan's statement, if Zhong took the eldest son and eldest daughter as the heir, this Uncle Xiong's son returned and was older than Fu Xiaowan, so he became the heir of the Zhong family of course. As a result, Fu Xiaowan's position as heir would not be guaranteed!

Inexplicably gloating in her heart, Zhao Lei's mouth showed a smile. Yes, she was jealous of Fu Xiaowan. Now that Fu Xiaowan might lose her position as heir, she is just happy.

But the smile quickly subsided, Zhao Lei closed her lips and thought again, now it's just her guess, not sure if it is true, it seems that we have to find a chance to confirm it!It’s never too late to laugh after confirmation.

With a grunting eyes, Zhao Lei said with a worried look: "Mom, it seems that Xiaowan has a problem!"

"En?" An Ma showed a look of surprise and concern, and immediately asked, "What's wrong? What happened to Xiao Wan?"

Zhao Lei's eyes showed hesitation.After twisting for a while, he said, "Actually, I'm just guessing, not sure. Just now, Fu Xiaoya received a call saying that it was Uncle Xiong's son who was back. Then Xiao Wan and Xiaoya left with a change of expression. , I think. Will it be the return of this man? It will take Fu Xiaowan's position as heir, so Xiaowan left in such anxiousness."

"How come! How can the position of the heir be changed at will because of a person's return!" An Ma couldn't understand and didn't believe it.

Doesn't Mom know the qualifications of Zhong's heir, but she does.This kind of thing shouldn't be spread out. I didn't intend to hear it from Fu Xiaowan today. Mom didn't know it was normal!

Zhao Lei thought about it, and then she explained helplessly: "If it were before. I must have thought so too, but just now. When I was chatting with Xiao Wan, I accidentally learned something." Then she will become Zhong. The conditions of the heirs were stated.

After listening to her words, An Ma showed a look of surprise and murmured: "It turns out that the heir of the Zhong family was selected in this way." Then she condensed her eyebrows.With a worried look, he said, "Then what you said may be right, this person's return. It will indeed affect the position of Xiao Wan's successor, and it is no wonder that Xiao Wan will leave in a hurry."

moan and groan.It seemed that she was very emotional about Fu Xiaowan’s situation, and then An Ma showed a helpless expression and said: "Even if it is true, we can’t do anything about it. We can’t intervene with Zhong’s affairs. I will ask Xiaowan later if Xiao Wan must be very sad to lose her position as heir!"

When she got what she wanted to hear, Zhao Lei smiled triumphantly, and let the old lady ask about the news. She just had to wait for the news.

And Xiao Wan and Xiao Ya drove home after leaving their home. In the car, Xiao Ya showed a bored expression and complained: "It's not fun, I haven't played enough, the scene is over, hehe, suddenly found out, My acting skills are still pretty good, and I can apply for an art school, and I will definitely become a superstar by then!" After talking, I started to become proud and narcissistic.

"Come on, you go to be a star? Uncle is the first to take your skin off!" Fu Xiaowan poured cold water directly, and then complimented him, "But you behaved well. If you want to come, Zhao Lei will definitely pass our words. I've come to a conclusion, maybe I'm gloating now!"

"Hey, why is there such a woman? It's up to her whether other people are good or not. Why is she jealous when seeing someone better than her? It's really sick!" Fu Xiaoya had a speechless expression, obviously, this kind of jealousy towards Zhao Lei The heart is very puzzled.

Fu Xiaowan smiled and said: "Everyone has different situations and different thoughts. Zhao Lei is just more extreme. However, even if Zhao Lei guessed something, it will definitely not be revealed until the news is confirmed. I guessed it right. She will definitely ask about the heir through An Ma. Once it is confirmed that I have lost the position of heir, my attitude will definitely change drastically!"

Fu Xiaoya shook her head with an incomprehensible expression, "This woman is too weird!"

"It's too realistic!" Fu Xiaowan smiled, drove the car into the yard and stopped.

After getting out of the car, Xiaoya rushed into the house and saw the nomad lying listlessly on the sofa, pressing the remote control repeatedly, and constantly jumping on the TV screen, she quietly approached the nomad, intending to scare and frighten her. Nomad, because the nomad didn't notice her coming in, she was still distracted.

After Fu Xiaowan entered the house, she saw Xiaoya thief smile and hush her, and continued to approach the nomad. She couldn't help but shook her head without making a sound.Then she looked at Li Juan, wanting to see what Li Juan was doing, but was surprised to see that Li Juan looked at the nomad with a blank face, there seemed to be love in her eyes?Miss?

Why does Li Juan show such an expression to the nomad?Fu Xiaowan couldn't help frowning. It is impossible to say that Li Juan loved the nomads. Li Juan had a lover before she was alive, and she had something to do with Dongfang Xu. How could she never fall in love with a nomad who only met once or twice. Okay, just, what's the matter with that look?

With a flash of eyes, Fu Xiaowan's gaze fell on the nomad's face. He looked up and thought to himself, could it be said that the nomad looks a lot like someone?

"Guess who I am!" Xiaoya successfully approached the nomad, and she covered the nomad's eyes with her little hand, lowered her voice and asked mysteriously.

Nomad was visibly startled, his body trembled, and then he saw a smile from the corners of his mouth, grabbed Xiaoya's two small hands, and touched them up, then grabbed both arms, one With force, Xiao Ya exclaimed and she was hugged by the nomad.

At the same time, Fu Xiaowan also saw that Li Juan's eyes flashed, she withdrew her nostalgic gaze, sighed quietly, and looked far away with empty eyes.

"Li Juan, come here, I have something to ask you!" Fu Xiaowan didn't want to disturb the two showy guys in front of him, and directly changed positions.

When Li Juan was yelled, she suddenly returned to her senses. Seeing Xiao Wan, she slowly floated over, and then followed Xiao Wan and entered the guest room.

Because she couldn't speak in the mirror, Li Juan was accustomed to expressing her feelings with gestures, so instead of asking, she tilted her head, staring at Xiao Wan with a questioning look in her eyes, and asked silently: "What's wrong? "

"I just noticed that the look in the eyes of the nomads is a little different." Fu Xiaowan had a bigger idea in her heart, without going around, she asked directly, "I'm thinking, is the nomad very close to someone you know? Like?"

When Fu Xiaowan noticed her little movement, Li Juan's face was hot and her eyes showed embarrassment, but she still replied, "Well, Mr. You, he looks a lot like An Ze, and the outlines of his facial features are a bit like!"

"Oh? Like An Ze? Really?" Fu Xiaowan was surprised. She didn't expect the nomad to look like the dead An Ze. Although she had vaguely guessed that the nomad should be like An Ze, she did not expect Li Juan to say the whole thing. The five sense organs, that means they look alike, not a single part.

"En! 40% similarity, especially when you look sideways, the similarity is 90%." Li Juan's eyes flashed with nostalgia again.

The index finger clicked on the knee, Fu Xiaowan's eyelids drooped slightly, and then she looked at Li Juan and asked: "Li Juan, do you think Zhao Lei likes Anze? Have you ever moved?"

"This, there should be, after all, they all gave birth to a child for An Ze!" Li Juan said unconvincingly, and her face was a little ugly. Obviously, she felt uncomfortable talking about Zhao Lei.

Seeing Li Juan's look bad, Fu Xiaowan smiled apologetically, and then asked: "If I let the nomad appear in front of Zhao Lei, how would she react?"

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